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FibRetTool v1.2 (with Alerts and Hide Button, Fixed Marker Color) 5 *
Written by Dr Ben.
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FibRetTool will automatically draw and update a Fibonacci Retracemets Tool.
When you apply this indicator to a chart, it will place a '+' marker in the 'hidden' far right (drag the chart to the left if invisible) at the current Close, where it will remain inactive.
To activate the tool simply drag the + marker to the bar where the Anchor1 should be and it will draw the extension levels defined in your Default template.
If the + marker is placed anywhere below and within +/- 2 bars of the intended pivot bar It will draw the Fib Retracemets using the Highest High after that bar.
If this end point 'ratchets' it will automatically update the levels.
Similar operation to draw down, place the + somewhere above the high of the pivot bar.
To remove the Fib levels simply drag the + marker back past the current bar to its 'hiding place'. You use the Show/Hide button (press the Shift key before clicking on the button) to make the Fib tool active or inactive. You can open several instances of the indicator to draw different possible starting extensions levels.
The default marker symbol + can be replaced by any other text and style from your choosing and displaced right by the MarkerShift parameter from the indicator panel.
For proper operation you must set up your Fib Extensions levels in the Fibonacci Extensions Default template. Draw a Fibonacci Extension using the F9 shortcut, double-click on it, select Default in the template drop down. Change the %s and styles to your preferred settings, then Right-Click on the panel to save them as the new Default settings, and you are ready to use it." You can also set up alerts (Fixed 38.2% and 61.8% and a user chosen LevelX, default 50%), with audio if you place the 3 sound files in the C:\Program Files (x86) \NinjaTrader 7 \sounds folder .

Marker Color works on this version.

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Details: FibRetTool v1.2 (with Alerts and Hide Button, Fixed Marker Color)
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March 1st, 2012
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