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David Halsey's Emini Addict Review (www.eminiaddict.com)

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 Big Mike 
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Hi guys,

This thread is for users to review David Halsey's EminiAddict site and services:

Emini Futures, Trading Strategies, Live Emini Trading Room & Trading Videos - Emini Addict

He has a new book coming out from Wiley, and I would like to get a feel for his commercial enterprise before inviting him on futures.io (formerly BMT) for a webinar.


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Zurich, Switzerland
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Started a trial yesterday, very surprised theres no feedback on this so far as there are 190 people registered in the chat (in the main US session).

1cent trial for 7 days, then its 29.99 per month - Very reasonable price.

The daily Trading Room via "GoTo Webinar" is not to my taste, and the "Chat" seems to be just on the HomePage in a tiny white window bottom right of the web-site (which you can see even as a visitor), you canīt chat in the webinar where it is just charts and presenter speaking, TOS charts are shown with technical analysis on.

Fibonacci & TICK featured, TOS platform, David was doing analysis of all main instruments, ES, GC, TF, NQ etc and main currencies. He presents very well and doesnīt talk the consistent blah blah that many do, not for me daily as I canīt listen to that all day when focussing, but I am sure many would enjoy it and get a lot out of it.

Inside the members page there are various videos and webinars, and a Forum with some Q&A etc. The Videos/Webinars are nicely put together and on a variety of themes. Some of them are very interesting! Topics from $TICK to GapFills to Pivots.....

Conclusion - I have no doubt he would put together a good, informative and interesting webinar for futures.io (formerly BMT)! Depending on the topic I would almost certainly attend a futures.io (formerly BMT) webinar with David Halsey presenting.

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Denver, CO
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Platform: T4/TOS
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I am a member at his site.

His main service is his live screen sharing where he explains price action on many markets (ES, YM, TF, GC, currencies) in real time. He also spends time advising on psychology and the mental aspects of trading.

What his room is not, is a trade calling room. If asked, he will answer what trades he's made that day. But you are not going to see his dom or trade statistics. This bothers some people; but it's not his purpose in the website.

What he is mainly trying to do is teach how to analyze the market, identify where to enter, and where to exit.

I have found, that once I became proficient enough in his methodology, I spent less and less time in his webinar. I needed to avoid distractions and focus on turning what I learned into my methodology.

Overall, I highly recommend joining and learning from him for all traders. However, realize it is not something where you can just copy his trades. You will have to put in the time to learn his material and develop your own trade plan and skills.

I think it would be great if he did a webinar.

Plan your trade, trade your plan.
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tucson arizona
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I have spent time in his room and his main method is using fibs and what he trys to do with them is find out what the large algos are looking at atany time and anchor your fibs that he has a very specific way for trading the fibs and where to anchor them I believed it would be great to have him do a webanair here as he would be able to explains his methods much better then I as to the 1st fellas comment on the chat you can hit the I think an arrow in the right hand corner after you open the webanair and it will open another chat that you can type all day I think he has a good method but as the last person said you have to put your time in

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Legendary Market Wizard
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I am not currently a member of EminiAddict.

I was a member for several years.
I've been asked from futures.io (formerly BMT) admins if I was David Halsey because of my username.
I am not he.

The following information is from when I was a member, some things may have changed since it has been at least 2 years since I was a paid member of the site. I still occasionally view his daily video market updates which are free on his web site.

Being a former member I know that he is a very smart trader.
He does not call trades or front run member trades.
He does trade his personal account during a trading day.

His live trading room is valuable if you are a new trader and need hand holding.
He will answer questions during a trading session and has a live text chat attached to the site.

As a paid member, you can see his recorded webinars, his private market updates at the end of a trading day, his free daily market updates each trading day prior to the open and attend the live trading room.

After being a member for several months I stopped attending the live trading room because I found it distracting to my trading. That is not to say it is not valuable for some traders, but that I found it distracting to my method since I use a different trading method.

The rest of my paid membership was used to view his daily video market updates and the text chat room which was very active after hours and premarket. The text chat room was where I made some lifelong trading friends and some new trading enemies. The text chat is not moderated and anything goes until David pops into the room and has the power to remove users.

David uses Think or Swim (or at least he did when I was a member). His method is heavily dependent upon Fibs and support/resistance levels.

He has a good grasp on the big picture of the markets. He primarily focuses on Emini S&P/ Emini Dow / Emini Russel / Euro and GBP.

I attended a live seminar where David was the speaker at a Las Vegas Trading Expo a few years back. I think he would give a good presentation on futures.io (formerly BMT) if he is able to do so. I'm not sure who sponsored him at the Trading Expo but he was an invited guest speaker.

The cost, $30 month when I was a member was worth it to me at the time.

I am in no way connected to EminiAdddict or David Halsey.

Rejoice in the Thunderstorms of Life . . .
Knowing it's not about Clouds or Wind. . .
But Learning to Dance in the Rain ! ! !
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Prospect, KY. USA
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Platform: Sierra Chart
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Trading: /CL
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Posts: 687 since Jan 2012
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I started w/ DH when he started putting his book together, "Trading the Measured Move" and I'm still w/ him today. As well there are several of us their since I began and several that started before me.

