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d9 Particle Oscillator NT8 4 *

Hello, This one is a conversion from the d9 particle oscillator for NT7 posted in elite section in2009.
I did not see the NT8 version here so am uploading the NT8 version I converted.

Please see the description of this indicator by original author here

There were 2 library files in original NT7 version , now in NT8 version there is a single file and the smoothing function of the prediction line is based on a windows graphics function and not on a mathematical formula which I have omitted from NT7. Otherwise theNT8 version looks same as NT7.

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Details: d9 Particle Oscillator NT8

April 3rd, 2022
Size: 6.11 KB

Keywords: d9 nt8 oscillator particle
SDY Account level pnl tracking with trailing max drawdown 5 *
What is up FIO elite,

after a little escape from coding NT8, I decided to take another go at it and am moving forward with my little project. In order to help track some of these Top-Step rules, I am making a series of indicators, starting with an indicator that tracks the trailing max drawdown and target goal for a Combine.

The SDY_Account_Risk_Targets indicator is designed to keep track of the training max drawdown of an account (not a strategy). It was developed to help traders that have restrictions on the maximum amount they are allowed to lose. For example, in Top Step trading combine, the 50k dollar version has a max trailing loss of 2k and a profit goal of 3k.

I will still need to make an indicator for both the weekly max loss and the daily max loss.

This indicator access the account level not the security level of Ninjatrader and will only work on non-historic data, so like past indicators, members gladly told me that it does not work (when it does) do not try and use this on historic data. Market replay works fine, but not optimization.

To use the indicator, select the account you want to monitor in the drop-down and your risk targets, add the indicator and wait. To read the values of the account it will wait for an account update change (i.e. trading).


(this indicator is part of a personal project where I am openly building a training system for fun, follow along here)
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Details: SDY Account level pnl tracking with trailing max drawdown

March 22nd, 2022
Size: 2.61 KB
Smitty Moving Average Slope Monitor 5 *
This indicator monitors the slope of 5 Moving Averages and plots colored lines across the bottom of the chart panel. It also optionally plots a trend signal and arrow on the chart when all 5 moving average slopes are all moving in the same direction.

I originally built this as a companion indicator to the Zombie5EMA indicator, which is shown in the screenshot as well. However, my indicator also allows you to choose between a selection of different Moving Average types, so keep that in mind when you adjust the settings.

The Slope Lengths determine the number of bars used to look back and calculate the slope of each Moving Average with. The background trend colors change when all 5 slopes are pointing up (> 0), or point down (< 0).

One thing you can look for is that the 5 plots will start to create lots of noise as their colors change. This can indicate either a pullback, a trend change, or a ranging market. You may be able to filter out false signals with something else to indicate momentum?

Version 1.00
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Details: Smitty Moving Average Slope Monitor

September 11th, 2021
Size: 20.81 KB
Smitty MTF Laguerre RSI v1.11 5 *
This indicator calculates multiple Laguerre RSIs across two time frames in addition to your chart timeframe, and then plots them horizontally as a visual pullback indicator. It does not plot like a normal Laguerre RSI!

The idea is that your chart would be the "medium" time frame, and you would then select a lower and higher timeframe to compliment your chart.
  • The indicator allows you to set the Gamma, Upper and Lower threshold for each Laguerre RSI
  • The indicator allows you to select from any of Ninjatrader's built-in time settings

A long entry would look like this:
- Higher timeframe (lower bar) is showing long (preferably green)
- Chart timeframe (middle bar) has retraced and is showing orange or red
- Lower timeframe (thinner, topmost bar) is crossing back to yellow or green

The default colors are setup like so:

Red - Below the 20 line of the Laguerre RSI (or can be set to your own value)
Orange - Between the lower line and 50
Yellow - Between 50 and the upper line
Green - Above the 50 line

At this time the indicator does not plot a signal, but it most likely will in the near future.

3 new signal plots have been added for use with Strategy building. Line1, Line2, and Line3 will return values of 1-4 depending on how they are plotting. All signaling "buy" would be a 4,4,4 combination, and "sell" would be "1,1,1". A pullback for a long entry might look something like "1,3,4", depending on the way you have your lines arranged.

  • 1.00 - Initial release
  • 1.10 - Updated first line width
    Added ability to change position of the line representing the chart time frame
    Added new plots for tracking signals
  • 1.11 - Bug fixes for new plots
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Details: Smitty MTF Laguerre RSI v1.11

September 5th, 2021
Size: 5.24 KB
Smitty Moving Average Channel 5 *
This indicator plots a Moving Average channel on your chart along with a background color channel and optional plot colors according to the slope of the moving averages.

The Moving Average selection includes these Ninjatrader system indicators:


It also includes the Smitty SMMA indicator so that you can select a Smoothed Moving Average.

Version 1.00
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Details: Smitty Moving Average Channel

September 5th, 2021
Size: 20.44 KB

Keywords: channel dema ema hma linreg movingaverage slope sma tema tma vwma wma zlema smma
Smitty Multi Donchian Channel 5 *
This indicator plots up to 5 Donchian Channels at periods that you select.

It also draws a shaded region below the bars, which adds a nice "focusing" effect to the price action. The price will always be in the darkest part of the channel, and the higher-period channels will be less opaque.

It also includes an option to display dynamic support & resistance lines which are based on the fastest Donchian Channel values. As the line intersects with the higher Donchian channel periods, the line width will adjust and grow to indicate the possibility of a stronger move at the next line break.

