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What programs have you bought? Confess

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What programs have you bought? Confess

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Toronto, Canada
Experience: Beginner
Platform: TWS
Broker: IB
Trading: Stocks
TorontoTrader's Avatar
Posts: 41 since Oct 2013
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shodson View Post
- Optionetics 3-day introduction to options trading course (about $2,500, waste of money, go to OIC instead for free)

- Ninjatrader (1 quarter rental then a lifetime license) (250 + 1,000)
- Tradestation 8.x for a couple of months ($100/mo)
- ProfitSource (from Optionetics, $500, returned, got my money back)
- EODData (several years of historical stock/futures prices)

Indicators/Systems Purchases or Subscriptions
- Logical Forex for a few months
- NetPicks ($500, returned, got my money back)
- EOTPro for a few months, $233/mo

- TAS&C (still current)
- ActiveTrader (still current)
- dozens of books, paper, audio + Kindle

Trade Rooms/Services/Site Subscription
- MasterTheGap.com (still current)
- TradeTheMarkets.com for a few months, about $110+/mo
- ChartPattern.com (several months)
- VectorVest (1mo)
- GorillaTrades (1-2mos)
- futures.io (formerly BMT) Elite (priceless)

- TradersExpo (Pasadena, CA, once, free, 3 days)
- optionsXPO (San Diego, CA, free, 2 days)
- Various Meetups including the one I run

Related to Stocks, what are the services that you are still using or would recommend?

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Market Wizard
OC, California, USA
Experience: Advanced
Platform: IB/TWS, NinjaTrader, ToS
Trading: stocks, options, futures, VIX
shodson's Avatar
Posts: 1,941 since Jun 2009
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TorontoTrader View Post
Related to Stocks, what are the services that you are still using or would recommend?

I just use one. PM me for more information.

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Jennings, LA USA
Experience: Beginner
Platform: Ninjatrader
Trading: NQ
pfsthib's Avatar
Posts: 49 since May 2014
Thanks: 36 given, 61 received

Last week I purchased a trading service with ABWT and today I got Al Brooks course.

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Kyoto, Japan
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: TW TOS LiveVol
Broker: TD, TW, IB, Saxo
Trading: VXX, VIX, SPY
suko's Avatar
Posts: 1,288 since Oct 2013
Thanks: 816 given, 1,324 received

Cloudy View Post
Hi Budfox, Glad to comment. I tried a trial for 60 days. This was maybe three to five years ago. It wasn't a good experience where we just had a few webinars. Also hard to even try out his short list suggestions. Maybe Sykes does know how to trade for himself, but his offer through WIA (wealthinsideralliance) was really a subpar program.

If you want to learn how to do Internet marketing to the 20-something male demographic, learn from watching Sykes as Internet marketer. He's one of the best. He says he makes an order of magnitude more money off marketing than trading. The thing you learn from Sykes first and foremost is that to be a trader you can never be cynical enough.

If you nevertheless buy into his contrarian proposition that being a penny stock short seller is an area of trading where it's possible to get an edge, then you can learn a hell of a lot just by watching all of Sykes' free videos on Youtube. And then following his advice to use free resources on the Net such as Yahoo Finance. If you still can't get enough Sykes, then you can get all of his videos dirt cheap off Ebay.

As for pennyland itself, I admire Michael Goode, who is one of Tim's touted "millionaire students." Goode is the one who was at first a Sykes hater, then was convinced to come over to the dark side. He operates as a blogger with a site that does a lot of DD into SEC filings and other nitty gritty of the pennyland underbelly. Very worth drilling down. It's really fascinating stuff, and it's the true essence of being a short seller, all free. Goode Trades

That being said, I prefer to admire pennyland from a distance.

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san antonio, tex
Posts: 73 since Nov 2014
Thanks: 17 given, 28 received

Marty Zweig's lousy newsletter. I don't think he bought that fancy Manhattan penthouse by trading his recommendations.

Louis Rukeyser's lousy newsletter. I thought the Wall$treet Week with Louis Rukeyser had to be good since it was so painfully boring. Thanks Lou for the PMC Sierra and Enron rec's !!! And the Intel Microsoft recs in October 2001

Essex Trading Software, which was a total waste.

Then there was this cheap program that magically called out support and resitence in t bonds. Total waste.

Bought tons of books from Windsor Publishing.

Subscribed to Investors Business Daily. Which was great if you only read the Monday's edition.

Optionetics Newsletter, they did ratio spreads. The spreads never made a dime!!

Lotus 123 Spreadsheet for programming the algorithms from the Windsor's Books. The spreadsheet knowledge came in handy for my job. I duplicated/rediscovered/invented RSI, %R, and stochastics all on my own.

Then there was the "Gartman Letter". Made some good calls, made some not.

And that guy that advertised late night, basically calendar trades, I copied his stuff from a co worker.

Welles Wilder's dull boring video and book on how phases of the moon affect commodity prices. Man, that guy can talk out of both sides of his mouth. "Phase with in a phase" "Skipped phase" "Inversion phase"...Biggest bunch of bullshit. His nondisclosure agreement is a service to the investing public.

From reading the responses here, now I don't feel that I missed all the great opportunities touted by these program vendors, and trading system vendors.

