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JBTimeWindowHighlight 4 *
Really simple indicator that highlights the specified time window on the chart. Useful for differentiating RTH sessions from ETH sessions. Just add the indicator to your chart, set the time window (in your local time) and highlight color.

Version: 1.0

Category NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More 
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Details: JBTimeWindowHighlight
Category: NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More 

July 9th, 2016
Size: 1.73 KB
Downloaded: 620 times

Keywords: eth indicator nt8 rth time highlight
MarketWatchSentiment Indicator 5 *
This indicator uses the Sentiment Data from the Trading Deck in, Takes the Advancers, Decliners, and no Change, and Plots them. It only works in real time, since The trading Deck only works from 09:30pm till 04:00 pm. The good thing about it is, that it can capture the trend of the day's sentiment.

this is the first version I made. I guess...

Category The Elite Circle 
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Details: MarketWatchSentiment Indicator
Category: The Elite Circle 

October 12th, 2015
Size: 6.25 KB
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Keywords: indicator marketwatch sentiment
Elder's Ray, BullPower and BearPower 5 *
In this pack there are three indicators:
- Elder's Ray: composed by BullPower line and BearPower line;
- BullPower only, histogram version
- BearPower only, histogram version

This is an oscillator created by Alexander Elder and explained in his famous book "Trading For a Living". The oscillator formula is simple but useful at the same time:
- BullPower = CurrentHigh - EMA(13, Close)
- BearPower = CurrentLow - EMA(13, Close)

Category NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 
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Details: Elder's Ray, BullPower and BearPower
Category: NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 

July 14th, 2015
Size: 7.55 KB
Downloaded: 586 times

Keywords: elder indicator ninjatrader oscillator ray elderray
Bollinger PercentB 5 *
The Bollinger BandsŪ Percentage B is a technical indicator based upon the Bollinger BandsŪ study; it plots a histogram showing position of price relative to the bands. It is calculated as percentage ratio of two differences: first one is the difference between the price and the lower band value, second one is the difference between values of upper and lower bands.

Adopted from the BollingerPercentB indicator on the highly recommended Think or Swim Platform.

NinjaTrader v7 indicator

Indicator is shown on the lower panel of the attached image.

Category NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 
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Details: Bollinger PercentB
Category: NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 

March 1st, 2014
Size: 7.77 KB
Downloaded: 590 times

Keywords: 7 bollinger indicator ninjatrader percentb
Bollinger Bandwidth 5 *
The Bollinger Bandwidth study is a technical indicator based upon Bollinger BandsŪ study, expressing the distance between upper and lower bands as percentage of the middle band value (SMA/EMA around which the bands are plotted). The main plot is accompanied with two additional ones: Bulge and Squeeze. Bulge plot displays the highest bandwidth value reached on the specified period, and, similarly, Squeeze plot shows the lowest bandwidth value.

This indicator was modeled after the first class Think or Swim Trading Platform.

This indicator is shown in the lower panel.

Category NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 
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Details: Bollinger Bandwidth
Category: NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 

March 1st, 2014
Size: 11.60 KB
Downloaded: 382 times

Keywords: 7 bandwidth bollinger indicator ninjatrader
Zig Zag Indicator I use with PATS (Macks) method 5 *
This is a custom zig-zag indicator I have modified ( original version was from here but cannot find reference).
The zig zag lines are transparent by default as well and the value numbers removed so that background objects do not hose charting. The only thing I use for PATS is the semaphore dots this creates to check and create new trend lines. In addition whenever a semaphore is painted this has an option to add an audio alert. This feature has been invaluable to my trading. If you follow Mack and PATS this simple indicator might provide value to you.

Category NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 
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Details: Zig Zag Indicator I use with PATS (Macks) method
Category: NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 

June 26th, 2013
Size: 10.87 KB
Downloaded: 2145 times

Keywords: for indicator zag ninja simple zig- pats
AI Judgment Indicator 5 *
MACHINE LEARNING Indicator: this has been placed in the Strategies as it is intended to function with an AI system. Other AI users may find this indicator useful.

This Indicator was designed to use for Logistic Regression classification. This indicator is not optimized as it is only useful on Historic Data. The goal is to start at the newest historic point and work backwards to determine if a trade should have been made.

