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Vinny E-Mini & Algobox Review TRADE ROOM

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 Big Mike 
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Manta, Ecuador
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Vinny was banned for self promotion. He was permitted, as any vendor is, to defend themselves or answer questions in a vendor thread.

But he is not permitted to blatantly violate our rules for self promotion, with complete disregard for our community.

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Platform: Ninjatrader
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Anagami View Post
Good God.



I rest my case. As you can see this guy clearly has issues.

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salt lake utah
Experience: Beginner
Platform: Sierra Chart
Broker: CQG
Trading: ES
rintin2x's Avatar
Posts: 541 since Jun 2016
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usdivers View Post
I rest my case. As you can see this guy clearly has issues.

Not trying to attack you, but wondering why did you pay him out of the gate? Didn't he has some sort of tryout first for a day or something so you can set up whatever needed to be in his room before paying his fee?

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Experience: Advanced
Platform: Ninjatrader
Posts: 55 since Sep 2009
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rintin2x View Post
Not trying to attack you, but wondering why did you pay him out of the gate? Didn't he has some sort of tryout first for a day or something so you can set up whatever needed to be in his room before paying his fee?

The main reason I did pay for one month out of the gate was...I had watched several of his videos...and found them interesting. Further, I found in my experience you can't judge these trading rooms unless you at least spend a good month in them.

I have been trading for a while now, and think I do "ok", but like everyone else, I am always looking for a little more edge to try to lift my daily profit and loss.

However, I got more than I bargained for as you have seen. I am just a normal guy. All this troll stuff really does my head in, I guess I am showing my age by expecting everyone just to be civil and talk things out nicely.... oh well.

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Site Moderator
London UK
Experience: Beginner
Platform: CQG
Broker: S5
Trading: Futures
xplorer's Avatar
Posts: 5,731 since Sep 2015
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fminus View Post
If CNBC is your guide for human interaction and decency, you need to get your head checked. Your aggressiveness to tear people down and resort to name calling do nothing but confirm your lack of confidence in your own ability. If you are so "great", who cares what other people think, just keep trading your 80 cars or whatever you trade because you don't need the subscriptions right? If you think great traders are assholes and treat people like dirt, you've been watching too many wall street movies.

I was curious about that article so I checked it out. The article's final quote?

Or, at least, that's what the study says. The data appears to have been collected from a very small sample of volunteers, who weren't necessarily professional traders.

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  #46 (permalink)
Posts: 39 since Jan 2016
Thanks: 5 given, 15 received

VinnyEmini @ you have to give the opportunity at least 1-2 weeks free live trading room
, so that merchants can bring the court to pay or not. What the show on the tube does not apply to your results. I see you do not have a plan with how much the contract is priced and to hold it. one or two weeks free live trade viewing and proof to make profit but not start 2 contracts so when you go against just adding up to 50 contracts ... this is not a profitable access to the market or to the users.

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  #47 (permalink)
 TWDsje   is a Vendor
Posts: 768 since Apr 2016
Thanks: 21 given, 978 received

He visited our discord room today. Removed him after he got rude, and I started to do research.

Tucker - Today at 12:45 PM
The longer I trade the more I think that the holy grail is found in waiting

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 1:06 PM
Only job in the world that pays you to wait and do nothing :heart:

TRADE|THE|TRADERS - Today at 1:12 PM
and do marketing for people to buy bulshit oop:

Tucker - Today at 1:15 PM
And so it begins

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 1:15 PM
hate all you wish, I am simply there to give those who wish to trade with a REAL trader the opportunity to do so, troll and hate all you wish, I offered all my services to those in this room for free

TRADE|THE|TRADERS - Today at 1:38 PM
but only the best please. gold or platinum. we are jealous. and please in writing with signature(edited)

Seth - Today at 1:39 PM
Well he's contributing and only spammed his links once or twice so he's ok for now, but I get how you guys feel. Everyone that comes in here selling something is selling shit.

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 1:40 PM
do you know of any other trader sharing broker statements and has a free room open 24/7?
And offered you his services free?
Are you asking me to leave? I will, I'm not here to cause issues

Seth - Today at 1:43 PM
Nah you haven't done anything wrong yet from what I can see.

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 1:43 PM
I appreciate what you are doing here Seth, let me know if you need anything from me or my team
and my offer still stands

Seth - Today at 1:45 PM
Thanks. I'm just trying to help you understand the context. We ban people all the time trying to scam or sell things. If you link a website people are automatically like "eh ok what scam is this one?"

