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ADR with Projection Lines V2 4 *
Note: If you find bugs, have feature requests, or anything else, post in THIS thread.

IMPORTANT: Read before install. This is an Average DAILY range indicator, so you MUST have at least the number of days you are setting your ADR to compute an ADR. This includes weekends that don't have data. So if it does not work, MAKE sure you have enough days loaded. E.g., if you are trying to display a 14-day average, but only have 10 actual days of data(excluding weekends), the indicator will return a null value(∞).

This indicator will display an ADR on your screen. It will also display projections of that ADR as the day progresses.

As the range is extended, the lines will adjust until the ADR is achieved... The lines will then LOCK in place, change color and remain FIXED for the rest of the session. The image attempts to show this.

The lines produced are projections, NOT predictions. The lines are simply the result of subtracting the ADR from the CURRENT daily High to plot the LOW projection, and the opposite to plot the HIGH projection. This is why the lines will adjust and shrink as the range expands.

Setting "AutoScaleLines" to true, will autoscale so that the lines are always in view on your chart. I.e., this will shrink the bars.

The on-Screen text should be self-explanatory, but the label of "complete" simply describes the current day's range as a percentage of the ADR. E.g., a value of 50% tells you the CURRENT day's range is 1/2 the ADR.

You can either on-screen display, lines or both.

The indicator will update in real-time, on each tic.

Note, installing this indicator will create a folder in your indicators called "BTMM", that's where the indicator will be.

->UPDATE(26Nov2020): V2 of Indicator. Added new Parameter called Last-Bar SmartFit. This parameter will push the ADR(the lines) to the LOD(Low of Day) or HOD(High of Day), on the LAST bar in the session. This will occur when the ADR is NOT achieved on that day.

It works by putting the range on whichever came FIRST(LOD or HOD). THis is mostly visual, as I like to see visually, by how much the ADR was missed. Mostly just an easier way to see historical data. This adjustment will ONLY occur on the LAST bar of the session.

THIS image below attempts to explain what the new parameter is doing.

Category NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More 
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Details: ADR with Projection Lines V2
Category: NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More 

November 21st, 2020
Size: 5.08 KB
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Keywords: adr average daily range session
Session Pivots Daily (amaPivotsDaily) 5 *
Version 2.6 July 4, 2018

The Session Pivots Daily is an enhanced pivots indicator which allows for displaying floor pivots, wide pivots, Jackson Zones and Fibonacci pivots.

All pivots are calculated from daily bars (default setting) or from the bar series that has been selected as input series. The indicator may be used to display ETH pivots on an full session chart or RTH pivots on a regular session chart. It is not designed to display RTH pivots on a full session chart. When pivots are calculated from daily bars, they are typically calculated from the full session high, the full session low and the settlement price. However, the daily data only depends on the data supplier and will reflect the high, low and close as shown on a daily chart.

Workaround for displaying RTH pivots on a full session chart:

- Add a secondary bar series to your primary price panel with a RTH trading hours template.
- Set the colors for candle outlines, candle wicks, up and down bars to transparent.
- Apply the amaPivotsDaily indicator to the secondary bar series.

The indicator will now display RTH pivots on a full session chart. However, the pivots will only be displayed after the start of the regular session.

Pivot range: The indicator is set to display the pivot range which is the range between CP and DP. The pivot range is a symmetrical range around the main pivot PP. A wide pivot range follows after a trending day with a close near the highs or the lows. A narrow pivot range indicates that the prior day was a balancing day and closed near the central pivot.

Prior day high, low and close: The indicator also displays the high, low and close for the prior trading day. These levels often act as support or resistance during the current trading day. Moreover, prior day high, low and close reflect the input data for calculating all pivot values and can be visually checked against the chart bars, while this is not possible for the pivots themselves.

Pivot formulas:

All options: H = prior day high, L = prior day low, C = prior day close, X = H - L
Main Pivot: P = (H+L+C)/3
Central Pivot: CP = (H+L)/2
Directional Pivot: DP = 2*P - CP
Floor Pivots: P = (H+L+C)/3, R1 = 2*P - L, S1 = 2*P - H, R2 = P + X, S2 = P - X, R3 = R1 + X, S3 = S1 - X, R4 = R3 + (P-L), S4 = S3 - (H-P)
Wide Pivots: P = (H+L+C)/3, R1 = 2*P - L, S1 = 2*P - H, R2 = P + X, S2 = P - X, R3 = R2 + X, S3 = S2 - X, R4 = R3 + X, S4 = S3 - X
Jackson Zones: R1 = P + 0.5*X, S1 = P - 0.5*X, RB1 = P + 0.618*X, SB1 = P - 0.618*X, R2 = P + X, S2 = P - X, RB2 = P + 1.382*X, SB2 = P - 1.382*X
Fibonacci Pivots: R1 = P + 0.382*X, S1 = P - 0.382*X, R2 = P + 0.618*X, S2 = P - 0.618*X, R3 = P + X, S3 = P - X, R4 = P + 1.382*X, S4 = P - 1.382*X

CME holidays: There are six holiday sessions every year which are integrated with the following trading day. These holidays are Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving. The holiday sessions do not qualify as trade dates and there is no settlement. For this reason quality data feeds will not show daily bars. When "Input Data" is set to "DailyBars", the amaPivotsDaily will correctly calculate the pivots for both the holiday sessions and the trading day that follows the holiday. The NinjaTrader in-built pivots indicator will produce false values on the days after the holiday session. When "Input Data" is set to "Full Session", both indicators will calculate false values for the day after the holiday session.

