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L2ST experiences? (www.l2st.co.uk)

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London, England
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: Ninja
Broker: Mirus Futures/Zen-Fire
Trading: EUR
Trafford's Avatar
Posts: 337 since Sep 2010
Thanks: 378 given, 229 received

JPJTrading uses MP a lot in its trading as does IOAMT but they use the 5Tick Reversal chart a lot.

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darien, IL
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: Ninja
Broker: Dorman, Zen-Fire
Trading: es, 6e
Posts: 6 since Mar 2010
Thanks: 18 given, 0 received

While he claims it's a "live" trading room, I've never seen him take a live trade. He has mentioned many trades in the DAX that were taken earlier in the day and marked his charts where he took the trades, but they were always after the fact. Has anybody seen him trade live? Just curious. I know several people have asked to see him trade live but he never did.
In his defense, I did like his explanations and concepts regarding market profile, order flow, bid/ask tools etc.

Had he traded live and shown his trading dome instead of his own P&L spreadsheets, I'm sure he would have had more participants.

I'm curious if anybody has seen him trading.

I've looked at several of his YouTube videos and liked them.

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Experience: Intermediate
Platform: NT, IB
Broker: IQfeed, IB
Trading: ES
Posts: 165 since Jun 2009
Thanks: 205 given, 135 received

I remember Cunparis (member here) mentioned that he tried to do live trading for couple weeks and lost money.

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Zurich, Switzerland
Experience: Advanced
Platform: Market Delta, Ninjatrader
Trading: Bund, 6E, FDAX, ES
Posts: 13 since Apr 2010
Thanks: 14 given, 15 received

I have been in the trade room for 1 month about 2 years ago. The first week he was trading a 25k account and was only trading 1 contract in CL!
He was breakeven at that time and underestimated a little the fact (imo) that trading 1 contract is a lot harder than trading multiple contracts but he wanted to start out like that. He then traded 2 contracts and his performance was very good. From what I remember he made about 20% return in the next 3 weeks or so.
He definitely is a legit guy and teaches some good info on how to read orderflow and market structure!
I think Kam is one of the few good educators out there!

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Georgia, USA
Experience: Advanced
Platform: TOS
Broker: TOS
Trading: SPX
Boomer34's Avatar
Posts: 164 since Mar 2011
Thanks: 74 given, 57 received

Any other feedback on this trading room?

I have enjoyed a number of his webinars and get the feeling that he is a good instructor...but it is a pricey room with the currency conversion, coming in around $300 a month.

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Jigsaw Trading's Avatar
Posts: 2,986 since Nov 2010
Thanks: 826 given, 10,355 received

As a fellow "Evil Vendor", I approached Kam a while back because someone had recommended him.

I told him I'd like to take a look, not for myself but because I get a lot of people asking me about training and it's not something I could do.

Kam was running a weekend training course the next week and he invited me in on that and it was the most comprehensive top to bottom course I've seen. Now - I've reviewed a lot of trainers, the great majority have been bunk. I always tell them that I am looking to make a recommendation BUT that the flip side is, I'm not going to drag them through the mud if I don't like what they do.

Kam has not been asked to recommend my stuff and to be honest, I don't know if he does or doesn't. I don't really care either. I have no business relationship with Kam.

The room might not be cheap for many but then again it is great value - but you do get access to a lot of his historical webinars and courses when you join up and so that does take the sting out of it.

Kam trades via a separate VPN connection to his prop shop, so you do not see his DOM. I take him on his word @ that. It would be ludicrous for someone that can do what he does to NOT trade. The screens he shares are Market Delta. He also goes through his pre-market prep on line. He averages into positions and you hear him doing that as well as saying when he's going to add more. It's not a call service and he does give the levels in advance and he is very good at calling the markets.

If you have done the FT71 webinars, then this will be right up your street. Kam is a very good teacher, much better in fact at explaining how to implement volume profiling that FT71.

It's worth a look - especially if you make use of all the materials he gives you access too.

Like I say - I wasn't looking for me but I got a lot out of the experience regardless.

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Jacksonville, FL
Posts: 19 since Nov 2011
Thanks: 14 given, 22 received

I have been trading a live account for just over a year now. I have been in six trading rooms. Three that are not even worth mentioning and three market profile/volume profile rooms. I did the JPJ trial, eminischool trial (They use market profile/volume profile concepts) and Kam (L2ST). I payed the $300 up front for Kam because just from what I saw in the free videos on his website I knew he was on to something special. Kam is without a doubt the best educator/trader I have ever seen. I spent one month in his room and would have liked to of spent a year in there but I can't afford $300 US dollars a month for the service. I'm a new trader with a very small account. For me it was worth the $300 because you get an entire start-up package of videos explaining in depth his methodology and set-ups. You even get an excel performance tracker spread sheet that is modeled after what athletes use to track performance. The guy is a freak of trading nature. His work that he puts into post market review is insane with the performance tracking, meditating, and seminars. He absolutely changed my life as a trader. I saw him hammer out massive trades every week. I think he had two or three Mondays in a row where he lost money and every other day he killed it easily making back what he lost the prior day and then some on the next day. After those loosing days he would show us his P&L later in the week for the very purpose of educating students, that loss is a part of trading and if you have a robust system and a sizable account, you can handle these drawdowns with no problem.