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Vancouver Canada
Experience: Beginner
Platform: Investor RT & Ninja
Broker: IB & IQ DTN
Trading: ES
Posts: 1,106 since Nov 2014
Thanks: 2,132 given, 1,653 received

I started with Fundamental analyisis 2 years ago.

Really liked Marc Faber's commentary for his contrarian style and funny side but not helpful to pick stocks. He get's it right but by the time he talks about it (monthly letter) often big move had already happened.

MoneyandMarkets - Larry Edelson was next - as I was and still to some extent gold bug. His flip flop eventually became too confusing to follow.

Next moved to Alexander Elder and liked his simplistic approach to trading and made me think about Technical.
Liked his colour coding and apparent easy entry/exit points. Lost 2k after getting impressed with his Divergence indicator and dreaming about holygrail. Indicator is fine but I was NOT thinking about context. I also tried his spiketrade.com which taught me about the importance of journaling but realised that stock trading wasn't for me and I was jumping from pillar to post and chasing hot stocks. Decided to focus on ES futures only.

Then got fascinated about Fib levels and tried Dynamic Trading but quickly realised that it's too complicated for me and got my refund back.

Then tried Barry Taylor from emini-watch.com. Great guy with lots of free videos and good explanation of his trade setups. Learnt for the first time about the importance of volume driving the price and Amateur vs Professional activity. Highly recommended but you can get similar indicators here in futures.io (formerly BMT) elite.

Then I had a look at Mack's Price action Manual which is probably worth the small amount of money but if you have the patience to go through this forum PAT thread, it's probably there for free. No consideration for volume though.

Eventually my Volume interest led me to Jigsaw trading tools a month ago and last week I added Rancho's Market Profile indicators (similar to free GOMI indicators here). Both are highly recommended for serious traders who wants to know why the market moves the way it does and I feel comfortable using them but still learning. I don't think I can ever take a set up again without volume & price flow analysis.

oh, I almost forgot.


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River Hills, SC/USA
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: Tradestation
Broker: Tradestation
Trading: ES, Stocks, options
Posts: 4 since Oct 2012
Thanks: 3 given, 7 received

I have bought a lot of books but those I really like

Price Action Trading: Mack, Brooks, Volmer, Scheier, One Way Formula for Trading by Dunnigan (Oldie but goodie), Joe Ross
Stock Strategy: Dreman, Tortoriello, Kirkpatrick, O'Shaughnessy, Israel, Antonacci, Willain, Jihaljevic
Systems Development: Murray Ruggiero, Kaufman
Technical Analysis: Tons of stuff

Systems I use

Tradestation, Stock Investor Pro (AAII), Sector Surfer, futures.io (formerly BMT) (great deal)
Brought trade miner and I am looking to develop a swing trading system using that tool

Subscribe to IBD

Profitable using Stock Strategies with Sector Surfer
Still working on crossing the threshold on emini daytrading but getting close. The simulator on tradestation is too easy and doesn't simulate the fill very well.

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  #118 (permalink)
Vidor, TX/USA
Posts: 15 since Jan 2015

After reading through this post, I don't feel so bad! LoL
Lets see....
Yellow Brick Trading group $399
Octave System $500 yr
Slick Trade $90 a month I think
a facebook gurus strategy $100
5 Star Signals (can't remember price but it was monthly)

That's about it. Thank GOD!
I've blown a forex account of $1500 and a Binary option account of $800 also.

On the right track now with Supply and Demand and naked charts.
Also following major banks trades that match up with S&D zones.

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  #119 (permalink)
san antonio, tex
Posts: 73 since Nov 2014
Thanks: 17 given, 28 received

Hightower! another newsletter that could talk out of both sides of their mouth, never make a conclusion.

NASS....it was the thing that reported on commercial, speculator, and small accounts open positions. Great theory, but I never could make heads or tails out of it!!

Moore Research, it was gave seasonal trades and seasonal spreads with all kinds of statistics which was generated by computer. "Their computer" and my manual looking up historical prices sometimes didn't agree. I think it was the best of a bad breed. Problem was that I always managed to choose the losing trades.

Fortucast.....it was a program offered by Lind Waldock that did calendar studies. E.g. suppose you wanted to look at buying Crude Oil June on November 13th, and selling on December 1st. It would give you the prices, and results for like 20 years. Problem was that the prices didn't always agree to other sources. I'e. multiple independent sources that did agree. Lind Waldock and the idiot at the end of Fortucast's phone didn't give a $%^&!!

This was an excellent omen for Lind Waldock's demise.

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Nashville Tennessee/United States
Experience: Advanced
Platform: Ninja Trader
Trading: CL, ES, NQ, GC
Posts: 33 since May 2012
Thanks: 8 given, 47 received

Yes, me too on the issue of trying to find a program that worked. Funny how many of those outfits sell their wares and yet do not really trade themselves. Definitely, Al Brooks is one who really trades. And Price Action does indeed work. Al's course is a good one; I review the modules often.

Customer service is a rare commodity with most of the 'marketeers' of various programs. My latest mistake has been Blood Hound. Here again, I wonder if any of their employees really trade successfully. I am not a programmer but was told, "Oh, this is easy to learn; you'll be programming soon. Listen to 'all' of our videos and in no time you'll be as successful as me . . . I paid off my son's student loans by trading the signals I programmed!!"

Beware again!!


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