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A Traders Diet (What do you eat?)
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A Traders Diet (What do you eat?)

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The subject of, whatever one wants to call it, weight lifting,weight training,strength training
bodybuilding, body sculpting,resistance training, (I think they're all pretty much synonyms)
is complex. Personally I wouldn't be concerned about it until you have your diet and aerobic exercise
methodology settled upon.

As I posted before, I think a treadmill with music playing is one idea. No time used up going to
the gym, or anywhere else. Weather never is a problem. You don't have to do it with anyone
else (like tennis, etc.) on their time table. Walking is something you know how to do already as well.

Regarding my personal experiences with bodybuilding, I came to a very important conclusion.

Don't get hurt. Since you're not going into a professional sport, it really isn't important. More like
paint on the house really. (I suppose some would disagree on that.)

I remember two times that I got hurt. My right hip joint was sore for so long I can't even remember now.
Probably well over a year. I was, or was sure anyway, that I was doing stiff leg dead lifts correctly too.
The other time I was doing good mornings. The way I did them was just stupid, so that's totally my fault.

You can always get more complex. To keep it simple for now I would think about diet and aerobic.
To an extent, the lower half of the body, legs and butt, will get some muscle tone from walking.
Not the same as body building of course, but still something.

Eventually, to keep it simple/easy, just do body building
regarding the muscles of the upper body and abdominals, but this would not be for a while. One
doesn't want to be overwhelmed.

Everyone is different to an extent. I've heard that it is not recommended to do aerobic before sleep,
as it releases epinephrine (also known as adrenaline) which will hinder you from getting a good sleep.
I suppose some people exercise right before sleep and sleep better because of it.

You probably should walk (or some form of aerobic) 5 or 6 days a week. I would set an absolute
minimum time goal for this. Perhaps 10 minutes a day walking briskly. If you want to exceed that, or
do another walk later, this would be like extra credit. Just remember that 10 minutes a day for 5 or
6 days a week is very modest. Hey, I could say 45 minutes a day. Why not? Because I want you to
maintain all this.

- Stephen

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thatguy View Post
Actually, this is a misnomer to think you should eat less and be hungry to lose weight. If you are going to be hungry all the time, you will never stick to a diet.

Well, I never suggested being hungry all the time... but everyone I know who has had trouble losing weight has had trouble dealing with craving, so that's the issue I intended to highlight. This in turn has everything to do with being willing to experience uncomfortable feelings and desires without satisfying them by eating.

It's interesting how many people dislike the idea of eating less... in a Western world that is overflowing with obesity (absolutely not pointing any fingers at you, dear Big Mike !). It's also interesting to see how many otherwise very successful and focussed people often find this particular issue so difficult. There are lots of very helpful replies to this thread suggesting routines, diets etc, but in the end any serious individual will find their way if and only if they can address the psychological issues that hinder them.

Just like trading really...

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I would suggest you visit the following site and just read up a bit.. plenty of free info...

Bodybuilding.com's Main Page - The Largest And Most Complete Bodybuilding Site Online! Bodybuilding Info.

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Posted by Mike:

I am now taking a much better multivitamin. I used to take One a Day for Men, but have now switched to Ultra Source of Life with Lutein No Iron.

I am now switching from 2% milk in my meals to Unsweetened Almond milk, and I am also now eating a meal replacement shake made with almond milk and a banana or some frozen fruit to it. I am using the shake to replace the midnight snack as well as a snack replacement if I have a craving between meals.

So naturally now the trick is to stick with it. My determination level is high, so I have confidence I will do it.


I get the impression that someone has given you some advice already (hee hee). Not many men know
that it is currently advised to have a multivitamin/multimineral that does not contain iron. It looks like
the almond milk and the meal replacement shake are also ok (just my uneducated opinion).

You mentioned checking out the nutritional content of a TV dinner. Watch out for high sodium, high fat, and
quick sugars (and probably other stuff too). Quick sugars can cause your blood sugar level to rise and then
fall (ie. hypoglycemia). {Also I just read today that aspirin supposedly can cause hypoglycemia.}

According to wikipedia hypoglycemia has many symptoms, including hunger and fatigue. If you eat, well
whatever, and don't fell right 1 or 2 hours later, I'd say you should avoid that food again. You could be
getting hypoglycemic from it, or you are allergic to it, or maybe something else.

I hope to add a post regarding a natural appetite suppressant next.

(Mike, you don't need to reply to this post unless you really want.)

- Stephen

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Big Mike View Post
I am targeting a loss of 1 to 1.5 lbs per week, thoughts on that?

I didnt have to lose 70lbs, but I did lose 30lbs... IMO... 1lb=3500cals per week, which is 500-600 cals per day to spend... so that is very, very realistic... anything greater, you are merely sacrificing water and muscle on the loss and you will pack on weight back immediately after stopping the regiment you are following.. also, as it was mentioned before... what you want to lose is body fat, not weight.. muscle is heavier so you can in fact increase your weight while losing BF...

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I have never tried this so I don't know if it works or not.

