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AlphaWave Trading Review (

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kignkenny View Post
The funny thing is I never saw a picture of her INSIDE that room!!!


Well, if you're looking after a picture at all, here you go...

Alla Peters - Trader Kingdom

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Daytrader999 View Post

Well, if you're looking after a picture at all, here you go...

Alla Peters - Trader Kingdom

Nope, you didn't get it, always a picture of her, then a separate picture of a room, but NEVER a picture of herself INSIDE that trading room!!! Does not exist!

Just a ploy to sucker peeps in...

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Baltimore MD
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After reading various reviews on Alpha Waves, I thought I would try the 1 week for $10. Maybe I would learn something.

I have only tried it out for one day, but I will tell you want I saw for that day.

First I am very suspicious of any of the post here that only say GREAT things. There are always pros and cons. Maybe these folks have drunk the Kool-Aid.


First I only traded in Sim. She tells you to go long on oil and only gives a stop. No entry, no target. And then she says we are out with a profit. Seriously! I went long oil the second she said to and then got stopped out.

I and other students questioned her and like others have said she just belittles the people who ask her about the trade. It was a complete joke.

I took one other trade based on her call that also got stopped out and she booked it as a winner.

She then talked about how she had 19 winners this week and 1 loser.

But it was clear she did not trade anything. I have no idea how she came up with that winning ratio. But if it is not based on live trades being filled then it is just a made up fantasy number.

Trading Room

There were around 70 people in the room.

I would think going into a Trading Room the moderator, Ally, would teach her method. That is definitely not what you get here. Instead it seemed to be a sales pitch for her educational material.

The trades called were a joke. I do not know any nice way to put it. I seriously doubt anybody, unless by pure luck, could make money trading based on her losey gosey calls.

It seemed her trading system was based on wave theory and custom Fib numbers.

Overall Thoughts

Her trading room seemed to be more about entertainment than actual trading. Maybe people are paying to be entertained by her. She talked about moving to Florida and not getting a hotel reservation. She then talked about Australia and how there minimum wage was $17. She then went on talking about how great Australia was compared to the US. I did not agree with anything she said, but not worth trying to argue via a chat menu.
Her strategy seems to use the Trading Room as a front to get people to buy her course. She even talked about her advance course. I loved how she said you might get the privilege of being invited to take her advance course after completing her regular course.

This whole sales pitch thing kind of made me ill.

Except for what I said above, I really could not understand what the point of the living trading room was. She made it clear you had to study her educational material before you could follow her trades, but it sounded like there was another trading room for her students who bought her educational material. If that is the case then what purpose could this trading room be for except as a place to sale you on her educational material.
In other words her calls in the live trading room are not clear enough to trade and she says you have to understand her material to be able to know when to trade and if there is another trading room for those students, then what in the world does this live trading room provide?

I have no idea how good her educational material is. Maybe it will help or maybe not. I only can say in my opinion her non student trading room has little value.

After Ally finally left, Danny took over the room. What a breath of fresh air. I asked him what the purpose of this live trading room and he said it was to show you what you could do once you learned her system. At least that was the 1st honest statement I heard there.

Chatting with Danny, he says he trades live in this pre market oil room. He was one of her students that she personally mentored. I do not know how much live trading he has done. Being he seemed upfront, genuine, and honest, I might give his room a one week trial. One concern was he also put out some Win Rates, but when asked about the Risk to Reward I could not get an answer. It was like he did not understand if you have a 4 Tick Target with a 12 Tick Stop you need an 80% win rate to be overall profitable.

Afterwards I Skyped with one of her students. He seemed very positive. According to him there were 100 students in the training course. Gosh, I was thinking 100 students at $3,000 a pop for an 8 week training course; Ally is doing pretty Good. Like I said he was happy with the course, but when I asked him for the most basic trading performance statistics he could not provide any. He had not really started to trade live yet and did not even care what his stats where. Yet he had full confidence in the system. I just do not think like that. I want to see proof.

She has some free days. I think they are more like sales pitch day. I would suggest going on one of those days and see for yourself.

Anybody is welcome to freely PM me if they have questions.

