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ZigZag Volume 5 *
MRA - ZigZag Volume indicator

Version 1.00 (08/09/2013) Initial release.
Version 1.10 (10/25/2013) Bug negative time duration when a swing spans multiple days fixed.
Version 1.11 (11/02/2013) Correction on bug fix version 1.10.
Version 1.20 (09/08/2015) Added option to show average swing volume text in stead of cumulative swing volume text.

This indicator is inspired on the Weis Wave with its cumulative wave volume. It plots a cumulative ZigZag volume histogram, a ZigZag line and the cumulative volume, price change and/or duration of the up/down swing at the swing high/low.

The ZigZag line can be based on point, percentage, ATR or UTC retracements.
The UTC retracement method is based on John R. Hill, George Pruitt, and Lundy Hill's description in their book The Ultimate Trading Guide, page 39: "A top pivot point is the highest price in a movement prior to penetration of the low of the top bar. A bottom pivot point is the lowest price in a movement prior to penetration of the high of the low bar." The UTC version is an improved version in which the highs and lows are calculated over a period. Longer periods make the ZigZag UTC less sensitive. The default period for the UTC is 2 bars.

HiPrice( close ): price field for high swings
LoPrice( close ): price field for low swings
RetraceMethod( 1 ): 1=Pnt, 2=%, 3=ATR, 4=UTC
Period( 2 ): number of bars over which ATR or UTC is calculated
Retrace( 0 ): retracement in Pnt, % or ATR multiple
PlotVolume( true ): plots cumulative volume histogram
PlotSwings( true ): plots ZigZag lines
PlotVolumeText( true ): plots cumulative volume of up/down swing at swing high/low
AvgVolume( false ): shows average swing volume text in stead of cumulative swing volume text
ScaleVolumeBy( 1 ): divides cumulative volume text by the number of this input
PlotPriceText( false ): plots price change of up/down swing at swing high/low
PlotTimeText( false ): plots duration of up/down swing at swing high/low
LineWidth( 0 ): line width of ZigZag lines: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6
LineStyle( tool_solid): line style of ZigZag lines: tool_solid, tool_dotted, tool_dashed, tool_dashed2, tool_dashed3
UpColor( red ): line color of upswings: PowerLanguage colors
DnColor( red ): line color of downswings: PowerLanguage colors
TextColor( black ): text color: PowerLanguage colors

Coded in MultiCharts 8.7 PowerLanguage

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Details: ZigZag Volume
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August 9th, 2013
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