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09-25-16 8:57 PM  SoftSoap : Thank you Mike, you have saved me a lot of future headaches. I didn't even know you could do that!
09-25-16 7:17 PM  thommytrader : I use Fat Tails' ana pivots. Often in Ninjatrader they are off with the exact same pivots on Esignal. When i reboot Ninja, or reload all hsitorical data, they come into line...anyone else have this problem?
09-24-16 6:14 PM  Big Mike : just re-open the tab, in Chrome right click on any tab then hit re-open closed tab
09-24-16 4:06 PM  SoftSoap : http://i1.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/facebook/000/000/554/facepalm.jpg
09-24-16 4:05 PM  SoftSoap : When you Ctrl+W instead of Ctrl+A on a post you had been writing for 2 hours.
09-24-16 1:31 PM  Big Mike : www.facebook.com/futuresio then click 'Like'
09-24-16 1:25 PM  kburks : tried to follow on facebook, there is no follow button? can someone help?
09-24-16 10:00 AM  rocksolid68 : Hey tbondtrader, you might be better off clicking the blue "Ask a Question" button. I am unsure of the answer, but my main thought is that you can't without Mike's or Sam's permission.
09-23-16 3:54 PM  Big Mike :
09-23-16 2:03 PM  NinjaTrader : Scheduled NinjaTrader website maintenance this evening - http://ninjatrader.com/support/forum/showthread.php?p=475845#post475845
09-23-16 10:03 AM  tbondtrader : how to change/edit a thread header
09-22-16 4:25 PM  rocksolid68 : haha. No worries!
09-22-16 3:04 PM  SoftSoap : I just wasn't sure what the policy was for bringing back old threads lol
09-22-16 3:04 PM  SoftSoap : awesome thanks guys, I'll do that
09-22-16 1:49 PM  rocksolid68 : Soft soap. I am sure once you start posting in that thread, others will follow suit. So go and do it!
09-22-16 10:28 AM  tturner86 : feel free to use it if you want
09-22-16 10:27 AM  tturner86 : The NQ thread is open to all...
09-22-16 9:36 AM  SoftSoap : Hey Mike and Sam, The NQ-analysis thread looks like it has died after some time. I've noticed more NQ traders lately and was wondering whether you recommend we start a new thread or try to bring the old threat back to life to have a discussion similar to the 'Elite ES SP500 Spoo-nalysis'
09-21-16 8:35 PM  suko : we are all moist robots
09-21-16 2:48 PM  wldman : hey trey.how ya been
09-21-16 11:02 AM  SoftSoap : Do the FOMC announcement and forecasts transcripts get released right at 2EST or will they get released progressively as Yellen speaks?
09-20-16 6:13 PM  SoftSoap : congrats on the milestone!
09-20-16 6:00 PM  Big Mike : We just launched our Facebook page (7 years later), be kind and give us a Like
09-20-16 5:59 PM  Big Mike : -- Please follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/futuresio --
09-20-16 4:43 PM  rocksolid68 :
09-20-16 4:38 PM  TheShrike : hehe
09-20-16 4:26 PM  rocksolid68 : The Shrike is trying to cover up his nickname at work. They call him FIO.... Farts In Office
09-20-16 12:10 PM  TheShrike : It's an abbreviation of the domain name Futures.io = FIO
09-19-16 4:38 PM  Big Mike : New poll posted
09-19-16 2:30 PM  Big Mike : Back home after business trip last week, give me time to answer PM's and email please
09-19-16 10:01 AM  rocksolid68 : Haha. I am a discretionary trader if I had to put a label on it
09-19-16 10:00 AM  rocksolid68 : A decent one
09-19-16 9:24 AM  treydog999 : @rocksolid68 what type of trader are you?
09-19-16 9:20 AM  treydog999 : i was wondering what FIO ment
09-19-16 9:18 AM  rocksolid68 : We are FIO now! Haha
09-19-16 9:18 AM  rocksolid68 : You missed quite a bit
09-19-16 9:18 AM  treydog999 : just hanging out back on BMT to see whats up, been a while
09-19-16 9:17 AM  treydog999 : pretty much, i am systematic trader anyway
09-19-16 9:16 AM  rocksolid68 : Ahh. A robot of sorts, eh?
09-19-16 9:14 AM  treydog999 : not really, i am not a tick by tick watcher. not thrilled about making money either, i just hope the trade turns out to come from my expected distribution
09-19-16 9:13 AM  rocksolid68 : Bored? Why is that? Aren't you thrilled about the idea of making money?
09-19-16 9:11 AM  treydog999 : bored really.... haha
09-19-16 9:11 AM  treydog999 : just put a position on, now looking at some code
09-19-16 9:09 AM  rocksolid68 : getting ready for trading. Catching up on FIO. What about you?
09-19-16 9:09 AM  rocksolid68 : oh you know... nothing
09-19-16 9:09 AM  treydog999 : whats up
09-19-16 9:08 AM  rocksolid68 : hey treydog!
09-19-16 8:57 AM  treydog999 : hello
09-17-16 10:30 AM  aquarian1 : I used to get histtorical prices for stocks from Yahoo finance which is now rendered unworkable (with some "improvements"). Does someone have a website for Canada stocks historical EOD prices?
09-16-16 11:42 AM  CureNet : Hi guys, can anyone share one minute E6 data?

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