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I want a bar graph for tracking my intraday P&L. Thx

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I want a bar graph for tracking my intraday P&L. Thx

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New York, New York
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: MetaTrader
Trading: ES
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Maybe I'm jumping the shark for asking.

Basic idea. Just some bars to show P&L. I think a lot of people would like it. Total profit expressed on the right hand side of it with $0 at the bottom on the right hand side. Each bar represents a trade, and perhaps if someone can swing it, make a volume bar that represents how many contracts, shares, or lots in that trade.

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New York, New York
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: MetaTrader
Trading: ES
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toshackers View Post
Sorry. TOS can't do it. Exel will be good.

Would the Excel receive data instantaneously as the trades are happening? That's what I want for students.

If the data is not compiled until after the day is over in a total dump of all of it at once, then it can't be useful for all it would be for.

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los angles, CA
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Trader2016 View Post
Would the Excel receive data instantaneously as the trades are happening? That's what I want for students.

If the data is not compiled until after the day is over in a total dump of all of it at once, then it can't be useful for all it would be for.

Wondering if this would be possible in Multicharts?

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Experience: Intermediate
Platform: NinjaTrader & Jigsaw
Broker: Rithmic
Trading: ZB UB
Posts: 143 since Dec 2016

Just out of curiosity, do you think that looking at one's PnL all day could be counter productive for your students?

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Cassopolis, mi/ USA
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: Thinkorswim
Broker: TD Ameritrade
Trading: Sugar, Coffee, ES, RB, CL, DX,
MrFutures999's Avatar
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I think looking at your daily PnL will diminish your abilities to concentrate overtime.
Perhaps what you are looking is more a performance based chart,


I personally use fundseeder, free and highly recommended.


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New York, New York
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: MetaTrader
Trading: ES
Trader2016's Avatar
Posts: 142 since Feb 2016
Thanks: 20 given, 42 received

The Fund Seeder thing is too "off base." I just keep a tight, simple "base" for the students to stick to because it's tough enough to get them to commit and stick to it as it is now. Any complications or costs just blow up the project because they don't wanna......

As far as a real time bar chart that plots the actual per trade chart bar P&L with candle wicks to show trades losing and profiting as they are on the chart...I don't see this kind of thing as a real problem. At worst it is a novelty. At best it is a dial and meter on a pilot's dash board so to speak.

I think the trouble that people are wondering about in the case of people eyeing their P&L while trading is something of a dream catcher problem. I know what you mean by filtering out that kind of information from your thought processes, but really it's training your thought processes to filter out the emotion that can misconstrue your thought processes which lead to faulty execution of entry and exit stratagem.

I try to keep the spirit inside of trainees as full and robust as possible in everything I train people to operate. A tiny piece of data should never become something that is powerfully overwhelming per the spirit strata of that entire cyborg mechanical operation in which the spirit is the trainee is only one component of the overall machine that is engaged on the big job. In risk management in various occupations I learnt that that's the worst enemy of all, and keeping the spirits up, so that their "soul foot" is much broader and heavier than tiny, prickly little pieces of data information flowing into the eyes and ears. If you're soul has bug feet, then the data showing risk in your risk management job whatever it might be is as big or bigger than your soul's bug feet. That's why you become over powered, and then the whole operation is flawed because of that single, trivial component.

I have learned that simply the fact that people are so "moved" as in their bowels are moving in the midsts of the risk that the invaluable info through the eyes and ears are providing means they are sensitive enough to see bigger picture eventually, and function as a living part or extension of it. In other words you are sensitive enough to flow with the information once you have learned your occupational field. The only reason you do not flow with the information is because you don't know the big picture of the occupation you're participating in. You have to induct that into your spirit.

Think about it like a dog or a bird rolling in the dirt dusting themselves trying to get as fully covered and messed in that dirt as possible. In this case rather than dust it's information through experience, experiments, and research all for free online that you have to keep rolling in to dust your soul so the big picture is as much a part of your soul as anything else in your life is. They don't pay you for nothing in this industry. You have to earn your keep while the rest do indeed sleep.

By the way, bowels is the area within you is a reference to the spirit phenom within you.

I used to be a tree climber as a business owner. I loved the climbing. Freedom, manhood, and excitement. I was a bodybuilder shooting for the minor leagues previously.

In my first year I was in these trees only 40ft in the ear standing on climbing spikes pricked into the trunk with a steel core rope that wrapped around the back of the trunk both ends clipped onto my climbing saddle, and all my body could do was shake like jello in the knees and elbows. The fact I were in a tree was not the big deal. That was amazing, but what also was amazing was the fact that my whole body was reacting the way it was. Weak in the knees was the least you could say about it. Total jello.

I had to get these jobs done within a certain amount of time because I had bid them for that amount of time. To take longer would cost me money, and I had to have the price competitive because of reasons I won't say why.

