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Oil Trading Academy www.oiltradingacademy.com review

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  #91 (permalink)
Orlando, Florida
Experience: None
Platform: shoes
Trading: happy
GaryD's Avatar
Posts: 6,462 since May 2011

I have changed the names to protect the innocent, but the following may have been an actual email conversation;

GaryD: Do you have an audited track record?

Code Breaker: Hi Gary, I have been trading professionally for over 12 years now, in all that time I have never once seen of or heard of a place that does "auditing" of a traders track record. And I know for a fact that none exists, so therefore it's impossible to have what you are asking for, nobody on this planet has one, and those who say they do are 100% scams by their very nature, fooling and conning people in a professional manner.

GaryD: Broker statement?

Code Breaker: Let me ask you a question, would you show somebody your own personal broker statement with your account number on it?Nobody that I know of would ever show that to another person, anymore than they would show their bank account. If somebody were to get that number they can take trades in your account by calling the trade desk.I'm not here to convince you to purchase my videos, I make enough money doing my own trading and I've made well over 400K selling my videos, my videos are here to help people, not for me to prove or to show my broker statement. And let me say you're missing the whole point here, the point is that Oil is controlled in direction and price by a computer and doesn't really trade, not my broker statement:
Futures Markets Controlled By Computer Program - YouTube
Futures Trading - YouTube

GaryD: You would do better learning to read the footprint with ETH Vwap.

Code Breaker: Clearly Gary you don't know what you're talking about, why are you so concerned? I know why Gary, and you aren't fooling anyone, especially me. There is nothing you can do to stop me, I've already taught 700 people and I'm going to teach another 700, and there is nothing you can do to stop me. But you go ahead and try Gary, I wish you luck.

GaryD: You're right. Thanks for showing me the way

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  #92 (permalink)
desert CA
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: NT7, TOS, CQG-trader
Broker: AMP, DT, TDA
Trading: CL,NQ,YM
Posts: 2,130 since Jul 2011
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Nice trade GaryD. You don't need to "learn" the code as you're "one" with the "matrix" code already like Neo!

In fact, the OTA youtube channel posted a video implying the code is "The Matrix":

This is not the first nor the last review posts on OTA. We are not alone in our reviews.

Last year on trade2win.com ; amazingly, the "code" was changed then too.
Oil Trading Academy - Page 6

back in Feb. 2011

old blog post on OTA's site:
Forex Peace Army Scam

many ripoff report posts exposing his fake id postings:

update: I just saw the recent youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGZES7L6R0w ; Sorry you got dragged into it GaryD.
Maybe he'll learn how to trade oil from your journal.

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  #93 (permalink)
Orlando, Florida
Experience: None
Platform: shoes
Trading: happy
GaryD's Avatar
Posts: 6,462 since May 2011

HitTheCity View Post
PRWeb - YouTube

Wow, this one is really fire and brimstone. He talks about either being on the side of God or being on the side of lucifer. He's here to serve 'God's people'. Apparantly the concept of being an atheist can't quite penetrate his incredible intellect. He's also been attacked by demons many times.

Yes, I was warned:

"Just remember Gary there is a price to be paid for rebelling against

But I love the comment about Big Mike Trading, ROTFLOL....

It must be nice being a shill....


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  #94 (permalink)
Orlando, Florida
Experience: None
Platform: shoes
Trading: happy
GaryD's Avatar
Posts: 6,462 since May 2011

And then there was this one...

"I got you now punk, I've got your IP and now I'm going to do a YouTube
about you and I'm going to nail you with a lawsuit....



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  #95 (permalink)
Chicago, IL
Experience: None
Platform: oil super computer
Trading: multiple
Posts: 193 since Jun 2011
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Welcome to the Freemasons Gary

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Market Wizard
Berlin, Europe
Experience: Advanced
Platform: NinjaTrader, MultiCharts
Broker: Interactive Brokers
Trading: Keyboard
Fat Tails's Avatar
Posts: 9,830 since Mar 2010
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And then once you have purchased the secret code, your identity will be exposed to the trading community. This is just to show how clever you were.

