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NeuralNets for NT8 using Encog 3.3 5 *
This is a first trial at neural Nets. Used NEAT nets because it saves the hassle of determining the amount of hidden layers.
In order for this to work, you must:

use the link below to get the Encog Dll( place the DLL inside your custom folder), the reason being that I made some changes to the original code in order to be able to serialize the Normalization Helper. this is very important since this Add On will not work with other ENCOG Libraries. If you have any problems with this, let me know, and we can figure out a way so that you can get the right file .

once you have the file, and referenced it in NT8( NT forums have a lot of info on how to reference an external library in NT), then import this AddOn.

3/16/2016 1430: For those who have downloaded this file as of this date and time, you can find the missing xaml here:

Add this file to the AddOn Folder and that should take care of the issue of the empty window...

Neural Nets are an interesting topic. I hope people contribute to advance and improve the available knowledge on NNs and Ninjatrader. I hope people can come up with new and novel ways to use them, and also to share them with our community.

Category The Elite Circle 
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Details: NeuralNets for NT8 using Encog 3.3
Category: The Elite Circle 

March 15th, 2016
Size: 40.80 KB
Downloaded: 398 times
SbSRenko (Side by Side) 5 *
Renko variation which shows current price, highs and lows of the price travel during the formation of the bar.

Import as a regular indicator.
Do not look for it in the indicator list.

It will appear under Interval Settings in "Format Data Series" dialog

For those who feel confused with double sized bodies I created additional ChartStyle called SbSrenko. You can find it in Chart Properties dialog.

NinjaTrader 6.5: YES
NinjaTrader 7.0: NO

Category NinjaTrader 6.5 Miscellaneous 
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Details: SbSRenko (Side by Side)
Category: NinjaTrader 6.5 Miscellaneous 

November 4th, 2009
Size: 2.96 KB
Downloaded: 906 times
Average True Range. Should return the same values as the standard supplied ATR, but designed to be a space efficient reusable component. Version 1.0.

Category NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 
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Details: jhlATR
Category: NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 

July 3rd, 2010
Size: 6.25 KB
Downloaded: 260 times

Keywords: atr average fluxsmith range true
Tsi4JeffFrom TMFT 5 *
I pulled this together at the request of Jeff Castille. It is the Trade Strength Index with a histogram and color changes for all sorts of stuff including changing the background color and a MA slope bar on line Zero which lets you select a double or single MA to calculate the slope on. I think Jeff and crew found most of the bugs and I corrected them. As usual YMMV. Exported in NTv7.

Category The Elite Circle 
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Details: Tsi4JeffFrom TMFT
Category: The Elite Circle 

January 29th, 2011
Size: 61.97 KB
Downloaded: 2394 times
ZigZagUTC Price 4 *
ZigZag with prices instead of bar counts.

Category The Elite Circle 
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Details: ZigZagUTC Price
Category: The Elite Circle 

March 28th, 2011
Size: 9.46 KB
Downloaded: 1393 times

Keywords: price zigzag
KDJ Indicator 4 *
Exported Using NT7.0.1000.8

The first time that I saw KDJ Indicator it was part of the standard charting package on the main page used by TDAmeritrade. KDJ indicator is based on the standard Stochastics but it includes an extra line called J line.

The J line is a measure of divergence between %D and %K. The value of J can go beyond [0, 100] range. Values of J line over 100 or under 0 are supposedly the most bullish or bearish for larger swings (no wonder TDAmeritrade is using it for charting stock prices).

One needs to watch as the %D is in overbought and oversold areas (20 - 80). As long as the J line is beyond 0 and 100 percent and has not hooked up or down the price is going to remain in overbought or oversold area. One needs to consider to sell the overbought or buy the oversold when %D is above 80 or below 20 and J line begins to hook down or up. Other indicators such as momentum, volume, support and resistence, etc. need to be considered for confirmation.