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 1:46 PM
I know - this industry is garbage

TRADE|THE|TRADERS - Today at 1:46 PM
i want you to stay here !!! we all want the platinum service. then i can afford the platinum american express:bs:

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 1:47 PM
Platinum members have access to bots and needs 100k account sizes, I doubt you qualify troll

delta - Today at 1:47 PM
I dont mind if he stays here :smiley:

Seth - Today at 1:48 PM
The philosophy here has been more about collaborative effort. So just keep posting your trades and observations. People get an idea of how you trade, and can decide if what you are saying is helpful to them on that trade or not.

TRADE|THE|TRADERS - Today at 1:48 PM
for us you make an exception!

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 1:48 PM
I offered Gold
Platinum is only 15 members / year or it borks entries for everyone
you understand volume I'm sure
unless you are bonds or ES trader, then fine

Seth - Today at 1:49 PM
Meh not a fan of paid trading rooms. I do not recommend them to anyone.(edited)

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 1:50 PM
clearly haven't been to a real one

TRADE|THE|TRADERS - Today at 1:51 PM
then you show us how we earn 100k in short time?

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 1:51 PM
depends on your account size
my targets are 15-25 ticks at a time

Seth - Today at 1:52 PM
Well he says he shows account statements so that is nice at least. Can people see your current positions in your room?

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 1:52 PM
with 25 tick hard stops
the forex room is open 24/7

Tucker - Today at 1:53 PM
25 tick hard stops???? It takes you that long to tell if you're wrong?! Good lord

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 1:53 PM
futures room opens in the morning
no foolish troll @Tucker
you know what a hard stop is?
and the difference in a mental stop call?
don't talk about what you dont know

Seth - Today at 1:54 PM
When I swing traded emini I was using 16 tick stops.

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 1:54 PM
I also have a dot system
never trade against a dot
if a dot shows up you bail as well
yes, ES is exception with tighter stops and targets

Seth - Today at 1:55 PM
do you actually get 15 people in a year to buy an 8k trading room subscription?

TRADE|THE|TRADERS - Today at 1:55 PM
vinny short question what moves the markets? and what is market velocity?

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 1:55 PM
my current trade in futures nq:

if you can beat me, great, if you can't how bout you shut up and listen

Seth - Today at 1:58 PM
pen_mouth: there's a thread about you

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 1:58 PM
here's my forex trade:

Seth - Today at 1:58 PM
Wait, how come I'm not getting any trading groupie chicks?

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 1:59 PM

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 2:00 PM
closing trades - close of market

done for day

delta - Today at 2:00 PM
@VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader at least you take up for yourself, lol asking me to do it was lame :smiley:

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 2:01 PM
as i stated before - go fuck yourself(edited)
I'm not the nicest guy on the planet
and i don't pretend to be
but i do hate this industry
and most of the people in it
fucking scammers
I shut one scammer site down per year

Tucker - Today at 2:02 PM
Seth, can you kick him? It's just ridiculous at this point

Seth - Today at 2:02 PM
hmm yeah they say that in the fio thread:

"It also doesn't help that Vinnie seems to constantly be in some kind of "beef" with someone, which is damaging to the integrity of the room and no doubt emotionally taxing on himself (at the moment he’s in some war with another YouTube "live” trade room", before that he was battling with an ex-moderator of his own room). This kind of drama creates a toxic environment for any newbie trader."
VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 2:02 PM
last year I shut down michael oates room
you notive oates2amillion is no longer around?
my legal team shut him down
we shut one scammer down per year
what is your point?

Seth - Today at 2:03 PM
No point we're just sharing info.

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 2:03 PM
notice all you wanna do is post the negative

Seth - Today at 2:03 PM
So to run a for pay room like that do you have to register with the FTC?

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 2:03 PM
you should try something positive might change your bank account
yes, I have plenty of trolls obviously

Seth - Today at 2:04 PM
Well so far it's just yeah it was a fun room but now he charges too much for it.

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 2:04 PM
I'm done for the day - off to the gym.... toodles, ban me if you wish or take me up on my offer
I'm out

Seth - Today at 2:05 PM
oh wait wait, big mike doesn't like what he sees that's a bad sign.

TRADE|THE|TRADERS - Today at 2:05 PM
vinny leads me to money!!!!!:moneybag:

Seth - Today at 2:05 PM
Vinny E-Mini FREE LIVE TRADE ROOM - Trading Reviews and Vendors
Vinny E-Mini FREE LIVE TRADE ROOM in Trading Reviews and Vendors, futures io social day trading

VinnyEmini-OnYouTube-DayTrader - Today at 2:05 PM
big Mike has never been to the room
ask him
he went off of the lie before that thread from the troll that wrote(edited)
the facts are facts, if you want the truth - ask - or listen to the trolls
you should ask some of my members
ask them how their bank accounts are doing

Seth - Today at 2:11 PM
Yeah it's not looking good for him the further into this thread I go...

