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View the winning 'starred entries' Big Mike's CL (crude oil) journal V1 4 *
Winning Entry February 1st, 2023 to March 1st, 2023 [1 votes]

From https://futures.io/journals-daily-charts-tape-reading/627-big-mikes-cl-crude-oil-futures-contract-crude-oil-journal.html

Here is a video blog about trading CL. I also share my usual opinions on multiple time frames and indicators/simplicity, money management, etc.

Play the VLC media player if you have any issues after unzipping, just like all my videos in the Downloads section.

I'll try to keep this journal updated with CL thoughts and trades.

Small chart: 89 volume
Medium chart: 6 range
Large chart: 12 range

I've attached a screen shot (not shown here click link to see) but the main point of this post is in the video not the screen shot.


Category Educational 
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Details: Big Mike's CL (crude oil) journal V1
Category: Educational 

June 12th, 2010
Size: 102.03 MB
Downloaded: 907 times

Keywords: bmt cl video
View the winning 'starred entries' Market Replay ES 12-22 (NT8) 1 of 15
Winning Entry January 1st, 2023 to February 1st, 2023 [1 votes]

NT 8 Market Replay data for ES

Contract: ES 12-22 - Multipart download ( why are these in chunks?)

Download and extract instructions:

Note this is a multi-part download.
  • You will need to download all parts before extraction.
  • Dowload and unzip all files in NT 8 replay folder Documents\NinjaTrader 8\db\replay
  • Once an individual part has been downloaded it needs to be renamed according to the number in its sequence
  • For example, if you are downloading ES 06-21 part 4 of 11, once that file has finished downloaded, you need to rename it into "ES 06-21.7z.004"
  • Once all files have been downloaded and renamed, right-click on the first one and select "extract here"
  • Make sure to use the "Extract here" function as shown, and not the "Extract to" function, to avoid the creation of a folder within a folder
  • The archive will create a folder with the relevant front month and a series of .nrd files inside (one per day)

Note: the archive contains only the dates with the most volume for this contract, meaning, this is data relevant only to when the contract becomes the front month.

If you are not too familiar with Windows file extensions and your Windows settings, make sure to check this thread out:

Category NinjaTrader Market Replay Data 
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Details: Market Replay ES 12-22 (NT8) 1 of 15
Category: NinjaTrader Market Replay Data 

December 15th, 2022
Size: 99.00 MB
Downloaded: 82 times
View the winning 'starred entries' PriceActionSwingV2 & PriceActionSwingProV2 5 *
Winning Entry January 1st, 2023 to February 1st, 2023 [1 votes]

I've actually been working on this for years. At first, I just wanted to make it so the code was more readable so I could figure out what makes it tick. Dorschden's work is really an impressive effort IMO. But somewhere along the way, I learned that Draw objects are performed by the CPU and rendered objects are performed by the GPU. PriceActionSwing on a 12-range chart over 5 days could produce 50,000 draw objects which results in serious performance issues.

Aug. 31st, 2022 - I've been communicating with Dorschden, the original author of PAS and we both agreed that only one version should be available and I don't mind saying his is vastly superior to mine. He fixed things, added things and got everything working that I was clueless about. His is located in the free area here: PriceActionSwing

I'm removing the download ability and a year or so from now, I'll probably delete the entire post.

PSS. There is a discussion for PAS here. I can't promise I will answer every question right away but maybe there is someone else who can. I'll get to it eventually though - I've subscribed to the thread. I'd rather this was a community effort anyway. Feel free to discuss what new additions would be good but I think I'd rather get everything in the old version working first, if anyone can explain how it's supposed to work. (I can't.)

Category NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More 
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Details: PriceActionSwingV2 & PriceActionSwingProV2
Category: NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More 

March 13th, 2022
Downloaded: 724 times
[Status unknown]


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