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Update: KR_Trender v4 for ToS 5 *
Here is my big update of previously posted KR_Trender_v3 for ToS (aka, the Rainbow_Trender). My goal is to put together a trend detection indicator (based on multi-EMAs - the most basic and enduring concept), that makes it simpler to visualize good trends to ride, and more reliable to take positions, "add to position" in case of possible continuation, and exit if trend is found to be slowing down.

pls feel free to try with different instruments, timeframes, and provide feedback. (good & bad all welcome)...

full post where this started here


So what represnts an ideal trend, when is a "Full Trend Alignment" detected?
this is based on the calculation of an average "score" of price relative to 3 EMA's of different lengths, and of these EMA's each to the next longer one. to explain in chart terms: a full up trend is detected when the price (P, i use HLC3 by default) moves and stays above EMA10, AND the EMA10 crosses above EMA20 AND EMA20 crosses above EMA40. otherway around for an established down trend. now I don't have to plot all these EMAs on my price charts . i can also add more weight to score of price action relative to fast EMA for reduced lag of signal

Note: the EMAs are hardcoded in the study. i set only one in the study settings, and then it takes half length of it as the faster EMA, and double length as the slower length .. i thought of making all 3 lengths adjustable from study settings, but preferred to keep this part simple. for bigger timeframe trend, i can set to 100, knowing it will take 50, 100 and 200 EMAs into the calc

Key changes for v4:
Simplify visulaization: removed vertical lines (found them nice but confusing), replaced with Chart Labels.

Better position decision making:
Added visual clue when a full trend alignment is detected (small green/red squares)

Chart Labels reflecting:
  1. Trend Status Up, Down, or Retracing (Trend is slowing down or possibly reversing)
  2. Strength of price move: Weak, Medium, and Strong
  3. Position Recommendatoin: Long, Short, Break (this is where things get interesting. The position recommendation is made more strict. KR_Trender will only give a go "Long" or "Short" if a full trend alignment is detected (the Green/Red small squares) AND the move is sustained or getting stronger (in either directions up or down). otherwise, the recommendation is a "Break !" which means i should close the position, or add to it if other PA analysis tells me there's a chance of trend continuation.

Other changes:
exposed settings for desired Trend Level. i would keep it between 30 & 40, but you can try different values. also we still have an optional weight for score of fast price action relative to the 3 EMA's

Please do not share outside of BMT.. feel free to send me any feedback if you find this helpful in capturing trends (or not, or if you think i should simplify or add something i missed)

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Details: Update: KR_Trender v4 for ToS
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August 7th, 2012
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