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Trader 11 Journal

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warren, nj
Posts: 14 since Oct 2010
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Fri 3 12

gross 53 net 43 3000 shares approx.

Great job GG. I saw mkt up, JPM so I just took 400 sh of BAC. I made 10c on each & still hold 100 overnight. It was great trade.

I got lucky on other trades & got out flat. Amazing how 1-2 marginal trades can hurt my account. Luckily I got out flat instead of 10c plus losses 2-3 times.

I missed the buying the afternoon pullback because not there.

The very beg am was great time to load up & scalp.

GG be more patient waiting for good time to trade.

In the am there was churn period while mkt decide what it wanted to do. Take the break out. Or buy the dip & wait or sell at the top of the channel. If it breaks out then buy back in.

I can do this, trading profitably

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warren, nj
Posts: 14 since Oct 2010
Thanks: 0 given, 7 received

Mon 3 14
96 gross net +73 4900 shares

Amazing money made on few trades. Key do not loose on other trades. I hit out trades flat or small losses to protect profit. I think that was good.

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warren, nj
Posts: 14 since Oct 2010
Thanks: 0 given, 7 received

Tue 3 15

Stocks + 70
ES + 4pts or 200

Today mkt gapped down big on Japan . I was a buyer all morning. Gregg work on holding thur first pullback w/ at least a portion of the position. I can use some tech reason to get out, ie., trend line violation. bottom of 5 min bar, break of prior pivot, pullback to MA . Try finding something that will work for me. Give up GG on well i never learned to hold thur pullback. Use Marc Spierling, comments if you have a good price make them pay.
or pay up for your shares.

Es I took short approx 10:00pm est. Why? ES back up to daily session high. It formed a minor minor ledge at 78.75. I shorted 80.50. They ran (tried to run me out of my possession at my stop at 81.50 I hate to think like that.) Mkt went to 81.75. I took off my stop.

Then trade worked slowly over approx 45 min. I covered 76.50

Also 79.00 was VAH. poc was 69.00 next time get another contract at the high or when it starts to work. (George W) It was hard to hold the ES position as I have just lost & lost at it.

GG, work to breath more when in position so I relax. Keep taking a shot even when up. Example, Marc F - you never know when it will be an even bigger day. Certain days need to make money on. Today was one. Why it was going up & GAVE PULLBACKS to get in on.

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warren, nj
Posts: 14 since Oct 2010
Thanks: 0 given, 7 received

3 15 11

net +70

I do not know what happened to my post this am. Oh well.

I am taking stock when the mkt is moving. & getting out when it slows down. This is the way I trade. I do not know how to hold thru pullbacks. This is something I need to learn. I took stock on the huge (japan) gap down this am & made some dollars.

I am doing better watching fewer stocks & knowing the levels.

Also I am getting out of loser & even some potential winners ,4,5,6 9 cent losses. I am OK w/ that. getting out quicker. Need to be cognizant of recent low so as not to hit it out into that area, rather to hold to see if area breaks.

Amazing I am buying on the down days. GG why not try & short an advance??

Also at 11:00 I am chicken to trade. Get over it. I missed a few good shorts because not willing to chase down a little bit. Find a why GG. Just take less shares.

I also made +200 on ES short at 80.50 at 10:00 pm 3-15-11. I held & held it. They (who the market) almost ran me out of my position. Then trade started to work. I held for nice profit. (If I could have just held it longer I could have made a fortune. LOL Well that is not my style. so no sense even thinking about it.)

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warren, nj
Posts: 14 since Oct 2010
Thanks: 0 given, 7 received

3 16-11

+107 gross +70 net

+es +50

Japan makes these days full of opportunities.

GG Stop trading slow movers like MSFT. The opportunity not there. I am better than that.

W/ ES watch the levels. I shorted it approx 9:00 pm. I should have shorted 1 pt higher up. I shorted into a run up on stops covering. I almost covered also because not that great of price. I would not have been happy w/ the loss.

Keep watching fewer stocks. So I know the levels. And have confidence in the levels and myself.

Keep working for good prices. Be prepared to trade.

Breath more especially when in trades

ES terrifies me. So challenging for me. Stop trading it. You do better w/ stocks. I guess i have lost so much. I need to let go of past losses. No just stop. I noticed the tails on tops & bottoms of bars. Not the best style for me. (unless I start bidding or offering there and accept the risk.) Also means I need to heal w/ the ES. Best to let go of what ever hold it has on me. Use ES as relative strength barometer. By quitting the ES does not mean failure. Just find the instrument that works for me and plays to my strength-- courage, seeing support & resistance. Weakness patience.

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warren, nj
Posts: 14 since Oct 2010
Thanks: 0 given, 7 received

3 17 11

Gross -250 -310 net. 12200 shares

I have been dreading writing in the journal.

Today approx -70 on IBM -80 xom 80jpm -60wfc. I do not think any stock I traded I was positive on. Why. I was buying pullback that obviously did not work. I bought on minor PB just off the high. I needed to wait more! They then went lower. I buy xom at 80 70 c it goes down to low of the day at 40c.

Gregg what went wrong? Es was OK. Xom dropping. Same w/ JPM & wfc. The lesson is wait until the bottom occurs. Remember you will not see the sellers these days. They keep selling lower & lower. They also have to hit the bids to sell. They have business to do. Watch how much it rallies. GG remember to be patient more. This is the main lesson.

Also w/ big gap up it can not go up too much. Sell the tops & buy the dips. Just do not be too early w/ the buying. Buy the PB near the end of the day on good news stocks. Ex JPM will get ok by Feds to pay/increase dividend.

GG you must have committed more errors. Just out of sync today. I do not know why. Not patient enough. I did try to size up. (When not working scale back size.) Maybe ego because I have had 2-3 good days.

Even tonight I was not patient enough on Es buy I bought too early. Use my emotions of wanting to get in as a sign to wait.

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