Thanks to @icedfrosty for sharing his excellent work which has motivated me to share my own.

Version 1.00
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Details: Smitty Multi Donchian Channel

September 5th, 2021
Size: 7.24 KB

Keywords: channel donchian multi
NT7 conversion to NT8 2 *
I am an elite member & this is my first time trying this & for the life of me I can not find the 'appropriate' place to post a question concerning an NT7 indi being created for NT8.

The NT7 indi is listed after download as eWilliams LLMa or eWilliams JMA. I have the code & compared to so many others I have seen it appears fairly 'simple'. My reason for wanting it = SO much simplier to use than the 3 indies put together in NT8. Searched everywhere with no luck for a year and half & finally came here.
ANY help would be greatly appreciated & again I apologize if I am off base asking here.
Screenshots = NT7 with indi & shows how it idea author. & NT 8 version same time with 'busy' replacements.

well dead in the water already since I am not sure how to post a url of my screenshot...
I took jpg of the code & png of same time frame - 1 shot each of NT7 and NT8 of June 23, 2021.
Appears you have to download the NT7 shot & the NT 8 shows in post or vise versa.

Since I may ultimately be in the wrong place to even ask....will see if someone can help before I push anymore buttons.
THANK YOU ALL for your wonderful contributions.
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Details: NT7 conversion to NT8

June 23rd, 2021

[Status unknown]
SDY_Bourbon V1.01 5 *
This is the first version of a project I am doing to build a trading system around ToppStep trading guidelines. Follow Along HERE

Version 1.01

  • Option for Profit Target
  • Option for Static Stop
  • Option for a trailing stop using ATR times a Multiple

Entry rules at this point are very simple,
  • Enter Long: Close > Open
  • Enter Long: Close > previous High
  • Enter Long: fast MA > Slow MA
  • Enter Short: Close < Open
  • Enter Short: Close < previous Low
  • Enter Short: fast MA < Slow MA

Exit Rules:
  • Exit Long: fast MA < Slow MA
  • Exit Short: fast MA > Slow MA

06/16/2021 - if you are trying to test the system on non live data you will need to remove: if(State == State.Historical) return;

if(State == State.Historical) return;
This line of code stops the system from accessing historic trades.

This is an untested and barebones template. Use at your own risk. THERE MAY BE BUGS in the system and you are encouraged to adapt and change the model as you see fit. I ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY AND NO LIABILITY FOR ANY TRADES OR BAD FILLS. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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Details: SDY_Bourbon V1.01

June 15th, 2021
Size: 5.77 KB
tiyfTradePlanFactory 5 *
The indicator name is tiyfTradePlanFactory. Once installed in Ninjatrader, you'll find it within a folder named TrendIsYourFriend in the indicator panel.

I have created a thread dedicated to it. Every new update will be described there. So if you want to ask any question or just give your feedback then go ahead and visit this page :

I have made a small video to describe how to use it. (link to the video is in the thread)

Have fun.


yyyy-MM-dd - reasons
2021-05-03 Version 1: first time released on
2021-05-04 Version 1a: added the [NinjaScriptProperty] attribute to the 'Indicator_Version' property to expose it to the user
2021-05-05 Version 1b:
- the highlighted or dimmed settings will no more be applied to a user drawn rectangle
- modified the default list of prefix "S&D, Fib, MM, MP, Vwap"
- changed the location of the Indicator_Version value. It is now part of the parameter name to avoid problems when the user has created templates with prior version of the indicator
2021-05-07 Version 1c: when the user click on a rectangle the indicator displays its Tag name at the upper left of the chart
2021-05-08 Version 1d: a selected rectangle will also display the distance it is from the last bar close
2021-05-11 Version 1e: new button added to forecast levels
2021-05-12 Version 1f:
Forgot to reset the count of forecasted areas when a new category of Rectangles was Highlighted.
- changed the method for evaluating the average gap between rectangles. New method is more logical.
2021-05-13 Version 1g:
The Highlight and Forecast functions have been reworked to ease the job of forecasting
- it is no more necessary to load a trade plan to use the forecast option
- If there is no trade plan loaded, The highlight button will display the "Rect" prefix only
2021-05-15 Version 1h: Added the ability to save multiple forecasts in a file
2021-05-16 Version 1i: forgot to dispose of the new button Forecast in the State.Terminated event.
- Modified the tooltip message associated to the Add prefix button when the save button displays "Save Forecast".
2021-05-17 Version 1j: Removed the required step to reset/erase a previous forecast before generating a new one
- the indicator can now sniff out if a series of user drawn rectangles have been modified (Rect. moved/added/removed)
- any selected rectangle (no more restricted to rectangles from a loaded TP) will display the distance it is from the last bar close
2021-08-09 Version 1k: I have modified the method to assign a unique name or version number to the indicator (see method DisplayName)

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Details: tiyfTradePlanFactory

May 11th, 2021
Size: 12.84 KB
VisWMA 5 *
While still waiting for Fat_Tails Visual MTF MA I have tweaked some other indicators and was able to get it working in other timeframes.
I am using Vis... description - let's reserve the Visual name for original.

Here it is WMA MTF for NT8 again - plus it was exported as not assembled file.
I think it is easier to get into the code if one wants to change anything.
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Details: VisWMA

February 28th, 2021
Size: 3.48 KB


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