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EURUSD 5min daily analysis

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Platform: Sierra Chart
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@mastercraft29, you're right - forex trading takes some adjusting to. As a futures trader I'm used to being able to buy the bid/ sell the ask.
So, when you see a set-up that triggers, how do you usually enter ? Do you hit buy the ask / sell the bid ?
Thank you.

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Can you help answer these questions
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central florida
Posts: 192 since Jul 2014

Stillgreen View Post
@mastercraft29, you're right - forex trading takes some adjusting to. As a futures trader I'm used to being able to buy the bid/ sell the ask.
So, when you see a set-up that triggers, how do you usually enter ? Do you hit buy the ask / sell the bid ?
Thank you.

Hey Stillgreen - no, I never use market orders. I use Ninja Trader so have automated strategies (OCO orders) that are entered as soon as my order is filled. I prefer to use limit orders since forex markets tend to be limit order markets, but I use stops as well, just less often. I'm not sure if you read my reply to tradingonvolume yesterday or not, but my main focus right now is patience and discipline, so I only enter setups that I anticipate. I think it would be difficult to remain disciplined if you use market orders a lot. The only time I would consider using one is during a strong breakout when a few pip pullback limit order is not being filled, which only very rarely happens.

Also, you should always have a stop loss in the market, not just in your head. And a profit taking limit order as well at 1-2 times your risk depending on if you are a scalper or swing trader.

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central florida
Posts: 192 since Jul 2014


Today opened with a failed high 2 off the bottom of this weeks trading range, and led to a big bear breakout. This is a breakout of a trading range after a three push wedge on the 60 minute chart. The urgency seems to have switched from the bulls to the bears as with all wedges. The bears will likely reach a mm down and there are other bear targets (open bull gaps) below that the bears want to fill. However the bears need follow through selling before traders will become convinced the top is in. The bulls may get one more push to a new high which would turn this weeks trading range into a final flag.

16 weak reversal attempt by bulls, also a low 1 short after a strong spike, but weak signal bar. prob SA but willing to SI. 15 marked the end of the STC bear, so a pullback may begin to form soon.
18 final flag reversal at a mm down based on TR. ok swing but little to no BP, so BTW.
19 strong bull entry bar. LO bulls made SP buying below 15. also made SP on buying above 17 on a stop. all SOS. prob TR soon.
20 strong bear bar for low 1, but last low 1 did not reach SP and 18 was strong reversal, prob buyers below for test of EMA. bears want to form a bear channel and mm down, bulls want a failed BO and rally above TR. since bears were unable to break strongly below first mm target and prices have since gone sideways, bulls have slight advantage.
22 outside bull bar high 2 bopbl buy setup. but forcing bulls to buy high in small sideways bear flag so have to swing if buying. outside bull bar should restart bear low count
23 back to back 2BR's. low 2 sell setup but swing short since into lows. bulls building BP (CC bull bars, no CC bear bars).
24 bulls defending 19 entry bar stop, but weak SB for failed low 2. bears want test of 17 close.
25 tested 17 close for STC bears, who exited (tail). high 2 buy setup off bottom of TR, failed low 2.
26 strong entry bar for bulls, next bar is important. bulls need 1 more for AIL. bears may sell EMA.
27 back to back failures, LOM. next move should go far. PA similar to yesterday.
28 bears won, bear BO (STC bar). but need FT selling otherwise 15-28 may become final flag reversal and second SCX.
29 bear FT bar. mm tgts below. bears will prob get channel and 2 more legs down.
30 two tails, end of STC. suspected bottom of bear channel (17-30 closes).
31 SCX to mm targets based on 13 bear spike, and 27 failed wedge. parabolic selling, two legs down. bears want 28 gap to become MG. more likely 31 becomes EG and prices test middle of small trading range.
31 weak bull signal for SCX and reversal. poss steep bear channel but not yet confirmed.
34 bopb low 1 short, but after a potential SCX. also within MF of EMA, should atleast touch EMA (EMA sequence).
36 BO bar of bear flag. but still within MF of EMA. bears want to keep 28 gap open and hold bear trend line just above.
38 low 2 bopbs off EMA and bear trend line.
40 bopbs to 38 low 2. variant of a wedge bear flag, and weak high 2. prob sellers above / below.
45 bears took profits at new low and did not hold for test of TC, SOW, waning bear momentum. if bulls make SP buying new low, transition to TR soon.
48 small ET (45,46,48). sideways movement at new low; profit taking. bear trend line still holding

Mid day update (11AM): so far today is a strong spike and channel bear trend. But the bear momentum is waning and nearing a third push down and several MM tgts; potentially setting up a wedge bottom and reversal. However the bulls will first need to demonstrate strength by breaking the bear trend line and above the EMA before convincing the market is AIL. More likely, the best the bulls get is a trading range and not a strong reversal today.

