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Experience with hypnotherapy?
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Experience with hypnotherapy?

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Something you may want to listen to ....

This is very interesting.... Everytime I listened to it, (part B), I felt to sleep like a rock


Attached Files
Register to download File Type: zip Paul McKenna - Hypnosis Tape - A - Supreme Self Confidence.zip (31.37 MB, 224 views)
Register to download File Type: zip Paul McKenna - Hypnosis Tape - B - Supreme Self Confidence.zip (21.76 MB, 193 views)
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Gary View Post
I plan on visiting a local clinical hypnotherapist and wanted to see what experience others had with a hypnotherapist. Have any information to share good or bad? Trading related or otherwise?



You don't need no hypnotherapy clinic. You need FAITH CLINIC - you are created to be free from any form of infirmity. So, SLEEP well - if you miss some hours of sleep, make it back to the extent that you have at least 5-6 hours of sleep within 24 hours (which is usually a day); DO PHYSICAL EXERCISE; BE SPIRITUAL, etc (see "Physiology and Psychology" in the first post of my thread here).



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Hypnotherapy is rigth for some issue, like quit smoking, but for other thinks there are many better therapy options.


P.s. Meditation is a good option for calmness, focusing, etc...........

Take your Pips, go out and Live.

Last edited by LukeGeniol; June 10th, 2010 at 12:59 PM.
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I believe if you believe it will help, then it probably will.

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vegasfoster View Post
I believe if you believe it will help, then it probably will.

I completely agree with you in half......ahahahhaha


Take your Pips, go out and Live.
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Unlearning behavioural patterns / bad habits

This post has been selected as an answer to the original posters question Answer

I am not reactive to hypnotherapy and would not consider trying it for myself. But I know some persons who are.

The main challenge I face are my own (self-learned) behavioural patterns. Some are me serving well and others are not. Behavioural patterns that are incompatible with my (financial) goals are deeply anchored in my subconscious and I have to unlearn them step by step. I do not believe that unlearning those can be done via hypnotherapy, but I think that unlearning is hard work, which involves

- daily goals
- physical exercise and training
- self-monitoring
- try and error
- keeping a trading journal
- repeat successful experience
- if need look for a qualified mentor (did not try this)

Trading requires a high degree of discipline and little creativity. A bit of dumbness actually helps . Creativity destabilizes profitability.

So need to unlearn unprofitable habits, need to form new instincts that adapt to the counterintuitive way of trading.

My personal enemies are

- loss aversion (not taking my losses early, might go back into profits)
- scaling out too early and without reason (not letting my profits run)
- not adding to my winners (also driven by loss aversion)
- violating my own rules, when catching the wrong one of two conflicting signals
- lack of patience and easily being distracted (the cat needs to wait for the bird to come close enough that the odds are in her favor, but neighbours dog might let her forget that she is hungry)

Trading is a game with a negative expectancy, it is a loser's game. The losses do not come regularly, but irregularly, this is the vicious property of fat tails. One day can destroy it all.

The best books I have read on trading psychology are those of Brett Steenbarger and Mark Douglas. I am reading them again from time to time to dig this into my mind.

Last edited by Fat Tails; June 10th, 2010 at 05:15 PM.
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This post has been selected as an answer to the original posters question Answer

I have experience with NLP and Hypnotherapy they work pretty good IMO. Like trading you have to find what works for you. I like Bandler's books since he co founded NLP. You can even make your own programs with Neuroprogammer 3 its pretty neat.

Most believe, except Denise Shull, you are what you think and believe. Not to disparage her at all. I went to hypnotherapist as a young adult because I had a tough time as kid in dysfunctional family. It helped a lot. The therapist created a special tape for me, but because I have/had some self sabotage behaviors I quit listening after a couple of months.

Later I bought some tapes from Marshall Sylver, they are great, you can find them on Ebay cheap, his mentoring he got in trouble with though, but tapes are good value.

Here is something important to realize. Some ppl are easier to hypnotize than others. Those that are more open to suggestions.

I have also used Trading Mind software its pretty good but she uses not and no in recordings which I have been told is a no no in programming the mind.

One of the reasons I checked out Kam and L2ST is he is an NLP guy and focuses alot on psych issues. He recommended Ari Kiev, The Pysch of Risk, RIP, whom was a trading coach for Stevie Cohen of SAC.

Hope it helps.

P.S. Before I ever did any hypnotherapy I watched Marshall's stage act 20 years ago. He had ppl doing the most crazy things and they weren't staged because my friend was one of the guppies. Hypnosis works, better for some than others.

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This post has been selected as an answer to the original posters question Answer

Gary View Post
I also want to add I strongly believe in the power of the subconscious mind and how for example, things can affect us for years and years, and we aren't consciously aware of them. These can be both positive and negative. I am sure many of you can see things happen in your trading career which have you asking yourself, why did I do that? Were you able to confidently determine the answer to that question? Then, why did you do it again, and again, and again?

I have watched a number of interesting videos on people speaking about self-sabotage, and how some believe it is a self-protection mechanism to help you rid yourself of stress, by returning to you the place you were more comfortable. This could be for people who are consistently making money or not. One gave an example of a person losing money by not following their rules, yet, they do it over and over. Why? They are under stress as most traders are in the beginning, and their brain is looking for a way to end that stressful situation. How? By losing all of their money so they can no longer trade. Interesting perspective and just one example of self-sabotage. You could also see this with people who win the lottery. They are unable to handle it, and self sabotage their way back to the same financial condition they were before they won.

Are you able to trade all day/every day without anxiety? If yes, then you are a step ahead of me in this sense.

I am going to approach the hypnotherapy session with an open mind, and a belief I will gain something the session. How much and how soon? I don't know the answer to that, but believe it has great potential.


Its funny, I have experienced this very thing.....my brain doing self sabotage to myself to bring an unpleasent situation to an end. Even though I wanted fix the situation for the better, I found myself doing the exact opposite of what would have been beneficial and sure enough, the situation ended badly but I was out of it. I was even aware at the time it was happening but I guess i wanted out so bad I was willing to risk everything to get out. Looking back, i could have fixed it but the effort was to great, i was not prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to do so and my brain knew that.

I see in trading too but I want this very badly and my brain is working on ways to make it happen. I can feel and sense it.

I am a person of faith. Not perfect of course, but striving. My faith has many many many things to say about how a person thinks. That thinking is the keystone to mastery in life. How a person thinks determines how they act and how they act determines the failure or success they experience in life. So proper thinking will lead to success.

This is a universal principal and not limited to my brand of faith, thats why it works universally and why some of the most ancient religious texts are full of profound words of wisdom regarding right thinking......

Keep it going Gary, i think you will find what you are looking for.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, Leonardo da Vinci

Most people chose unhappiness over uncertainty, Tim Ferris
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Thank you to everyone who replied. I look forward to my session tomorrow, and will let anyone who is interested know how it goes.

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Thank you for your tape today. It was great to listen to it today since I did not have very good morning today. I got righ to the second tape and with in 2 min I found my mind wondering around a bit. I got relaxed and to the end I come out actually relaxed. I do not know if this is going to help my trading, but my first exprience so far is very good. Once more thank you for the post. People you should try this.

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