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Playing Divergence with a Triangle-6e-03-12-medianrenko-6-ticks-1_29_2012-modified.png
 6E 03-12 (MedianRenko 6 Ticks) 1_29_2012 - Modified.png
Playing Divergence with a Triangle
Thanks, but not true madLyfe. Please read every word on the chart attached to
post #6. A regular divergence has no...
aligator February 3rd, 2012 94.0 KB 74
Playing Divergence with a Triangle-6e-03-12-medianrenko-6-ticks-1_29_2012.png
 6E 03-12 (MedianRenko 6 Ticks) 1_29_2012.png
Playing Divergence with a Triangle
@trendisyourfriend Sometimes it is dangerous to LOL in asleep:sarcastic:
Here is an example of a double triangle...
aligator February 2nd, 2012 85.9 KB 118
Playing Divergence with a Triangle-ym-03-12-medianrenko-4-ticks-2_2_2012.png
 YM 03-12 (MedianRenko 4 Ticks) 2_2_2012.png
Playing Divergence with a Triangle
madLyfe, Thanks for catching that. That was a drawing Boo Boo ;) Here are
two examples (a single triangle and a double)....
aligator February 2nd, 2012 118.4 KB 106
Playing Divergence with a Triangle-cl-03-12-medianrenko-4-ticks-2_1_2012.png
 CL 03-12 (MedianRenko 4 Ticks) 2_1_2012.png
Playing Divergence with a Triangle
Don't just play a two-point divergence. Instead, play a three-point divergence
forming triangles, especially if the apexes...
aligator February 1st, 2012 101.9 KB 169
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