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Experience with hypnotherapy?
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Experience with hypnotherapy?

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One of the trading room I took a trial from the guy is a certified NLP practitioner. He said he uses the Sirius Light and Sound Machine for mental programming. I am considering getting one, there are sellers on amazon that offer 30 day return and its $100 not bad. Its brainwave entrainment. Right now I am just listening to Neuroprogrammer and some hypnosis tapes. It helps I took a big look before lunch break and I was able to get myself back to B/E after I calmed my nerves.

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I've heard of those before, if you get one be sure to report back.


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I read this book...

Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. He was a plastic surgeon and wrote this in the 60's.

To anyone who thinks the subconscious does NOT control the conscious, you are missing out on why some people excell and others 'get it'.

For years, most of my life, I suffered from self sabotoge. I never understood it until I read this book.

My entire outlook on life has changed. My trading has improved as well.

Read it. Or don't.

You will become what you think. Before you do something, you must first visualize yourself doing it.

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Gary View Post
I plan on visiting a local clinical hypnotherapist and wanted to see what experience others had with a hypnotherapist. Have any information to share good or bad? Trading related or otherwise?



I tried some hypnotherapy for trading and non trading issues. In conjunction with the hypnotherapy the therapist first performed a number of sessions of NET (Nuro emotional technique). This is not to be confused with EFT (emotional freedom technique). I can't say I really understand it, or if it really works or not. I did experience some sense of relief during the NET sessions, but I think many of the issues that humans face are like the layers of an onion. There can be many, so addressing one issue may not get you to where you want to be because there are other layers of the onion or links in the chain that still need to be broken, so a number of sessions may be needed. I hope that makes sense. When I had the Hypnotherapy session it was recorded to CD so I could play it over and over. I think it is something where repetition is needed. I always wondered why a hypnotherapist on a talk show could make someone bark like a dog, but they can't make me a super trader in one session. Just kidding. Well, not really.

I think any self improvement steps are just that, steps. I think its a long journey to changer ourselves. We want results now, but in reality its the consistent chipping away that ultimately brings the change. When I was younger I tried hypnotherapy for the first time for a non trading reason. I was hoping and looking for instant results and It didn't work that way. At least not for me. At the time I was doing other things as well such as reading self improvement books like Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins or listening to cassette (yes, cassette) tapes by others to improve myself. I even went to a Tony Robbins seminar and did a small fire walk. This is over 20 years ago when I did that. I'm not fanatical about any of it and never continued to be a follower for lack of a better word and maybe to my own detriment because even though I think I've made self improvement in myself over the last 20+ years, I realize that there are still things that need addressing by the lack of success in trading even after hypnotherapy and NET.


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Experience with hypnotherapy

Gary View Post
I plan on visiting a local clinical hypnotherapist and wanted to see what experience others had with a hypnotherapist. Have any information to share good or bad? Trading related or otherwise?


Hi Gary,
I tried hypnotherapy - ok, actually all 3 of the tools that George had highly recommended: hypnotherapy, Sedona Method and ETF. At least, without going back to the thread, those are the 3 that I recall he most highly recommended (thanks, George)...

And, I agree with whoever made the statement that making an effort and taking steps at self improvement is something that takes time, but it's the small steps that get a person off the trajectory that they're on -- and onto something new.

I do notice that I trust myself more -- or if I'm wrong, that's it's less of an issue, just part of the overall journey. And, the confidence is helpful for sure with staying with trading and focusing more on the objective stuff that I can change and less on beating myself up when I'm wrong.

The ETF is turning into a bigger part of my approach, as I can access free stuff on youtube. smile

Thanks for the topic.

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People...you describing Hypnotherapy as a one piece event...it is not...there is good, bad and ugly hypnotists...there is timing involved...what you had for a breakfast and so on...Let me tell you a story...For 3 decades I practiced Drawing with no noticeable improvements...until I went with my 2 little nephews to the movies...as we were watching it...one thing caught my eye...a strange momentum behavior of one of the actors...I completely forgot all about it...and a few weeks later it came back to my mind...so..before placing a first stroke on the paper..I repeated that momentum move.............I am drawing as a professional since then...Improvements in my technique came naturally and fast...I believe in NLP..HaHaHa...they call it Modeling...the thing that I did...Good luck...anyways...you can't hurry love you just have to wait...til the right moment...and then go all in...ATTACK...