You can use this indicator real time and you can see it repaint. Not sure it is useful but brings a different perspective on the price action. It is based upon the "PriceActionSwing" indicator.

This indicator should export the following dataseries:
Classification: Current -1.0 = short, 0.0= Chop/sideways, 1.0 = Long
SwingPoint: 1 if at a high point, -1 at a low point, 0 otherwise; Mainly used to compute other values
BarsToSwing: Number of bars to the next swing point, indicates length of time for trend/chop
TicksProfitAtSwing: The number of Ticks of profit between the current point and the next Swing Point (potential profit), negative for short, positive for long ticks

Category NinjaTrader 7 Strategies 
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Details: AI Judgment Indicator
Category: NinjaTrader 7 Strategies 

October 5th, 2012
Size: 25.30 KB
Downloaded: 1153 times

Keywords: indicator machine learning
NWT Trend Ribbon
NWT Trend Ribbon - Version1
This has come up in a posting else where so I thought I might as well put it in the download area.
Basically it is a ribbon (horizontal line) that changes color to indicate the trend.
In the picture, I have put four of these onto the chart, all with the same MA periods but using different types of moving averages ie EMA, WMA, ZMA, TEMA.
It is quite simple in that it just uses a Slow and a Fast MA (example shows a 40 and a 20) but it also incorporates a spread into these two MA's ie 0.0003 (3 pips on the Forex). So the two MA's must be separated by at least 3 pips in this example before it states it is in a trend.
Green for Up, Red for Down and Blue for Stand aside (Barbwire) ie do not trade.

Note - The Study uses an external function to determine the trend, this allows the function to be easily added into a signal.
Direction = NWT_Trend(LongMALen,ShortMALen,Spread,Price,MA_Type) ;
Direction = NWT_Trend(40,20,0.0003,Close,"E") ;
So direction ends up with either 1 or 0 or -1. (1=Long, 0=Stand aside, -1= Short)

Compare this to the Sample ADX indicator on the bottom. The three RED lines are at 20,25 & 30.


Category MultiCharts 
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Details: NWT Trend Ribbon
Category: MultiCharts 

May 2nd, 2012
Size: 12.63 KB
Downloaded: 501 times

Keywords: indicator trend
Screen Capture and Indicator Print..... Made Easy 5 *
This strategy is simple straight forward... and replaces the other... Sorry if I'm not doing it right. I added screen capture as well as indicator capture... You can fire this off at each trade... or you can fire it off by depressing the mouse down on the button...

It's design is to help you look for signals... and compare the visual to the data later... I know when back testing and simulation... it would have been easier if I had this routine already built in...

Category NinjaTrader 7 Miscellaneous 
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Details: Screen Capture and Indicator Print..... Made Easy
Category: NinjaTrader 7 Miscellaneous 

March 14th, 2012
Size: 1.82 KB
Downloaded: 239 times

Keywords: indicator mouse utility screen capture
High / Low Indicator (similar to BrooksBars) 4 *
This Indicator is been made after i have seen the BrooksBars Indicator from Photog53. - (lot of Thanks to him !!!) It counts the Highs and Lows and iīve got a shadow inclued. I have wrote a description in German so that a professional programmer made the job for me. After much interests in a Threat here in the Forum, i decieded to share it to Elite Members. The most of you speak englisch, so iīve tried to translate the description, hope you can was not so easy.... so i ask for a little lenient. :-)

unfortunately the indicator count or paint only after you have start it in the chart, it donīt look back. Maybe some guys could modify this. the shadow-color and the count text (H1/L1) is also not changeable.

i am pleased if it is a help for anyone. iīve got many benefits here by big mike so its fine if i could give something back to you.

please donīt ask me about the code, but if someone have question about the idea/definition or about the use of the indicator, i am pleased to get message. I use it very helpful in my private trading


Category The Elite Circle 
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Details: High / Low Indicator (similar to BrooksBars)
Category: The Elite Circle 

January 12th, 2012
Size: 7.90 KB
Downloaded: 1085 times

Keywords: bars brooks high indicator low shadow


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