Category NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 
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Details: KDJ Indicator
Category: NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 

January 31st, 2012
Size: 8.09 KB
Downloaded: 1257 times
BigMike's BMT_Envelop in Easy Language Version 5 *
This is the EasyLanguage version of BMT_Envelop BigMike came up with.

I like the Averages & Fib Levels & since I use Tradestation, here is my version.

I made very minor changes for my use:
1. I changed 76.4% to 61.8%
2. I have commented the 100% & 161% plots (I find scaling of charts an issue with Tradestation)

Either of these changes can be un-commented very easily.

The inbuilt function in TS to get OHLC for the day is based on time so I had to customize to use sessions & have new functions attached as a part of ELD.


Category The Elite Circle 
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Details: BigMike's BMT_Envelop in Easy Language Version
Category: The Elite Circle 

March 27th, 2011
Size: 22.59 KB
Downloaded: 487 times

Keywords: bmt bigmike envelop easylanguage tradestation
Identifying Cup Formation Early 5 *
Here are two indicators for the "Identifying Cup Formation Early" by Giorgos E. Silligardos, PhD in April 2011 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities. Silligardos has another excellent article in a past TASC issue (Feb 2006) on formation of Cup and Handle with the code for Metastock. His articles are some of the best that I have seen in TASC during the past 25 years. These indicators help identify formation of C&H in their early phase.

Exported using: NT 7.0.1000.4

Import the zip file into NT 7. Two files, "SemiCup" and "SemiCupInternal" will be added to your indicator window and they need to be plotted together for the concept.

Note: These indicators seem to be more applicable for position trading rather than day-trading.

Category NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 
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Details: Identifying Cup Formation Early
Category: NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 

March 31st, 2011
Size: 5.04 KB
Downloaded: 814 times
FibRetTool v1.1 Alert Sounds 5 *
Please place these 3 .wav sound files in the C:\Program Files (x86)\NinjaTrader 7\sounds folder.

Category The Elite Circle 
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Details: FibRetTool v1.1 Alert Sounds
Category: The Elite Circle 

March 1st, 2012
Size: 249.38 KB
Downloaded: 416 times

Keywords: alert sounds
Improved Donchian Channel Indicator 5 *
The download link was broken. I re-uploaded the installer file on March 14, 2016.

"The Donchian Channel indicator is an indicator that was created by Richard Donchian. The Donchian Channel indicator that was created by Richard Donchian is an indicator that uses the highest high and the lowest low of the price of a stock over a period of days to indicate the plot of a channel of the highest high and the lowest low of the price of a stock over a period of days."

To clarify that, "이 리차드 Donchian 만든 표시했다 Donchian 채널 표시. 이 지표가 가장 높은의 채널의 음부과 최저의 낮은 말을 일 기간 동안 가장 높고 주식의 저렴한 가격의 최저를 사용하는지 리처드 Donchian에 의해 생성 된 Donchian 채널 표시 일 기간 동안 주식의 가격".

This plots identically to the Ninjatrader version while using a fraction of the CPU resources. With COBC false, that would be more like a TINY fraction. (Even less than the fraction of truthful content in my newspapers. Or the signal to noise ratio of the indicator description, which has been rephrased as Gibberish and translated into two different languages.)

The MIN and MAX algorithms have been moved into the indicator and are called only when needed. Optimizing external classes is good, but eliminating the need for them is even better.

OnBarUpdate is not called for redundant intrabar ticks that would not affect the output.

If you want to use this to replace the Ninjatrader Donchian System Indicator you would have to rename this one and put it in a folder with the @prefix after deleting the original one. If you are not comfortable doing that, please don't.

This has a different name than the system indicator, so can be installed in the usual way using the Import Ninjascript utility.

Your satisfaction is important to me, so please report any problems.

Category The Elite Circle 
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Details: Improved Donchian Channel Indicator
Category: The Elite Circle 

January 3rd, 2013
Size: 2.54 KB
Downloaded: 335 times


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