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Sharmas Journal
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Sharmas Journal

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Membership Temporarily Revoked
Boston, MA
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Sharmas, I think I've found the niggly bit people are taking issue to. I had to go back in the thread a bit to find the following...

"...Yes many of you have contacted me but i will never be able to share the 'secret sauce" method and as for the levels it will be shown on the chart.

How is it worked out will also be a secret..."

That is from this post 2 or so weeks ago...

When you say "how it is worked out will be kept secret" doesn't jive. So some folks may deem that to be an ulterior motive, since it causes them to want to ask you in PM about the "secret sauce".

I thought the sauce thing was a jokey lark on your part when I briefed through the thread. But now that I see you have used that expression in many instances for so long in your journal, even I am taken aback a little. It does seem a bit provocative.

Hey, don't get me wrong, I appreciate the work you have done in your journal, and while I do not understand your methods, I take them for what they are...YOUR particular methods for setting levels. I don't think anybody could ever appropriate someone else's methods and be successful, because every trader is different. It is great for reference and to give ideas, but those who try to duplicate exactly would probably not succeed.

I would suggest you give up the "secret sauce" and spill the beans. That may alleviate you from the pressure you might be feeling from the public voice.

I directed a currently-banned user to my own journal link a couple days ago, which you have visited IIRC. There was, and is, no "secret sauce" to it. I have mentioned in the thread that the only subjective parts about it are intuition, a basic understanding of Fibbos over a very long term, and the ability to weather the storm. I am sure many traders find it unwieldy, maybe even "cowboying" a trade. But it is the plan I have come up with. But I have no "secret sauce", I simply tell it like it is, good or bad, how I interpreted the charts, and the ongoing and end results.

Consider it please. Do what you can to assuage the posting public that you are not a vendor, if you truly are not one, hiding under a guise of having magic. Share the magic, because nobody else will be able to do exactly what you do with your sauce, no matter how hard they try. So it shouldn't affect your trading at all.

(P.S. Ohhh man, you ain't gonna' like what I had to do after my latest sim CL position to keep me from being distracted when I went live (still in that MGC as of close today. Up like 20t, yay). The trade will hopefully close out by Monday morning, have a ~60t target. Once the live trade closes out, I'll post the severe CL damage. It was, like, a lot.).

My 3 cents.

Last edited by HoopyTrading; August 5th, 2016 at 11:36 PM. Reason: 2 weeks, not 6 weeks ago. oops, and added a bit more
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Thank you Kulu

I hear you and take your point

If I posted the charts with my many years of losses will people question my motive then.

This is my journal and I am documenting my trades and thoughts and yes I do get asked questions so does that make me a vendor or that I must have motives

Why can't people simply live with the fact this is my journal and I can write and show my method.

As for sharing Yes if I do that I will be accused of being a vendor and I don't even know of a vendor who uses the levels and prepared to show the levels in open like I have done

I ask nothing but Big Mike to complete his investigation as to which and there are few as per Mike that I have directed them to a site

And I am pretty sure those people are reading this journal and all I ask if you are a real man then show the proof here on my journal that I have directed you to a particular vendor that sells the method that I am using and showing in my journal

As for the Vendors as I have openly supported few on this forum and will continue to support the ones that have been honest and only through my own experience

I really appreciate those members who have been supportive and for that I will be ever so grateful to you and you all know who you are

Thank you


Last edited by sharmas; August 5th, 2016 at 11:27 PM.
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Houston, TX
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sharmas View Post
After all the fun i had in last 2 days where my journal has been thrashed to pieces and now i have been made the secret agent.

Man i always want to be FBI and may be not in real life, but i got that tag here. Whoever you people are, love you to bits.

This is how the levels got respected last night.

Are these random lines and did i not put these levels before the start of the session.

I will share the levels but not show my daily trades as it has certainly made people jealous and for them to drop so LOW in their lives that they have promoted me to a vendor.


If you want to dispel all the rumors, why don't you just share "the secret sauce"? Otherwise, what's the point in posting "teaser screen shots" every day? Originally, when I joined back in 2009, the forum was all about sharing; helping other traders to succeed.

After all, it's what you learn AFTER you know it all, that counts!
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Posts: 710 since Apr 2010
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Thank you my friend

I am not worried about the secret sauce but I do take exception to that I have directed people to a vendor

I will leave it here as its been tough few days in the office and has taken me away from my trading

From today I won't share or show and will come and update my journal when I feel like it. It took me years to get back into my journal and I still believe journaling your trades and thoughts is a great teacher.

I am not a vendor and have not asked anyone to go to any site or have even slightly indicated them to a vendor that sells this method

Heck I would love to find out who else uses my method

And @TheWizard we go a long way and we have shared a lot of ideas together and for that I greatfull to you


Unless @Big Mike fronts up with details it's not point in going on about this

Last edited by sharmas; August 6th, 2016 at 12:49 AM.
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washington dc
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What a drama!

Hi Sharmas and all fellow members,
I've been following this journal with interest and I do have post too asking question to Sharmas.
I've found this journal very inspiring and matter of fact thanks to this journal and a method that I'm currently following I came up with my own levels calculated differently than Sharmas but very accurate indeed. So for that alone I'm grateful to Sharmas.
I'm one of the the member that asked Sharmas about is mentor for the "secret sauce" and he has not direct me anywhere but as a good educated person he just acknowledge my message.
Again I want to say that Sharmas HAS NOT DIRECT ME TO ANY VENDOR. So as far for me is very clean and I appreciate his honesty and time to put his stuff in this forum and I really wish he'll keep posting.

