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Medium-High-Low (MHL) 5 *
Exported with NinjaTrader 7.0.1000.31

Initial Release on August 12, 2016

This indicator is based on the article in Stock & Commodities Magazine, August 2016 edition titled “The Middle-High-Low Moving Average” written by Vitali Apirine. The base code upon which this indicator was built was written and freely contributed by NinjaTrader personnel. Although the NT version can be downloaded from an NT location it is package in this download for convenience. The original indicator is named MHL and the modified version is named fpgMHL.

The author describes MHL according to the formula:
MHL = (Highest high + Lowest low)/ 2

Lowest low = lowest low for the lookback period
Highest High = highest high for the lookback period

The author describes two MA choices, an SMA or EMA to be used for the MHL with the same MA type used for smoothing the MHL MA. The notation MHL SMA(3, 10) uses a 3 period SMA MHL to smooth a 10 period SMA and a MHL EMA(3, 10) uses a 3 period EMA MHL to smooth a 10 period EMA. In the article the author uses a second plot as the signal line which is of the same MA Type and period as the MHL MA. The signal line crossing the MHL MA results in the trade signal.

The MA periods recommend are; short = 5-20; medium = 20-60, and long = 100 or greater. The MHL periods of 5-15 for MA periods less than or equal to 50, and 15-50 for MA periods of 50-200.


The extensions to the indicator are as follows:

  1. The signal line is automatically included using the same MA Type and period as the MHL plot line (see the exception in no. 2 below.
  2. The user can select from approximately 25 other MA Types that are available on this site. If a MA Type other than the EMA or SMA the smoothing MA will be either the SMA (default) or the EMA according to a parameter switch setting (No. 02)
  3. An option to include a second MHL plot line, This will be of the same MA Type as the primary MHL but different MHL and MA periods can be specified. For convenience the default values for the second MHL are double that of the primaries default values. However, the secondary ML period must be at least 1 greater that the primary MHL period and the secondary MHL MA period must be at least 5 greater that the primary MA period. These are arbitrary values.
  4. Three signaling options are supported:
    a. None – self explanatory
    Basic – a value is exposed to the mhlBasicSignals IntSeries when the signal line crosses either the primary MHL or secondary MHL (if option is selected). The values used are (2, 1, 0, -1, -2) where the two’s values are for a Secondary line crossing, the one’s value are for a primary line cross, and the zero is for no crossing.
    Extended – a 1 or -1 is exposed to the mhlExtendedSignal IntSeries when the primary MHL line crosses the secondary MHL providing the other plot lines are in the correct position relative to the Secondary MHL and to each other. Setting this option automatically sets the Secondary MHL option. No visual signals are produced.

Change Log:
7/12/2016 Initial release

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Details: Medium-High-Low (MHL)
Category: NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 

August 13th, 2016
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