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08-26-16 12:17 PM  TheShrike :
08-26-16 11:43 AM  Big Mike :
08-24-16 6:30 PM  Zondor : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBjC0NobO-Q&ab_channel=NutritionFacts.org
08-24-16 5:15 PM  rkmt : oil trading accademy
08-22-16 3:44 AM  alizaidi : thanks for the advice though. appreciated.
08-22-16 3:43 AM  alizaidi : its what works for me. a sense of how price is unfolding on higher time frames can't really hurt u.
08-22-16 12:47 AM  Itchymoku : the last thing you need in trading is an added level of confusion on a sudden price movement
08-22-16 12:39 AM  Itchymoku : I prefer ma to emas personally
08-22-16 12:37 AM  Itchymoku : From my perspective, an ema from a higher time frame plotted on a shorter time frame chart just adds unnecessary ambiguity to current price action.
08-22-16 12:13 AM  Itchymoku : I'd assume multislope ma is just a little more precise at averaging the slope of prices going back in time (possibly from multiple time frames?), while ema visual puts more emphasis on current price and movements right there after.
08-22-16 12:08 AM  Itchymoku : Oh well, sometimes things don't work out
08-21-16 11:46 PM  alizaidi : did start a thread. no one responded. not that I feel anyone owes it to me offer an explanation.
08-21-16 9:11 PM  Itchymoku : A thread is always a better bet, depth of discussion can be lost in chat due to obscurity (doesn't stay in queue)
08-21-16 9:07 PM  Itchymoku : Usually our first instincts are right
08-21-16 8:57 PM  rocksolid68 : Oh god. I was wondering who would be the one to say it
08-21-16 8:54 PM  Itchymoku : The difference is clicking the ask a question button above
08-19-16 4:36 PM  alizaidi : sorry. perhaps not a good place to ask this. what's the difference between multislope ma and ema visual?
08-18-16 1:33 PM  Janos : Hi Spikeygirl ! I can not connet 1 hour ago ....
08-18-16 12:21 PM  Spikeygirl : Anyone know whats going on with TransAct?
08-18-16 12:08 PM  Zondor : Support your local shopping mall, before it disappears...
08-18-16 12:02 PM  Zondor : http://www.dailyimpact.net/2016/08/16/the-mauling-of-the-malls/
08-17-16 6:00 PM  robertda45 : Thx tturner86 will do
08-17-16 5:59 PM  tturner86 : Above the chat is a blue button ASK A QUESTION. Use that to create a new thread asking...
08-17-16 5:58 PM  robertda45 : Is there a more apropriate place to try and solve this issue?
08-17-16 5:57 PM  Student of Tape : I probably wouldnt be much help
08-17-16 5:57 PM  Student of Tape : I apologize... I do not use NT7
08-17-16 5:56 PM  robertda45 : NT 7 - True Strength Index (TSI)
08-17-16 5:50 PM  Student of Tape : what platform and what indicator are we talking about?
08-17-16 5:48 PM  robertda45 : no it's no coding. I downloaded the indicator and installed it. the description and pic showed the HISTO and 2 more lines. They did not show up after installing. So I am wondering if I misinterpreted something. Thanks Student of Tape.
08-17-16 5:35 PM  Student of Tape : Roberta45 - Do you need coding help?
08-17-16 5:32 PM  robertda45 : Can anyone tell me where to turn to get help on an indicator??
08-17-16 5:27 PM  Student of Tape : http://my.jetscreenshot.com/demo/20160817-ose7-328kb
08-17-16 5:27 PM  Student of Tape : Interesting chart on the equity indexes
08-17-16 5:26 PM  Student of Tape : Hello everyone
08-17-16 5:25 PM  robertda45 : Hey guys I have a question about the True Strength Index (TSI) Indicator, is this a good place. Ijust joined and I think I am missing some with regards to the indicator. I downloaded it and installed it in NT 7. All that was plotted was one line. I does not look like the picture e.g. not Histo etc. Can anyone enlighten me please.
08-17-16 12:30 AM  paps : am oka now....i did not call in....but tells me issues with particular servers where clients r distributed
08-17-16 12:29 AM  paps : thnx @sagor
08-17-16 12:06 AM  sagor : NT support responded that they are aware of the issue and investigating
08-17-16 12:00 AM  sagor : yeah, my ninja trader connection is down. and cannot login on CQG mobile as well
08-16-16 11:28 PM  paps : server overload?
08-16-16 11:27 PM  paps : having a strange issue...says connection lost...but few charts still updated....
08-16-16 11:24 PM  paps : anyone having problem with Ninja & CQG feed tonight?
08-16-16 10:55 PM  rocksolid68 : Oh really? I guess I have not been around long enough to participate in the fun
08-16-16 9:19 PM  Silver Dragon : Been there... done that...
08-16-16 9:18 PM  Silver Dragon : ummm.. yeah... No politics here.. it always ends badly and people get banned.
08-16-16 9:05 PM  rocksolid68 : We should have a new poll here on the site who should be our next president. I think it would be very interesting to see which way FIO leans
08-16-16 9:04 PM  rocksolid68 : Thanks for the heads up.
08-16-16 9:01 PM  TheShrike : Cl volume rolling soon guys next coupla days
08-16-16 2:33 PM  rocksolid68 : Not at all. I think it works great
08-16-16 1:59 PM  forextek : any complaints with it?

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