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Athletic thread: Cycling, Biking, Running and more
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Athletic thread: Cycling, Biking, Running and more

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ddouglas View Post
Salisem, agreed . .

Back when I lived in the south, I had a friend who used to say "if you pay peanuts . . you get monkeys." Which is very representative of the personal-trainer world right now. Gyms don't pay them anything, & burn through hundreds of kids per year - making them "study" for a little memorization test for a couple of weeks, then "certifying" them as PT's. They look at it as a sales job - if you can bring in clients, you will succeed. If not, we'll try again with the next guy when you starve out. Turnover is very high, and the long-term-career success rate is probably lower than that of traders (no, this is not an exaggeration).

I realize this may sound a bit off-topic, but is very relevant to anyone reading through a fitness-oriented thread who may be considering starting a program. DO your homework - a good, knowledgeable trainer is worth their weight in gold. But they are rare, & not easy to find! If you don't have one & want to lift weights, do it slowly & carefully, & read alot. Most importantly, learn the difference between good pain & bad pain (lactic acid burn = good, everything else = BAD !!).

Having made it sound dangerous, I have to say that lifting weights is easily the most rewarding physical activity, IMO - and the best investment of time. I do it for the pleasure of it - and my only justification for it, when asked, is simply that "it feels good . . to . . FEEL. GOOD."

(It also doesn't hurt that one of the side effects is liking what you see in the mirror . . ).

The trick is find something you enjoy. My brother is a body builder, goes to the gym religiously, loves it. I tried it, hated it, couldn't stand to sit in one place doing a repetitive motion over an over again. Loved running but it had to be outdoors, tried the tread mill, hated it, couldn't stand being stationary doing the repetitive motion. If you don't enjoy it, you won't stick with it.

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Monpere - No disagreement there, & I think everything you just said applies to choosing a trading approach as well . .

(& probably many other things in life, too).

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Big Mike View Post
Thanks. I am googling. I've always had low back pain that refuses to go away, I have a herniated disc and some nerve pressure that makes me "aware" of the pain 24/7, it is always there, a dull sensation 24/7. Some times of day or certain days it is much worse than others.

Back when I had insurance, before I started trading full time and opted to not pay ridiculous amounts of money for insurance, I was getting routine injections and had a couple Lumbar Radiofrequency Rhizotomy (RFR) procedures, all of which only provided temporary relief.

It has been a few years now that I've been without insurance, and without these treatments.

So, thanks - I am looking into this

And also, a product called Nubax looks quite interesting.


Have you tested the inversion table

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redratsal View Post
Have you tested the inversion table

No, haven't pursued any of these options unfortunately.


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I jog two times per week when I feel motivated and the weather helps, as London weather can be nasty; I jog manly to release stress and stay fit, not to loose weight as my BMI is 18.5, so if I loose some more weight I will disappear... And I usually go to the park, most of the time a park close to where I live or the ones that are more central... [No dogs]

I also cycle some times usually on the weekends, and again I do go to the parks... I do not own a bike, I get the bike at central London from Home | Cycling | Transport for London

By doing that, it helps me prevent tension and stress. And also keeps me fit and health.

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Big Mike View Post
How many on (formerly BMT) routinely cycle, bike or run?

As I continue to get my diet in order, the next step is more exercise, so I am exploring my options. I have a lot to learn in this area so would like to hear from everyone.

Being a tech guy, I think some of the gadgets are quite cool and can definitely help with motivation. So if you have one of these gadgets, please share that info as well.

If you bike, cycle or run, would you please let us know where you live, and whether the streets are flat or hilly, and what the temperatures are like?

Do you take your dogs?

How often do you do it?

How does it make you feel before, and after?

If you are unable to do the exercise one or two days, do you yearn for it?

Please chime in.


It is generally recommended to NOT do jogging or brisk walking toward the end of the work day. For me
this is true. It messes with my sleep.

