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With futures io, you can find honest trading reviews on brokers, trading rooms, indicator packages, trading strategies, and much more. Our trading review process is highly moderated to ensure that only genuine users are allowed, so you donít need to worry about fake reviews.

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what is the website?


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So i visited the free trial that was offered this week.

First of all, i am surprised there is very little information on "acetrades" out there considering how long he has been around.

Mr. Ace usually shows no charts, only talks a lot and posts a few numbers here and there in a hotcomm chat (he actually did show indicator-free charts on a few brief occasions).
It was not clear to me if the numbers posted were supposed to mean straight numbers for entries or just potential entries, or maybe areas.
He also posted 'risk' numbers, which i believe simply are stops.
He appears to cover ES, CL, and GC markets from what i could gather.

Sometimes, he would start shouting and yelling like a maniac, or play ridiculous music, so i had to turn the speakers off, and i might have missed a few informative and clarifying words from Mr. Ace ...

Overall, he left me confused with his trading. Sure, a chart or a DOM might have helped. I have to admit however, i was not fully focused due to the music and the shouting, making me turn to other things temporarily.
I've put markers on my chart according to some of the stuff that appeared in the text chat. If these were supposed to be entries then i would have been stopped out on quite a few of them (think he mentioned a 3-4 tick stop is what he uses).
Again, i don't mind giving him the benefit of the doubt, as i cant really say i fully understood what he was doing.
Sometimes, it appeared the trade would work, but then it was not clear to me where his target was.

I do visit trials occasionally "on the side" and i just dont have time or motivation to sit there and listen for 2-3 hours of a "radio show" full of banter. i lose my focus pretty quickly and that's simply why i could have missed the occasion where he might have explained what he is doing.
All i can say is, if i was to demonstrate the effectiveness of my system to a bunch of strangers i would make it a bit more clear what i am doing and why you should send over your cash to become a member.

There were a couple of the usual type red flags:
- No 1, bragging about how many points you'd made as his student / customer the last couple of days. That record was played multiple times....
- Then, making fun of everything else out there, indicators, rooms, etc. He had a blast making fun of esignal's built in indicators.
- he went to do some 'training' after he was done with trading. Well the "training" was just mostly about showing a table with inflated numbers about how much money is out there waiting for you to be grabbed....

Others have mentioned that he does not even have a contact address on his website. I looked at the website, and he actually has one. However, on google streetview it looks like a strip mall... lol

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I just completed a couple of free days. I agree with most of what has been said thus far. I get turned off by his constant bragging. Although, I was impressed during the initial part of the live session, after the session ended I came down to reality.

He mailed to the "trialers" a copy of the day's log. I am pasting it below. (I guess it is not proprietary since he volunteer it).

I accepted the challenge on the first sentence of his mailer and marked up the CL chart using his calls. His first "guess" on CL short was right on. However, he did not mention when to exit the remaining "trailing" contracts before reversing long.

Also, if you follow carefully the subsequent calls on the long side after he reversed they are very ambiguous and any trader would have lost his shirt going long.

Subsequently, he calls a reversal to the short side but that was way too late and he did not follow through with any more comments. He left people in limbo on the short.

My two cents worth conclusion: In looking at the areas he made his calls it coincides with Supply and Demand areas. His CL reversal to long was on a demand area that eventually failed and CL continued its downward move. So as he would say "ENJOY" (saving $3500-$5000 subscription fee by sticking to s/d?).

----------------------------------- ACE log and advertisement from 11/12/2014 ---------------------------------
Now go back and put up a chart and see the number and the time that The Ace System is calling both the entry opportunities and the Targets on the E mini Sp and Oil CL markets today.

First thing this am Bears being called sells on CL and then bulls a bit later on in the session on CL . Fine and dandy well over $1000 dollars called easily on CL once more today .

Now for the Emini SP go back an see what time the Ace System called the Bears on the Emini Sp and what time The Ace System called the 10 point Royal flush targets down side once again with Clarity and precision. Thats well over 20 points called by Ace again today in the Emini SP.