I have heard about green tea but never really studied about it. It seems
to be helpful regarding weight loss. Be advised that Ultra Source of Life® with Lutein No Iron Tablets
has a small amount of green tea in it.

There is green tea and green tea extract. I think they are the same (unless it specifically says
that "our green tea extract is caffeine free") Regular green tea, as a beverage, has caffeine and so
does ordinary coffee. It seems that both green tea and coffee may reduce the appetite. Green tea
seems to have more than just its caffeine content going for it however.

Before I forget, I came across something that indicates that green tea can reduce the absorption of
the B vitamins and minerals. I don't know why it would do that. Perhaps taking green tea 12 hours
away from your multivitamin/multimineral would be advisable. Or just drink coffee. I have never checked
out if coffee is the same in this matter however. It may be indeed the same???


Green Tea Caffeine Benefits

As compared to black tea, coffee or soda, green tea has a very steady stimulating effect because of caffeine and two caffeine metabolites (caffeine-like substances) - theophylline, a stronger stimulant substance than caffeine, and theobromine, which is a slightly weaker stimulant than caffeine. This combination is responsible for not making you feel nervous, or annoying headaches.

An average cup of brewed coffee can contain between 60 to 160 mg of caffeine. A can of soda has been proved to provide 40 to 70 mg, while a cup of brewed black tea results in 20 to 90 mg. While green tea on the other hand has caffeine in the range of 6 to 35 mg only.

more here:

Is Green Tea Caffeine Free

I'm posting a good many links below. There is a lot to read, and only those with a great interest
in green tea and green tea extract should continue.

Side effects:

Green Tea Extract Side Effects

Side Effects of Drinking Green Tea

Excerpts from the above link...

Another side effect of drinking green tea is iron malabsorption.

The tea reduces the absorption of thiamine...

Green tea extract and weight loss:

Green Tea Extract and Weight Loss

Green tea extract:

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract from wikipedia:

Green tea extract - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Green tea from University of Maryland Medical Center:

Green tea

Green tea extract product from VRP:

Green Tea Extract - 180 mg, 120 Capsules - Vitamin Research Products

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I wanted to leave you with some last words of advice with regards to the whole weight loss endeavor...

1) Visit your doctor, find out what your current stats are. Full Blood Workout, Weight, etc.
2) Visit a University Human or Sports Performance Lab. They can provide you with services to determine your body composition and measurements, cardiovascular evaluation, vo2max, isokinetic strenght, etc.
3) Consult a certified personal trainer. It is the fastest way to get yourself started the right way and not hurt yourself.

Would you trade without the right amount of risk capital? Would you start trading without knowing how much margin you needed or the hours for the instrument or the right setup at the home office? Would you want to learn to trade from someone that has never traded in their life or traded with very little success, or would you rather learn from a prop trader that makes $1MM a year?

In other words, a) find out where you stand, b) set an appropriate goal once you know your health state, c) obtain advice from experts and have them create a plan based on your health state, d) execute the plan given and stick to it.

I know that we all have your best interest in mind with our advice as to what has worked for us, but in the end unless we are doctors, dietitians or certified trainers, all we give you is advice without knowing all the facts about your health or physical state based on our own experience and what we think is right that we learned ourselves; some of the advice is good, some of bad, some is just plain awful, but it is all well intentioned I am sure.

anyhow, just my advice ... for whatever is worth... good luck on the whole process and endeavor..

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From Honda...help keep us lazy!

(http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=cuIJRsAuCHQ) This is why we are getting lazy,fat, and unhealthy, we can't even walk for ourselves anymore.Lol

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incometrade View Post
(http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=cuIJRsAuCHQ) This is why we are getting lazy,fat, and unhealthy, we can't even walk for ourselves anymore.Lol

Thanks, I never saw this before. And all these years I've been using my
legs like a sucker!

Seriously though, instead of 2 young photogenic models, what they should have done
(and probably will) is to use a couple of people that are senior citizens. There are many
that are not wheelchair-bound, yet can't walk long distances. They like to go to the
mall, the whole mall, or so many other places for that matter, but they don't because
of the trouble they have with walking. I think this would be a way neat product for them (seriously).

- Stephen

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Breathe the body deep.
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When I was single I ate pretty crappy. My current gf though loves to cook and packs my breakfast and lunch, hah. It's awesome. She's awesome. I buy most of the groceries and she does most of the cooking. I like to have greek yogurt mixed with honey and fresh fruit for breakfast so she prepares it for me the night before. So each morning I just take it out of the fridge and eat it while browsing my charts.

She also gets on my case if I don't drink enough water or if I eat too much fast food when she's not around. Which is good, hah, cause she helps to keep me on track.

P.S. If anyone knows where I can get a METAL Voltron lunchbox pleeeease let me know. I've been search forever and can't one. I'd love to put my lunch in there and take it to work each day. Like BLADOW, HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW?! VOLTRON alllll up in this bitch! But yeah, would appreciate a heads up.

P.P.S. I'm sure some of you have heard of Jack Lalanne and know that he recently passed. Here's an old video of him talking about sugar. Keep in mind it was a different time back then so he's not so PC haha, but still, the message is great.


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