Yes jealousy makes people strange.. Just take what he is posting and live the guy alone!!!

Sharmas please keep posting and as for private messages feel free to use what I've sent you.

Thanks again to you and Big Mike to stay on top of this great community!


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You can say whatever you want as its a direct reflection of your IQ
First get to know your world clock and if you ever went to a school you'd know it's Saturday night where I am
Second I shared my experience and is that wrong as I owe a lot to VK and his teaching and he opened my eyes to Algos and levels

Third I have asked you not to write in my journal, either you are someone else pretending to be Serif as your mission on this forum has been to follow me and keep repeating I am promoting and being a scam

Come out clean as to what is your method why not show us your chart

Do I go and be annoying or disrespect to another member as seems like you have become my number one fan.... Not

And I bet you are one of those members who complained and be a man and show the proof or simply Shut up


Serif View Post
This thread is just too suspicious, if you look at this thread:

You can clearly see that Sharmas is promoting kongzanatrading and if you look at page 9 from his journal again several times, kongzanatrading, then post 208 again kongzanatrading. There was a post from him where he wrote that he was late in the room but I cannot find it any more, probably because he edit the post.

If you take this into account and the fact that he is just trading from a simulator with a large contract size just too show big DOLLAR signs , then yes he is just promoting himself or someone else.

I have asked him why he was trading from a simulator but I never got an answer from him, instead an angry replay.

Last edited by sharmas; August 6th, 2016 at 05:44 AM.
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Posts: 710 since Apr 2010
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Close my Journal

@Big Mike

Can you please close my journal as this has become the most annoying thing and more distracting than I thought

If people have this kind of treatment then I do wonder why people do t want to start their journal

Also for the FINAL time I am not a vendor and I do not want to share my system as my system has been developed over months and yes I have attended VKs room as a paid subscriber and does that make me a vendor affiliated to VK

Yes I have have shared my experience and does that make me a scam and my method and VKs methods are very different

I have posted my levels in advance and shared my trades as I thought this was my journal and my journey

Please close my journal and I thank each and every member who helped me in my journey and supported me
@Big Mike you and I had one of those relationships and please I have always showed you the respect that you deserve as you have and still do a brilliant work to keep this the very best forum. However you are quick to jump to conclusions.


Last edited by sharmas; August 6th, 2016 at 06:57 AM.
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ES Levels

For Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Go and beat this levels to death and say and do whatever you want with it

Learn Price Action and levels and when i overlay my institutional levels on my trading charts, it all makes sense and gives me fantastic overview of the market and trades that anyone can take.

Enjoy the charts while the journal is still up and running.

Waiting for Big Mike to close this journal as Haters will be haters and they will be liars and i have been accused of being a Vendor as ACME, VK's room and yes i have also promoted and shared ACE Trades.... WOW i should stop trading and make my millions by being the Vendor for all these 3

While people make up stories and make me a vendor, i am trading live account and bringing home bacon every day.

I dont go on to other peoples journal and stalk them like a lunatic.

Make money and if you dont like another person's journal then just let it go. Dont become a person with 0.005 IQ level arse and you know exactly who you are.


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Last edited by sharmas; August 7th, 2016 at 01:25 AM.
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When does the levels change

Having levels is one thing.

Having random lines is another thing.

Do you really know when to use the levels and how to use it in alignment with the institutional traders.

We all get told we need to use support and resistance and the big question is when does it start and when does it end.

We all get told the market starts on this time, does it really.

Also does anyone teaches you how to compound your account.

Start with risking $100.00 to make $100.00 and only do this once you have worked out your edge in the market and then use your own highest probability set up.

Repeat the same process for next 15 days..

After 15 days....repeat the process again but this time use 2 contracts... and so forth....

Why did the market stall at 42.38....

Here is CL chart showing levels from last week and new levels in orange that i calculated on Saturday after the market closed.

Make what you want....

I have invested heavily in my trading office... Spent a significant amount of money with a state of art trading beast....I do not take screen shots from the trading machine and infact it only has very few programs in it as the risk is very high.

I run the institutional levels on my laptop also but in a very condensed manner,and my laptop is my social and everyday use device.

If you are in trading business you need to know who you up against. Do you think the big players are trading off their laptops and social media devices.


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Sharmas Journal-cl-09-16-3-min-8_08_2016.gif  

Last edited by sharmas; August 8th, 2016 at 04:26 AM.
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Compounding Contracts

Trading is simple if you want it to be

Dont over analyse it.....Dont complicate it

Follow the Sharks and you just feed off their meal.

Find a set up that gives you 100.00 per trade and repeat it over and over.

Our fear and Greed destroys us.... Start with 100.00 per day and stick to your business plan

Write down your set up and pull the trigger when you see your set up with confidence. Set your profit at $100.00.

Dont get greedy and say wow it went up another 600.00. Well it very well could have gone up 200.00 and then stopped you out.

Market is is here today and will be here tomorrow.... People make money from other traders... Decide which one you want to be.

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