07:17:58 {Ace} Good Morning all

07:18:09 {Ace} Congrats Ace members on another super huge day yesterday

07:18:55 {Ace} Huge run up on CL and Huge run down in GC Called Live Yesterday with Precision according to the Ace System and methodology

07:19:07 {Ace} Calling the very top and bottom in this room Yesterday CL GC

07:19:09 {Ace} Enjoy

07:19:46 {Ace} Sell Bears folks CL

07:20:32 {Ace} Bears on CL Oil

07:21:14 {Ace} HUGE

07:21:47 {Ace} Again key 9 pushing down side ES for now

07:22:30 {Ace} tank folks CL

07:22:33 {Ace} <<Dive>>

07:22:36 {Ace} CL

07:22:49 {Ace} nice move cl

07:23:02 {Ace} <<Hooahhhh!>>

07:24:19 {Ace} big move down CL folks from 46.65 ARea Called here at 7.20 this am

07:24:33 {Ace} resistance on ES is 41.50 so stick with Bears Sells as well

07:24:35 {Ace} Ace key 9

07:24:53 {Ace} Huge run there CL folks called before the move down

07:25:51 {Ace} take some profit out CL folks

07:26:22 {Ace} take first profit at 76.34

07:26:25 {Ace} CL

07:27:51 {Z_Ron} good

07:27:51 {D_Jimmy_Jet} y

07:27:52 {Z_Pete} Morning Ace and all

07:28:09 {Ace} Enjoy Again folks last signal Bears Called on CL

07:28:16 {Ace} as well as ES 41.50

07:29:45 {Z_Frank_D} good morning all

07:29:46 {Z_Michael_H} Good Morning all

07:30:20 {Ace} ES Key 9 Pushing down side members ES, CL

07:33:31 {Ace} enjoy a great start to your day folks

07:35:33 {C_Dre} good morning Ace and all...

07:35:45 {Ace} ES Resistance ES called earlier 41.50

07:36:25 {Ace} IF multi lotter cover half of position now at 2040.00 ES

07:38:09 {Ace} Pull the risk down now cl now to 76.50

07:38:33 {Ace} if scaling out folks

07:40:20 {Ace} 41.75

07:40:26 {Ace} 41.75

07:40:32 {Ace} 41.75 risks ES

07:41:05 {Ace} Stick with Bears folks CL

07:43:00 {Ace} nice move down folks cl

07:53:33 {Ace} OK folks Bears called here earlier on ES

07:53:35 {Ace} 41.50

07:53:50 {Ace} if short the 41.50 Area cover half of position at 40.25

07:54:01 {Ace} again risk goes at 41.75

07:54:04 {Ace} Enjoy

07:54:27 {Ace} <<Dive>>

07:55:11 {Ace} And down we go folks

07:55:39 {Z_Michael_H} y

07:56:49 {D_TR} yes sir

07:56:49 {D_TR} yes

08:01:48 {Ace} Stick with Bears folks

08:01:53 {Ace} ES

08:02:09 {Ace} and CL as well if scaling out on CL take next profit at 76.18

08:02:11 {Ace} CL

08:02:40 {Ace} If scaling out on ES Take next profit at 38.50 if multi lot trader Scaling out of the Position

08:04:04 {Ace} Market bounce now on cl

08:04:05 {Ace} enjoy

08:04:25 {Ace} NIce 3 point move down on ES to get started folks and more on the way

08:05:43 {Ace} 5 point Straight coming Next on ES

08:05:45 {Ace} enjoy

08:07:52 {Ace} Members enjoy them bulls back again on CL Thanks !

08:07:58 {Ace} Bears Earlier called CL

08:30:26 {Ace} Stick with Bears folks ES

08:30:33 {Ace} Through the News Ace members

08:32:28 {D_TR} great

08:32:29 {D_TR} ok thanks

08:32:38 {Ace} Stick with Bears ES folks

08:32:52 {Ace} Ace key 9

08:34:32 {Ace} 5 Point Straight to start the day folks ES

Whos on Bears Ace members?