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Pava View Post
People...you describing Hypnotherapy as a one piece event...it is not...there is good, bad and ugly hypnotists....

I didn't think this was a completely fair statement, but I do see how it could appear that way to you, as no other information was there to read it differently.

For some who have many years' experience meditating and have set up imagery that they refer back to each time, it was my experience that the hypnosis experience tapped into what I already had in place and just built some new imagery on top.

So, while I agree with you that a "one time" event of hypnotherapy probably can be a drop in the bucket, if you add in years of meditation and some focused time with one of the good (of the bad and ugly), then the experience might be deeper.

And, someone who doesn't even have years practice meditating might do a repeated practice using what the hypnosis session brought --- to again, in my opinion, make it much more than a one-time event.

Great point though. Thanks.

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Hey guys, whatever helps you from not overtrading :-)

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Interesting approach you have got guys!

I guess, that hypnosis is as trading, it can either get up, down or stay still.
But honestly, would it be fair to say that it works different on different people?
Well, it depends on who you're asking!

Because it's a sort of out of the ordinary thing we're dealing with, it is indeed up to the giver and the taker to judge the impact and the outcome!

I do not proclaim myself as an expert in the field, but I can say that we as human beings are very much subjective in our way of perceiving things. And in a particular way, that is very odd indeed, this subjcetivity is supposed to serve us somehow!

Don't ask me how, and why, as I'm yet to find out the answer myself. But I can give you some wild guesses.

I believe it has to do with evolution somehow. And by that I mean that if we were to be learning without experiencing, then the essence of evolution would become invalid. We kind of need this sort of duality in order to evolve. Simply said, in order to get to gray, first you have to learn what white looks and feels like, after that you'd be going to black, and by now the mixture is something natural.

The odd thing about life itself is that duality creates a sort of ease and pain, focus and non focus. It's never gray and it never becomes gray, by duality itself!

Nevertheless we need both white and black in order to create gray!

But remember that by the time you've got to gray, you'll be having a totally different perspective, because it's neither white nor black. So gray is gray, as long as you understand that it is a totally different color, and it actually has nothing to do with black or white. It is only our perception and the love of the past that leads us again back into subjectivity!

We all struggle to make tomorrow look like yesterday!
Get rid of your past and let the future unfold from the now.
Past performance is not indicative of future results.
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A suggestion for people seeing a hypnotherapist.

I went to a certified hypnotherapist in August 2009, after a couple of months trying EFT with a facilitator. It went pretty much the same as Gary described, a lengthy discussion about my trading problems and worries. Then, while sitting in an extremely comfortable chair, I was led into an extremely relaxed state. Then, through visualization, I took my worries out of a very heavy backpack and each worry was identified as I did so. This is where I have a warning. I'll get to it in a minute. Each problem sank to the bottom of a lake and then there were all these new things I was supposed to be thinking about. Again, each behavior was specified. This is the benefit of going to a hypnotherapist, rather than having a pre-made recording. (I have bunch of those too, by the way).

You're awake the whole time, just really, really relaxed. Posters who are concerned about becoming ax-murderers are way, way off. You can remember everything that was said. As someone mentioned, it's not a one-time thing. My hypnotherapist made a CD recording and you're supposed to play it every day for at least a month. This is the key. Hearing something one time is probably not enough, no matter how relaxed you are, especially something as emotionally charged and high-stakes as money matters.

BUT, the thing of it is, the things that were my biggest worries at that time did go away pretty quickly. The tough part of it is, that the best part of seeing a hypnotherapist is person is one of the worst things as well. After the specific problems were mentioned weren't really on my mind anymore, they were still being mentioned every time I played my CD. This caused me to remember to worry about those things and also didn't provide an opportunity to insert current worries and problems. Of course, you do still hear the things you are supposed to do, but I had a really tough time not feeling anxiety because of what was at the beginning of my CD so I stopped listening to it.

I do have a list of websites that have scripts specifically designed for traders, if anyone is interested. I actually combined and modified a few scripts to create my own. Never did anything with them, but occasionally, I actually say one of the phrases to myself, even though it's been a year. So, something must have gotten stuck in my head!

The experience lasted about 2 1/2 hours and it was either $75 or $100 (can't remember).

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