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Updated October 15th 2013 by Slieber
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Sliebler's TST Trading Journal

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St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Posts: 25 since Aug 2013
Thanks: 2 given, 15 received

Sliebler's TST Trading Journal

I am looking forward to keeping track of my trading. I think it will really help stay focused and organized. Hopefully I won't need to use the discount offered


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St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Posts: 25 since Aug 2013
Thanks: 2 given, 15 received

First day, Playing the field

It was a pretty amazing feeling to be back on the platform and Squawk Radio. Definitely something I enjoy. As for my trading. I am going to probably spend the next day not sleeping and going around all the charts to see what lies ahead of me. So far it looks like Equities are lining up to be extremely fun as well as Oil. But that is always likely to change as more bars print.

So my goals for tonight and tomorrow is fill up a notebook with numbers and start to put some ratings on some markets. Also doing some serious review of my edge on a whole to help fight any kind of impulse trading. Hopefully keeping this journal, as well as a Trade Journal in Excel (which is actually in Google Docs and I will gladly post the link on here at the end of every trading day) will help slow things down a bit and give me a chance to consistently clear my head.

Very excited.

Check back soon


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St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Posts: 25 since Aug 2013
Thanks: 2 given, 15 received

Well its a start, but need improvement

I traded 6B today and really started fair... I played my edge and was stopped out break even . later in the day I got a a little anxious and got in out of excitement and the trade ended up being completely against my edge. pitty...

Overall the loss was little.

Side note I had a few pages in my notebook analyzing a few different markets. including crude, gold, and 30 yr bonds. some of which made the move others are still waiting.

Crude obviously was a big one. I was bear on it from last night and I failed to properly execute the order. Which is just a reminder of how I need to NOT hesitate on executing my trades.

All in all the big thing to remember is that there is never a shortage of opportunity. EVER. and I am far from discouraged and am looking forward to the next trade and the next opportunity to learn.

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St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Posts: 25 since Aug 2013
Thanks: 2 given, 15 received

Daily Trading Goal

Today my goal is to work on ENTRY and PLACING MY STOPS better, actually I really hope someone in the chatroom will have some advice on finding good entries and placing stops... Obviously this is where I lack the proper knowledge. Second I am just going to keep sticking to my plan. waiting for the right set ups. I know my stuff works, but sometimes I don't let it.

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St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Posts: 25 since Aug 2013
Thanks: 2 given, 15 received

My trading (or trade) today

Woke up with the birds to trade the European Open... not smart... took a bad oil trade that really didn't make it to easy to go back to sleep... but that is okay.

I stuck to my goals and worked on my entries and stops. succeeded. but could still use some improvement.
stuck to my edge and waited all dang day to get into a trade. ended up back on the 6B wagon. actually right before the fed release without thinking. luckily I moved my stop for a measily profit. once that slowed down it really ended up being a great setup. more opportunity than my first entry. and closed in my stop for a nice little gain. nothing crazy, but I am proud of it.

Overall I was actually having a blast waiting around, journaling, and watching for my setups to be rock solid. Actually while I am writing this there is a good one back on 6B. but oh well. There is so much opportunity in these markets its mind blowing.

Anyways, here is a pic for ya. nothing fancy. be back tomorrow. Bright and Early.

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St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Posts: 25 since Aug 2013
Thanks: 2 given, 15 received

For what its worth...

I have been watching the 6B short. and have been semi happy with the results. I could (and will in the future) do better. Due to my late start today I have decided to sit back and watch, journal, review etc.

I did log on and notice something though. The pound taking a big dive. and, as in the title, for what its worth I think it is healthy to not necessarily make the trade that your edge predicts but to just review the market action that comes after your prediction, review it, and take notes as to what could have been done better. So, I have put a picture on that is pretty cool and helps at the very least build a little confidence.

Disclaimer: I am a rookie and all trades discussed should be taken with a grain of salt.

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St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Posts: 25 since Aug 2013
Thanks: 2 given, 15 received

Heck of a Friday

Today was just a lame Trading Day, I didn't do anything I should have done, and it would have been better to probably sit out.

First off I started with a trade last night that went on into the morning, this trade was valid and played out how I had planned... but for some reason I turned it into a loser.

Then I had this weird inclination that I should keep trading without stopping to clear my head and plan my next move (you can see where this is going). I am not looking forward to putting these trades into my trading log... to say the least.

This weekend is going to be good to just slow down and go over all the markets again to see where I stand, what I need to do, and where the opportunity is. I've got a little ground to cover before I am back to being on my prime.

More to come.


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St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Posts: 25 since Aug 2013
Thanks: 2 given, 15 received

After some Thought

I have written in my journal all the things I did wrong today. Or tried to until I ran out of ink. but once I stole a new pen from the waitress at the bar, I started on a little prerogative. I was going to keep it in my journal, keep it personal. Whats the fun in that. If it can help at least one person trade better than I would never regret sharing.
That's how sweet I am.

