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Back to the Future

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  #171 (permalink)
Castle Pines N, CO.
Experience: Advanced
Platform: NinjaTrader
Broker: Amp Futures/Zen-Fire)
Trading: ES
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BTTFT Michael View Post
I used to get upset when I read these posts. Really, really take them personally. Not anymore.

There's something called the "review" effect. The 85% of people who use a product, successfully, never log on to a website and post a review about it. They just use it, and go on about their lives. Most reviews are filled by the 15% of people who have a bad experience with the product, and that's just the nature of humans-being.

There's an important social empowerment - a feeling that comes from saying something as an "Elite Member" and getting PM's from new guys saying "Thanks for that!". It all falls apart when you start lying - or posting speculative statements that have nothing to do with the actual product. I've restated - for the record, what the truth is. First, that you showed multiple screen shots of success - abnormally high success, when you were dedicated to using the actual product in the very beginning. You obviously stopped using the product the same way you were using it in the beginning, which is fine - people change. Factually though - you were using it, and having augmented success with it.

Second, Ron trades. The Flux. Michael Maldonado, our live Pro Trader, trades the Flux. He's on track to have a 100% return year. Trades taken, using the Flux, live in a room in front of other Flux users. He's a CTA, and lives as a professional trader using, the Flux. Those are facts. Both are verifiable. Both happen transparently, live, in a room full of skeptical people, day after day after day.

There's more to time cycles and group behavior pattern study than "this is when the market closes"....or, "this is when such and such market opens". WD Gann said over a century ago,

"TIME is the most important factor in determining market movements and by studying the past records of the averages of individual stocks you will be able to prove for yourself that history does repeat and that by knowing the past you can tell the future. …" (Time Cycles by Forecasting Course, WD Gann)

Gann was reportedly 85% accurate in his profitability.

I suspect when one of the esteemed members of this forum finally cracks our software and posts a free version in the ELITE MEMBERS SECTION, everyone on this forum will decide that everything we've been doing for 5 years was genius....revolutionary. People will shout, "THANKS THIS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE"!!!!

I know this, because the Elite section is filled with hacked versions of software that other companies developed, and lost to the masses. As a result those companies have changed the way they lock their code...having to employ third party servers now and complex hard coded indicator protocols. It's sad. Especially when people on the forum say things like, "Well, we would have figured this out eventually!". I would argue that subconsciously, the ideas perpetuated in most forums were generated based on things people learned at other events - or as a result or consequence of something someone else taught, or developed and sold.

I develop tools. I'm a "Tony Stark"...a "tinkerer", a "mechanic". My education is as a Mechanical Engineer. Having spoken to more traders than anyone on this forum...having managed more money than most people will ever see, I can say that my own personal journey has been on par with that of writer Jack Schwager, author of "The New Market Wizards". Schwager confesses in his book he doesn't thrive on the energy of day trading, but rather, enjoys decoding the puzzle and developing the tools that either others use, or he can use in auto-trading methodologies. No one buys his book and says, "I demand to see your trading account", though. Here, I guess, they do.

This is a screenshot with data-mined behavioral output times. It's noteworthy that the times are excruciatingly specific. There are no round numbers, or market closing times like 9:00, or 3:00, or 1:15. These are inexpressibly weird times like 1:17 and 2:23. This happens every day in the world around us. Knowing that is either good news to some people, or bad news to them. Empowers, or emasculates them. It's weird that way.

Ultimately, this is an incredibly personal journey. If rallying against us - calling me a liar for future generations to see - making you feel better about and more dedicated to a trading system that is working for you - if that gives you even stronger conviction to trade your system profitably and confidently, then I'm sincerely happy for you. You've accomplished what 80% of your peers today, cannot. Kudos.

I suppose time will tell if our contribution to the trading community was valuable, or irrelevant. I've decided to focus our energies on the 85% of people that will never log into this site and post a review that do everyday what the 15% here say is impossible. I can live with that, and sleep at night comfortably. When our code is finally hacked, released, upload to the ELITE MEMBER section, and celebrated, I guess we'll have our moment in the sunshine then...albeit a bittersweet one.