It was a few years later that I had forgotten all about those days because I was working 80 hours a week day in and out all 7 days a week. I finally realized that when I climbed the trees, it was like walking on the floor of a tall building. You know how that feels. You just pay attention to everything except the heights. And that's how I were. I paid nothing to the fact I were so high off the ground, but really I just didn't feel the risk like before because I knew I managed the risk fully and thoroughly 100% with my climbing and rigging equipment. It was still exciting though.

So when I were jello in the trees, I learned that if I became very pissed off, I could change all of that jello into cool working cucumbers. Naturally if jello arms and legs was holding up the work and the profits, and I were an avid athlete previously, then you know how pissed off I were at my body. But that's what stopped the problem.

Well, it is true that I became like a tenacious, short tempered mountain lion with other virtues as a result of that job. The one thing I can tell you though for sure is that when I was very knowledgeable about all of the possibilities in the climbing and rigging experience, and I had all of the right safety and rigging equipment under my belt, I feared nothing. Once I started to fear nothing, I could just do my job, and my spirit became robust like that bigfoot analogy I explained above.


Once you are very familiar with the market because you've been trading all days and trading all nights overnight in various markets while researching who or what is behind those charts in the various business seasons, then you've seen it all. You know what the market does what it does, and you know what everyone else is thinking about in regards to it.
You've thought about it all. Then it's just your office there, & you don't freakout because you know what to expect, and you have all of the equipment under your belt.

Equipment under your belt in this case is just a reference to all of the arithmetic strategies that you use to pay for your cost of each trade before that loss is realized, shrinking the cost of risk, and a quasi form of budgeting work which can be pretty tedious. Then there is the basics as far as what can the market do and not do when the patterns on the chart are showing what the crowd behind the charts are doing AND THINKING. You have to know what what they are thinking when they see the chart because that determines a lot about what can and can't happen, and as long as you have an answer for everything that it can swing, then you are just safely working out your business amongst riskies. That's your job.

My job in the trees was to take out the biggest blocks of those trees, and swing them over the homes, fences, decks, cars, power lines, and sometimes lives etc because the days with the biggest blocks were the work days that paid the most. It was just about going as fast as possible, to save as much time and other costs by the end of the job, for the highest profit margin. If I didn't know where I was at in the process, I didn't dare move the job forward or just move through the tree etc because I have to know all of the possibilities, AND I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT I'M GOING TO DO IN A HEARTBEAT IN THE CASE OF EACH OF THOSE POSSIBILITIES. You gotta be clear about tat. And it's the same in trading. If I don't know where I am, I do not dare make a move, or I even just pull the trade out. The cost of dropping tree tops on people and property structures is just as bad as dropping a trade, but the thing is that I only had one error one time when I did not comprehend how much the tiny breeze factor was on a certain treetop in a narrow drop zone, so I hit the lip of the roof of an apt building. That particular job was for free, and I was lucky that the builders that hired me could get it repaired wholesale.

But the bottomline is just keep hammering hammering hammering away, testing the strategies, and even completely wrecking the strategies in SIM. Use as many hours a day, week, and year to get this part of the job out of the way. You really gotta just ball yourself up, lock yourself in, and throw yourself into the web until you got it. Be merciless to yourself, and when you start thinking or feeling like you deserve better than work so hard, you catch that dream just by reoccupying your whole spirit with your work.

Lots of practice every day. I learned on /ES because it is the most widely reported and trader/investor known market in the world which made the soul of this market transparent. I wanted to be able see this market so clearly all of the way to the executions of the participants and the algorithms, that when this market or any market actually gives away it's card hand, I know what to do right then. It's just that kind of thing. Just like a poker game for money. When the gigs up, you've got the ante. Don't look back, and head to the next table or the next day with it. Of course it's not tables in the market. It's other markets, but it's basically the same thing.

When you first were driving, you were willy nilly and even frigid inside, but now driving is a known and familiar thing. Just use that before and after transition in your life as a reference. It's just as real there as it is in the job occupation, and don't let it get any less red blooded than that, or it won't work for you.

How many possibilities can happen in an intersection? What'll you do in each case? And so forth..... It's just the same on these charts.

And you know when the market doesn't obey the levels right, it means one thing. When it does obey them, it means another thing. When the market has obeyed the levels right 2 or 3 times in a row, then people have made money, and it'll stop obeying the levels because we poker players have just won the ante, and we have moved on to another table or another day.

It's just that that full reality. But you know if you haven't done the time, and you have paid your dues, then you've got tiny little bug feet, so that gust inside your soul will knock your concentration right off of the branch you sitting on. When and if it does, just kill the trade UNLESS you are in training. If you are in SIM and training, then just wreck it.

Wreck as much as possible until SIM money losses start to scare you. lol Then you know just where the "invisible walls are around the NASCAR tracks" are. Until you can feel them in anticipation, you won't anticipate them.
Until you've wrecked into them all year, they are not real in your mind.

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New York, New York
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: MetaTrader
Trading: ES
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Posts: 142 since Feb 2016
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The End.

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