Enter the grammatically challenged world of My Journal.

Aug 23 S&P disaster:

I was very irresponsible today, I accept that and can only see it as progress. I took my system and my rules AND the basic rules of trading and threw it out the window. Looking back, I was never giving myself an opportunity to really use my "edge" that I have been working so long and hard on developing.

For starters, I NEED to review every trade idea B4 I make it, hands down. No matter how little time I may think I have. Write it out on paper and clearly decipher the reasoning's behind my trade idea.

+ Before I make a trade I MUST -

Make a decision on market direction based on my specific approach and analysis. Any indication of market direction based on my approach any short term price action and should always be considered before making a trade. The ONLY time a trade should be made in the opposite direction will require careful consideration and strong indication and should be taken only if a target of a reverse position is in future outlook. This includes indicators that will only in the end support the overall bias. This is a requirement and my bias will always be reconsidered and will remain fit and according to my long term bias. ( if that makes sense)

Once a trade is identified and meets ALL criteria I need to carefully and properly not it and explain it in an objective form and confirm it is not based on emotion. I will be constantly aware of the big picture bias I have developed by using my edge and criteria. I will also be ready to act on a trade without hesitation and second guessing.

I will not be Wooed (spell check that) by the idea of profits and money in general. Money is second to a proper trade. and disciplined trading. I need to compose myself every-time I start thinking about money and even stop trading until I can refocus on the real profit which is making a proper and well executed trade. That is more rewarding than the $$.

I need to focus on the HERE and NOW and never let a trade (more specifically a bad trade) get to me. All I can do is sit back and analyze the market and identify why the trade happened the way it did and whether or not it was due to an emotional state and mis-judgment or if there was something that market was teaching me and something I can apply to my system to improve it.

I HAVE to know when to quit. If I catch myself making exceptions, trading on "hope", taking trades that weren't properly planned, not caring about things that I usually do, than I need to walk away and hit my head on the wall. or just take a cold shower.

I need to regularly revise and review my bias on a market. Always looking back and making sure things are still going the same way.

If I find myself making trades, or attempting to trade a market that I haven't been able to successfully build a bias on I need to get lost. away from the computer.

I need to consistently Humble myself. and never think I can do this without taking the time to identify and implement my edge.

I must never let a winner turn into a loser. OR let a loser get away from me in a bad way. NOTE: Be f*#ing quick to get out of a trade that is proving me wrong.

and I must always let this list grow for the better. revising it like I do my system.

Questions to ask myself before entering a trade:

Whats the major trend?
Why would it reverse?
Why would it go down or up?
Is there a reason to believe there is a reversal in the near future I should watch for?
Is there a clear and concise reason for it to move in a certain direction and what is that direction?
Have I gone back to see if anything has changed or developed that might change my bias?
what are the levels or numbers that may effect the markets movement or give me opportunity?
Have I written down all of my reasoning for a pre trade review?
Have I read aloud my personal trading rules and general trading rules?
Have I taken into careful consideration historical price behavior for that specific market?
Have I planned what I am going to do with my stops and what I am going to do IF I get stopped out?
Have I read my affirmations for the day (if you don't have any find some) and reviewed my checklist and re-read this awesome post?
Am I free of trade worry or am I catching myself having FOMO (thanks sandrak) symptoms?

This is what I have in my journal for today. now time to kick back, review, and turn on Blues Traveler Radio. A good way to start the weekend right?

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St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Posts: 25 since Aug 2013
Thanks: 2 given, 15 received

Didn't trade this monday

I have no trades to post, but I figured I would sum up my journal for the day anyways.

Entry 1

When forming a bias (this is unique to me and my system as far as I know but take it and run with it if you'd like)

Using MY approach to determine major trend direction. and trading with an open mind on short term direction I feel leaves my mind open to the idea of the market being unique and having the ability to move in either direction. this makes it (I feel) really easy to be objective and open to the truth behind what is going on. As opposed to being stuck on one definite direction and missing out on an indication of reversal. Keep the mind open to opportunity.

Entry 2.


This is just a hypothesis, but when journaling Friday and committing to several requirement to make I trade I have noticed that there is a significant decrease in anxiety and emotion involved. maybe this is due to the fact that a lot of the burden is placed on the system and and if all the loose ends are covered and the criteria is met to a T than the need for anxiety is passed on to the system itself. In reverse I am considering the idea of emotion in a trade as an indication that I missed something. So to confirm the trade or toss it I need to review my reasoning behind the trade. this will allow me time to relax, and confirm I took the right steps and followed my plan/rules.

Just some food for thought.

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October 15, 2013

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