His approach is more "teach a man to fish etc" and makes it quite clear he'll not call trades. DH will tell you where his positions are/ were and why. He lays out his action plan with strict rules, entry method(s), stop loss and profit targets for the intraday, for the day and for the next days etc. Also what's helpful he'll do several market recaps within the day as well as analysis for where we've been/ why, where we should be going/ current data set.

Each day he goes through EOD (1600ET) data for the next day, then a morning update for that day, webinar running from 0815amET to EOD, with live attendance 0915amET to EOD.

In a nutshell a rule based, no BS, professional trading room. When I say no BS that's no BS for him and everyone in the trading room (yes we cut up, giggle, yadda yadda.)

The system takes most(?) people time to begin it, time to understand it and time to "get with it." That means it involves all facets of trading including a fundamental understanding of price action (participation) and that there is no panacea.

That said, for those that agree on "I'm waiting for it to come half-way back" his approach will be much easier to "run with."

I could go into further detail but due diligence will do that.

I'm (he) told the Fibonacci Retracements (pulls) are done backwards. The pull is from 100 to 0%. Profit target is the -23.6%, failure of the pull is the 61.8% and the 50% is where you want to see price action either in the direction of your pull or lack thereof.

It can be more complicated than this (extensions, micro measured moves) or just use a M15 measured move time frame.

A picture is worth a thousand words. /6E five day M15 chart is from this week. Yes it's not typical (it does happen) for the targets to be hit by the the tick - typical front run is four to six ticks for participation and target achieved.

Full disclosure: other than the rules this is solely my opinion and nothing more


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Philadelphia PA/USA
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Platform: NinjaTrader
Trading: 6e
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I've been an eminiaddict member for more years than I can recall.

Mr. Halsey's trading method focuses on trend, entry and target identification using Fibs.

As the others have stated, Mr. Halsey provides insightful real-time analysis and commentary during NYSE market hours and records a daily video analysis of the primary futures markets as preparation for the next trading day.

With precisely defined entries and targets his system works well for those who can execute a consistent, rules-based trading plan.

The degree to which his system 'predicts' market movement is uncanny and can be traded on price alone. No more lagging indicators... just fibs and a lot of self control.

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Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Experience: Advanced
Platform: NinjaTrader
Broker: NinjaTrader Brokerage, Continuum
Trading: FESX, FGBL
Posts: 87 since Apr 2013
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I was a member in his room for over a year. While initially, I found it refreshing, in a sense that the whole methodology is mechanical, the fibs determine your entry, stop and profit target. David also explains his whole methodology in his recorded webinars and doesn't leave out anything. The only thing different about this guy's approach is that he came up with this term called an 'extension', it's basically drawing a 50% from previous high to new high, instead of the traditional previous low to new high. A trend is simply defined by the 61.8% level holding and continuing to support the market. Once the 61.8% breaks, the trend has changed and you start looking for a new trend to trade.

Unfortunately, after using his system for some time, it became clear.... there's just no edge in the market. It is no better than just using your random line generator to enter and place a random 12 tic stop.

What makes a 50% retracement more likely to work than the rest of the 1000 retracements in the universe? You don't know, you just need to take it and pray that it works. While, the risk to profit ratio seems attractive initially. e.g. for very large fibs, the ratio can sometimes be 1:10, if your system is completely random, then it doesn't matter. So every time I basically draw the fib and place my limit order with a random 12 tic stop. It's really no different than just randomly placing a limit order out there in the market.

In fact, a funny thing happened. I was trading with a buddy at that time, he was also a member in the eminiaddict.com. Over time, we were so shell shocked that we didn't know which 50% to trade. Because we would have 2 or 3 really good clean trades, and then followed by 10 trades where the 50% level just had no impact. I mean, what do you expect? The market to magically hold a 50% level? Haha, if you think about it... it's really funny. We ended up trading every single futures contract from YM to GC to CL trying to find an instrument that 'respected' the 50% levels better... haha.. no such luck, it's all random man....

My last straw with the whole thing was when he started introducing this new term called the "ah-ha" level. It's not a fib level, but it's just a level which he noticed was holding based on observation. This basically throws a spanner into the whole system to me anyway. So now.... are we trading fibs or are we trading price action (naked trading)? They are 2 completely different styles of trading, one is based on a mathematical number the other is based on price. I just felt like he was trying to explain why the market was bouncing at a certain level that wasn't a fib number. Other than the "Ah -ha" level, he also trades double tops and bottoms, which clearly are not fibs. This lead me to believe that you cannot possibly achieve similar trading results by following his system alone.

In short, it was something that was too good to be true..... Imagine if you could contain all the futures markets within 50% retracements. That would probably be the equivalent of discovering the Theory of Everything.

My advice would be to anyone thinking of using this system, at least use it together with the DOM. There's no way you can possibly stick your limit order at some random level in the market and ever hope to be successful on a consistent basis.


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Warszawa + Poland
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: Sierra
Trading: ES
Posts: 3 since Sep 2015
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I think about joining his room, what do You guys think and more people who would share their experience ? Thanks !

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