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Wicks & Tails 4 *
I've been a fan of Better Renko bars for several years now and was looking for a way to identify when a Wick or a Tail on a Better Renko bar was larger than the setting I had chosen.

Eg., Using a 4 Better Renko bar setting on the ES and looking for Wicks or Tails that were 5 ticks or greater.

This little indicator will do that for you. It simply draws an Arrow symbol above or below the corresponding Wick or Tail.

When I trade the NQ I prefer a 3 Better Renko bar, I use the irWicksandTails indicator to highlight 4 tick Wicks or Tails.

I don't use them for trade entries, I just note when they start to show up and rely on their presence to help me discern a "short term" trend bias.

This indicator is for NT-8, and was compiled with Version 64 Bit

Category NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More 
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Details: Wicks & Tails
Category: NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More 

May 8th, 2019
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Keywords: bias candlestick patterns tails trend wicks
irInsideBarsAll for NT- 64-bit 5 *
As the name implies, this NT-8 indicator looks for Inside Bars and then simply paints an all white bar on your candle stick or OHLC bar chart, (it works on Hollow Candlestick charts also).

If the bar is an Inside Bar and is also a Doji (Open[0] == Close[0]) the indicator will paint a diamond on the close of the bar to highlight the Doji for you.

You might have to change the default color choices if you're using lighter colored chart backgrounds.

Indicator will color the candlestick outlines and the candle bodies, one color regardless of the direction they close in (up or down). The indicator is set to calculate on bar close. (no need for it to be anything else)

Inside Bar condition: if(High[0] < High[1] && Low[0] > Low[1])
"Doji" condition: if(Open[0] == Close[0])

As I said, it's not the Holy Grail, but I find it helpful to have a visual clue that suggests "something may have changed here".

Category NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More 
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Details: irInsideBarsAll for NT- 64-bit
Category: NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More 

April 6th, 2019
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Keywords: bars candlestick inside patterns
CCLBetterVolume2 V1 4 *
Lifted from the BetterVolume2 Indicator available on the Ninja Forum and originally written by Barry Taylor and available for free, this one features a few additions including:
some of Cory's volume stop work;
some additional patterns (many of them experimental) which track various combination such as down bar, then churn, then up bar. Small-size wingdings are used to highlight such signals which can easily be turned off once they are learned and/or different ones added.

This is not nearly as sophisticated as many of the live-updating buysell/delta indies out there. The Tradestation version of BetterVolume does a good job of reading up and down ticks but this is much tricker in Ninja and this indicator was not programmed that way (though at this point I think it could/should be) with less difficulty than a year or so ago since more independent programmers out there have shared so much stuff.

To activate the volume signals, change the MA Period from 20 to 21. Then read through the Descriptions for the other options. It's fairly straightforward.

The attached pic shows two version of BetterVolume2 which I had up to ensure this latest version with a different name (so as not to over-write the original BetterVolume2 on others computers) was working correctly.

NinjaTrader 6.5: YES
NinjaTrader 7.0: NOT TESTED [feedback]

Category NinjaTrader 6.5 Indicators 
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Details: CCLBetterVolume2 V1
Category: NinjaTrader 6.5 Indicators 

February 11th, 2010
Size: 17.19 KB
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Keywords: patterns paintbar cclsys volume bettervolume
Gold Pattern Alert 5 *
Utilizes a number of indicators to mark turning points, pullbacks, pivots, and continuation entries.

BBPeriod - Bolinger Band Period Value (20)
BufferTicks - + Value above or - Value below bands to be considered a pierce (-0.3)
CCI Period - CCI Period Value (10)
NumStdDev - Bolinger Standard Deviations (1.9)
PeriodD - Stochastic Period D - Slower Line (5)
PeriodK - Stocastic Period K - Faster Line (3)
SMAPeriod - Simple Moving Average Period (50)
Smooth - Stochastic Smooting Value (2)
StochLong - Value of Low Extreme that has to be met before going long (20)
StochShort - Value of High Extreme that has to be met before going short (80)
UncertaintyBarNum - Number of bars that signal criteria have to be fully met (3)
UseBBSMALoc - Requires the bands to be above or below the SMA in the direction of the trade (False)

StoTType - Slope uses direction of Stochastic PeriodD line, PriceRelation uses the actual values of the Stochastic PeriodD line
TType - Slope uses direction of the SMA, PriceRelation requires price to be above or below the sma in the direction of the trade

UseRule1 - Checks the SMA/Price parameters are met
UseRule2 - Checks the Bolinger Band Pierce parameters are met
UseRule3 - Checks the BBSMALoc value parameters are met
UseRule4 - Checks the Stochastic parameters are met
UseRule5 - Checks for CCI coming off of extremes
UseRule6 - Checks for SMA2 parameters are met

(commissioned by me, non - copyrighted)

NinjaTrader 6.5: YES - ZTrade101
NinjaTrader 7.0: YES - ZTrade101

Category The Elite Circle 
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Details: Gold Pattern Alert
Category: The Elite Circle 

February 5th, 2010
Size: 14.34 KB
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Keywords: bands patterns itguy
VolumeStopV3Bnew 5 *
This is the same as Cory's "VolumeStopv3" but it allows you to choose which of 4 types of price/volume patterns will be indicated on the chart. In Cory's original version the 3 types of volume expansion patterns are bundled into one.

NinjaTrader 6.5: YES
NinjaTrader 7.0: NOT TESTED [feedback]

Category NinjaTrader 6.5 Indicators 
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Details: VolumeStopV3Bnew
Category: NinjaTrader 6.5 Indicators 

November 19th, 2009
Size: 3.53 KB
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Keywords: ninjatrader patterns rsi77 stop volume


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