51 tight bear MC since 37. but wedge shape, bears taking profits before reaching TC line. SOW. bear mm tgts not far below.
52 reached mm tgt from 17 close / 28 MG. arguably the third SCX since 38 and third on the day (17,31,52). but not extremely climactic (no big strong bear bar), so TR more likely than a strong bull reversal. but no sign of transition yet, (no LO bull scalps, very little BP).
54 slight break of bear MC. weak low 1 after 51 did not reach SP. small converging triangle (bodies). bulls may buy below for scalp up / test of EMA. poss small sideways final flag.
56 signal for a bopbl, final flag reversal. but low % buying especially on a stop until after bulls make LO scalp and build BP.
61 4 decent bull bars, first sign of BP. first break of bear TL. slightly closed above EMA.
62 bulls made SP buying above 58 with a stop. TR likely soon. less likely the bulls get a strong reversal and test 27 start of bear channel.
63 first EMA gap bar, but doji SB and 5 strong bull bars. BTW for bopb of small bull mc / second entry.
67 broke bull mc, but on sideways movement and not on bear strength. iii setup, small converging triangle. weak high 1 at top of bear flag, poss small final flag for retest of low.
68 outside bear bar, EMA gap bar, failed high 1 top of bear flag, and small final flag reversal. ok swing short for new low but BTW for second entry after 64 rally.
73 two strong bull legs up, reached mm tgt from 62 spike. HLMTR more likely than LL after strong rally. BCX bar, strongest of bull rally. poss buy vacuum test of TR high, but unclear at this point. 70 could be MG which tgt is 27 start of bear channel. but unusual behavior without first testing low.
77 bears are defending 27 entry price. but no strong SP. MDT (74). suspected high of TR, but need confirmation.
79 high 2 but at top of TR and after a buy climax and two legs up in a bear trend.
84 sell setup for a failed high 2 / low 2, final flag reversal at top of bear flag.

Today was a spike and channel bear trend day, with a strong bull reversal after three pushes down. It was also a variant of a trending trading range day (or large trading range day), with prices testing the bottom of the upper range in the afternoon.

Best Trades

23 low 2 / failed high 2 in a bear trend. since it was a stop entry in a LOM during that point, and shorting into the lows, it should be taken for a swing.

27 wedge bear flag / failed failure (failed low 2 failed) and test of the EMA. due to the trapped bears and bear trend to that point, it was an acceptable scalp.

38 low 2 bopbs to EMA and 17 low. a scalper could also have entered above the 36 weak high 1 and breakout bar of the bear flag anticipating a bopbs. alternatively, 40 was a bopbs to the 38 low 2 and also an acceptable scalp.

47 low 2 off the bear trend line, but shorting into lows, and was not as close to the EMA as 38. so needed to take for a swing (although reversed before reaching full profit). perhaps this increase in selling (parabolic test of EMA) is what led to the strong 58 rally before much buying pressure developed.

58 breakout pullback second entry long after 3 sell climaxes on the day. However since there was little to no BP at this point and no trend line break, this was a risky and low % trade. you could argue the sell climaxes increased the probability of two legs up, but the most recent sell climax was not all that climactic and without a trend channel overshoot the probability is no more than 50%.

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Experience: Beginner
Platform: Sierra Chart
Trading: ES
Stillgreen's Avatar
Posts: 191 since May 2014
Thanks: 342 given, 247 received

@mastercraft29, do you usually look at a Bid chart or Ask chart ? Or switch between them depending on whether you are long or short ?

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central florida
Posts: 192 since Jul 2014

Stillgreen View Post
@mastercraft29, do you usually look at a Bid chart or Ask chart ? Or switch between them depending on whether you are long or short ?