08:34:36 {Ace} bulls back CL

08:41:55 {Ace} enjoy

08:43:19 {D_Lowell} y

08:43:19 {1_TT} yep

08:43:33 {C_Trillions} Y

Whos on Bears Ace Members?

08:43:34 {chris_12} Iím short ES

08:43:35 {12_Hindsighttrader} y

08:43:36 {snowman} y

08:43:36 {D_Mark_H} y

08:43:36 {Z_Michael_H} y

08:43:37 {Z_Wes} y good moning all

08:43:37 {chris_12} sound good

08:43:37 {D_Lowell} y

08:43:38 {B__Ron} y

08:43:38 {Z_therminator} y

08:43:41 {Z_PAT_S} y

08:43:42 {D_Gary_V} y

08:43:42 {D_Bruce} y

08:43:43 {D_JimmyH} y

08:43:44 {D_Dave} good

08:43:44 {D_TR} yes

08:43:45 {C_Francois} y

08:43:45 {1John_L} y

08:43:48 {1Jeff_S} y

08:43:52 {A_RG} yes

08:43:53 {D_Jimmy_Jet} y

08:43:57 {D_ender54} y

08:44:01 {sally_k} y

08:47:22 {Ace} bulls are coming back CL

08:47:36 {Ace} on CL

08:47:58 {Ace} bulls CL

08:50:41 {1_TT} NQ a$ well

08:52:25 {Ace} Hows that opportunity on CL folks

08:53:22 {D_TR} yes

08:53:23 {Z_Pete} yes

08:53:24 {1_Ernie} Yes sir

08:53:24 {snowman} yes sir

08:53:25 {Jeff_1} yes..CL

08:53:26 {D_Mark_H} y

08:53:27 {10_Jerome} yes

08:53:46 {K_JoeT} yes sir

08:53:46 {Z_therminator} y

08:53:47 {1_TT} day in day out

08:53:55 {Ace} Thanks! Folks your learning

08:53:56 {C_Anthony} Perfection

08:54:44 {1_Ernie} Nothing like this system. I do not use anything else

08:59:15 {1John_L} No where else I'd rather be than here with the Ace man and the profitable system that works day in and day out. Pinch me.

09:01:42 {Ace} bulls CL yes

09:07:09 {Ace} bulls CL

09:07:15 {Ace} enjoy them bullís folks CL

09:08:09 {Ace} nice pop again CL folks

09:08:14 {Ace} cover half on bulls

09:10:18 {Ace} bulls again CL

09:10:26 {Ace} bulls CL

09:10:27 {Ace} CL

09:10:29 {Ace} CL

09:10:30 {Ace} bulls

09:17:24 {Ace} Enjoy the CL rally folks

09:19:32 {1Diva777} y

09:20:11 {sally_k} y

09:22:58 {Ace} Bulls CL called earlier Thanks !

09:23:00 {C_Kirby} yes sir.

09:23:01 {sally_k} on it

09:23:05 {1_Ernie} Y

09:23:06 {D_Bruce} y

09:23:12 {sally_k} Thank You !

How Many loosing days this Year folks in The Ace members room?

