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HiLoCurrentPrice 5 *
HiLoCurrentPrice indicator
Exported with: ----- NinjaTrader 7.0.1000.39
Release Date: ------ 8/27/2018
Indicator name: ---- fpgHiLoCurrentPrice

This indicator displays how much the Highest, Lowest, and Current price has moved from an opening value as follows:

1. The value is in ticks
2. The opening price is determined either from opening bar at market open or from the first day.
3. The opening price neutral zone is determined by the user.
4. The price movement is spread across 5 zones Above and Below (as required) with each zone representing 20% of the move.
5. Either the inactive and active zones or only the active zones can be displayed. In the only active zone display option, the hiding and un-hiding is controlled by when two MAs cross the neutral zones.
6. The current bar color represents up and down bars and above or below the opening price.
7. Zone coloring and opacity is controlled by the user
8. Informational messages can be displayed


1. Opening Price: The way opening price is determined is a user option. It can either be the close price of the first bar at each market open or the close price of only the first bar. Choosing the market open (Daily_MO) will cause a reset at every market open whereas the first bar option (FromFirstBar) is continuous. If the setting “Load data based on” is set to anything other than “Days” FromFirstBar is forced.

2. Opening Price Neutral Zone: This zone is a specified number of ticks above and below the opening price and is the base value for the Above and Below Zones. It acts as a visual buffer for direction change and is used in the hiding and un-hiding of zones.

3. Zone Creation: The zones are created when the price moves 5 (the number of zones) * the zone tick size (default 3) but only after the neutral zone is created for the current direction. All five zones are create at one time. The zones are only expanded and that occurs when the price moves 5 ticks. Until it does the excess ticks (those less than 5) are displayed above the highest zone or below the lowest zone.

4. Zone coloring options: Several templates are provided to assist in creating the zones
4.1. AsSpecified – uses the colors and opacity setting specified for each zone.
4.2. Replicate_A1_and_B1 – sets all of the Above zone colors to the A1 color and all the Below zone colors to the
B1 color. The A1 & A2 opacity values are used to set the other Above Zone opacity on an alternating basis.
The same process is used for the Below zones. The zone display in the screen shot uses this method.
4.3. Replicate_AIA2_and_B1B2 – uses the color and opacity of the A1and A2 Zones and replicates to the other Above zones and likewise for the B1 and B2.
4.4. A_Sets_B – the Above Zone settings are replicated to the Below Zones.
4.5. None: – technically not a template, this option turns off zone coloring.
5. Zone Display Options: This option controls if the both the active and inactive zones (the area of the current bar) is displayed or only the active zone (hiding and un-hiding). The hiding and un-hiding is controlled by the MA lines. While the hiding and un-hiding works well with non-time-based bars it is possible that volatile price movements (when using low value time-based bars) might cause unnecessary hiding and un-hiding. Altering the MA periods or chart settings may help. If not, it can be turned off.

6. Bar Coloring: There are 4 bar coloring options (1) Above Up and Down, and (2) Below Up and Down. The default uses the lightest bar colors for the up direction and the darker ones for the down direction, regardless of bar location.

7. Moving Average coloring: The MAs can be turned off, or independently colored according to locations (Above, Below, In Neutral zone). Only the MA periods can be changed. The Fast Ma is a LinReg and the Slow is an EMA. These MAs are based on the current bar values. Although not the intended use in this indicator it may be possible to use these the same way as the Trigger lines by @FatTails as they are of the same type, however no visual or external signals are provided.

8. Background color: A background color for the indicator region can be independently set. Default colors assume a dark chart background, the indicator’s background color option is not enabled

Please do not report any problems in the remarks section but PM me instead.

Change Log
8/27/2018 - Initial release

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