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Volume Up Down Average 5 *
Discussion thread:

I couldn't find an indicator that accomplished what I wanted, so I just made one. The indicator simply plots the Up volume and Down volume separately, as an average.

Simple concept - price closes above the typical (H+L)/2 then it's marked as up volume, and vice versa for down volume.

- If the up volume band is higher than the down volume band, then market is probably moving up.
- If both bands are declining, there is not much interest at these prices.
- If bands are moving towards each other, trend reversal.
- If bands are moving away from each other, trend continuation.

Anyway, don't read too much into it.

Here is the code, some screen shots, and a MultiCharts pla.

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Details: Volume Up Down Average
Category: MultiCharts 

May 23rd, 2011
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Keywords: multicharts volume
BMT Envelope Expansion Fib Bands v2.03 5 *
Attached is version 2.03. It does NOT work in NT 6.5 but does work in NT 7 with beta 22 or later.

Again, this is a major rewrite. Backup your old copy first, this one will overwrite it. If you don't like the new one you can go back to the old one this way.

There are two parameter options.

Multiplier - 1.0 is normal. If you feel the bands are too tight, you can raise this value, but it will no longer represent the real retracement levels of the daily ATR.

ATR Length - 7 is default. Lower will adapt more quickly to a changing market (like the recent huge fluctuations on CL). Higher will adapt slower.

I've added two extra bands to show the 100% and 161.8% levels. I've set the default colors the way I like them, which is different than the last version so take note. I also like the bands to blend into the chart, so the Alpha opacity is set for each plot.

You'll need to redo your template as the Plot names and settings have changed.

The histogram has been removed.

As far as I can tell, I've solved the math bugs. Please report any problems.


NinjaTrader 6.5: NO
NinjaTrader 7.0: YES beta 22 or later only

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Details: BMT Envelope Expansion Fib Bands v2.03
Category: The Elite Circle 

November 19th, 2010
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Keywords: bands envelope fibonacci
This is a simple port of the famous DoubleMA for NinjaTrader. I say simple because it's only a few lines, where the NT version is hundreds of lines (needlessly).

Read the code to understand the 'type' selections, it is easy.

Discussion thread:


Category MultiCharts 
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Details: DoubleMA
Category: MultiCharts 

August 6th, 2010
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Keywords: doublema easylanguage multicharts
Wave indicator 5 *

The inspiration came from websouth's template, which I started a discussion on here:

The indicator works a little different than websouth's implementation, because he was using the displacement chart feature which puts lines behind (historical) price. Within the indicator, I just painted the line using historical data, but it still plots real-time.

At any rate, it is a very interesting indicator. Sometimes it is a thing of beauty, others the visual aesthetics are not appealing but that usually means chop. If the indicator looks like shit then the price action is probably shit, too.

All colors are fully configurable, as is the shading, and opacity. You can also control the historical period rate.

Attached are a few screens plus the indicator. It's the top panel stuff.

I look forward to your input


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Details: Wave indicator
Category: The Elite Circle 

June 13th, 2010
Size: 4.12 KB
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Keywords: bmt wave
TrendBars2 v2

Here is a new export of TrendBars2 v2.2. It's faster and fixes a few quirks from the last version. Import like normal with Ninja.

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Details: TrendBars2 v2
Category: The Elite Circle 

June 12th, 2010
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Big Mike's CL (crude oil) journal V1 4 *

Here is a video blog about trading CL. I also share my usual opinions on multiple time frames and indicators/simplicity, money management, etc.

Play the VLC media player if you have any issues after unzipping, just like all my videos in the Downloads section.

I'll try to keep this journal updated with CL thoughts and trades.

Small chart: 89 volume
Medium chart: 6 range
Large chart: 12 range

I've attached a screen shot (not shown here click link to see) but the main point of this post is in the video not the screen shot.


Category Educational 
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Details: Big Mike's CL (crude oil) journal V1
Category: Educational 

June 12th, 2010
Size: 102.03 MB
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Keywords: bmt cl video
abcFloorPivots 5 *
This indicator plots floor pivots such as S1/S2, and R1/R2, plus the PP.

You can configure the start/stop time so if you like to use a 24h chart but only plot RTH pivots, you can do that. You can also turn on/off weekends.

You can control if the text is placed to the right or left of the pivot marker. You can also control the plot style (solid, dashed, dotted, etc) and the colors of each plot.


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Details: abcFloorPivots
Category: MultiCharts 

May 30th, 2010
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Keywords: floor multicharts pivots
Here is an ADXVMA port from NinjaTrader to MultiCharts.

I've built it as a function so you can use it in signals easily. The attached .pla MultiCharts file is both the function and the indicator.

I know that some NT users like to set the rising and falling plots to transparent so they are left with "shelfs" for the neutral plot. I tried, but there is apparently no way to do this in EasyLanguage. I've emailed MultiCharts for help.

The discussion thread is here (with EasyLanguage source):


Category MultiCharts 
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Details: ADXVMA
Category: MultiCharts 

April 17th, 2010
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Keywords: adx adxvma easylanguage multicharts vma
Here is a ZeroLagEMA (zero lag exponential moving average) for MultiCharts.

The EasyLanguage code and discussion is here:


Category MultiCharts 
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Details: ZeroLagEMA
Category: MultiCharts 

April 11th, 2010
Size: 3.14 KB
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Keywords: easylanguage ema multicharts zerolag zerolagema
Here is a ZeroLagWMA (zero lag weighted moving average) for MultiCharts.

Thread for discussion here with EasyLanguage source:


Category MultiCharts 
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Details: ZeroLagWMA
Category: MultiCharts 

April 11th, 2010
Size: 3.14 KB
Downloaded: 414 times

Keywords: easylanguage multicharts weighted wma zerolag zerolagwma


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