Proof Oil Trading Academy Is Not A Scam - YouTube!

How many members of Big Mike's did you recognize on the list?

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  #97 (permalink)
Orlando, Florida
Experience: None
Platform: shoes
Trading: happy
GaryD's Avatar
Posts: 6,462 since May 2011

Guys, the best way to combat this, if he decides to come after futures.io (formerly BMT) or any of us personally, is to show our support in the format You Tube has provided; "Like" and "Dislike". I tried to leave a comment but would be very surprised if it shows up, because it appears he screens them and has the ability to choose the ones he wants.

When viewing any of his videos, "Dislike" them (thumbs down). He cannot moderate that and YouTube will show the videos less in search results. Then, when viewing any official futures.io (formerly BMT) videos, "Like" them (thumbs up) to counteract the down votes he submits.

To me, Big Mike Trading is the BEST trader website available. I am still amazed that we can become lifetime "Elite" members for only $50.00, the amount seems trivial compared to what is offered in return. And, it its not even required to be a paying member to receive the majority of the benefits.

futures.io (formerly BMT) provides an educational library of the best FREE training videos I have found, and I have paid thousands of dollars for educational materials in the past. Plus, it gives access to hundreds of donated custom indicators, many of which are as good or better than any that people pay a lot of money for. But most important to me, it is a community, where traders come to share info, to help each other, and a place where we are encouraged to address the real issues of trading, not some code or system to purchase.

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  #98 (permalink)
Boise, ID USA
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: NinjaTrader
Trading: oil
Posts: 45 since Nov 2010
Thanks: 44 given, 102 received

I had the displeasure of actually getting to know David via phone conversations several years ago, when Oil Trading Academy was in in infancy and I knew virtually nothing about trading. When one is in that position, it is easy to get taken in with him as you want to believe maybe he is some sort of evil genius or something.

Don't get me wrong, he was pontificating then about the matrix and masons and God and other twisted stuff BUT a part of you wants to believe that despite all of that, there is some brilliance in there somehow. After all, there a lot of crazy geniuses our there are there not? Unfortunately, he is not one of them to say the least.

So I bought the videos and, of course, upon going over them and then observing the market itself via my ninjatrader live feed to compare to what he claimed, I realized very quickly he absolutely was full of it and simply recorded after the fact videos that just happened to work on occasion, as anyone could with ANY theory code, and sell to the unsuspecting. It was total garbage.

Well, once I learned this, I VERY nicely and gently asked if he would help me understand a few things that I was not getting because my observation was that his code was well under 50% success but I was VERY CLEAR that I was sure it was ME and not HIM and I just needed his help, which he was all too gracious to claim he would give before I bought the videos. I asked to just give me 2 hours, during the market, and I would be watching and he would be watching and he could show me how the market does what he says it does with any consistency. At first he agreed, but then he backed out. But not only did he back out, he COMPLETELY went on the attack and raked me over the coals and called me all kinds of names - very derogatory to mentally handicapped folks - and he went on and on. It was then that I realized I had a real disdain for this guy. He got me to buy his videos, but when it was apparent they were junk, he RELISHED screaming at me relentlessly and he seemed like he could go on forever and he was happy to take your call just so he could do it again and again. That is when I realized he has very serious issues. I could imagine him doing this all the time and literally enjoying tearing apart good people he tried to befriend early on and buy his garbage and once he got you, he ridiculed you for being so stupid for having done it, it seemed.