Guess I'm missing the genius of the chart u posted, first u have to be fast since this is a 1 min chart(I know the flux tells u signal is coming up), I see about 16 trades, using just a simple method(of course we could curve fit or use insane stops) , enter on the first tic of new bar after signal, a few tics stop past the entry bar i see 7 wins and 9 losers,, no better then a 50/50 day. Course the trend is ur friend till it isnt...

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  #172 (permalink)
 Big Mike 
Site Administrator
Swing Trader
Data Scientist & DevOps
Manta, Ecuador
Experience: Advanced
Platform: Custom solution
Trading: Futures & Crypto
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BTTFT Michael View Post
I've asked, by now, about a half dozen times, for this thread to be monitored. Monitored for facts as compared to libelous statements that sit on here and go unchecked. Statements like "Ron's a successful trader, but in my opinion, he probably doesn't even use the tools he's showing on the screen to make money".

I hear about these statements from customers, who come to us and say, "I read 'such and such' on (formerly BMT), and I'm not sure I want your software." When I go back and read what the person wrote, there are no screen shots of our software showing the mysterious, "this is why I said I don't use it". There are no statistical studies....nothing. There's somebody on the forum writing, "this guy doesn't trade his system so you better watch out....snake oil alert". I've lost business as a result of those types of misleading, unreinforced, libelous statements. I've never notified an attorney to send a heavy handed letter, demanding the email addresses of the poster, like some vendors have done. I simply ask for the post to be addressed, and the false statements to be removed. Sometimes, it takes me anywhere between 6 and 7 months to find the post, which has been viewed countless times from it's original posting date.

This week, I admittedly lost my mind.

With regards to my definition of the word "hacked", I am inferring that people in the upload section post indicators that mimic identically what was developed by a 3rd party. I went back to find specific examples of ones I had seen uploaded....files that even other members had commented on saying, "Whoa budddy, those look like such and such's shouldn't have posted that here". Indicators like Raghee's mahTrendGraber in a download section. If Raghee, the original developer, didn't upload it, why was it there with no credit given back to her? Others were there, but I can't find them now. A fast search showed however the indicator with the phrase "Blue Wave" in it, alluding to the Blue Wave Trading company. ?

A reasonable person would assume that this is either a Blue Wave indicator, or one that has been crafted to do exactly what the original was designed and reverse engineered to do. Why would a copyrighted name appear anywhere in a download section of a forum? My original point, when re-read correctly, infers that some ideas were spawned by the original community of product developers. People who've said, "I'm going to build a tool...a 'hammer....a really good tool, and I'm going to ask people for money who want to use my tool.

I'm tired of having to come back here and monitor the thread and ask the posters to abide by the rules you clearly delineated at the beginning of this thread. I am consistently held to a higher standard of "factuality" than they are, only whey they break the rules, money comes out of my family's mouths. When I try to show actual facts, a "vendor" alarm goes off because I posted a chart ...and somehow correcting a lie is confused with promoting a product. If I need to be banned for that, please ban me.

I apologize for incorrectly using words like "hacked". This is a good forum, and there are good people here. Many of them are our customers. Many of them are doing a great service to the multitude of traders that need to hear what's written and supported here. But admit it though - when someone writes something about you that isn't true (as you inferred above) you need the right to defend yourself and ask for proof. Because you've worked hard to build something special, and it matters when someone speaks out of turn or incorrectly about you. My product isn't perfect, but it and my colleagues don't need to be defamed because someone feels powerful behind their keyboard 1,000 miles away....


First it is not libel if a user is stating their opinion.

As far as someone using (formerly BMT) to make an informed decision before purchasing your products, (formerly BMT) was created with that being one of its goals. People share experiences here. Good or bad.

With regards to lawyers and such, you are free to serve legal notice. I receive them all the time from vendors who are unhappy with how their company is being represented. If the statements were made based on opinion or experience, I will not remove them and I will see you in court. I have spent a great deal of money defending the rights of posters on (formerly BMT). I know other forums roll over and delete stuff, I do not. However, if the post was made with malicious intent (ie libel) then I will happily remove it, and I am usually first to do so because I don't stand for anything like that on the forum.