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New York<NY
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Just wanted to add my two cents...
I spent this morning in Alla’s room and I was extremely disappointed. The whole thing looks like a scam. She refused to share her dom when I asked for it. She refused to answer my question about the approach (on the high level) that she uses to define so-called “Danger Zones” and “Decision Points”. She told me that it was her proprietary method that she developed over the course of 15 years of her trading career. Even with Ninja trader pivots you’ll get more precise levels of PP,S1,s2,r1,r2 then with her “proprietary” method. I asked several other questions just to assess her knowledge and understanding of what she was doing but all I heard was “proprietary” method, go and take my course (for $3,300).
Just click on “My story” tab on her AphaWaveTrader web site and read it.
She claims to be a ballet dancer from Ukraine and claims that G..d instructed her how to read unique patterns in price waves. I find it very amusing!!!
My recommendation - don't waste your time and money.

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Nothing special here...move along.. you can find Alla Peters videos on Trader Kingdom for free.

Compare the above charts with the video, with the ES she uses candle bodies on primary wave... with Cl uses a wick and a body on the 4th wave.

Fibonacci levels on ES, TF, and CL - Trader Kingdom

She uses a basic fib retracement tool in reverse to project basic fib extensions 189, 262, 360, 460 & 560 from the candle body closes of primary wave (read "Alpha Wave".) In other videos a 162EXT and 200Ext are used.

Regardless, She renames/claims them as "Decision PT 1&2" and "Danger Zones 1&2" and some times 3.

This is a regressive/backward technique using a two point retracement tool to give essentially external retracements works and is more quickly accomplished than using an fib extension which requires 3 points to be picked projection and is more progressive and easier to follow and accounts for the retracement depth of the last wave... "Simple" as she often says. To which I say not very dynamic, let alone exact

But is it for speed or mystery? And why rename something to make it proprietary, or again mystery?

And why truncate price action / target projection by using time based candle closes instead of including the wicks?

This is in direct conflict with her "Pure Price Action" approach as well her insistance on using range candles as well as fib candle range sizes 8,13,21.

Time Candle closes are determined by TIME not Price, however she never discusses Time Projections/ Expirations in her wave analysis.

Her nomenclature is less than standard which also adds to the confusion or better ( Mystery.)

She uses "Major trend" and "Minor trend" and how a "retracement" is not a "correction" or a "reversal"

I dont know maybe a retracement is a minor trend and a correction is a reversal or a retracement or both. However don't ask for a clarification....That'll set you back 3K and way too much personal patience

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I am still getting emails from them, after I let them know what I thought of them (several times and not in very nice tone either!!)
Persistence is the key I know, but this is getting seriously ridiculous!!! Any thoughts how to stop them jamming my inbox?

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Philadelphia, Pa
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Platform: Sierra Charts
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Had the same problem. She ignored my request. I finally had to just set gmail to recognize it as spam. Nice huh?

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Legendary Market Wizard
Cleveland Ohio/United States
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kignkenny View Post
I am still getting emails from them, after I let them know what I thought of them (several times and not in very nice tone either!!)
Persistence is the key I know, but this is getting seriously ridiculous!!! Any thoughts how to stop them jamming my inbox?

Try this:

How to Report a Violation of the CAN-SPAM Act |

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Naperville IL
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same here, they are still sending junk email to me, I pull it to spam.

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Kansas City Mo.
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Since we are in the midst of a classic snow storm i have a few weeks free to visit some trading rooms.. alfa wave room is the first . After reading previous reviews I was braced for the "show" Ala was putting on. Question number 1 will you show you DOM are you just winging it here? she didn't like and tried to change the subject something she is a master at. When i asked about her so called danger zones as simply being fib extensions she seemed even more disturbed/
To clarify here my previous profession was in the adult entertainment business and managing over 40 entertainers/strippers so I'm a expert in spotting women who know how to work men and Ala should get a award for all the crap she comes up with. She talk a good game but your not going to learn a thing of value in her free room. Every trade i saw was called out after the fact and all the losers were swept under the carpet/ When I finally addressed why she didnt want to talk about the losers she had shown she tried to turn the tables calling me trouble to which i said the only trouble i was having was trying to understand her ramblings about everything but the trade set ups. She kept trying to change charts to find a few winning trades she could show the room.
After seeing the charts posted here and on her videos I cracked her so called code and sent her a message that I didnt need to take her 3500 class as I had already figured it out . Just take a look at the pics section on her site and you'll see a number of older men snuggling up to her and Ella striking poses like the so called model/ hustler she appears. The days I had were entertaining but as far as educational value NONE. If you'd like to hear a Russian MILF tallk like a sex operator then this is the room for you.

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