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Trading Psychology and How The Mind Works (IV)

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Al right guys itís time to sum it all up and go for the solutions to all this. Before I go on, please keep something in mind.
Thereís only one, and only one way to get disappointed in this life. And thatís when ones expectations arenít met.
Remember that talk about the Holy Grail and where it is?
You got it, it is right there, on the inside. Stop looking for it outside. The only thing is that, we have to uncover it first.

Have you ever wondered why, affirmations, confirmations, positive self talk, positive visualization, you name it, never works?
The market is full of all these techniques. Learn how to be positive, learn how to have discipline, learn how to be successful etc.etc.

Itís not working because of the program in our subconscious mind. If the program is negative, it doesnít matter how hard
you try to change it with your conscious mind. It wonít be persistent. Remember what you had in your conscious mind, the ďwill powerĒ?
And remember that it was temporary? Now you understand why it doesnít work. In order to change a habit one has to be persistent
for a period of at least 14 days. The only problem is that itís very difficult to follow a new habit, during such a long period because
youíre using your will power in that case. Plus that youíre going against yourself constantly. Youíre forcing yourself to go
against your program thatís running between 95-99% of your daily life with a conscious will power thatís temporary. Isnít life ironic?

But nevertheless, when you do understand this, youíve gained a huge awareness. For the first time youíll be able to look at yourself
from the outside. Youíve gained self distance. You start to understand why and how things work. That gives you a tremendous advantage.
And that is in case you want to change of course! If youíre content with your new findings, and you want to continue as a slave of your own program
and habits, then go on and live life as you did before. But if you want to make a change, then you have to get to the core.

In the last article I gave an example that explained how fear of success works. Normally it works like this.
An event that causes an emotion takes place, for i.e. whatever causes you to have that fear, or whatever causes you to engage the protective role of
your subconscious mind. Simultaneously two more things occur. The energy in that event is stored in your body and an association
is created in your brain. All this takes place in order to reward one thing, survival.

Since that event took place, and during every second of your life from back then till your present moment. Youíve had that process
(and all other processes, since their commencement) running constantly in the background.

In order to get rid of fear of success (or whatever change you need to make) you have to neutralize that stored energy. How in the whole world, will that be possible?
Time travel? Sorry guys, trying to be funny. Not working, right?

There are actually three ways that are working, and that I know of because Iíve been all over the place searching. You know, the usual stuff,
standing in front of the mirror, talking to myself ďyou are the worldís greatest trader; you can do this, bla, bla, blaÖ) Watching movies, like
ďThe SecretĒ, and feeling that itís speaking to me directly (by the way, great movie, I liked it, the only problem is that itís only giving you half of the equation).
Affirmations, visualization you name it. Itís not my point to criticize those techniques, itís just that it makes me mad, because theyíre hiding the other
part of the reality. Itís not possible to overlap a bad program. You have to get rid of the program first.

So here are the three techniques that work. All three helps you to get rid of the bad program in order to be able to put there whatever you wish, in order to
give you emotional freedom. Iíll explain shortly how they work and why they work.

1.EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT Home - World Center for EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques))

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an emotional, needle free version of acupuncture that is based on new discoveries
regarding the connection between your body's subtle energies, your emotions, and your health. EFT has been reported successful
in thousands of cases covering a huge range of emotional, health and performance issues.
Itís actually pretty easy to learn and to perform. Itís about putting your focus on an issue thatís bothering you and while you do
that tap on different spots on your face, upper body, arms and fingers. If you want details, youíll find them on their page,
specifically how and why it works.
Itís a great technique, if you can nail the issue. In other words, if youíre very aware of the event, that caused you problem,
or if you are persistent, youíll get great results. If the issue is more bothersome and hidden (my own experience tells me that, itís
better to seek a practitioner or to use the next method). But remember thatís my opinion, if you find the technique to be working
for you and it fits you, it can do wonderful things for you.

2.Hypnosis (Iíve studied hypnosis for this guy Ėa home study course-, and heís a living legend, -Gerald Kein
Omni Hypnosis Training - Onsite or Distance Learning Clinical Hypnotism Training

Usually, people are very judgmental about hypnosis, and their associationís runs directly to those stage hypnosis shows, or to mind control. Forget all of that.
Itís one of the most powerful ways to change your program. Iím not going to spend time defending it, and give you valid facts about it.
Instead, Iím going to tell you how it works, and tell you that it only work if you allow it to work. You can never, ever become hypnotized against your own will.

