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Sine Weighted Moving Average (amaSWMA) 5 *
Version 1.0 September 1, 2017

The Sine Weighted Moving Average (SWMA) is a FIR filter that applies weights to each bar of the lookback period in the shape of the bulge in a sine curve from 0 to pi. As a consequence the middle prices of the lookback period have the greatest weight.

The sine weighted moving average is quite similar to a triangular moving average.

I have coded it because it comes as a default moving average with other software packages and has been requested by users.

Category NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More 
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Details: Sine Weighted Moving Average (amaSWMA)
Category: NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More 

October 21st, 2017
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Keywords: average filter fir moving sine sineweighted
Distance Coefficient Ehlers Filter 5 *
Exported using NT version 7.0.1000.11

This is a nonlinear FIR filter based on the work of John F. Ehlers. A short description of the methdology can be found here:

The filter follows the EasyLanguage code, which you will find under Figure 6 in the paper cited above. However, it uses a 4-period triangular moving average as input series, where the code example relies on the bar center.

The Distance Coefficient Ehlers Filter is already included with the Bollinger Bands Universal, Keltner Channel Universal, SuperTrend U11 and Heikin Ashi indicators, but I had not made it available so far as a separate download.

Update October 1, 2012: Small bug removed. Indicator will now correctly display when a period of 1 is selected.

Category NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 
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Details: Distance Coefficient Ehlers Filter
Category: NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 

October 1st, 2012
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Keywords: ehlers filter fir
FTLM_STLM Digital Filter 5 *
Exported using NT Version 7.0.1000.6

This is a set of indicators, which is based on the work of V. Kravchuk, who published an article on Maximum Entropy Spectral Analysis in the Valutny Speculyant. The indicators are freely available for MetaTrader, and I have translated them to NinjaTrader.

The indicator formulas show that they are highly curve fitted, probably to the daily charts of EURUSD about 10 years ago. Therefore they should be used with precaution.

The indicators include

FATL, SATL, RFTL, RSTL: The Fast Adaptive Trendline (FATL), the Slow Adaptive Trendline(SATL), the Reference Fast Trendline (RFTL) and the Reference Slow Trendline (RSTL) are four digital filters that were obtained by Maximum Spectum Entropy Analysis. These four filters can be displayed via the anaAdaptiveTrendlines indicator, which is included with the package.

FTLM_STLM: This is the Fast Trendline Momentum and the Slow Trendline Momentum. FTLM as calculated as the difference FATL - RFTL, STLM as the difference SATL - RSTL. Display via anaFTLMSTLM indicator.

Range Bound Channel Index (RBCI): Allows to identify overbought and oversold conditions by using all main market cycles.

Perfect Commodity Channel Index (PCCI): Shows the high frequency component of the current volatility.

Update July 20, 2011: Range Bound Channel Index and Perfect Commodity Index added.

Category NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 
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Details: FTLM_STLM Digital Filter
Category: NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 

July 20th, 2011
Size: 15.32 KB
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Keywords: digitalfilters fir ftlm_stlm rbci stlm fatl ftlm pcci satl


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