Unfortunately it has been my experience that indicator vendors place far too much weight on the indicators they are selling, and they end up over representing their effectiveness in generating profits to potential customers, who in turn can be very upset if they are not money makers. There are absolutely vendors that have good intentions and don't do this purposely, but possibly from lack of experience in which they don't realize that if they themselves are making money with the indicator it could be due to other trading related experience, and not the indicator.

There are then of course the truly bad vendors, the ones who post performance reports of how much money something has made in the past, usually in the form of a completely unrealistic backtest, in order to lure in uneducated or inexperienced traders that don't know any better. I do not know how those people can sleep at night.


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  #173 (permalink)
Prospect, KY. USA
Experience: None
Platform: Sierra Chart
Broker: Infinity
Trading: /CL
WilleeMac's Avatar
Posts: 687 since Jan 2012
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Silvester17 View Post
sorry bad example

it has nothing to do with blue wave. it's just a simple supertrend indicator. like the creator said: "wrong indicator name"

and for the Raghee's mahTrendGraber indicator, of course credit was given to her:

including her free ebook (explaining the setup for that indicator):


Thank you for the PDF link


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  #174 (permalink)
Experience: Master
Platform: Sierra Chart, NT7
Broker: IB
Trading: Options, ES, Stxx Futures
GGekko09's Avatar
Posts: 14 since Jun 2014
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Dear all,

I ve been reading the thread and honestly I can't tell if Flux Indicator is powerfull or not.

Could someone who bought the sofware told us if the signals are relevants or it s just another useless product which has been created to sell dreams.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.


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  #175 (permalink)
Experience: Advanced
Platform: NinjaTrader
Broker: Kinetick, CQG
Trading: CL, FDAX, Forex
Posts: 18 since Jun 2012
Thanks: 23 given, 26 received

I bought the Flux pro package with all the tools.
I spent many hours watching their videos and watching Ron in the live training room. I followed their “How to develop a trading strategy” course. After a few months, I was very familiar with their tools.

I developed some strategies using their tools but none were profitable enough to use live. I implemented one of Michael Lydick's strategies verbatim as he described in his "Trade Like a Pro" Webinar. The results were nowhere near what he showed. My TCM markers appeared in the same place as his. I questioned him several times to make sure that my implementation was the same as his. He never answered my questions and always said that he was too busy and would get back to me next week. After several rounds of this week after week i gave up. It was very clear to me that he was avoiding the issue and that he was not willing to backup what he claimed in his webinar. As a Flux customer who has paid several thousands, I was not happy at all with the support from him.

I thought that I could get a better insight by signing up for the Maldonaldo Live trade room. I found that he tried to use the Flux indicators for his setups but never had success with them. He had successful trades but they came from new setups using non-Flux tools.

The Flux runs best on a 1 minute timeframe and although it does find times during the day when the market moves in a direction, that move is actually quite small and, after comissions, not really worth the risk for the small reward.

Hope this helps.

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  #176 (permalink)
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: ninja trader Jigsaw, sierra chart
Broker: Infinityfutures, Globalfutures, IQfeed, CQG
Trading: DAX, Bund, NQ,YM, ES, GC
Posts: 6 since Jun 2013
Thanks: 5 given, 1 received

Hi, i'm using flux for 2 weeks now and as a DAX scalper i only have one loosing trade, (~ 6 trades in the morning / day) so at the moment, nothing bad to said....
It's working very well on Gold as well, no loosing trades but not many trades on Gold just few
The best for me, at the moment with the DAX is Emini Nasdaq, at least 5 trades /day no loosing one

It's to early to know if it will continue so let see !!

I will come back to you in fews weeks to let you know

One most important thing i want to say, whatever the system or indicators you use, do not use it as his own but add it to your way to trade....i'm market profile and volume profile trader, i'm using order flow to trade so i try it in conjonction with my levels and for now it's works..

