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Oil Trading Academy www.oiltradingacademy.com review
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Oil Trading Academy www.oiltradingacademy.com review

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Kujo View Post
Not sure what sets him off from time to time, but it is good to remind people who he is on occasion IMO

Can't the FBI or someone go after this guy for spewing hate?

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philipp View Post
just found this video on youtube....


haha nice

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I got this email for Dave's new venture on April fool's day.

Sorry, Mike. this might be just a little off topic... but David Kuvelas is the gift that just keeps on giving.

His new email starts out:

Hello everyone,

I wanted to let you know that I've revealed my blackjack system after keeping it quiet for 25 years. It's called the Blackjack Secret Code, which shows the true mathematics behind the game of blackjack...

If your click the link at the bottom of the email:
Blackjack Secret Code

It takes you to his wonderful new website with the illusion of easy wealth. A Youtube video automatically starts playing to explain how lucky you are to have arrived. Except after listening to him speak for about 3 seconds, I wanted to kill myself. But other than that, hey, easy money.

So Dave is off to new adventures in his attempts to browbeat and demean people out of their money. I wish him well.

America: Where even the mentally ill can reach their dreams.

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desert CA
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lololol, yes, the gift of entire body-shaking, belly laughs. It helps a few times a year.

It looks fun and well presented. I like how half of the photo is faded to the Las Vegas night line.
Card-counting is a skill I'm convinced exists. I would think if Kuvelas cares to show convincing proof,
he could show videos of himself escorted out by casino security repeatedly as "proof" of his
blackjack card-counting success.

I had a friend who claimed so much card-counting success , he said he was eventually
escorted out of each hotel casino on the strip. (back in the 70's or so)

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David's back... he must have escaped!

FINALLY what we have been waiting for.

All Futures Markets Are Being Controlled By A Computer...In Advance!
Tuesday, April 15, 2014 5:30PM EDT
Presenter: David - Owner & Head Trader at Oil Trading Academy
Register for this session & Be Invited to Our Following Live Trading Demonstration

In the year 2006 I broke the entire Futures markets code, proving mathematically that Oil, Gold, Emini S&P and all other Futures including all currencies are being controlled in advance in movement, price, and direction (up or down) by a computer program and do not really "trade" as is believed by the world.

Make no mistake whatsoever and don't let anybody on this planet fool you otherwise, I have absolute mathematical proof of this which no human being anywhere on this planet can argue with. My trading system cannot be compared to any other trading system in the world, for my system makes all other systems obsolete by default. My trading system reveals exactly how the computer works behind movement so a trader can know which direction a Futures instrument will go right before it goes there, whether up or down in price. This allows for a very high level of accuracy in your trading.

"If we don't loosen up some money, this sucker is going down." -GW Bush, 2008
“Lack of proof that something is true does not prove that it is not true - when you want to believe.” -Humpty Dumpty, 2014
“The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.”
Prof. Albert Bartlett
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He should have known... When he broke the code....

He should have known 'they' would be after him. After all, he is messing with people that have controlled the markets for years and years and he is robbing them of billions of dollars by showing people how to take it from them... How did he know it wouldn't happen?? On his website today... For your entertainment

The Rise Of The Bullies

I have lived in the USA all my life, and I want to share what is really going on with respect to my own self. Within the last 5 years a dramatic change has taken place where at 46 years old I'm now being constantly messed with almost on a daily basis. I cannot even go across the street anymore to 7-11 without 3 guys wanting to fight me.

Yesterday I went down to Whole Foods, and a guy standing 6'2" weighing roughly 260 lbs (fat) hit me with his cart on purpose, all while having a 3 year old little girl in the cart, and then told me to watch where I was going. I told him sorry about that and was going to let it slide. He then told me that I meant to do it and that I could leave now, ordering me to do so. I then started to tell him that I did not mean to have him hit me with his cart, and he said "yes you did", and I said no I didn't, and he said yes you did. At this point I went over to him and told me, "why don't you get rid of your daughter and then we'll settle this like men". He then walking away and said "no" and then said "pussy". I then walked back over to him while he was at the cash register at this point and called him a "fat ass", he then started off after me and I turned and covered on him and told him to "come on chump", "what you going to do fat ass", then this sissy boy bully chickened out of course, as they all do.

Just two weeks ago while at Whole Foods again, this bodybuilder guy standing perhaps 6'1" or so weighing maybe 250 lbs ( a very intimidating man) started screaming and yelling at this women who is maybe 35 or so with a 10 year old daughter with her. Her daughter had her mouth wide open and looked very scared. The man just kept yelling at her, kept cussing her out, over and over and wouldn't stop, as if he were crazy or something. I have lived all my life in the USA, I have lived all over the USA, I have never once seen anything like that before in my entire life!

