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Webinar: Ray Burchett - Intuitive Development for Traders
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Webinar: Ray Burchett - Intuitive Development for Traders

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guildford, UK
Trading Experience: Intermediate
Platform: Sierra Chart
Favorite Futures: E Mini S&P
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Hi James

I will definitely do the course but both the next 2 saturdays are not good for me. I will email TST and get a full saturday schedule for October as I would like to take advantage of the discount but want to do it when I am fresh and not last thing on a week day night.

Please let me know how you get on with it, I would be very interested in your feedback, or from anyone else that has done it,


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Portland Oregon, United States
Trading Experience: Beginner
Platform: Ninjatrader®
Broker/Data: CQG, Kinetick
Favorite Futures: Gameplay Klownbine® Trading of Globex
Zondor's Avatar
Posts: 1,337 since Jul 2009
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go with the "FLOW"

Ray is really onto something essential here. This is the key, nothing is more important.

The highest levels of human performance are only attainable in the "effortless" but highly focused intuitive state which has also been called "Flow". Functioning in this state also brings a deep sense of fulfillment and meaning. It feels effortless when you are in it, but being able to get there in the first place requires a lot of groundwork.

The psychologist and philosopher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has written some excellent books on this subject.

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He has an engaging unpretentious way of supporting his contention that functioning in this state is the only real path to not only high level achievement , but genuine life satisfaction. His books are easy to read and make a lot of practical sense. They really resonated with what I have observed about my own nature.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - Brain Channels Thinker of the Year - 2000

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British Columbia
Trading Experience: Advanced
Platform: NINJA
Broker/Data: ZEN
Favorite Futures: Crude
Posts: 1,091 since May 2010
Thanks: 192 given, 486 received

Thanks Z, this is a great post. I seek to follow this path. When I am at my best, I am there. I must now, immediately, retire from the life of BS that I have come to immerse myself in. Moving on, no more blabbing and fighting or wasting time in chaotic and unwinnable zones. For now my only goal is to always be in the FLOW.

To this end I have just blown up my twitter feed and shall follow in the footsteps of Taleb Nassim by removing myself from all outside information and energy, creating my own reality, etc. No more bloggin, chattin', reading, or bs'in. My life begins today.

thank you all.

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Georgia, US
Trading Experience: None
Platform: Various
Favorite Futures: Various
josh's Avatar
Posts: 4,964 since Jan 2011
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I decided to take the IDT course and am in it today. I was concerned the long format may wear me down but 2 hours to go and so far so good. Ray is great. Coming back from break now. Great way to spend a Saturday, as I can't make it during the weekdays.

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Miami FL USA
Trading Experience: Advanced
Platform: Ensign 10, NT7 DOM
Broker/Data: IB, IQ
Favorite Futures: Currency Futures
Cashish's Avatar
Posts: 803 since May 2011
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josh View Post
I decided to take the IDT course and am in it today. I was concerned the long format may wear me down but 2 hours to go and so far so good. Ray is great. Coming back from break now. Great way to spend a Saturday, as I can't make it during the weekdays.

@josh I expect a full report, when you regain your wits about yourself.

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Site Administrator
Manta, Ecuador
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Platform: My own custom solution
Favorite Futures: E-mini ES S&P 500
Big Mike's Avatar
Posts: 47,178 since Jun 2009
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Anyone take the Saturday course?

Feedback? Good, bad, ugly?


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London, UK
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Big Mike View Post
Anyone take the Saturday course?

Feedback? Good, bad, ugly?


OK – I’ll bite. Apologies in advance for the lengthy response.

To begin with (you know there’s going to be a ‘but’ at the end of this, don’t you? ), Ray’s one those rare people who you instinctively know, beyond a shadow of doubt, is one of the good guys. Someone you’d want to know and have as a friend. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a vendor who, during their pitch, doesn’t slip up and give away the fact that they are, at least in part, a snake-oil salesman. I’d truly have to say that Ray is the first I’ve heard who isn’t – and I’ve heard a lot.

I could ‘gush’ a helluva lot more but I think that’s enough to get that particular message across and I don’t want to come across as a shill. Instead I’d like to concentrate on the content more than the man and that can be (very) broadly split into two elements of note.

Obviously, there's much more in the course but it's this element that did not rest easy with me:

1. We need to concentrate on the motivations for, and adherence to, our chosen methods and actions rather than obsess about the long term goals and outcomes of our desires. i.e. Staying in the now, will take care of the soon-to-be success if our skillset, intentions and honesty of process is aligned with who we are.

