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Psychology and Money Management
This forum is where successful traders spend most of their time and where struggling traders never visit. The psychology and money management forum is where you learn to become a profitable day trader

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Psychology and Money Management

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June 8th, 2019 10:51 PM Go to last post
ai, algos, analytics, average, buy, charity, code, comparison, conditional, correlation, data, day trading, derivative, discretionary, dow, ebook, ema, emini, es, feedback, futures, holy_grail, how to, imbalance, indicator, indicators, information, institution, institutional, journal, living, loss, mark douglas, money management, new indicator, newbie, nq, options, paper, paper trading, patterns, people, platform, profitable, programming, psychology, quantify, re-cap, recognition, reward, risk-reward, scalper, scalping, scan, self destructive, seminars, sentiment, short, sp, steenbarger, strategy, successful trader, swing, systems, tapatalk, tharp, tick, tor, trading, trading account, trading plan, trading psychology, trading strategy, trading system, training, transformation, type, values, van tharp, volume, wiley Sticky Thread Sticky: Trading Psychology and How The Mind Works (III) (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page)    (Started/Last: George, arun28887)
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January 12th, 2019 01:50 AM Go to last post
account size, ai, algo, algo trading, algos, arbitrage, ats, average, broker, brokers, buy, chat, code, coding, combine, comparison, copper, courses, crypto, data, discretionary, discretionary trading, dow, downloading, ecuador, el, elite, error, es, est, feedback, funding, futures, goldman sachs, grief, guru, hft, holy grail, holy_grail, how to, how to trade, imbalance, indicator, indicators, infinity, information, institutional, instrument, jigsaw, jigsawtrading, john grady, journal, limit, list, living, long term, loss, mac, margin, mes, micro, micros, midpoint, mike bellafiore, money management, naked options, nasdaq, new york, newbie, news, nifty, ninja, optimization, options, order flow, orders, oscillator, paper, paper trading, papertrading, people, platform, portfolio, profitable, programming, proprietary trading, psychology, pure price action, quantify, r3algood, ram, ranting, repeating, research, review, reward to risk, risk management, risk reward, sample, scalping, science, search, share trading, short, short term, short-term, sierra, simulator, size, soap, software, spread, standing, statistics, stocks, strange, strategies, strategy, strength, support, swing, switch, systems, take profit, technology, templates, tick, top, tor, trade management, traded, trading, trading buddy, trading career, trading room, training, trends, trial, tsl, type, values, vendor, volatility, volume, webinars, xav Sticky Thread Sticky: Time to Give Up (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page)    (Started/Last: Big Mike, Onisowo)
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January 9th, 2019 08:43 PM Go to last post
amp, brokers, commodities, dom, el, elite, email, es, feedback, forex, futures, how to, how to trade, indicators, information, matt davio, micro, micro futures, misstrade, multiple time frames, people, psychology, spot forex, spread, stocks, strategies, tapatalk, time frames, trade setups, traded, trading, trading videos, trial, update, wave, webinar, webinars Sticky Thread Sticky: Webinar: Why Traders Fail (And How To Overcome) with Matt Davio (MissTrade) (Multi-page thread 1 2 3)    (Started/Last: Big Mike, Jacovaci)
28 9,954
September 10th, 2018 09:13 AM Go to last post
