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MACDBBLines V4 5 *
From FatTails Version 3 enhancements post:

This is a fast version of the MACD BB Lines indicator. The MACD settings and the band period, the multiplier for the standard deviation, the dotsize and all colors can be selected.

Different colors can be selected for dots outside and inside the Bollinger Band.

Connector line added between the MACD dots.

Unlike previous indicators this indicator can also be used on multiseries charts or charts with equidistant bar spacing set to "false".

The default colours are adapted to dark backgrounds. Special thanks to Zondor for speed-optimizing the code.

UPDATED April 22, 2011 to add a histogram feature (difference between MACD and its AVERAGE line).

Version 4, exported using NT Version includes these enhancements (all optional):

Background coloring (flooding):
Color background, only colors the background of the indicator.
Color ALL Backgrounds, colors all indicator panels, including the price bar panel.

With ALL set to True and Price bar coloring set to true, and the sounds options set to True, you can concentrate on the price bar panel, without having to watch the indicator panel.

Conservative mode: Set to "True", the indicator will color the price bars and background when the MACD crosses above or below the Zero line (Lime, above Zero, Red, below Zero. All colors are user-selectable).

Conservative mode: Set to "False", the indicator will color the price bars and background when the MACD crosses its BB Average line, giving you more opportunities for scalping within the current price move.

BB Violation dots: An option may be chosen to paint a "double dot" on the price bar screen when the MACD BB dot violates the Bollinger Band (exits outside the band). If it re-enters the band, the condition resets, so that the next time it exits the band, another "double dot" paints on the price bar chart.

Sounds: Sound options may be chosen to play when the BB dot exits the BB Band (up sound & down sound). Sound options may be set to play when the MACD crosses (up or down) on the Zero line (up sound & down sound).

Price Bar coloring (PaintBars): You can set the color of the UP bar, DOWN bar and the OUTLINE of each. To achieve "hollow" style UP bars, simply set the UP bar color to "transparent" and then set the Outline to any color of your choice. Defaults are Lime (up bar), Black (outline), Red (down bar), Black (outline).

In the attached example, I am using it on a 4 MedianRenko bar chart with the indicator set to:
# of Std Deviations = 0.05
Band Period = 10
Dot Size = 1
Fast MACD = 60
Slow MACD = 120
Smooth = 30

The defaults are:
# of Std Deviations = 1
Band Period = 10
Dot Size = 2
Fast MACD = 12
Slow MACD = 26
Smooth = 5

Thanks to Jeff Castille for suggesting these enhancements.

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Details: MACDBBLines V4
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April 3rd, 2011
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