No, you should only focus on trading one chart and work to better yourself as a trader until consistently profitable. It does not matter which you choose. I use the default for Ninja Trader and FXCM, and to be honest I could not tell you which it is. I believe it is based on the last ask price, but not positive. Like I said it really doesn't matter what chart, market, or time frame you want to trade; price action is the same on every one and you trade them the same.

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central florida
Posts: 192 since Jul 2014


Today is friday so weekly support and resistance is important. This week was the first test of the weekly EMA since November, and the first test on bull strength. The bears want to form a low 2 short setup at the EMA, and close the week on or near its low (0658). The bulls want to close the week as another bull bar, above last weeks close of 0698. Yesterday ended in a two legged retest of the bear trend low, potentially setting up a MTR for two legs up today. 12 is a reasonable candidate for the MTR.

19 big bull BO, but tail and closed at high of yesterdays trading range, so could be buy exhaustion. The bulls want to fill yesterdays 12 bear BO gap. but will need strong follow through to convince traders the breakout above yesterdays range / start of bear channel will succeed.
20 big 2BR, turning 19 into parabolic BCX. back into middle of TR, 50/50%. 19 poss big wedge bear flag (yest 38,96, today 19). BO mode, bulls and bears fighting for control. BLSHS.
21 bad bear FT. bulls bought close / below 19. bulls will try to form bull channel. big bars, volatile. best to wait for more info.
22 two bear attempts down, bulls kept small 19 micro gap open, and tail on 22, held above EMA. SOS. converging triangle (bodies 20,21,22). BOM, slight advantage for bulls.
23 19 BTC bulls scaling in for retest of 19 close. 23 is a variant of a high 2, but using a stop in LOM, but ok to swing. better to buy below, weak sell setup. test of 19 likely, bears will prob try to form double top.
26 bull BO, 19 BTC bulls held for SP, SOS. mm tgt from 19 spike is yesterdays 9 entry price which is a tgt for scale in bulls who held through yesterdays bear channel ("thank you god" price).
27 poss spike and climax bull trend. but 19 mm tgt likely to be reached before reversal. bulls aggressive (26 LO BTC bulls were not filled). prob buyers below, weak stop short entry. 26 BTC bulls came 1 pip short of reaching SP. will likley be reached.
29 bear entry bar for 28 buy climax signal and 2 legs down.
30 strong bear FT. prob 2 legs down before strong bulls return and try to form broader bull channel.
31 4 CC bear bars. weak high 1 after a BCX, prob SA. strong bulls might return below 26 but questionable. bulls want to test 27 close.
35 technically two legs down after BCX. bulls failed to defend stop below 26 (weak bull stop, was likely to be hit). first close below EMA, bulls may return. but weak high 2 (bear signal bar) and relatively tight bear channel since 28.
37 two bull bars, high 3. but bulls need BOPBL of bear channel before buying. middle of 19-23 small range (and triangle) is a magnet and mm down based on 31 spike.
38 35 LO bulls made SP. first break of bear channel. poss start of bull channel. bulls kept 24 gap open.
39 strong bull bar, bears failed to form DTBF with 33. bulls holding for test of 27 close which will be important.
40 bears trying to form LHMTR, ok swing but weak context. more likely BOPBL and test of 27 close which may form top of TR.
41 strong bear entry bar (shaved). bulls will not want third bear bar and should BTC (and to defend bull TL from 21-37, but steep TL).
42 BOPBL from bear channel and 39 rally (breakout of bull flag). prob 2-3 leg retest of 27 high.
43 bears trying for form lower high and bear channel.
45 convering triangle, BOM. bulls and bears fighting for channel. will more likely result in TR than either.
46 bull BO bar, turned 44 into failed low 2 and failed bear channel. higher low, poss bull channel.
47 back to back reversals, lower highs, higher lows. BOM.

Mid day update: the trading range saga continues. The bears have been able to keep yesterdays 10 BO gap open, and the bulls have been unable to create a rally since the 27 spike and climax bull trend. The day will probably close somewhere around the open (which is around last weeks close) and remain some type of trading range day. Insitutions are buying low, selling high, and scalping.