acsil, ai, alerts, amp, analytics, ats, automatically, average, benchmarking, break-even, breakout, buy, code, coding, conditional, data, delete, discretionary, discretionary trading, dom, dow, downloading, drawdown, el, elite, equity curve, error, es, est, expectancy, feedback, futures, gdi, geometric, guru, indicator, information, instrument, journal, ladder, limit, list, loss, mac, mae, margin, mathematics, micro, modification, money management, news, ninja, optimization, options, orders, ota, pairs, paper, people, platform, portfolio, position size, position sizing, position_sizing, profit target, programming, psychology, recognition, recurring, review, reward, reward-to-risk, risk reward, sample, scalper, scan, search, sharpe, short, short term, sierra, size, slippage, software, split, sqn, square_of_nine, standing, statistics, stc, stocks, strange, strategy, support, swing, switch, system quality number, systems, technical problems, tharp, theoretical, tick, top, trade exit, trade journal, traded, trading, trading habits, trading journal, trading plan, trading system, trading systems, training, trend, trial, type, values, van tharp, volume, vpoc, vwap, winning percentage, xav, xls Sticky Thread Sticky: Trading Metrics for journals/record keeping (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page)    (Started/Last: Big Mike, ChrisTinaBruce)
929 194,910
June 12th, 2018 08:23 AM Go to last post
automatically, day trading, dow, est, feedback, futures, how to, in the zone, information, ira, limit, living, new york, pairs, people, psychology, repeating, reviews, risk control, size, strategies, traded, trading, trading psychology, trend, will power Sticky Thread Sticky: Trading Psychology and How The Mind Works (I) (Multi-page thread 1 2 3)    (Started/Last: George, reallypo)
20 13,520
December 18th, 2017 08:59 AM Go to last post
algorithmic trading, arb, auction market, comparison, crude, cumulative delta, currency futures, data, day trade, delta, dow, ernest chan, es, est, etf, feedback, forex, forex market, futures, indicators, instrument, leading indicators, limit, limit orders, ninja, order flow, orders, people, profitable, quantitative, quotes, reduce risk, spread, spy, stocks, strategies, tick, traded, trading, underlying, vix, webinar, webinars Sticky Thread Sticky: Webinar: Ernest Chan on Leading Risk Indicators and Order Flow (Multi-page thread 1 2 3)    (Started/Last: Big Mike, paps)
26 7,390
October 21st, 2017 03:32 AM Go to last post
6e, account size, ai, alerts, arbitrage, automated systems, automated trading, automatically, average, backtested, breakouts, code, coding, comparison, convergence, correlation, data, distribution, diversification, diversify, dom, dow, drawdown, elite, email, error, es, est, etf, forex, futures, gc, gold futures, indicator, information, instrument, journal, jp morgan, limit, list, living, loss, margin, money management, monte carlo, news, newsletter, ninja, optimization, options, paper, people, portfolio, position size, position_sizing, precision, profitable, programming, psychology, qualitative, quantmod, quotes, range chart, research, restful, risk management, sample, scaling, search, short, silver, simulation, simulator, size, slippage, software, sp, split, spread, spy, statistical, statistics, stc, stocks, stop loss, stoploss, strange, strategies, strategy, swing, systems, tapatalk, tick, top, trade setups, trade system, traded, trading, trading system, type, update, values, webinar, white, wiley, win rate Sticky Thread Sticky: Risk of Ruin (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page)    (Started/Last: Big Mike, Neonmouse)
125 41,862
August 9th, 2017 04:09 AM Go to last post
code, combine, email, fomo, futures, futures trading, ninja, ninjatrader, platform, profit target, profitable, psychology, review, reviews, short, signals, statistics, support, swing, swing trading, topstep trader, topsteptrader, traded, trading, trading plan, trading psychology, trading videos, tst, vendor, webinar, webinars Sticky Thread Sticky: Webinar: TopstepTrader on Discipline/Psychology (Michael Patak and John Hoagland) (Multi-page thread 1 2 3)    (Started/Last: Big Mike, Three1seventy)
25 10,354
April 28th, 2017 02:36 PM Go to last post