Sorry for my english

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  #177 (permalink)
Salt Lake City Utah/United States
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: NinjaTrader
Trading: Gold
Posts: 15 since Jun 2014
Thanks: 2 given, 9 received

Let me share my experience with Back to the Future Trading. I purchased their Flux Professional Package back in February 2013. I vividly remember buying it and getting it installed on a Monday. On Wednesday of that same week I started getting severe abdomen pains. Ultimately I had to go to the doctor and long story short, I was eventually diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia). A few weeks later when I was in the hospital and the whirl wind began to settle down a little bit, my thoughts went to the software I had just purchased. When I bought the software it was my understanding that there was a time limit on how long I had to take advantage of some of the training opportunities. It sickened me that I had just spent a chunk of money and did not even get a chance to get into it. I had my wife e-mail the people at Back to the Future Trading and explain the situation to them. I asked her to see if they would be willing to stop the clock on my training time frame so that it would not just run out while I was unable to take advantage of it. They promptly answered back with a very sincere and heartwarming message. They were more than willing to grant my request and also promised to keep me in their thoughts and prayers. When my wife read me their response it truly touched me and made me feel good. Fast forwarding, I have survived, the cancer is in remission, and I am doing very well at recovering.

Now that I have the energy, I am getting the chance to learn and use the software. I first learned of Back to the Future Trading thru another company called MtPredictor. I have owned and used MtPredictor software for many years. I learned that other MtPredictor customer's were also using Back to the Future Trading Flux tools and they said that the two systems complemented each other very well. MtPredictor has strengths in price and pattern and the Flux tools have strengths in time. So when I combine both tools (each engineered from a completely different perspective) and they both agree with each other, then I find those signals to be very powerful. I have been very happy with my purchase.

I will admit that Back to the Future Trading has a large number of tools (some of which I have yet to look at) and it can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating. There is a learning curve involved, but their support and willingness to help is outstanding. I have found that they are not just providing their customers with a cookie cutter trading system and saying "trade my system exactly like I do." Instead, they are providing tools, teaching the intent of the tools, and allowing the customer to apply it whatever way works best for them. It is true that you cannot just blindly trade every signal that the Flux Time Cycle Marker generates, but they do not teach that you should trade that way either. Like any other indicator or tool it must be used properly to generate good results.

I mentioned earlier that the strength of the Flux tools was time, but in order to be fair I must also say that they have some powerful price tools as well. I had just not focused on that part of it to start with because I owned MtPredictor. As I learn the Flux tools better I am starting to see good trading opportunities using just their tools. At the beginning of April of this year Back to the Future Trading held a training conference in Las Vegas. Because that is fairly close to my home I chose to attend and I am very glad that I did. First, I had the chance to meet the people in person who had been so kind to me and treated me so well (Michael, Ron, and Rachel). Second, I was introduced to 2 of their newest tools, the Flux Time Zones, and the Flux Daily Cycle Markers. I am loving both of these tools and see great promise for them. I am still learning them and have not used them with live money yet, but I will admit that is my fault. My energy levels are still very low and I do not get to dedicate as much time as I would like, hence it takes me longer to get things done.

In summary, I just wanted to state that I for one have been very happy with my purchase of the Flux tools from Back to the Future Trading. My experience with them shows me that they are good, honest, decent people who care a great deal about their customers. My trading has improved because of my association with them. Thank you Michael, Ron, and Rachel for everything you have done for me!

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  #178 (permalink)
Falls Church, VA
Posts: 25 since Oct 2013
Thanks: 6 given, 25 received

I'd also like to express an opinion on "Back-To-The-Future's" Flux Package, Time Cycle Marker (TCM) software.

In April 2013, I purchased "Back-To-The-Future's" Flux Package, and incorporated the Time Cycle Markers (TCMs) and Histograms, into my charts. I've had great success with the timing signals in my system in conjunction with the other elements of my system..

I am a multi-instrument Futures, and Forex trader. I execute on the NT platform, and typically trade two contracts (Futures) and 100,000 with Forex. I use a combination of several alpha entry signal methods. My primary footprint for executing trades are found within "Rios Quantitative's Gnos Levels," and I use the Flux Time Cycle Markers to anticipate times a possible change in momentum will occur. I do not use the TCMs as my alpha signal for entry alone.

Are the TCMs 100% accurate? Of course not, nothing is. Are the TCMs 70% accurate as Michael repeatedly mentions in his webinars ... my experience says, yes. I've also found everyone at Back-To-The-Future Trading to be extremely professional and responsive, whenever I needed assistance.

