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No BS Day Trading

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Tucson Arizona
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: NinjaTrader
Trading: ES CL 6E 6C 6B
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phantomtrader View Post
Yikes! This guy needs a pill.

He needs more than a pill.. Notice the haughty, elitist intonations in his remarks. He states this is BS, then quotes PT Barnum as if PT is a credible source. PT is a credible source only for scam artists which John Grady is not. I would challenge this guy to put up or shut up. Provide us with a real time, real money week of trading. Do this in real time, narrate the setup as it happens, pull the trigger, (Real money, not some bullshit SIM) manage the trade, exit the position and lets see if his results stand up to his pompous little rant.

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Tucson Arizona
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: NinjaTrader
Trading: ES CL 6E 6C 6B
Posts: 8 since Aug 2018
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Yes, JG's material may be basic and introductory, but thats exactly what its meant to be, basic and introductory. How many times in any business, regardless of skill level somebody goes "back to the basics" and learns something valuable? This occurs because nuance gets by a noob until he/she has some realtime experience to appreciate the value of the material presented by a legit trader like John Grady. John not only trades his money real time with his students, he subjects himself to to the possibility of disgrace and humiliation if he fails to make money in front of his students. Trading profitably can be a monumental challenge in the privacy of ones own real time results . Its entirely another experience trading in front of your students and having the pressure of performing profitably with eyes watching you. Most would crumble with that scrutiny simply because of the additional pressure of having to perform in front of people that paid you a lot of money and expect results. That would apply to legit traders that actually make money privately on their own. They may not be able to make money with the additional pressure of others watching, regardless if they can legitimately make money on their own without an audience.

matthew28 View Post

Well said.
I think most people would be happy to buy a basic course that will explain what a previous post suggested it could otherwise take a year of your own time to mostly figure out. A 60 page PDF ebook and a couple of hours of videos for less than $90 seems like a good deal to me. I value a year of my time at more than that.
Also although it is the basic/beginner/introductory course I for one found it covered a lot of concepts that were unfamiliar to me and I imagine it would for anybody that hasn't already had DOM training.

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 TWDsje   is a Vendor
Posts: 648 since Apr 2016
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Well since this thread has been bumped up I realized that I've never made a post. So I figure now is a good time. I only took the beginner's course, and then started watching the DOM every morning. I started recording my trading sessions because of a journal contest here at I found it useful to be able to look back at my trades, and eventually started livestreaming it on the YouTube channel SpeculatorSeth.

Now I don't consider myself an amazing trader. It took me a good 9 months before I felt like I was really seeing the order flow for what it was instead of what I wanted to see. I've been at it about 3.5 years, and only now do I feel like I'm getting a feel for what the day will be. If we're active and trending I'm really happy with my trades. When it gets slow and choppy I do awful. I'm doing pretty well the past 6 months, but I did really well at this time last year only to blow it all and have a terrible losing streak from April - Sept. I have a live account, but I still spend most of my time on sim. I only switch to live when I'm confident the action will be good for me. It's taken me a long time to understand the different times of year, and how to adjust my trading. Based on what I'm told it's quite common for it to take several years for traders to become consistent because of these kinds of market changes. Perhaps I would have developed faster if I had taken the webinar, but I enjoy grinding it out.

Putting yourself out there on stream is hard, and I'm always worried about if I'm doing John Grady's trading method justice. I've met a lot of great traders, or at least traders that I think are better at this than myself. They show me broker statements, and give me a basic overview of how they like to trade. Through all the strategies I've seen I've never come across a profitable trader that wasn't using volume analysis in some form or another. If it wasn't the DOM, they were using volume bar charts or cumulative delta. It's just that essential. I know many people that have become successful traders starting with NoBS, and I would never recommend anything else.

Every once and a while naysayers will show up. I think such naysayers miss why this course is different. He's not selling you a system. He's teaching a skill. He tells you what to look for, and how to develop that skill. Sure the beginner course lists out entries, but then he immediately walks you through the counter scenario when that signal means the opposite. Trading successfully requires hard work, and even then success is often more modest than you think. I think John puts it best at the end of the beginner course ebook:

I got lucky, really. I mean, I somehow talked my way into a trading job in Chicago and fortunately for me the firm was legitimate and well-funded and one day I saw a guy making hundreds of thousands and he wasn't looking at any charts. If I hadn't had that experience, I would have probably never made any money trading. I would not be writing this book. And that's one of the reasons I am writing this book. People will tell you exactly what you want to hear to sell you whatever it is they want to sell you. I will tell you like I see it. If you don't want to hear it, too bad. If you don't believe me, your loss. I cannot guarantee that you are going to make money trading but if you read this book and pay attention to what I'm saying and start trying to anticipate what the big money is going to do, you will have a really good shot. If you keep looking at charts and keep buying system after system and continue to think that you can turn $2,000 into $2 million, you have no shot. None.