49 3 bar bear BO starting to get CC closes below EMA, but bulls bought below the 36 low. however the bulls have been unable to reach a SP with LO for past 10 bars, sign of weakness. If the bears can hold their trend line the bear channel will continue.
50 BOPBS to EMA, but also a weak low 1 at bottom of TR and after 2 legs down. BTW for more information.
51 bear BO, bulls gave up. bear channel. 51 will prob become MG.
53 weak low 1 at bottom of bear channel, LO bulls prob buy below for scalp up / bears take profits. but middle of TR so 50/50 % unless willing to SI.
55 low 2, but into TC line so can only take for swing. SSW for pullback to TL or EMA.
60 TTR at open and middle of earlier TR.
61 bear BO of ttr, but tail. bulls trying to form micro wedge bottom. bear mm tgt below based on 51 gap.
63 buy signal for final flag / micro wedge bottom off bear TC. but LO bulls have not made a SP in many bars so low % buying. may lead to two small legs up.
65 sell signal for BOPBS and failed wedge bottom. should make a mm down based on wedge it prices fall below 63.
67 second entry for 63 wedge bottom. but weak buying by bulls since BCX. prob will just result in pullback to EMA, instead of tradable reversal.

Today was a large trading range day, and will likely close somewhere around the open (0693), for a doji bar or slight bull bar on the weekly chart. After a spike and climax bull trend, the bears were able to create a bear channel, testing the start of the buy climax.

Best Trades

23 variant of a high 2 bopbl to EMA and high of yesterdays TR after a bull breakout. This was buying in a trading range so a swing buy.

28 2BR for a buy climax and two legs up. also at a mm tgt based on the 24 gap. swing short for 2 legs down.

31 weak high 1 (bear bar) after a buy climax and reversal.

47 failed high 2, lower high MTR, double top bear flag and start of bear channel. due to the failed high 2 it was an acceptable scalp, but turned into a good swing trade.

50 bopbs to 47 and bottom of small TR. since it was shorting on a stop entry in a LOM it was best to swing this entry, but the % was likely high enough for a scalp.

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central florida
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There was a strong bear breakout on the 60 min chart overnight, leading to a test of the daily moving average, and a second leg down to the start of the most recent bull leg. The bulls tried for a failed bear BO and bull trend from the open on the first bar of the day, but the bears sold aggressively, not even triggering the bull signal. However there have been two consecutive sell climaxes which may lead to two legs sideways to up, and decreases the probability of today becoming a strong bear trend.