accumulation, ai, algos, amp, automated systems, automatically, breakout, broker, brokers, buy, code, combine, commission, courses, data, daytrading, discretionary, dow, drawdown, elite, es, est, fat tails, feedback, forex, funding, futures, gann, going live, how to, indicator, indicators, information, instrument, john grady, journal, lbr, limit, living, london, lose focus, loss, loss limit, low commissions, margin, market hours, maximize, money management, new york, news, ninja, nyse, pairs, people, precision, price action, profitable, programming, psychology, quotes, real time, ream, resistance, reward, scaling, scalping, scan, science, search, short, short term, sim, sim_trading, size, slippage, split, statistics, stock market, stocks, strategies, strategy, strength, swing, systems, timeframe, top, trade live, traded, trading, trading journal, trading room, trading strategies, trend, trial, type, volatility, white Sticky Thread Sticky: The Greatest Weakness (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page)    (Started/Last: George, aquarian1)
109 31,859
March 28th, 2017 10:47 PM Go to last post
adrienne toghraie, buy, coaching, data, dorman, dow, email, est, gdi, holy grail, holy_grail, information, level 2, limit, money management, news, nlp, patterns, people, psychology, signals, strategy, systems, tharp, trading, trading psychology, trading system, training, trend, van tharp, white Sticky Thread Sticky: Trading Psychology and How The Mind Works (II) (Multi-page thread 1 2)    (Started/Last: George, limitless)
13 9,438
October 5th, 2016 05:07 PM Go to last post
algorithmic trading, average, backtesting, distribution, dow, drawdown, drawdowns, elite, ema, ernest chan, error, es, est, expectancy, fat tails, futures, how to, journal, london, margin, matlab, maximize, meetup, morgan stanley, people, position_sizing, profitable, quantitative, risk management, size, standard deviation, stochastics, strategy, support_and_resistance, trading, type, university, volatility, webinar, webinars, wiley Sticky Thread Sticky: Webinar: Ernest Chan on Capital Allocation and Risk Management (Kelly) (Multi-page thread 1 2 3)    (Started/Last: Big Mike, igoeesd)
27 9,779
May 2nd, 2016 06:06 PM Go to last post
biofeedback, brett steenbarger, dow, elite, financial markets, futures, indicators, information, limit, margin, patterns, profitable, psychology, review, spread, steenbarger, tapatalk, tor, trading, trading psychology, university, webinar, webinars, wiley Sticky Thread Sticky: Webinar: Dr. Brett Steenbarger on Improving Trading Performance (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page)    (Started/Last: Big Mike, Chronos24)
52 11,314
November 29th, 2015 01:07 AM Go to last post
ai, breakout, broker, brokers, cme, crude, crude oil, data, ft71, funding, futures, hsbc, instrument, interest rate, journal, live trading, long term, market profile, oil futures, order flow, profitable, proprietary trading, review, reward, risk/reward, runner, scaling, short, short term, statistical, stc, strategies, topsteptrader, trade journal, trade setups, traded, trading, trading strategies, trading videos, university, webinar, webinars Sticky Thread Sticky: Webinar: TopstepTrader on Post-Trade Analysis and Improvement    (Started/Last: Big Mike, TraderNY)
9 4,163
March 29th, 2014 04:32 PM Go to last post
futures, how to, how to trade, list, loss, money management, reward, trading, trading plan Sticky Thread Sticky: Checklist for Successful Trading    (Started/Last: George)
0 8,184
January 5th, 2010 01:42 PM Go to last post
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ai, al brooks, alerts, bracket, data, data feed, dow, equity curve, es, es trading, est, expectancy, fractals, futures, information, instrument, intraday, journal, loss, maximize, momentum, ninja, ninja trader, orders, people, platform, portfolio, price action, profit target, profitable, reversals, scaling, scalper, short, short-term, signals, statistical, stop loss, strategies, strategy, supertrend, take profit, tick, trade management, trading, trading as a business, trading plan, trailing stop, triggering, type, wave, webinars Setting Trades and Walking Away (Multi-page thread 1 2)    (Started/Last: UnderPar, trendisyourfriend)
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April 3rd, 2013 12:33 AM Go to last post
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11 2,083
April 2nd, 2013 01:08 PM Go to last post