Comparison to pivot indicators coded for NinjaTrader 7: For NinjaTrader 7 I had used subdivided session templates for calculating RTH pivots on full session charts. This approach was too complicated and mainly confused users. Subdivided session templates also truncate all bars at the session begin and the session end, which in turn distorts other indicators such as moving averages or oscillators. Therefore all our NT8 indicators are now compatible with the default trading hours template <instrument settings>. However, the new approach makes the task of coding RTH pivots for full session charts more complex. Such an indicator needs to add a third bar series with minute data and also come with a small data base containing the regular trading hours and holidays for the most liquid futures contracts. This can no longer be provided free of charge.

On the other hand the pivot indicators for NinjaTrader 8 have become more reliable. Preloading of daily data is no longer necessary, as the pivots indicator will load daily data automatically, when applied to a chart. This makes the pivots easier to use and less error prone.

Update version 2.1.: Bug removed. Indicator did not display pivots calculated from daily data, when the first day of the lookback period of the chart was a trading day without daily settlement (see six holiday sessions listed above).
Update version 2.6.: Enhanced CPU efficiency. Minor changes.

Nota: The forum software has renamed the downloadable zip file to the false version number 2.0. Please disregard the version number of the zip file. The zip file contains the indicator version as specified above.

Category NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More 
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Details: Session Pivots Daily (amaPivotsDaily)
Category: NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More 

October 21st, 2017
Size: 12.29 KB
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Keywords: daily eth fibonacci floor floorpivots jackson pivotrange pivots range rth session settlement
Fibonacci Lines (Daily, Yesterday, Weekly) 4 *
Not earth-shattering, but handy nonetheless: Fibonacci Lines for different time periods.

The PowerLanguage file contains the following indicators:
  • Fibonacci Lines (Daily); this indicator plots the Fibonacci lines for the current day;
  • Fibonacci Lines (Yesterday); this indicator plots on the current day the Fibonacci lines for yesterday;
  • Fibonacci Lines (Weekly); as you guessed it, this indicator plots the weekly Fibonacci lines.
Each of these indicators have the following features:
  • Fibonacci lines 76.4%, 61.8%, 38.2%, 23.6% as well as the high, low, and 50% level;
  • Option to individually turn each of these lines off;
  • Fibonacci levels are rounded to the number of decimals of the instrument;
  • To keep MultiCharts as efficient as possible, the new Fibonacci levels are only calculated at the close at the bar instead of on every tick. You can change the code to calculate on every tick.
  • Option to only display the current Fibonacci levels and not those of the previous day(s). This prevents chart skewing at the beginning of the day, when the current price is some distance from the previous Fibonacci levels, which leads to ugly charts. (See the attached screenshot to see how not plotting the values for yesterday gives a much clearer chart).

Category MultiCharts 
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Details: Fibonacci Lines (Daily, Yesterday, Weekly)
Category: MultiCharts 

February 10th, 2012
Size: 24.68 KB
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Keywords: daily fibonacci resistance support weekly
IBFX - Daily Pivots
The IBFX Daily Pivot Indicator draws the daily Pivot, Support and Resistance Levels at upper right corner of the chart. The indicator will also draw the lines on the chart. Resistance lines are shown in red and Support lines are shown in green.

Category MetaTrader 4 Indicators 
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Details: IBFX - Daily Pivots
Category: MetaTrader 4 Indicators 

May 28th, 2011
Size: 11.08 KB
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Keywords: daily levels resistance indicator pivot support
Day OHC Fibs v1 5 *
export using 7.0.1000.4
add 3 fib lines for Current Day OHC indicator

Category NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 
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Details: Day OHC Fibs v1
Category: NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 

April 13th, 2011
Size: 2.85 KB
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Keywords: close daily fibs high low
Daily M Pivots 5 *
Daily M Pivots.

Central Pivot = Black
Support (S1, S2, S3) = Blue
Resistance (R1, R2, R3) = Red

Blue dash lines are the M pivots.

Very accurate daily pivots for MT4. I have been using these for 4 months, and use them on my 1 hour chart.

The only draw back is if your MT4 platform uses Sunday data the pivots on Mondays are off. I am not a coder and unable to change that (I have asked the author to do a version for platforms that use Sunday Data). However the other 4 days very accurate. If your platform does not use Sunday data then the pivots are excellent for all 5 days.

I did not code this but I have asked and been given permission from the author to post these.

Category MetaTrader 4 Indicators 
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Details: Daily M Pivots
Category: MetaTrader 4 Indicators 

August 21st, 2010
Size: 12.59 KB
Downloaded: 620 times

Keywords: daily mt4 pivots pivots. for


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