Over the next few weeks, I found his various rants all over the web and realized he was a professional internet spammer and then through some dialogue with others, we found the rants on the foreign brides site and many others. I also learned he has been an internet marketer for many years and has peddled various other garbage for many years before OilTradingAcademy. He is a pretty sharp guy with finding an audience (folks that are interested but don't know much about the subject matter he is selling and thus the conspiracy marketing) for selling his stuff and as much as he spends a lot of time with lunatic rants, it is almost like he is inviting more and more folks to fight with so he can become a martyr for his cause and get a bigger and bigger audience to pander too because of the conflict he tried to conjure and feed the fire to draw attention to himself. There is a method to his madness in terms of marketing and like so much garbage people are selling, he is not interested in actually making people money in trading, but simply making a living selling a dream with bad information while accusing EVERYONE ELSE of doing exactly what he does everyday.

I had also noted that he has tried to start a trading room at least a dozen times over the years and he always fails at it within days or weeks. This last time it went for a few weeks before he shut it down because the "code keeps changing" which obviously makes no sense. Is there a code or isn't there David?? Of course not. There are actually MANY codes - as it turns out - and he struggles to figure out WHICH ONE it is at any given time... Hmmmm..... Sounds like typical everyday for decades TRADING to me.... Right?

Now he tries to promote long term trading, which, of course, is historically a more accurate proposition than his short term CODE1 that he used to promote was 90% accurate. We all know that longer term charts ARE in fact more accurate by nature. It looks like he will post his occasional GOOD CALL on occasion - after the fact of course - but will not post the far more often bad calls - such is his nature.

I just wanted to post a bit of history here and let folks know that the more we participate in his madness, the more he relishes it and draws attention to himself. Don't get me wrong, it can be entertaining, and TRUST ME he will NEVER FOLLOW through with any of his lawsuit threats, but just know it is EXACTLY what he wants.

As long as you realize that, and realize it does feed his ego, then it is up to you how much energy you put into him. I just like to point out the facts on occasion which is the fact he cannot operate a successful trading room for more than a few weeks, he lives in a small apartment, he can't adhere to any rules of conduct on any forum and gets kicked off, he readily admits in videos he has no friends, you can see his attitude on women in his foreign bride rants, and best of all, just observing his demeanor on his many videos, if you have the patience to go through them, SHOULD tell anyone with any common sense, who and what he is about and he is no trader.... he is an internet marketer, spammer looking to stir up controversy for his financial benefit and use conspiracy and religion to do it. Some of the oldest scammer tricks in the book really

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  #99 (permalink)
Legendary Market Wizard
Georgia, US
Experience: None
Platform: SC
Broker: AMP+CQG
Trading: ES, HSI, Nikkei
josh's Avatar
Posts: 5,451 since Jan 2011
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GaryD View Post
Guys, the best way to combat this,

The best way to combat a Grade A Nutjob is to leave him to his lunacy, and to understand that we cannot comprehend the true psychosis of his mind that leads him to such behavior. And to let the next poor 700 souls part with their money the same as the first, for their naivete--as one radio host calls money spent this way, think of it as a "stupid tax."

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  #100 (permalink)
Los Altos, CA
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: NinjaTrader, Jigsaw, OFA
Broker: Ninja/Continuum
Trading: ES, CL
Robotman's Avatar
Posts: 108 since Apr 2010
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I agree with josh. It's been entertaining and I have had more than a few chuckles at David's expense watching some of his videos that were mentioned on futures.io (formerly BMT). But this guy has some serious mental issues and I hope that we don't go too far poking someone that has only one response - delusional paranoia. Although I hope this thread remains open forever :-) I guess I also am more sensitive to any problems it might cause Big Mike if this nutjob ever decides to cause any real trouble. (probably not, his bark seems ever present and his bite nonexistent.) But then again he *is* driving traffic to futures.io (formerly BMT) through his Youtube vids.

His Ego and insecurity are his own worst enemy.

BTW, I clicked on another video on YT talking about $1700 gold (just because it had a cute girl in the thumbnail - I'm such a sucker), right next to the one GaryD mentioned. In the comments "Rollyboy123" (David) was shilling another site called goldtradingacademy since 2010 with the same spiel (and long abandoned I suppose - when he ran out of marks). He seemed to like to push it in the comment sections on a lot of gold and poker YT videos.

So there is another site for the CTFC to shut down.

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