I have read a few posts of users who were unsuccessful using the product, however, that doesn't mean the product isn't great, and effective when used properly. My experience demonstrates that Michael and Ron have developed a remarkable, and unique product.

I attached a few recent trades which show how the TCMs lead price action. Take a look, and you be the judge ...

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Gold Short 5-30-14.PNG
Views:	442
Size:	111.7 KB
ID:	149548   Click image for larger version

Name:	SOY Short 6-12-14.PNG
Views:	395
Size:	86.8 KB
ID:	149549   Click image for larger version

Name:	NG Trade -Short.png
Views:	311
Size:	158.0 KB
ID:	149550   Click image for larger version

Name:	SOY Trade 6-11-14.PNG
Views:	324
Size:	98.4 KB
ID:	149551   Click image for larger version

Name:	NQ Short Trade 4-4-14.PNG
Views:	303
Size:	63.3 KB
ID:	149552   Click image for larger version

Name:	CAD Long Trade 4-4-14.PNG
Views:	311
Size:	81.2 KB
ID:	149553   Click image for larger version

Name:	Copper Short 6-18-14.PNG
Views:	289
Size:	92.5 KB
ID:	149554   Click image for larger version

Name:	Crude Short Trades 5-28-14.PNG
Views:	302
Size:	144.9 KB
ID:	149555   Click image for larger version

Name:	Gold Short 6-19-14.PNG
Views:	292
Size:	118.4 KB
ID:	149556   Click image for larger version

Name:	NG Short 6-19-14.PNG
Views:	270
Size:	118.9 KB
ID:	149557  

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  #179 (permalink)
Falls Church, VA
Posts: 25 since Oct 2013
Thanks: 6 given, 25 received

Additional Trades (including 4 trades today) showing Rios Quantitative's Gnos Levels and Flux TCMs ...

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Crude Short 6-23-14.PNG
Views:	236
Size:	87.7 KB
ID:	149571   Click image for larger version

Name:	NG Shorts  6-23-14.PNG
Views:	249
Size:	164.2 KB
ID:	149572   Click image for larger version

Name:	YM Short 6-23-14.PNG
Views:	243
Size:	149.6 KB
ID:	149573   Click image for larger version

Name:	SOY Loss 6-23-14.PNG
Views:	247
Size:	130.8 KB
ID:	149574   Click image for larger version

Name:	GC Short Trade 3 - 3-31-14.JPG
Views:	204
Size:	330.8 KB
ID:	149575   Click image for larger version

Name:	Crude Short 5-15-14 - $1310 Profit.PNG
Views:	247
Size:	139.9 KB
ID:	149576   Click image for larger version

Name:	NG Short 5-21-14.PNG
Views:	214
Size:	107.8 KB
ID:	149577   Click image for larger version

Name:	SOY Trade 6-5-14 w Note to Joe.PNG
Views:	251
Size:	414.6 KB
ID:	149578   Click image for larger version

Name:	GC Before 6-19-14.PNG
Views:	237
Size:	113.9 KB
ID:	149579   Click image for larger version

Name:	GC Trade 6-19-18.PNG
Views:	213
Size:	176.5 KB
ID:	149580  

Click image for larger version

Name:	EUR-AUD Short 6-18-14.PNG
Views:	223
Size:	140.9 KB
ID:	149581   Click image for larger version

Name:	NQ Long 6-4-14.PNG
Views:	225
Size:	70.7 KB
ID:	149582   Click image for larger version

Name:	Martini Trade on Crude Oil 6-2-14.PNG
Views:	249
Size:	133.6 KB
ID:	149583  
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  #180 (permalink)
Falls Church, VA
Posts: 25 since Oct 2013
Thanks: 6 given, 25 received

More trades... swing trades on GC and SI during London & from this morning

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Silver Long - 6-24-14.PNG
Views:	249
Size:	161.5 KB
ID:	149634   Click image for larger version

Name:	Gold Trade 6-24-14.PNG
Views:	246
Size:	157.8 KB
ID:	149635   Click image for larger version

Name:	Aussie Dollar Trade 6-24-14.PNG
Views:	200
Size:	132.7 KB
ID:	149636  
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