Something is happening, there are bullies now roaming around society and they are picking on what they believe are easy targets. The bully who tried to blame me for him hitting me with his cart ran into the wrong man yesterday and realized that it's himself who is the sissy boy, and me who is the man.

Even women here are totally stressed out beyond belief, they are getting behind me in their cars freaking out because I'm not going fast enough.

Something very serious and very dangerous is taking place within the USA, and now it's become a direct and very serious threat to my own personal safety. I am no longer willing to go through this anymore, just within the last two years I've had two men draw guns on me, and they were the ones who started calling me a tool and stupid and an idiot all at 7-11 for no reason whatsoever, and then when I go to do something he pulls a handgun out, just like a sissy boy.

I have no choice but to leave the USA, I'm 46 years old and men who are 25-30 are wanting to fight me and bully me, I'm just letting all of you know right here and right now, I'm a scientist, I'm a philosopher, and I'm telling all of you the USA has got a very serious problem here and as a blonde hair blue eyed guy and what I look like bullies hate me and target me, and it's happening all the time now, now just every six months, but every week now and even more!

This is not acceptable, I cannot live like this anymore, I cannot live in fear everyday of who wants to fight me next, who wants to bully me, this is 100% totally out of control now.

For the last 3 years I've even had a Jew try to extort me to trade for him and when I said no has launched a massive never ending campaign against me to slander me both personally and professionally, now how crazy is that?

You know, when I was a kid back in the 1970's and was watching cartoons I never could have imagined that when I grew up and became 46 years old like I am now that the world would be anything like it is now. This society is no longer even livable to me anymore, it's a war zone for me, a fight for survival, with a bully mentality out there where people seem to think it's cool to mess with other people.

I'm just blowing the whistle here on the Internet to let people know what's going on.....

I'm leaving the USA to escape this total madness that's happening around me.....

Oil Trading Academy

P.S. For the record, it's not the Asians doing this to me, it's not the Mexicans, it's not the Blacks, it's white people doing this to me, my own kind.....

Update: There is a possibility that the Freemasons are doing this to me, if they are then they are doing this to me using many different people around me to interact with me on purpose to meet with me the places I go which are so few and then I have this big problem at the place I go to. If you take a look at the Freemason Code I broke you'll see that they go all out to do anything it is they want to do, or want to accomplish. It is possible they are using a psychological game against me. For instance, why would a man who stands 6'7" start calling me a tool and an idiot and a dummy in 7-11 for no reason? And then when I go over to him to hit him he pulls out a gun. Is that normal? Does that happen to everybody now? Or just me? Then yesterday a guy with a 3 year old girl hits me with his cart on purpose, racing forward with the cart to do it, and then blames for it, is that normal? I mean, these things have never happened to me before, all of a sudden they are happening now? Ever since revealing that the Futures are controlled by a computer and having broken the Freemason Code now all of a sudden all these things are happening to me. I really don't know what the truth is, but something major is happening to me that's for sure!

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Boise, ID USA
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Says he is done... Latest marketing blitz bring in enough sheckels apparently

It appears the trading mastermind and self proclaimed smartest person on the planet is moving on from this internet marketing 'business' and onto another one... Or so he says. Could be like one of those marketing ploys too.

Interestingly, in the process of his announcement, he admitted this business is a failure for both him and his clients. Read for yourself.

Please register on futures.io to view futures trading content such as post attachment(s), image(s), and screenshot(s).

So much for all the hype. At least he is finally telling the truth. Maybe there is some hope for David.

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Thanks for the heads-up Kujo. So he's giving up "trading"? He mentioned in his last videos he was just about to start a new trading room.

I recall in a previous "story" a year or two ago, he mentioned he knocked a would-be attacker's "teeth down his throat" on the street.

Last edited by Cloudy; April 26th, 2014 at 03:48 AM. Reason: self-moderated
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I dont post often but when I do......

80% of people are normal and think with a gatekeeper in their head (the little voice of reason or doubt etc.) to say to themselves STOP Im an idiot. Then we have the other 20% with no gatekeeper or a gatekeeper on holiday for the most part. My gatekeeper says this person is one of the 20%, most likely due to a tramatic head injury. Just sayin...

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Unfortunately, it looks like he isn't quite finished.

Emini S&P Trading Secret


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