09:27:00 {L_Rory} NONE

09:27:00 {c_lowell} zip nada

09:27:01 {snowman} 0

09:27:04 {1_Ernie} Maybe 1-2 I had none

09:27:05 {1_TT} can't remember one

09:27:07 {K_JoeT} I havenít seen any since I been here

09:27:07 {D_Mark_H} None for me

09:38:48 {Ace} 40 area resistance ES

09:38:52 {Dk0} Good Morning Ace and All

09:44:24 {D_Lowell} y

09:44:24 {1_TT} 2nd time

09:44:25 {C_Trillions} Y

09:44:26 {sally_k} me

09:44:27 {1Jeff_S} y

09:47:40 {Ace} enjoy folks

09:48:08 {Ace} very smooth morning once again

09:48:10 {Ace} enjoy

09:50:10 {Ace} Patience as market probes ace key 9

09:53:46 {Ace} risk is ok folks at 41.50 NOW

09:53:47 {Ace} cover half of position again folks

09:54:09 {C_Trillions} Y

09:54:10 {1_TT} yep

09:54:11 {K_JoeT} y

09:54:16 {C_Kirby} y

09:54:17 {D_JimM} me

09:54:18 {12_Hindsighttrader} y

09:54:49 {Ace} 40.25 cover half of position

09:55:43 {Ace} Stick with Bears folks ES

09:55:58 {sally_k} y

09:56:26 {Ace} enjoy
10:01:06 {Ace} stick with Bears folks on ES

10:02:18 {Ace} Bears back CL yes

10:02:41 {Ace} Whos on Bears yet ES

10:03:06 {chris_12} I'm back in ES short

10:03:23 {12_Hindsighttrader} yes sir

10:03:24 {1_Ernie} y

10:04:13 {Ace} Lots more comming on the ES folks

10:04:20 {Ace} leave risk at 41.50 ES

10:04:27 {Ace} if scaling out multi lotter

10:08:08 {Ace} ES the focus for now

10:12:17 {Ace} Whos ready to tank again folks?

10:12:21 {sally_k} y

10:12:36 {1Garry} YEP

10:12:41 {10_Jerome} yes

10:12:41 {C_Kirby} y

10:12:43 {12_Hindsighttrader} y

10:20:38 {Ace} Whos on Bears folks

10:20:59 {sally_k} yo

10:20:59 {Z_Michael_H} y

10:25:27 {Ace} Wait

10:29:34 {Ace} 41.50-41.75 Back to Bears ONLY!!!!

10:29:36 {Ace} 41.75

10:29:38 {Ace} Bears ES

10:32:16 {Ace} Write em down so ya gottem folks

10:35:42 {Ace} Below 41.50 Back to Bears

10:35:52 {Ace} LR members

10:40:59 {D_TR} y

10:41:00 {1John_L} y

10:41:00 {12_Hindsighttrader} y

10:41:01 {L_TW} y

10:41:02 {10_Jerome} y

10:41:03 {snowman} y

10:41:03 {Z_Rich} y

10:41:04 {K_JoeT} y

10:41:04 {B__Ron} y

10:41:06 {sally_k} y

10:41:43 {Ace} bears folks 42-43

10:43:16 {Ace} should Be on Bears folks ES

10:43:32 {b_danny} according to the system, we should DIVE from here

10:43:33 {11-don} y

10:43:33 {Z_Biagio} y

10:43:33 {Dk0} y

10:43:34 {D_Bruce} y

10:43:40 {Ace} Whos on Bears folks

10:45:04 {Ace} Stick with Bers folks

10:45:08 {1Jeff_S} y

10:45:08 {D_Lowell} y

10:45:09 {1John_L} y

10:56:04 {Ace} 43 Bears folks

10:56:08 {Ace} 43 for now

10:56:11 {Ace} Enoy

10:56:15 {Ace} enjoy

10:59:09 {Ace} Enjoy folks Bears 2043 as posted Thanks !

10:59:15 {Ace} risk now at 43.25

11:00:45 {Ace} if multi lotter cover half of position at 41.50

11:01:41 {Ace} Stick with Bears folks

11:01:44 {Ace} Whos on Bears

11:01:55 {1John_L} y

11:06:50 {Ace} Stick with Bears folks Perfection once again

11:07:26 {Ace} Trail risk now on Remainders if scaling out at 2042 if scaling out at first targets of 2039 Area

11:08:53 {Ace} <<Dive>>

11:08:59 {Ace} 5 point straight to get started folks

11:09:16 {Ace} more on the way folks

11:10:28 {Ace} 10 point royal flush coming next ES folks

11:11:33 {Ace} Leave remainders at 2042 if scaling out

11:13:40 {Ace} If scaling out take next profit at 2037.50 and then shoot for 10 points next targets

11:14:17 {Ace} Thanks !