chat, day trading, email, holy grail, holy_grail, indicators, information, loss, mathematics, money management, people, risk management, strategy, trading, trading career, winning percentage Best money management strategy in the world    (Started/Last: esam_jir, Big Mike)
9 1,267
March 30th, 2013 07:56 PM Go to last post
information NET    (Started/Last: David_R, Quick Summary)
1 502
March 27th, 2013 05:07 PM Go to last post
information, ream, strategy, topsteptrader Style Drift -Changing your strategy mid stream    (Started/Last: Silver Dragon, TraderRach)
2 634
March 26th, 2013 12:02 AM Go to last post
arbitrage, average, buy, day trading, dow, drawdown, drawdowns, es, est, how to, how to trade, information, limit, live trading, living, long term, loss, maximize, money management, patterns, people, portfolio, psychology, quantify, retire, split, stocks, strategies, strategy, top, topsteptrader, tor, trading, trading account, trading strategy, trading system, vote, vsa, wave Would you trade with a relatives money? (Multi-page thread 1 2 3)    (Started/Last: Big Mike, iwillsurvive)
29 2,545
March 23rd, 2013 09:47 AM Go to last post
atr, ats, average, back test, back testing, backtesting, code, data, dom, dow, drawdown, drawdowns, expectancy, feedback, futures, holy grail, holy_grail, how to, information, intraday, living, margin, optimization, paper, paper trading, people, position size, profitable, reverse, review, risk profile, sample, size, strategies, strategy, systems, trading, trading system, trading systems, trend, volatility Beginnings of A Successful Strategy?    (Started/Last: stefan416, mwtzzz)
6 920
March 14th, 2013 05:27 PM Go to last post
adr, ai, atr, ats, average, benchmarking, buy, code, commission, crude, daily range, data, dataseries, day session, day trading, daytrading, delete, discretionary, discretionary trading, dow, el, elite, es, eth, fat tails, futures, hft, indicator, indicators, information, institutional, journal, list, lookback, mae, make money trading, matt davio, mfe, misstrade, ninja, options, people, position size, profitable, psychology, quantify, resistance, review, reviews, reward, reward-to-risk, scale in, scaling, sharpe, short, sierra, size, statistics, strategy, support_and_resistance, swing, swing trading, switch, systems, top, traded, trading, trend, tst, type, volatility, vote, vwap, win rate, win ratio Daily profit measured by volatility (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page)    (Started/Last: Big Mike)
63 6,491
March 11th, 2013 07:26 PM Go to last post
ai, algos, automatically, backtest, backtesting, buy, c2, code, correlation, discretionary, distribution, diversify, dom, dow, drawdown, drawdowns, equity curve, es, est, etf, expectancy, expected value, fat tails, futures, how to, information, interest rate, livermore, long term, loss, mathematics, matlab, maximize, monte carlo, paul tudor jones, people, portfolio, profitable, psychology, quantify, reward, risk management, risk reward, risk/reward, self control, sharpe, short, short term, size, steenbarger, strategy, successful trader, theoretical, tor, traded, trading, trading psychology, trend, type, volatility, win percentage Successful traders: Risk Taker or Risk Averse? (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4 5)    (Started/Last: Big Mike, karoshiman)
42 7,251
March 7th, 2013 01:00 PM Go to last post
atm, bund, buy, commission, crossovers, data, day trading, discretionary, dom, dow, drawdown, emini, es, ft71, futures, holy grail, holy_grail, in the zone, indicators, information, instrument, limit, limit order, list, lookback, loss, mark douglas, market profile, mechanical trading, ninja, ninjatrader, optimization, order flow, orders, patterns, price action, profitable, psychology, recognition, reverse, reward, sample, scalping, seminars, short, signals, sim, sim_trading, size, spread, stochastics, stop loss, strategy, swing, switching, systems, tick, traded, trading, trading exercise, trading in the zone, trading plan, trading psychology, trading system, trend, webinars Mark Douglas Trading Exercise    (Started/Last: grahamg, Bermudan Option)
9 5,651
March 6th, 2013 10:36 PM Go to last post
9 5,564
March 6th, 2013 11:00 AM Go to last post