And if you want a guaranteed way to make money, marry a rich person. Best advice I can give you.

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Posts: 144 since Jan 2017
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SamJames View Post

I agree with you that John's material is good, and he is a serious trader/teacher BUT he sells his material saying that "true traders" just use the ladder... this is the premise behind his approach. His course is called "no-BS" meaning that according to his vision a lot of trader teach BS.

My objection to this is that there is no scientific proof that using orderflow is more effective than not using it. Also you cannot draw the conclusion that since you show some picture of people with a ladder on their computer, then the whole community of serious traders use the ladder. A picture is not a scientific proof.

I am not saying that his material is bad, I just say that whenever you put some axioms, you might limit the possibilities of gaining money in other ways.
I think axioms are very limiting, above all in trading. He makes money exactly as everybody who has 5+ year in the industry makes money.

You miss the point he is making. At many prop shops, they start traders on the DOM and do not let them use charts. Many continue to trade without charts for their entire career. So, for a professional trader with a prop background the DOM is their central, if not their only took when scalping.

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Boynton Beach
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: NinjaTrader
Trading: ES,TF,CL
kburks's Avatar
Posts: 203 since Mar 2012
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I wish so bad I could reach out to new - semi new traders and save them YEARS of hope and $.
I spent years running down endless rabbit holes.
Let me shorten your learning curve.
Read and implement The Playbook
If you spend 1/10th of your time doing this instead of sending your money to someone who makes a living selling things to educate traders, you will shorten the learning curve exponentially.
You think you are doing it the easy way on courses and trade rooms etc. Trust me, that is the long, hard, and expensive way.
Now I'm on a rant, find out what prop firms rules are to become a prop trader. Turn on sim and follow those rules until you can consistently (3-6 months) meet the profit requirements under their rules. Then start with 1-2 lot micros.

There it is, my free course, all I charge is a thank you.

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Market Wizard
Virginia Beach, VA
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: NinjaTrader
Broker: NinjaTrader
Trading: YM, NQ, MYM, MNQ
Brandenton's Avatar
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kburks View Post
Now I'm on a rant

Freedom of speech. Gotta love it. Rant all you want!

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  #147 (permalink)
Legendary Elite_Member
Wiltshire, United Kingdom
Experience: Beginner
Platform: Jigsaw daytradr
Trading: US Equity Index Futures
matthew28's Avatar
Posts: 1,011 since Sep 2013
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kburks View Post
Read this, then read it again, then read it again, then read it again.

Yeah I read it, thought "what an asshole", and a little while later he was banned.
Not somebody I 'm trying to learn from or emulate.

Trading, ideally structured, is a vehicle for expanding consciousness, not damaging it. - Brett Steenbarger
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  #148 (permalink)
Munich, Germany
Experience: Beginner
Platform: not important
Trading: NQ / GC
Posts: 116 since Mar 2011
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I donīt know if J.G. is earning money with the strategies he is adverising.

But a long time ago I purchased some PDF from him for few bucks.

I have to admit, this changed my thinking about markets.
It changed how I perceived markets.

For all beginners I think this is one of the best spend $ 50-100 when it comes to trading.

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  #149 (permalink)
Cancun, Mexico
Experience: Advanced
Trading: NYSE Stocks
Anagami's Avatar
Posts: 873 since Dec 2010
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Even if somebody gives you the 'best thing' (a rare event), you still gotta make it your own, chew on it, use it, understand it for yourself.

Nobody can just hand you success.

"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven." - Milton
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  #150 (permalink)
Austin, TX
Experience: Advanced
Platform: NinjaTrader
Trading: CL, ZN
Posts: 15 since Aug 2011
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I noticed a new webinar for JG here at FIO. I thought that I would post a bit of my experience taking JGs course.

