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MyBBs tempate
See the discussion here. (Note this thread goes back to an earlier time and the template has evolved slightly... for instance the 540BB is white since I use a black background; but these changes are minor and you can get the idea from them).

There is no version number as this is a comilation of all the custom indicators used in this template. It is what I use as of the date of this submission.

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Details: MyBBs tempate
Category: The Elite Circle 

April 26th, 2011
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Keywords: cci stochastics "bollinger bands" "multiple timeframes"
Bollinger Bands in multiple timeframes 5 *
The BB's are based on a 20 SMA and 3x multiples thereof: 20 (green), 60 (blue), 180 (red), 540 (White or Black). They create natural SR levels since they are based on the statistical distance from the SMA.

A BB Cluster is when two or more outer BBs are synchronous... the more the stronger; the higher the TF, the stronger; the longer the chart TF, the stronger.

Good for seeing trend (or not); good for seeing possible SR (support/resistance); good for deciding when to exit (hint... HVS - high volume spike - on a 30 sec chart and price goes outside the bands on whatever TF you are watching... drop all but one and wait for the PB).

Category The Elite Circle 
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Details: Bollinger Bands in multiple timeframes
Category: The Elite Circle 

December 7th, 2010
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Keywords: bands bollinger multiple timeframes support/resistance
Trading Cash Flow Spreadsheet
Attached is a spreadsheet to use for planning how much you can withdraw from your trading account on a monthly basis based on your daily profit goal and number of days trading each month.

It includes a very rough tax calculator... (very rough).

For a business planning cash flow, you would need to add in your trading costs (data feed, charting package, fund for equipment replacement, etc.) as deductions against yield. You could also add in interest on unused funds if your broker does that.

You can create various scenarios for yourself based on "expected" results, "worst case", "best case".

Hopefully it will help you create realistic expectations of what you can expect to withdraw and still keep your account balance at an appropriate level.

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Details: Trading Cash Flow Spreadsheet
Category: Educational 

October 29th, 2009
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Keywords: planning spreadsheet cashflow
Customizing Candles 0 *
Code to customize candlestick outlines and body based on a set of conditions.

#region Candle Definition
if ( COND1 && COND2 && COND3 )
CandleOutlineColor = Color.LimeGreen;
if(Open[0]<Close[0] && ChartControl.ChartStyleType == ChartStyleType.CandleStick ) {
BarColor = Color.Transparent;
} else{
BarColor = Color.Lime;

else if ( COND1 && COND2 && COND3 )
CandleOutlineColor = Color.DarkGreen;
(see attached file)

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Details: Customizing Candles
Category: NinjaTrader 6.5 Miscellaneous 

August 16th, 2009
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Keywords: visual candlesticks candles


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