It actually works very simple. First we have the induction. Thatís a process that takes away your critical factor. In other words, it deactivates your
conscious mind, and youíll get access directly to your subconscious mind. When you are there, (itís actually like sending heat seeking missiles) you go
back to the event that caused the problem for the first time, and you neutralize it. By neutralizing the event, the energy dissolves and you are free.

So basically, hypnosis consists of two main parts, the induction and the hypnotic therapy session. During the induction, the subject is asked to relax. Itís being
constantly talked to by the hypnotist and led into a state of focused relaxation. The induction serves in order to send away the conscious mind
(the analytical and the rational mind), in order to get access to the subconscious mind, where everything is stored and still active. When you get there, then
youíre able to relive the event. By doing that youíre able to process it and to release it.

By reading my own words, Iím getting the impression of this might be a difficult process to grasp and to understand. If you by any chance are trying to
understand this method, it means that you have second thoughts about it and youíll be taking it to a very analytical and rational level. It simply wonít work then!

My recommendations are; if youíve come to an edge in your life, and youíve become aware of that impulse running in the background and sabotaging you on a
constant basis, AND youíre willing to get to the edge and jump no matter what. Then hypnosis will work for you!
Hypnosis can clear things in a couple of sessions (2-4, each being about 1,5h) that has bothered people for an entire life. It takes 4 sessions to free someone from alcoholism,
(you get the picture? it takes away the reason for it being practised, AA teaches people the discipline to keep themselves away from it instead. Unfortunately people are sceptical
about it and spend rather 20 years in classical psychotherapy instead of freeing themselves in a couple of sessions.

Remember, hypnosis is very, very powerful if you allow yourself to take that step. If you by any chance decide to try it out, please use that link, in order to
link yourself to someone recommended by Gerald Kein. Maybe you can call them and ask them for someone certified by them in your area.
There are a lot of bad hypnotherapists out there, so be sure to end up with a good one.

3.The Sedona Method (This is my favorite one, and Iím in the middle of learning it right now
Sedona Method (official site) The Secret self-help program; self-improvement technique

Itís a wonderful tool. Itís about letting go of things. Itís about releasing issues. Itís about becoming free. Basically, itís a very, very simple technique that teaches
you how to connect yourself to your feelings and how to free yourself from them. Remember the subconscious mind is the feeling mind. So youíre right on the spot again here,
because itís about reprogramming and uncovering.
The beauty of the Sedona Method is that, is very portable. You can put it in your mind, by learning it,
and you can use it whenever you need. You donít have to tap on spots, you donít need a hypnotherapist, and you can just bring it up in any situation needed. Plus that you can
benefit a lot from it in trading as well, by releasing all those negative emotions that you end up with from bad trades.

Basically all of them are very powerful tools. EFT, can very easily neutralize all those bad trades, you have behind you, by tapping on those spots.
Hypnosis can free you from all the junk, which prevents you from having the right perception and perspective while youíre trading. And the Sedona Method can help you
get rid of the stress thatís out there while youíre trading.

Some people collect stamps, some like to jog, and so on. Me myself, have been obsessed by these two words, ďwhyĒ and ďhowĒ. Since I got tired of losing and blowing
up my portfolios, and since that old friend of mine inflated his ego on my behalf. By the way, let us all send him a big Thank You! If it wasnít for him and him initiating me into
this business, I guess we wouldnít have met. So Thank You Ovidiu Ėhis name-!

By asking those two questions, why things work the way they work, and how do things work; Iíve come to gain all this knowledge that Iím sharing with you!
As you see, it has not so much to do with trading. In fact trading has not that much to do with anything. Trading is just trading, nothing else. It has all to do with you,
and the way you look at trading. In order to be able to look at trading, you have to get rid of all the filters that are holding you back from looking at trading the way you should be looking at it.

Iíve gained all this by asking why and how. What Iíve come to understand to this point is that ironically enough I have to learn how to let go of all this and get past all the
rational and analytical stuff because thatís where weíll be finding our own Holy Grail.

Iíve been through them all. I mean the methods and Iíve been wondering on those paths that took me here. What Iíve written and shared with you has been my reflections coloured
by my own journeys. Remember that every journey is unique, and has to be performed by the persons involved in them. Take my words, and this knowledge shared as guidance,
and go out there and make your own journey and find out what works for you!