11:15:45 {Ace} Lets tank folks

11:15:53 {Ace} huge day once again

11:16:08 {Ace} Big day folks

11:16:11 {Ace} Lets Tank folks

11:16:22 {Ace} if multi lotter scaling out

11:16:23 {Ace} ES

11:21:36 {Ace} another Fantastic day folks

11:21:42 {Ace} as per the Ace System

11:22:08 {Ace} Nice 5 point straight again there ES folks Then look for 10 Point Royal Flush Next

11:22:12 {Ace} Thanks ! and enjoy your day

11:22:33 {1John_L} Thank You!

11:22:37 {Ace} Enjoy folks Thanks !

11:22:41 {Z_Rich} Thank You ! Ace

11:22:57 {Dk0} Thank you Ace

11:22:57 {1John_L} Incredible!!

11:23:06 {Ace} Thanks ! folks

11:23:14 {Z_therminator} thanks again Ace

The Ace Live demonstrations are held in Real Time not after the fact Seminars peddling magic indicators and such. Dare to show us anything that even comes close

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watched the live demonstration again today for a while.

the good news is, i did not hear any yodeling today.

ace identified some inflection points in the market, which he used for counter-trend trades. he allows price to go a few ticks against the identified levels for "floor traders probing". So basically he implies some margin of error but keeps repeating how often he calls the market turns "to the tick"... ;-)

unfortunately, finding potential levels seems to be all to the "system". To be clear, sometimes the market will make a bigger move from those levels, sometimes it will barely move.
if it moves a decent amount in his favor, he will make a big fuss about it, leaving the observer to guess where he might have taken profit, if any. if not, he will shove it under the rug or play it down as break even or small loss.

he furiously kept calling long trades in a downtrending CL market today, over and over again. some of the trades might have been good for $100-200 / car (under optimal, theoretical conditions), however it was totally unclear where he would have taken profit. in all fairness, he reminds his followers to take partial profits often after a few ticks for "multi lotters". what would have happened with the remaining contracts is not clear, stopped out at be? what about those trading just one contract?
many other of his trades that i have witnessed would have been break even trades at best, more realistically however they'd been losers and eventually would have wiped out any gains.

Certainly it would have been much much more profitable to short the CL today, and i wonder why shorting was not considered.

Let's be clear about this, if you are experienced and are able to exercise good risk management you may survive this kind of trading. if not, you may easily find yourself thrown under the bus.

ace is clearly a show man and might have been used car sales man previously... he kept talking about those trades which would have worked in a way as if he was able to cure cancer, but all the trades that didn't work were obviously not worth talking about.

He later emailed a daily recap which i would not exactly call "brutally honest".

I certainly doubt he is trading at all, probably not even sim.

Having said above, i would still like to learn how he determines his levels, just because i am curious and there might be something useful to learn here. Unfortunately you pay not only in hard cash for his teachings but it is also clear that you will have to bear his oversized ego and constant banter. Not sure i can afford.

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Observations about ACE


I too was in the room today and mostly agree with what you say, but then today was a super hard day, although it sure would have been a great day to short.

I had been in a prior trial and was absolutely amazed at the accuracy of his trades. His stops were super tight, 3 to 5 ticks, and I was able to put aside the constant yelling , yodeling and noise. When I did, I was able to make fantastic trades, almost 200 ticks in CL. Today was harder. It may have been due to the market moving around so much. His calls were too rapid for me today but then I was pretty tired too (I live in Hawaii and have to get up at 3 am for his room).