19 likely forming the bottom of a TR after 2 CC SCX. bulls made SP buying below 16. bears failed to reach SP selling below 6, SOW. building buying pressure.
20 bulls reached first tgt above top of second SCX. low 2 at EMA, but after decent bull bars and still within bull MC, BTW. suspected middle / lower third of developing TR. STC bears need test of 14.
21 failed low 2 after CC SCX. next bull tgt is mm up (top of first SCX).
22 first close above EMA, but strong bull close. next bar important, bulls need FT, bears want wedge bear flag. poss ET (4,5,10,15,22).
23 2BR for wedge bear flag and ET. but weak close, and still within bull MC. ok swing short but SSW for bopbs of MC.
24 high 1 but at top of potential bear flag. poss 3 bar final flag.
25 bears may give up on bear flag premise soon. 25 potentail MG. second leg up likely.
28 three pushes up since 15 (20,23,28), with waning bull momentum. EMA gap bar, ok swing short but still within bull MC. and second leg up likely. SSW for bobps / second entry. bears need to fill 2 gap, otherwise MG.
29 first break of bull MC, filled 2 gap decreasing % of MG. decent bear entry bar but closed at EMA.
35 2EMA gap bar, bopbs to higher high of bull MC. ok swing short, but LO bears have not made a SP yet so better to wait.
36 spike and channel bull trend. 31 MG tgt tests yesterdays low.
37 building SP, TC overshoot, prob will test bull trend line, but short stop entry unlikely to result in SP.
40 buy climax to MM target and bull TC overshoot. two legs up since 14 SCX. prob top of TR. less likely, the rally continues and 40 becomes MG.
41 sell signal for BCX and bull TC overshoot. also a bops / test of yesterdays low.
42 bad entry bar for bears. but high 1 after a BCX, so prob SA.
43 second entry for BCX and TC overshoot.
45 bull BO, mm tgt above based on 40 above. failed wedge.
46 second BCX, parabolic buying. filled overnight gap. prob 2 legs down soon.
47 weak high 1 after CC BCX.
49 tight bull MC, with three pushes up. but little SP. prob will reach mm above based on 40 before reversal for 2 legs down.
50 2BR, final flag, second entry sell setup for BCX and 2 legs down, but still within tight bull channel.
55 building SP, bears starting to initiate shorts. prob TR soon. but still mm tgt above and bull flag. prob buyers at EMA (20EMA gap bar).
58 high 2 off bottom of small TR (bull flag) and 2 legged pullback to EMA. also a DBPB (47,53).
60 first close below EMA, small SCX. bulls should buy for scalp up.
61 weak low 1 into bottom of bull flag. prob buyers below.
63 wedge bull flag buy setup.
65 suspected broader bull channel from 42-63.
66 strong 4 bar rally. new high likely. mm tgt still above. bulls might begin to take profits at new high and transition to TR trading.
67 weak reversal attempt. but also a weak high 1 into high of developing TR.
68 bull BO, bulls bought new high SOS. reached mm tgt, but also a BCX and bull TC overshoot.
69 bear signal for buy climax and reversal
71 2BR with 69 on HTF chart. broad bull channel, building selling pressure.
77 first EMA gap bar, high 2 off bull trend line. but bear signal bar, ok swing buy but SSW.
78 first close below bull TL. bulls should return soon for retest of high.
80 weak low 1 into bottom of BF and after first bull TL break. prob buyers below, but bulls may be waiting for test of 63 low before becoming aggressive, so BTW.
82 low 2, but more likely a bear trap and final flag reversal for test of high. micro wedge bottom, small spike and channel bear trend (bull flag).
83 buy signal for failed low 2. should test around 73 (start of bear channel) at min.

Today was a bull reversal day. The dominant price action feature of the day was the failed wedge reversal which turned into a spike and channel bull trend.

Best Trades

21 failed low 2 after CC SCX and reversal.

39 failed wedge reversal attempt and high 1 (also variant of high 2) off bull trend line and EMA.

50 2BR, second entry swing short after 2 (arguably 3) consecutive buy climaxes, a bull trend channel overshoot, and parabolic wedge. only resulted in a test of EMA and scalpers profit before the bulls came back in, but was good for two legs down (although minor).

61 weak low 1 into bottom of bull flag, and after small sell climax (60) and first close below EMA. also a signal for a wedge bull flag but was not triggered until 64.

63 wedge bull flag pullback to EMA. also a high 2 and large high 2 (2 legs down from 50). technically high enough % for a scalp, but the better scalp entry was below 61.

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central florida
Posts: 192 since Jul 2014


Today is the last day of the month; the bulls want the month to close on its high (0765) for a strong second entry signal bar at the bottom of the two year trading range. This could lead to a BTC bull trend going into the close. Overnight there was a strong second leg up on the 60 minute chart, and prices are now back to the top of the large trading range. Todays large gap open and small opening range could lead to a trend from the open day; traders will enter on the breakout of the opening range in either direction.

