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This is a new implementation of the Gann HiLo activator for NinjaTrader 7. The HiLo Activator was introduced by Robert Krausz with his FibonacciTrader and first described by him in "The New Gann Swing Chartist", which was published in the TASC magazine (Stocks & Commodities V16:2, pp 57-66) in 1998. The original HiLo Activator was a three day simple moving average calculated from the daily highs and the daily lows.

The HiLowActivator gives a reversal signal, when the bar closes below the low average in an uptrend or above the high average in a downtrend. The HiLoActivator should be used in conjunction with other indicators.

This NinjaTrader version has a few particularities:

- It calculates the indicator value from the prior bar, that is one period ago. This is the reason that I have called it U1 in line with the SuperTrend U11 indicator.

- With historical data and CalculateOnBarClose = true: Signals are generated for the current bar.

- With real-time data: The reversal signal is generated, when the first tick of the following bars confirms that the previous bar has been closed. It is recommended to use the One-tick repaint option with real-time data. The signal will then be shown for the bar which actually broke the stopline. The One-Tick repaint option is deactivated per default, to avoid any problems, if the indicator is called by a strategy.

Paintbars: The indicator has an option to display the trend via paintbars. Donwclose bars are filled, upclose bars are hollow. For the upclose bars an opacity can be selected for better visibility.

Arrows: The indicator has an option to display trend changes via an arrow.

Sound alerts: The indicator will alert to trend reversals and potential trend reversals. A potential trend reversal occurs when price touches the stop line intra-bar prior to the confirmation by a close on the other side of the stop line. The sound files are included with the indicator install file. Please unzip and copy them into the program files (x86)\ NinjaTrader 7\ sounds directory or whatever directory is used by NinjaTrader to store the sound files.

The HiLoActivatorU1 can calculate the stop line from the following moving averages:

- a moving median
- a 2-pole Butterworth filter
- a 3-pole Butterworth filter
- a DEMA (double exponential MA)
- a DSMA (double simple MA)
- a DTMA (double triangular MA)
- a DWMA (double weighted MA)
- an Ehlers filter
- an EMA
- a 2-pole Gauss filter
- a 3-pole Gauss filter
- a 4-pole Gauss filter
- a HMA (Hull MA)
- a Holt EMA
- a Linear Regression indicator
- a SMA
- a 2-pole Supersmoother
- a 3-pole Supersmoother
- a TEMA (triple exponential MA)
- a TMA (triangular MA)
- a TSMA (triple simple MA)
- a TWMA (triple weighted MA)
- a VWMA(volume weighted MA)
- a WMA (weighted MA)
- a ZeroLagHATEMA
- a ZeroLagTEMA

Before installing the indicator you need to update SuperTrendU11, Bollinger Universal & Keltner Universal, if you have them installed. Please remove old versions of those indicators first.

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Details: Gann HiLoActivator U1
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July 12th, 2012
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