I started a jogging program a number of weeks ago. I've gotten better at jogging. I can't say it's helped
me really regarding stamina. For some people like myself, it seems it is better not to jog too long. It just takes
from me and doesn't give as much back.

I have just enough room to jog back and forth inside where I live. If you decide to do something like that
I would suggest you secure the dogs elsewhere. Accidents happen too easily. Exercising indoors in some
way or another has many advantages. No rain, no heat, etc.

There is Rdio (on-line music service) which I'm just getting into. There is certain music that helps the time
pass in jogging. I wouldn't say that it is motivating though. Millions of songs. Free or pay options.


You mentioned your back in some post. If you said this is arthritis or something along these lines, I
would suggest you use StopPain. Buy a couple bottles of StopPain roll on at the Wal-Mart or where ever.
Apply lots each time. Let us know if it works. It does indeed work for one or more types of pain. It might
not work on muscle pain...not positive on that, since I don't use it. A relative uses it and it works for her.

Relief for Arthritis Pain, Back Pain, Joint Pain, Neck Pain & More! | Stopain Cold Topical Pain Relief

Just started taking a supplement that may help with stamina. I should know this week or next if it works.
It is an advanced form of CoQ10, that is: CoQ10-H2™ (Ubiquinol)

There is no way to know if some supplement might help in such and such a matter unless ones tries it.

Be sure you're getting everything else you need first however. Iodine, vitamin C, B complex, etc.
I'm pretty sure you covered all that a while back of course.

CoQ10-H2 (Ubiquinol) - 8x More Bioavailable Than CoQ10 - VRP


Wikipedia excerpt here:

Ubiquinol is an electron-rich (reduced) form of coenzyme Q10.

Ubiquinol is a lipid-soluble benzoquinol that is found in all cellular systems and in nearly every cell, tissue and organ in mammals. Ubiquinol is acquired through biosynthesis, supplementation and in small amounts from diet.

Ubiquinol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

- Stephen

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prevent cramping and heat exhaustion

Looks promising: Salt stick capsules. I will be using them this weekend on a very long bike ride.
The ONLY electrolyte capsule that was formulated to closely resemble the electrolyte profile lost during activity: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

SaltStick Capsules - Key Features

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I saw gadgets and had to reply, here some of the tech I utilize to stay fit/healthy:

Withings Wifi scale with ELECTRODES:

Withings - Find out more - the Withings scale

Hydracoach, watter bottle with flo-rate sensor:


Jetfit fitness app
JEFIT- Best Android and iPhone Workout App, Bodybuilding App.| Best Workout Tracking System

Zeo sleep monitor w/ EEG band
Welcome to Zeo Sleep Manager | Zeo Sleep Manager

a note about the Zeo, while it is generally intended to be used to monitor the quality of your sleep and has a smart alarm function to pull you awake only during light sleep, it can also be used to quantify REM in your own personal sleep studies, from time to time I will switch to polyphasic sleep schedules.

Plantronics backbeat 903 w/ Pandora workout playlist, whether im doing cardio, HIIT, or strength training depends on tempo, theres a bunch out there people have made.
Plantronics | BackBeat 903+

That's pretty much the main way I have integrated technology into my fitness regiment. I'm actually Vegitarian based on energy needs, not morals and I can tell you that since I switched I have more consistent energy levels and my favorite is that my reflexes have increased significantly, I have observed this in racquet sports and uh....catching random things, I like to put my dishes away precariously so that I forget and test myself next time I open my cupboards . Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life (9780738212548): Brendan Brazier, Hugh Jackman: Books

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My view on cardio is that it's important to build your endurance, but as far as losing weight if that's your goal it's probably better to do HIIT which is extremely time efficient and can be done in pretty much anything where you exert effort. I generally do strength training every other day (Stronglifts 5x5, very simple good for beginners and free), and basketball drills on off days or racquet sports with friends, which basically fulfills my metabolic workout requirement.

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