6e, adaptrade, ai, alerts, atr, average, back test, back testing, backtest, backtesting, bollinger band, brokerage, code, contract size, data, discretionary, dow, drawdowns, elite, ema, equity curve, es futures, est, etf, futures, how to, information, limit, list, london, loss, max loss, meetup, momentum, moving average, multicharts, ninja, ninjatrader, nt8, paper, position_sizing, profitable, programming, research, rsi, scale in, scaling, scalping, science, sharpe, short, signal, sim, sim trading, sim_trading, size, spread, spreads, spy, strategies, strategy, switch, switching, systems, tf, top, trading, trend, trend following, volume, win rate, winning percentage Equity curve trading - possible? (Multi-page thread 1 2)    (Started/Last: DarkPoolTrading, HitTheCity)
19 9,265
March 3rd, 2013 07:42 PM Go to last post
ai, buy, correlation, courses, dow, es, est, futures, how to, information, psychology, short, trading, vipassana, zenfire How to clear your mind before Trading (Multi-page thread 1 2)    (Started/Last: Zenturio, josh)
15 2,466
March 2nd, 2013 04:12 PM Go to last post
est, information, trading CES Machines    (Started/Last: lsubeano, daVinciLite)
3 857
February 25th, 2013 01:03 PM Go to last post
ai, atm, atm strategy, atr, average, breakout, broker, brokers, buy, calendar spread, cancelled, chart patterns, commission, comparison, data, discretionary, dom, dow, error, es, es futures, etf, fibonacci, financial markets, forex, futures, how to, how to trade, imbalance, indicators, information, instrument, list, long term, loss, margin, mathematics, multiple accounts, options, orders, patterns, people, pivots, properties, psychology, retracement, retracements, reversals, reverse, reward, runner, short, short term, signals, software, spread, spreads, spy, statistics, stop loss, strategy, swing, systems, take profit, time frames, top, trade management, trading, trading futures, trend, underlying, volatility take loss or increase risk? (Multi-page thread 1 2 3)    (Started/Last: mcteague, lsubeano)
20 2,250
February 24th, 2013 05:15 AM Go to last post
ai, auto trade, average, es, es trading, est, holy grail, holy_grail, how to, information, livermore, living, position sizing, position_sizing, psychology, strategy, tapatalk, trade management, trading, trading psychology, trading system, trend, trend following, webinar Taking responsibility for your own actions (Multi-page thread 1 2)    (Started/Last: liquidcci, David_R)
14 2,483
February 23rd, 2013 04:37 PM Go to last post
ai, al brooks, average, back testing, backtest, backtesting, benchmarking, commission, discretionary, dow, drawdown, elite, equity curve, es, est, forward testing, high frequency trading, information, instrument, interest rate, limit, limit orders, live trading, lookback, loss, margin, max loss, ninja, ninjatrader, orders, paper, paper trading, people, profitable, quantify, reward, risk/reward, sample, sim, sim_trading, slippage, strategies, strategy, time frames, timeframe, trading, trading system, webinar, winning percentage What is a good profit factor? (Multi-page thread 1 2)    (Started/Last: elitetradernyc, leinster)
15 7,908
February 20th, 2013 01:02 PM Go to last post
ai, buy, crude, crude oil, dow, es, est, futures, information, interest rate, people, platform, portfolio, profitable, psychology, short, short selling, size, stock market, supply and demand, support, traded, trading, transact, type, underlying, unethical, variable Ethics of trading (Multi-page thread 1 2)    (Started/Last: Binarystar, ratfink)
18 1,868
February 19th, 2013 07:00 AM Go to last post
atm, ats, brokerage, cme, dow, ebook, elite, es, est, feedback, futures, gold stocks, how to, information, journal, long term, loss, metals, mirusfutures, mirus_futures, money management, no bs, ota, people, platform, position sizing, position_sizing, profitable, retire, review, risk management, short, simulation, standing, statistics, stocks, strategies, trade management, trading, trading plan, trend, vincevirgil, webinar, webinars Webinar: Jeff Quinto - Overcoming Fear (Multi-page thread 1 2 3)    (Started/Last: Big Mike, Bermudan Option)
20 3,971
February 17th, 2013 03:38 PM Go to last post
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