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t4tCumUDv13[25.3.]: Cumulative volume/trade analysis without GomCD 5 *
(This update version use the same 'v12' file names for simple replace... please redownload and confirm the overwrite, if loaded before 25.3.2012)

2012 Mar 25. -> update "CumCDv13" on chart/dialog of NT7
2012 Mar 11. -> initial "CumCDv12" on chart/dialog of NT7

A alternate method for a simple way to use the volume(or tick count) of cumulative trades per direction. Based on 1Tick data with compare the ticks with price movement.

Gomi use OnBid/OnAsk and has more informations for ticks without price movement (hold ticks). I think, for the ticks with real price moves, my "simple" version work comperable/equal
For right results on time based chart (sec/min) please use a full tickbased bar type (free t4tBetterBars or full t4tMagicBars or any other types without future timestamps...)

The advantage is: i no need any recorded database, i use the NT7 tickhistory with a additional 1Tick DataSeries inside the indicator for working with any bartypes.
(As internal special feature i use my own sync method for use the correct real count of tick/volume per bar)

The public result plot value can be used as Input for any other indicators... (only limited by the high cpu load)

new V13: The screenshot view two t4tCumUD with the new modes of added lines... if reinit per session = true, then all session starts with "0", if "false" then one line draw the open value per session and one as zeroline.
(Lines can be disabled with setting the line color as "transparent")

For any problems give a response over the t4tCum thread.


This indicator is intended for TRUE ELITE users at BMT.


Written by TimeTrade ([email protected])
Version 1.3 (Mar 25, 2012)

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Details: t4tCumUDv13[25.3.]: Cumulative volume/trade analysis without GomCD
Category: The Elite Circle 

March 12th, 2012
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