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No BS Day Trading
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No BS Day Trading

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Austin, Texas/U.S.A
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No BS to No BS Trading

I thought I would add my opinion:
I have tried every indicator out there, trying to get an "edge"...I have lost a ton of money doing so. I am to blame, not the indicators.

Last year I bought John Grady's e-book, then I bought his webinar. Truthfully, the information was a little too much for me to absorb at the time. I revisisted the webinars recently and was able to see the entries and exits much clearer.

I decided to contact John directly to see if he would take me on solo for a day fo trading. He was very willing to help me. For a very fair fee, he spent 4 hours and traded his account while I watched and peppered him with questions.

The "one on one" training was simply outstanding, and he taped it and sent it to me to review. John is the "real deal" no false promises of getting rich quick, no BS!

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madrid spain
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i take the lessons and webinars

Drd13 View Post
I am wondering if there are any members of (formerly BMT) who have taken the webinar and are actually trading using John's particular system?

If so I would appreciate to hear how it is going?

Thank you

well, i have all the stuff, and i watched the webinars live, it is interesting to learn, and i learn his point of view, but i tell you something, you can watch him trading ,and then you see his videos from his trading and you can see the same difference from viewing the live market and hindsight market.
also he has a fantastic quick sight to realize when somebody pull one offer.

no magic

you need to read, watch, learn practicing, and deciding for your self

i am using for zn, but it is a tool

the key is how you manage the position, not how to enter

i am reviewing the videos i am recording and almost terades can be winners ...

La lucha es de igual a igual contra uno mismo
The fight is fair against oneself
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Prospect, KY. USA
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John does a damn good job

Hands down, noBS - pun intended


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Louisville, Kentucky
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Big Fan of John's Work

I thought I would jump in on this thread because I'm a big fan of John's work and I've been putting it to use in my own trading. I'm sorry that @alejo had a bad experience, but glad to see that he is finding ways to get value from the material.

Last Fall I bought John's Basic course which included the book and the videos. It's a terrific value. Even if you're unsure if this sort of trading fits your style you'll get a lot out of the book and video, and some new perspective on the markets.

This probably makes me out to be some kind of weirdo but I've read the book no less than 6 times all the way through in the past few months (it's very readable). I've also watched the video several times. After some time I decided to purchase the Intermediate course, knowing that I would get a few more videos and the cost would be discounted if I took a webinar, which I was leaning towards anyway.

In December I participated in John's Eurex course. I'm in the US, but the timing worked for me and I was ready for more information, so I decided to attend. The webinar was good. There were times when John struggled, similar to what @alejo mentioned, but I tended to be sympathetic to it since I can't imagine trying to trade real money, teach, and run webinar software. Plus John was on a schedule that is as trying for him as it was for me, with the time shift. In the end the videos that came out of that webinar have been hugely valuable to me. John not only delivers the live webinar videos and summary videos highlighting voice over trades from the webinar, but you also get about 16 "starter videos" that cover a ton of material: some trades, some psychology, some money management, etc... Those have been really helpful to me over the past few months, as I keep coming back to them. A $1,000+ USD is nothing to take lightly and so if you think you might be interested take a look at the Basic, Intermediate, and YouTube material first. Also, John will be giving a webinar on Big Mike this coming week. So be sure to attend that.

This sort of trading is not for everyone, and I truly believe your trading approach has to fit your personality. For me it's been a good fit and John's material has been invaluable to me. Just for example, on Tuesday of this week I had a bad trade in the Bund (never got off the Eurex schedule) out of the gate and made a big mistake. I was sort of ruined for the day and possibly the next few days. I spent the next two days (Wed and Thurs) only sim trading, and reviewing some of John's videos, specifically those that dealt with the areas I was struggling with. I made some changes to my trading plan as a result of the information in those videos, and it helped give me a better perspective to understand what I was doing wrong and how I could improve it.

I hope this helps.


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Keep it up Michael!
You'll get there.
Put the order flow reading in context when you apply John's information.
You must relate current order flow to the story building.
Many look at order flow trading trying to go about it in a rigid manner. You need to also consider how new information can change the picture.
Trying to focus on the inside only without understanding the outside will have you scratching at best.
If you focus on the inside all you'll get is the one's and two's. By working out the broader market and how it's building, you'll be open to the long tails as you hit the bigger shifts.
Made all the difference for me. Hope this helps.

Good luck with it.

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Johor Bahru, Malaysia
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A NO BS review

Took the course in Feb 2015, and wanted to give it some time for the information to sink in and to put what I learned to use in the market before posting a review.

In short, if you are looking to make a living scalping, then this is a step in the right direction. Being able to read the DOM is really an invaluable skill which you need to acquire.

The starter material which he sends you prior to the course, can be considered a course by itself. It is quite comprehensive and if you go through the whole set of videos, you could basically start trading already. So, in that sense it's almost like you're getting 2 courses for the price of one. Which is quite a decent deal.

And then the 2 week live Webinar starts, and that's where he'll basically spend about 4 hours each day talking and walking through what he's seeing and what sort of trade he's looking for. For my particular webinar, John actually added another week because the first week was bad (in terms of price action, market condition). So that's also a pretty decent thing to do. He will also do a recap of the day, and add in any extra commentary which he might have missed. He sends a complete recording of the live session as well as the recap out every day.

