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Dual Bollinger Band_V4 - BBand2_V4 5 *

There has been a performance upgrade made to this indicator contributed by @Zondor (thank you) and uploaded on 8/22/2014 at 11:00 PM PDT. Before installing this update the old version must be removed. It is not a critical change and although the upgrade is suggested it may be skipped. No other enhancements are included.

This is an enhancement to the BBand2_V3 to address the performance issue raised by @Zondor in the previous release It also includes several other enhancements as described below. More descriptions can be found in the original V3 post below.

This indicator has been exported with Ninja Trader 7.0.1000.22.

1. The code base used for this version to solve the performance issues was the BollingerUniversal indicator written by @FatTails.
2. Three different modes are available, Universal, BBand2, BBand2DPO.
  • Universal Mode will allow the indicator to operate and appear the same as anaBollingerUniversal.
  • BBand2 and BBand2DPO work like BBand2_V3 with the exceptions as described starting in number 3.

BBand2 and BBand2DPO mode

3. All of the MA options in Universal mode are available.
4. The Universal MA color scheme can be used including the coloring of the candles (a separate option). If this option set to false the BBand2 colors are used for both modes, with the exception of the swapping of the touch regions colors which are swapped as before.
5. The dark background option is no longer supported
6. The touch region painting can be set to signal on either a wick or candle body touch. Note: This is not significant for non-time based charts on entry to a zone as there is no wick, however it could be significant on exit if the there is a tail.
7. A threshold can be specified for how many ticks the candle (or wick) must penetrate (or remain in) the zone before the touch region is painted (or painting is stopped) as shown in screen shot.
8. The candle direction (up/down) must match the zone being entered before the touch region is painted (as shown in screen shot). Options 6-8 are intended to reduce the number of false signals on entry or give an early warning (6 & 7) of a potential exit from a zone.
9. The mid-line is the same style for both modes.
10. The signal line is now available in BBand2DPO mode.
11. There are individual parameters to specify the standard deviation for each mode

The original V3 information follows:

This is an enhancement to the BBand2_V2 with color indicator which was revised by @trendwaves and written by an unnamed author. The indicator was revised to serve two different uses, as follows:

When used as the basic BBand2 indicator the following revisions were made:

1. Eliminated redundant MA calculations.
2. Added the ability to control the displaying of the inner and outer MA lines without altering Plot parameters.
3. Added the ability to turn off the region band filling (except for the touch display).
4. Added several other MA choices. The selected MA is applied to the mid, inner, and outer bands.
5. Added an optional VWMA signal line.
6. A dark background option that alters the region color and opacity to allow for better visibility when used with dark backgrounds.

The second purpose is when it is used in conjunction with 2 instances of the DetrendedPriceOscillator (DPO) posted separately.

Using this option (DPOUse set to “true”) does not change any of the BB formulas however, it changes both the parameters used in them and the visual aspects of the BBand2_V3 indicator as follows:

1. Signal line is disabled
2. The display aspects of the middle MA are de-emphasized ( a thin, dashed, light gray line)
3. The inner to outer band region painting is disabled
4. The DPO standard deviation values are used instead of the normal BB values.
5. The inner and outer band touch colors are swapped.
6. The alarms have been disabled

1. This option was not designed to switch back and forth between the two modes but only to allow for quickly setting up the BB2 indicator for use with the DPO indicators.
2. Any other two band BB indicators can be used with the DPO indicators. The inner and outer standard deviations should be set to 1 and 3 respectively.

More information on it use is presented in the DPO post.

The DetrendedPriceOscillator (DPO) has also been updated to be in sync with this indicator. More information is available in the DPO_V2 post.

Change Log
07/02/2014 Fix problem with changed region paint colors not being retained after workspace or NT is closed.
08/17/2014 Version 4 released.
08/22/2014 Performance upgrade released. No change in version number.

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Details: Dual Bollinger Band_V4 - BBand2_V4
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