TRADE|THE|TRADERS - Today at 2:11 PM
how do you make a small fortune on the futures exchange? if you start with vinny with a big account! :grin:

delta - Today at 2:12 PM
yeh, pretty rude with big ego...
he clearly has some issue, like it was written on, ahaha

TRADE|THE|TRADERS - Today at 2:13 PM
vinny stay here. we love you :heart_eyes:

Tucker - Today at 2:14 PM
Lol I wonder how many fortunes he's lost in the market
Fuckin blue dot shit lol

Seth - Today at 2:15 PM
lol now we have to write an indicator that draws blue dots.
We can just make it do it randomly like 4 times a day or something

TRADE|THE|TRADERS - Today at 2:17 PM
@Tucker start with big account and at the end a small fortune! understand (edited)

delta - Today at 2:19 PM
no big deal, lil bit of comedy at the end of day, lol

Keith - Today at 2:22 PM
OMG I missed all the fun! :frowning2:

Seth - Today at 2:23 PM
I did ban him btw

My advice is and always will be: never pay for a trading room. Collaborating with other traders is great. I've made good friends through my own livestreaming on Youtube and our Discord chatroom. It has significantly improved my trading. Now, I do have the Patreon thing where I thank people for their support by posting my cryptocurrency valuation charts, but I would never charge people for access to the trading room. People that charge for such things are not interested in being your friend or helping you develop, and they have nothing special that you can't develop on your own. They just want your money.

- SpeculatorSeth
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  #48 (permalink)
North Carolina
Experience: Beginner
Platform: NinjaTrader, Tradestation
Trading: es
Posts: 644 since Nov 2011

I am not sure that I have ever found/been in a really valuable trading room. However, Vinny is sharing his ideas: some of which I find interesting. Although, I haven't evaluated his work to any real degree, yet. I agree he came off bad and out of line with some of the stuff posted. Perhaps, he will learn from his mistakes and come back better one day. I do not have any relationship with this vendor at this time nor in the past. And, I have never been in his live room.

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  #49 (permalink)
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: Bookmap and Jigsaw DOM
Broker: Stage 5 Trading
Trading: ZN
lax99's Avatar
Posts: 433 since Jun 2015
Thanks: 623 given, 818 received

From my brief interaction with him, I found him exceedingly defensive and cruel in his mannerisms. I don't know if his strategy works. I would guess that it wins between 25 and 35 % of the time, and that its drawdowns are enormous. He spoke of "blue dots", which seemed like nonsense; I don't trade off of indicators though, so perhaps he's found an edge in programming something with which I have no experience.

I was incredulous that he used 25 tick stops in the ES. Sure, there are some methodologies which call for wider stops, but this vendor's style seemed to be based in shorter time frames. Think of the YouTube trading addict; click-click-click all day long and make thousands of dollars in seconds. This is the type of trader to which this vendor advertises.

To those who might point to recent ES volatility--I agree, using even a 20 tick stop in ES might get you whipped out of a position. Yet the vendor became aggressive when I expressed my incredulity, and told me "don't talk about what you don't know". We had never previously discussed any experience which I may or may not have in trading ES, so this claim is baseless.

Like other vendors I've seen in the past, this individual points to his incredible successes without acknowledging his blowout days. He'll acknowledge his losing trades, sure. But you can bet your ass that this vendor advertises -$200 losing days alongside $8000 winning days. Because "Nobody is perfect, even we lose!", but nobody will pay thousands of dollars for the vendor's courses if he advertises more realistic numbers.

Buyer beware. This man is almost certainly a fraud. His casual interactions with complete strangers decayed into name-calling, profanity-filled tirades. If you ever considered buying his material, put the money into your brokerage instead. It'll be better for you in the long run!

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  #50 (permalink)
North Carolina
Experience: Beginner
Platform: NinjaTrader, Tradestation
Trading: es
Posts: 644 since Nov 2011

@lax99 Thank you for your perspective. I agree buyer should be very wary in this business and ask for evidence for any claims. I do not disagree that he came off poorly. But, I will note a few bits of information: he has posted some large losing videos on YouTube. And he was reviewed/verified by Dr. Dean Handley but yes they had some issues back/forth and Dr. Dean eventually posted a review that stated he seen brokerage statements that he really trades.

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