Having said that, the reality is that there aren't many people even teaching scalping, let alone in a live setting. So, I definitely recommend going for it. But need to bare in mind, that it will still take you a lot of practice for everything to come together, because basically after the course, you're on your own again.

John also offers 1 to 1 trade review session to past students, I did 1 review session with him and found it extremely useful. Instead of spinning my wheels for months and not knowing what I was doing wrong or doing right, the review session really cuts short the whole learning process where he points out exactly where you went wrong and what you should be doing more of. You could probably cut short your learning process by 6 months just by doing 1 session. So at $90 an hour, it's really a no-brainer, and you'll be doing yourself a favor.

Hope this review was useful.


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Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia
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Just wanted to chime in to give a few props to John's his one of a kind work teaching order flow scalping.

Like the previous poster said, his initial starter videos are a course in itself and you could easily watch them repeatedly and learn a hell of a lot out of them. This form of trading will frustrate the hell out of you to begin with, John put's it to you like driving a car, you have to grind through the gears and make a few small errors before you get a real feel for the way the markets behave. Some people give up after a month or two as they feel they'll never get it and yes it really does test you initially in that way. You have to persevere with just as you did learning to drive, even though some get scared for the first few times stepping into the car, after a while the confidence grows after you make a few smooth gear changes etc. Order flow scalping off the DOM works the same way.

The greatest asset of this is learning read when you're offside and the trade isn't going to work and scratching a trade or losing a tick knowing that the action hasn't played out the way it should. John's got more of a risk adverse mindset to his scalps which the test of time in the game proves is an effective way of staying ahead of the pack and in the game over the long term.

You can't expect that after the 2 week webinar and watching all the videos once you're going to get it. Piece by piece will come. For me icebergs came first, how much was being absorbed on the bid/offer and I though great that's it! How wrong I was, I got killed the first couple of weeks and re watched a few vids to know that the heavy backtick to show the other side stepping is as a crucial element to the fade. But the context comes into the frame: what type of day is it? Dead two tick day, slow ugly grind, grinding to the upside/downside or fast everybody is playing action. Once you start to understand the context of the day as the action is playing out you tailor your trading style to be conducive to market conditions limiting risk and maximising on any opportunities that may arise.

I've done a couple of webinars and only started getting heavy into it in May but feel things may be starting to take shape. It's still early days though and I don't want to pre-empt anything too soon. John says most people take between 6 months and year to get it, some longer so be prepared for this before you get stuck in.

Cannot recommend John's courses highly enough, he's a cool guy, very accommodating to anyone's questions and just doesn't feed you the bullshit that a lot of other vendors do. This is how the prop firms and other institutional traders trade so in my view, why should we trade any differently to them if we want this to be our full time job?

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Houston Texas
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My take

I've been around this topic a fair bit and wanted to add my view.

There has been a bit of a change in recent years regarding the retail trading educational offering. There has been an emergence of genuine methods for trading based on reading the order flow. Something that actually makes perfect sense in the strange world of trading. Think about it - if you want to learn to be a good tennis player you can be taught a perfect back hand. You probably won't be able to do one. First in a drill situation then finally in a game situation. John's course is teaching the ''moves", specifically to treasuries. He then shows the 'game' in his webinars. I'd agree that on the 2 occasions I have attended his trading has not been spectacular. But you know, that actually makes me feel better. What he's saying is - you can succeed even if you don't hit home runs. Let's face it that's probably unlikely to happen - having everyday to get 20 ticks. There are trainers out there showing you that kind of thing, and I just don't think it's feasible.

In short I think the training is very honest - and I would bet the john probably trades a lot better on his own
. I know I would. Incidentally I think the same 'kind' of information can be gained from looking at different tools, in addition to the DOM - like the volume ladder and also market profile. I personally think it is a bit easier with all those tools. I think you can get carried away with the games that happen in the DOM which don't necessarily translate to winning trades.

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Wiltshire, United Kingdom
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Agree with you. I did one of his webinars last year and although his trading wasn't great, I can't remember whether it was profitable or not, his analysis was very informative. Sometimes it felt like he felt obliged to take trades he wouldn't normally do just to be trading live as we were all there. I think all the pre-webinar information and videos he provides of trades are especially good, and rare that he includes bad trades too, like his 'Run over by a Train' video where he tries to buy the low a few times and doesn't do well. Basically he says how what he did was really stupid and goes through what he should have seen to stop him trying to buy at each level and comments that being successful at trading doesn't mean that you will never make dumb trades again. He struck me as honest, knowledgeable and sincere.

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Hmm, interesting read in here. Sounds like not much has changed, I watched his first ever webinars and he didn't trade terribly well then either.

This may be counter trend but has anyone else wondered if he can actually trade, or if he actually trades for himself when he's not doing a webinar? He's been doing them a fair while now so you'd think he should be used to it.

Also another thing, he wouldn't really have to, has anyone done the math?

$1300 for the webinar, say he gets 10 people(probably gets a lot more + previous viewers watching again @ $650 or thereabouts), and does it say 4 times a year, that's 52K just with that alone, then you have the beginner/intermediate courses, then one-on-one for a fee, and most times he does his webinars he "doesn't trade very well"?? For someone who used to be in prop, has been doing webinars for a few years now, that doesn't seem to add up to me.

I think he might be scalping more than the market.

Just a thought

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