19 downward sloping ttr, weak bear channel. building selling pressure but the bears cannot close below EMA, SOW. poss wedge bull flag from gap open.
23 failed bull BO of bear TL (closed within). strong resistance above (0760, top of large TR). bulls need a strong BO above with FT, will probably not become aggressive without some type of double bottom. bears will try to form final bull flag reversal for HOD.
26 still holding above EMA, first close below will prob be bought. prices will likely need to test above the 0760 price before deciding on direction.
30 strong bull BO, closed just above mm from opening range. poss buy climax, or may get mm up based on 30. bears want final flag reversal, bulls want bull channel, bull trend from the open.
31 weak bear reversal attempt, therefore high 1 bopbl buy setup. prob bb.
34 second entry 2BR for failed bull BO, but overlap. not that strong, but ok swing short for HOD.
35 small spike and bull channel. will prob reach mm from 30 spike. news announcement close of next bar.
36 bull FT bar. bulls will BTC. mm tgt not far above. 35 potential MG, but less likely. poss spike and climax bull trend.
37 end of BTC (tail). mkt deciding between spike and climax bull trend, or spike and channel. bears will start to sell and scale in for test of 32 area (end of first leg).
38 evidence of 2 sided trading, LO bears made SP selling 37 close. 37 BTC bulls should scale in for retest of 37 close.
39 building SP, filled 35 gap, less likely to become MG. mm tgt still above from 30. first test of bull TL.
40 3 CC bear bars, bad for bull case, suggesting spike and climax bull trend. but poss broader bull channel after 2 legs down. need to wait for more information, spike and channel slightly more likely.
41 bopb high 1, but prob better to wait for second leg down, even if small. within MF of EMA.
42 37 BTC bulls exitied breakeven (tail 42) after scaling in. SOW. but weak low 1 into bottom of bull flag and bull TL, however stop would be above EMA so somewhat risky.
45 bears attempting to form a LHMTR, but short into bull TL and weak setup. but prices are failing to rally strongly off bull TL, SOW, may get break soon and test of EMA.
47 let 37 BTC bulls out breakeven. small wedge leg since 41. 30 mm tgt not far above.
48 parabolic buy climax, reached mm tgt from 30, potentail mm from 35 negative gap, but may not be reached after BCX.
49 2BR for BCX and 2 legs down, but not that strong. might get one more push up before reversal. LO scale in bears exiting with SP at 49 stop entry price, so BTW for second entry / third leg up / break of bull TL.
51 first break of bull TL, first pullback to EMA in 20 bars; will prob be buyers at EMA. one more push up (retest of high) may lead to reversal and test of 32 area (wedge, three pushes up since 30 spike).
53 strong bear spike, but first close below EMA, likely will be bought. strong bulls will exit on rally to test high, wont look to buy again for 2 legs down / test of 32. strong bears will hold shorts for same target. tight bear MC, need to wait for BOPBL before buying. potential DBBF with 41 soon.
54 2BR, broke bear MC TL. prob BB anticipating BOPBL of bull flag (also a weak low 1 into bottom of BF / TR). likely buyers below 41 (bears need strong BO below with FT, less likely without first test of bull high).
58 BOPB high 2 long with trapped bears. EMA is becoming flat - transition to TR soon. bulls prob will take profits at new high, bears will short with LO.
59 weak low 2 into bottom of BF, prob BB or buyers soon.
62 outside bear bar low 2, but flat EMA, shorting into lows. prob bear trap.
64 small SCX to bottom of developing TR. bears need strong FT bar closing below 41. second leg down since 49, small spike and bear channel with parabolic third leg (64).
65 bear FT bar, but tail. poss spike and channel bear trend. but more likely formation of TR with 32 area.
70 big outside bull bar, second attempt to reverse up from a new low. bottom of developing TR. stop entry is in middle of range (not preferable).
71 weak low 2 into bottom of TR.

Today was a large trading range day. After a bull breakout and measured move up (also a spike and climax bull trend), prices tested the start of the second leg and formed a large trading range. The month will likely close near its high (high of today) for a strong bull signal bar on the monthly chart.

Best Trades

27 high 2 / wedge bull flag off EMA and bottom of TTR. stop entry in the middle of a LOM and ttr, so must swing.

31 weak reversal attempt (weak low 1), bopbl, and high 1 after a strong bull spike. the best entry was buying below 31 with a limit order, but buying above 32 on a stop was also acceptable.

42 weak low 1 at the bottom of a bull flag. also a bopbl from 41. could have also bought above 43 for a high 2, but was riskier since buying high and after a potential second BCX (should take this entry for a swing instead of a scalp).

49 two bar reversal for second (or third) buy climax to a mm target. also a spike and climax bull trend, and wedge retest of the 37 high (42,45,48). due to the lack of SP in the 48 rally, and first entry short, this was a swing entry.

66 two large legs down from 49 and two smaller legs down from 57, making this a high 2 and a large high 2. also a wedge bull flag, and failed break below the most recent bull swing low.

72 weak low 2 at bottom of a trading range. best entry was buying below 71, but could have also entered above the 73 signal bar on a stop.

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Looking forward to your journal!

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Looking forward to your journal!

lol thanks - feel free to ask any questions.


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