Good luck and have a lot of fun, lifeís supposed to be fun to live!



Postum Script 4 years later:

I would like to add a fourth solution to the previous 3 ones. I know that if you read my posts below and the comments on the 3 solutions mentioned above, the Sedona Method will stand out. And yes it is a great tool still, but eventually
it only provided me with temporary solutions. That's why I am adding this fourth one!

The method is called the Emotion Code and it is based upon the same premises as everything else. It is based upon the fact that our experiences and our
interaction with the local environment leaves traces and has an impact on us. The result of that are these so called trapped emotions.
What are trapped emotions? Trapped emotions are trails of feelings we experience in negative situations that are left in our system and are triggered as soon as our mind
identifies a situation that reminds us of that particular event.

For instance, have you ever asked yourself what happens to you when you always give back all that money youíve made so fast and so easy? What really happens is that
your subconscious mind corrects the issue by helping you giving it back to the market. It simply corrects your particular situation
in order to match its programmed belief. Letís put it this way in order to throw further light on it. Assume that your father told you when you were a child that money are
to be earned the hard way. Here we have to add that children are very adept to be seeking confirmation from our guides and teachers
because they are the ones that holds the key to our interaction with the local environment in which we strive to become a part of. So together with that statement from the
father comes a need of being confirmed. If we trust and believe that statement we are good kids, and good kids
that behave according to what their parents says get love as a reward.

Is the picture complete now? You make money fast and easy, but that also triggers the emotion connected to that. We all need that confirmation because itís a part of
our designed societal needs and fast money is simply not a match for you (because in your subconscious mind
you still need that confirmation that will get you the reward in terms of affection) hence you give them back! Thatís where the Emotion Code enters into the picture.
It has a built in method that enables it to get feedback from the subconscious mind
making us able to aim for those feelings that are trapped and release them. When theyíve become released that need for confirmation/affection and we get to keep our money
because the subconscious mind is not active in that sense anymore and will not ďwork against usĒ.

Now, will the Emotion Code make us better traders? Yes and no! It is very important to emphasize that trading in itself has very much to do with mastering all the bits
and pieces in the whole trading package, from administration of your trades to your risk management etc. But one thing is for sure, it will
do wonders on the emotional part that is a huge part of trading. With a mastery of everything else in trading that can serve as the dot over the I in many instances.
But please do remember this, all the other puzzle pieces has to be mastered in order to make it all the way in trading.
If we are not doing that it is as if we put an athlete through a form of mind programming but we expect him/her to win without the proper training, systematic approach to wining,
diet, the proper mindset etc. etc. That is impossible right? So keep that in mind please!

What has the Emotion Code done for me? First and foremost it has had a huge impact on my mood. I have let go of an enormous deal of frustration and I have become
a very calm and patient person. It is like I have a sort of built in breaks now that are getting activated as soon as I get frustrated.
Even if I get mad (after all I am human being), my path to calmness has become greatly shortened. And it is not as if I get frustrated and then the thought
comes in telling me I am changed. No, it comes automatically, and it is due to the fact that those emotions
that were triggering that part of my brain/mind are released. My family is the biggest witness to these changes, and theyíre the ones that can truly testify to that because
theyíre the ones that are noticing the change mostly. For me things have become normal this way!

Iíve also got rid of this pollen allergy that has been bothering me for about 15 years. And that wasnít even on my list of things that I wanted to work with. You see, thoughts and
feelings are energy and energy gets stored into our organs. When you free the body from those negative emotions you actually free the organs from that stored energy,
therefore theyíre allowed to regenerate themselves in the proper way leading to recovery.

Oh, Iíve been through a couple of things/methods through the years, among other those 3 Iíve suggested before. The impact from those were temporary and not lasting
at least in my case. I started this work back in April and the changes are still here today, so I can testify to the part where the changes are there to stay!
Iím throwing this out there with myself exposed primarily because I owe it to this community constructed by Big Mike which intentions are to be continually applauded and second
it truly is something that has helped me a lot and I want to share it with my fellow traders that also can benefit from it.