2. The reason for that assured success is because all successful people follow that path (or the path that Ray describes - which may or may not have been accurately interpreted by me above) and those who deviate from it are doomed to failure.

I commend Ray for bravely 'stepping up' and promoting '1'. The world would surely be a better place if more people did.

I don't think it's 'schtick' or BS. I believe that he honestly believes it and I'm sure many of us want to believe it too. I can even see how those with a healthy psychopathy would be better off following that path as the ‘bad karma' of not doing the work, honestly, will probably be known to the subconscious and weigh heavily.


It's beyond naive to think that everyone who has become ‘successful’ did so in that way – in only that way - and that failure is assured for those who follow a different, more 'ugly' path. I wish it were true but that isn’t the world that I live in.
e.g. Psychopaths do not have any concept of empathy and so ‘bad karma’ will never be an issue for them.
See - I am Fishead - narrated by Peter Coyote
Are they just a few exceptions? Not as I see it.

Why is this important when success of the bad guys isn’t the core issue of the course?
Because, while it may just be my jaundiced worldview, even a few obvious exceptions unfavourably impacts on the great message that Ray is trying to cultivate.

i.e. If someone can be so wrong about how much success is/has clearly been enjoyed by so many corrupt individuals in both low and high office – despite the plethora of evidence available that names and shames them, how confident can anyone be that one must follow the honest process espoused as the ONLY path to success when it can be demonstrably proven that many who do not follow that path do not fail, as claimed?

I’m sure there are those who would respond by saying that the dishonest and corrupt aren’t ‘really’ successful or will fail ‘eventually’ etc. - but that’s just wishful thinking. To begin with, many are successful on every metric except the moral one we impose to make their unwarranted success more palatable for us. In reality, many are protected, live and die very happy before they ‘fail’ or are punished for their misconduct.

Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting for one moment that someone should consider the ‘darker’ alternatives. I am merely questioning the validity of the claim that it’s the ONLY way anyone has ever achieved success and that failure is assured otherwise. If the claim is wrong (as I believe it to be), then it does a disservice for it to be included with such unquestioned certainty in an otherwise, excellent course.

I'm sure I'll derive even more from the course by ignoring this aspect when listening to it again this week – assuming of course, that Ray let’s me in .

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Trading Experience: Beginner
Platform: TradeStation
Favorite Futures: Stocks
Posts: 2 since Oct 2011
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Big Mike View Post
Anyone take the Saturday course?

Feedback? Good, bad, ugly?


Like any course (or useful meeting), I find you need to go in with a purpose if you expect to get a result, otherwise the hours can be wasted very quickly. I personally attended this course due to my constant inability to follow my initial feelings when trading, only for them often to be correct (even though outside of trading I have absolutely no problems doing this). This then leads down the dark path of frustration and onto poor trades because I missed the first one. When Ray spoke about ‘trust’ in the introduction last Thursday, this struck a cord with me, so I enrolled.

Ray was very clear this seminar would not be a ‘do it like this’ approach, instead he would provide a framework for which to adhere to, the rest is down to you. You either do the work or you don’t, nothing magical here. I personally liked that approach, there’s nothing mind bending, or in fact particularly new, but it’s methodical, organised and can help clear some of the mental clutter that accumulates on your trading journey. Much of it has always been in front of you, you just don’t listen or see it until something ‘clicks’ within you (usually only after having tried various seminars, systems, indicators and other BS available in the trading world). Somewhere along the trading path, you start to filter out the noise as you develop your own trading style and begin to listen to the areas that are more appropriate to you.

If I were to have a criticism (and this is minor), is that some of the examples were probably over emphasised resulting in the end of the course being slightly compressed and reducing time on what I would consider more pertinent information. Hopefully, this will addressed by attending the last session this week (week schedule is slightly longer).

So in summary, if you want a course where you are given all the answers, this is not for you, if you want a course that can help you stay on the right path with focus and intent, then it might be worth a go. It depends on your own needs and requirements.

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Georgia, US
Trading Experience: None
Platform: Various
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josh's Avatar
Posts: 4,964 since Jan 2011
Thanks: 5,260 given, 11,734 received

I enjoyed the webinar, and basically echo the review of james in his last post. I know, I'm being unoriginal, but I could not say it any better so I won't try to

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