To be clear, a lot of the comments on this thread are from individuals that only purchased his basic or intermediate level materials. Not to be offensive, but, you should seriously discount any comments or feedback from those users and especially users who have no experience with any of his material. The real meat of what JG does is evident in the live streaming advanced course, which I completed.

My training sessions were far from favorable. I took his course in February 2014. At the time, I was trading with another individual who took his course at a different time (Eurex). When we compared our results, we found that John absolutely bombed both sessions. In my session, there were so few winning days that I walked away not knowing what winning setups look like and questioning whether or not the approach John takes works or not. My trading partner had an almost identical experience with John's Eurex course. Finally, I worked with another trader last year who offered nearly identical feedback on a later course he had taken from JG.

Now, these are very small sample sizes - 3 training courses out of the many JG has run over the years. I believe his training material is top notch. He does appear to trade live, but, it's unclear if he is consistently profitable as others have purported. JG has never shared a PnL statement, to my knowledge. I learned a lot about the treasury markets in the course and am using some of those principles in my trading today.

If JG is reading this, one thing that I would have loved is the ability to view material from a positive 2 week session. JG allows former students to come back and watch future courses, but it is a heavy fee for someone who already bought the course and had a poor experience. If he simply had an off training course, then offering students the ability to see him in action when things are working would be quite helpful.

- Excellent material that was very well presented
- Clear examples
- Specific, actionable trade setups
- A method that can be applied to other markets
- JG is an excellent teacher - patient and professional at all times

- You definitely need screen time to learn his approach
- Poor trading sessions delay learning curve. Yes, it's nice to see how negative trades are handled by a professional. But, blowing up a 2 week course is problematic when part of your training method is designed to model behavior and action for students
- Specific principles and setups limited to narrow range of instruments

For full transparency, following are my notes from the trade course documenting JGs results.

The coding is: -- Time - Lot size, Side, Instrument: Ticks gained/lost: Setup --

9:35 - 10S ZN: -1: Before she goes
- 9:35am trade entry
- 10 contracts
- Short
- ZN
- Lost 1 tick
- Before she goes setup

2/3: +1
9:35 - 10S ZN: -1: Before she goes
10:11 - 10S ZN: -2: Fade
10:14 - 10S ZN: 2: Fade
10:47 - 5L ZB: 2: mid-range step

2/4: +2
9:06 - 5S ZB: +1: Before she goes. Stalling.
9:22 - 5L ZB: -1: Fade at lows.
9:26 - 5L ZB: 0: Fade at lows re-entry.
9:57 - 10L ZN: +2: Fade at lows on ZN. Exited quick due to number coming out.
10:54 - 5L ZB: 0: Lower part of prices, near lows. Saw absorption then tried to get in thinking buyers would come in. Market is dead.
11:59 - 10L ZN: 0: Fade at lows. Went nowhere. Sat for 40 minutes.

2/5: -9
8:50 - 10L ZN: -1:
8:55 - 10L ZN: -4:
9:10 - 10L ZN: -2: Spread
9:19: 10L ZN: -3:
10:03: 10L ZN: +3:
11:37: 5L ZB: 0
11:57: 10L ZN: -2
12:09: 10L ZN: 0

2/6: -3
9:02 - 5L ZB: 0: Fade trade, but, in the middle of the range
9:52 - 10L ZN: -3: Fade trade at lows
10:52 - spread example

2/7: -5
8:34 - 6S ZN: 0: Post news trade
8:46 - 6L ZN: -2: Post news, mid range profile step
8:48 - 6L ZN: -3: Post news, mid range
8:57 - 6L ZN: -5: Another post news
10:49 - 6S ZN: +4:
11:46 - 6S ZN: 0:
12:17 - 6S ZN: +1:

2/10: -1
10:42 - 6L ZN: 0
10:57 - 6L ZN: -1

2/11: -3
8:25 - 6L ZN: 0
8:48 - 6S ZN: -3
11:37 - 6S ZN: +3
12:31 - 6S ZN: 0
1:13 - 6S ZN: -3

2/12: 0
8:40 - 2S ZB: -1
9:27 - 4L ZN: -1
9:47 - 4L ZN: +1
10:11 - 4L ZN: 0
10:41 - 4L ZN: +1

2/13: -5
8:40 - 4S ZN: -2
1:19 - 4S ZN: -3

2/14: +4
8:55 - 4L ZN: +2
9:23 - 4S ZN: +2

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