There are a lot of practitioners out there. There might be one in your area or not. Sessions can be done either in person or by phone/Skype. I live in Sweden and I had sessions
over Skype in USA. When I decided to take the step and to employ a practitioner I started by comparing them all in terms
of experience and the value you get for your money. After choosing a couple of them I sent out emails to see what kind of response Iíd get. Some of them contacted me days later,
some didnít contact me at all etc. etc. Iím not gone get into particular reasons of why that happened and so on.
But there was this lady that contacted me very shortly after Iíve sent the emails telling me that she wasnít able to answer my questions right away, but that she wanted to
work with me and that sheíll contact me as soon as sheís able to. And so she did not long after that.

What really made me chose her was that she showed me from the beginning that she cared. Together with that she offered (and still does) most value for the money!
The rest is history and the changes are as Iíve told you above.
Her name is Jill Jolley and she lives in Arizona In case anyone wants to contact her. Here is a link to her web page: LIGHTBORN SERVICES - Home You can always refer to me (@George)
or to (Big Mike trading) in order to show that you have a traderís background.

PS: Here comes a link to an interview with Dr. Bradley Nelson :
the founder of the method. It starts at about 0:04:00. Enjoy!

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thanx for sedona, sounds good.


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Hi George,

Thank you for your postings.

I use both "The Secret" and EFT to pursue my goals.

I couldn't agree more with their potential to change your life.

If anyone is interested, The EFT "Palace of Possibilities" DVD set is nice.

Otherwise, Buy only the newer DVD sets. EFT is constantly evolving.

Some older techniques are no longer used.

"The Secret" DVD can be purchased used online for a couple bucks at the usual places. Amazon, Half, ect.


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RJay, WH,
You're welcome, I',m glad you liked it!

Now, to the rest of you guys out there that's taking the time to read this topic. Please, give something back! I would like to ask you to start sharing your own reflections, perspectives, about where you're standing, or in case you've chosen to follow any of these methods, where it took you!

If we start by sharing our experiences and thoughts, then we can manage to narrow this process close enough in order to make it more (let's say) normal, ordinary, daily!

You guys understand the point I'm trying to make here?
If enough people share their experiences (and please do understand that, every single thought expressed is important, failure is as important as success) then we'll manage to make this mind thing and how it works more familiar then it seems right now!

So please do it in order to honor Mike, and this huge work he's been doing in order to help people out with one of the most qualitative forums that's out there!


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Hi George I found your articles very informative and reading and this is something i have been thinking about for some time.

I believe we are being programmed all the time. for example are we watching programs on TV or are we being programmed by The TV. Take care all you TV lovers.

What about all those newspapers out there, All that negative stuff being published is doing nothing but programming us to become negative.

Apart from the 3 techniques you mention I have found meditation to be a very effective way of removing negative thoughts. before going to sleep i will meditate for about 15 -20 mins to clear the day and concentrate on something positive. That way i will not be thinking about all the issues I had during the day. I do the seme thing when I get up and before trading.

I just thought I would mention this as It helps me. For anyone interested in learning about meditation the following website is very good. I hope its ok to post it here .
Brahma Kumaris Official Website - Homepage

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Years ago I attended a seminar. I learned a simple technique to know.

1. Reserve yourself a whole day. Only you, no kids, no wife, no pets, no drugs and so on.

2. Start with the exercise early in the morning.

3. Look in the mirror.

4. And say: I can do this. I am a Trader. I can earn 20 pips. I am good.

5. Be kind to your self .

6. Per session doing 10 to 20 repetitions.

7. Repeat it every hour throughout the day.

8. finish the day, if you believe it.

The secret lies so deep within us that we must struggle to find it.

My Problem on Monday i am a little bit choppy in my brain.


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It was not a trading seminar. It was a sales seminar for mobile communication products. But i will do this.

And tell you

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How about Holosync?

Those meditation CDs are powerful and Bill Harris and The Sedona Method are good friends. They basically do the same thing, but the mediation CDs work only on the sub-conscience level.

They are very helpful, and very, very, very powerful.
The change it elicits is emotionally moving. Many problems we are not even consciously aware of are being dealt with and the content happiness that arises is unparalleled.

The only way to try to describe it, because you can't really do it with words, is that it makes change easy.

There is certainly a time commitment for it though, but it is worth every minute.

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I'm not a spiritual man.

"Are you ready, really to be happy? Are you willing to make everything in life to achieve what you always wanted? Are you willing to find what your heart has always wanted?"

Nice intro of Sedona Method ... On this i am a oldschool type. I read the book.


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I was looking for a method like this, but there are also a lot of a crap out there.

I also found this.
Subconscious Training Corporation

Does someone has any insights on that?


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