He may or may not be trading. He has one chart with no indicators and sometimes draws a line that he trades from. I would sure like to know how he gets so accurate. I have seen about 6 sessions. I am not sure how long I could handle the constant talking but after a few times I did get used to it and was able to pick out his calls.

i am sure most, if not all the people here dislike him and I got kicked around a bit on another thread for saying some favorable comments on another room similar to his, School Of Trade. I don't have an axe to grind and simply want to make money. I have been around a lot and I am pretty used to super eccentric people, so these wild personalities don't bother me. Welcome to the World of Trading!

ps...try to keep an open mind. Caution ; passionate opinions ahead.

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I too was in the room today and mostly agree with what you say, but then today was a super hard day, although it sure would have been a great day to short.


i am sure most, if not all the people here dislike him and I got kicked around a bit on another thread for saying some favorable comments on another room similar to his, School Of Trade. I don't have an axe to grind and simply want to make money. I have been around a lot and I am pretty used to super eccentric people, so these wild personalities don't bother me. Welcome to the World of Trading!

ps...try to keep an open mind. Caution ; passionate opinions ahead.

jc, what was super hard about this day? can you elaborate?

furtherm what is similar about this other room, schooloftrade to this one? same vendor? same "system" ? pls explain

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Haleiwa, Hawaii, USA
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The day I am referring had announcements and news. When I say it was a tough day I am saying it was a tough day for me. Ace did well and if I paid attention (you REALLY have to pay attention there and that "ain't" easy) I would have done very well. Reviewed my trades and found my mistakes.

There is some similarity with SOT here but as we say in Hawaii "kinda the same...but different" Both post huge daily gains, both have a lot of self confidence (ie ego's), they love to talk and a lot of people here really hate them. Really, really hate them.

I am super curious by nature. I am around the biggest ego's on earth (pro surfers) on a daily basis so I am able to look past that but there ARE a lot of red flags here. Try to get as many trials as you can and get used to the bantering and noise. I made 7 1/2 points today but I am exhausted...lol I have one more day after 3 trials and don't know how many I can finagle. I do wish ACE and SOT were more transparent but then I am not about to let you read my books (for my company)...lol...john

ps...did I mention the yodeling sounded quite good when I made 7.5 points?

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ace trail

i was in a three day trail last week ,i was very inpressed with the way he can call a buying level and a sell level , ace does show his chart you can see the level that he is trading off of ,and he will tell you to take profits at mostly one point profit if he is trading the es that day and leave the rest for bigger profits .most of the time the market will go for much bigger profits , but he does not tell you when to scale out for the bigger profits i guess that is is for the member s who have took the couse that know the money mangetment that ace uses ,he uses a 3 tick stop above or below the posted number for sometime the market will go though it so you have to be carefully ,i have not took the couse yet ,just the trail i contracted him and he does one on one training for 1200 per hour so i might give it a go in the future i just dont know how many hours it would take to fully learn the system, so i will see

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ACE trading trial


Would like to hear from you after you take the course.

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Ace Trades

I received an invite for the 3 day freebie. I only tracked 2 days - took about 15 minutes to figure out what he was doing. He also has a couple of YouTubes.
It's just a 23.6% fib retracement level usually measured about an hour and half before the open. He only showed the ES, but that was enough to figure it out.
Today he didn't post the level until about 45 minutes before the open.

Chart size is either 50 or 144 tick from what I could see in the 2 days I listened in (I only stayed in about 20 minutes).

This is not rocket science folks. He gets an outrageous sum of money for his training and mentoring. He only answers easy questions - I asked him if he always gets his levels before the market opens - no answer. Only answers questions with regard to his course, chat room, etc. Nothing substantial.
He does get his 5 pts though - have to give him that - at least when I was in there - also tested his method on a few random charts - I've seen something like this before only on 15 minute bars. Would have to test a bunch of charts under different market conditions to see if it's a viable strategy or not.
He uses a 3 tick stop. One trade was stopped yesterday but overall, came out with 10 pts.
He does not publish any stats - so there's got to be a reason for that - otherwise it would be all over his website if he made that 5 pts every day or at least most days.
P.S. I will train you in this method for $.50 cents.

See screenshots below

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