He does call out trades. You do not see his dome but after you see and hear his level of understanding of the markets than you will have no doubt that he is the real thing.

Now the bad part is if you want to trade like him you will need at least a $40,000.00 account. He trades like a Prop trader because he is and was raised through prop trading. They "build" positions. In other words they add to losing trades. They are so confident that price will eventually turn that they continue to sell as price moves up or buy as price moves down. Kam will tell you that his biggest and best trades are these set-ups. This is a problem for someone like myself with a 20K account.

Now, to go a little further on this topic and tell you how impressed I was with him, I have now went back to trading paper to try and figure out how I can trade in this fashion or if its even possible with a 20k account. I have a great journal spreadsheet that tracks max draw down so I will be paper trading for 6 months (5 1/2 more..i started two weeks ago..I'm up btw 10%) to see if my maxdd will be in range. At the moment I am trading like he suggested and that is like this:

If the market is moving up I have three sell zones labeled SZ1, SZ2, SZ3. I take an entry at SZ1 if I get stopped out I wait for SZ2 then try again and vice versa for longs. This is similar to building a position in that my entries are the same I just don't have as favorable of an outcome. He will tell you that it is much harder to trade like this but it's a good place to start.
You are really just picking tops and bottoms and he will tell you that that is what he does and he will also tell you that he is very good at it. When you have an understanding of perceived value and can see unfair highs and unfair lows it becomes quite clear where to enter in the market.

This is how impressed I am with his work that I went back to paper (Very humbling) to try and trade in this fashion. I am also a huge believer in auction market theory and, for me, this is the only way to trade.

Hope this helps..Good luck in your search.

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San Diego
Experience: Beginner
Platform: NinjaTrader
Broker: AMP / CQG
Trading: CL, ES, NQ
BeachTrader's Avatar
Posts: 310 since Nov 2011
Thanks: 153 given, 428 received

Good review KumoAssasin. I was thinking about trying this room too but I am trading a smaller account now so I'm not sure it would work for me. I didn't realize he used a lot of scaling. He does sound like a good teacher, although if he starts talking too fast I miss a couple of things. I am definitely interested in learning Profile trading so I am trying to figure out the best place to go as I enjoy learning from live trading/training instead of just reading books, etc.

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Denver, Colorado
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: Ninja Trader
Trading: ES, CL, anything that makes $$
Posts: 178 since Nov 2009
Thanks: 157 given, 77 received

I give Kam a thumbs up too. I was in his room about 2 years ago. He actually gave me a free two week trial. I was disappointed he didn't show his DOM, but I was impressed that on one of the days he admitted he losk $2500 US and that was his limit and he quit. He wasn't happy about it but he was calm and professional and said he was shutting down to go work out and meditate. The only thing I found strange was he used TransAct which I used and think it is subpar compared to NT or X Trader. I used it because it was cheap and I wasn't trading much anyway. Just learning his P and B formations along with reading order flow could make for a solid plan along with some basic S/R. These are breakout/fakeout reversals.

Someone mentioned Bill at IOAMT. He's a nice guy but I don't think he trades. Actually maybe he does because everytime he had a losing trade he was very unbalanced and upset cussing and swearing. Alex B. is the best part of that room.

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Paris, France
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: SC, NT, ToS
Trading: CME & Eurex Futures
Posts: 116 since Apr 2011
Thanks: 339 given, 194 received

I am following Kam for the past 5 months, made real progress and starting to be consistently profitable (I started trading 18 months ago). I still have a lot learn but for me he is a great trader and teacher.

I bought the full package and recommend doing the same if you are comfortable with Kam, his method and his state of mind. I think there is around 16 or 20 hours of videos and they cover many topics thoroughly. You will need to look at them more than once. I still review some of them.

Following the room is not easy. Kam speaks a lot and is very focused on the market behavior, the trades, the money management etc. And, after the trading, you get a link to a recording of the room session for review. Very useful.

You donít see Kamís DOM and I think it is a good thing. Kam makes a very clear pre market analysis and define his areas of business and where he may adapt and go with the market. When he enters the trade he talks about that before and continues his comments on why is he staying in the trade, scaling in/out, stopping etc.

A word about averaging down (somebody mentionned that) : I never saw Kam average down a losing trade. I do see Kam deciding before the trade he may scale in under some condition and always with very strict risk parameters ( Thinking Kam is averaging down a losing a trade is, IMO, a misunderstanding of the difference between scaling in a trade based on a premise and averaging down a losing trade because you are in hope mode.).

I consider the room cost to be expensive (for me). Yet, I spend this money happily every month because I believe he is an important teacher in my journey to becoming a professional trade and because I believe to have made huge progress (well beyond my expectation).

So.. in a nutshell, if you are looking for a calling service, an easy holy grail (hahaÖ), then Kam is not the right teacher. Kam has a professional trader mentality and a business oriented vision and he tries to teach that. IMO, he does a great job.

Happy trading

-- The rest is silence
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