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This is an experimental indicator that can enter and exit live positions. Use entirely at your own risk and with extreme caution! You have been warned, so don't blame me! I will not accept liability for anything!

By now most of you probably have figured out my love for floating windows.

This is a little window with a few buttons that allows you to enter and exit trades.

Most stuff is pretty self-explanatory. The only thing worth mentioning is the Close button, which will first cancel all orders for the selected Instrument-Account combination and then close any open position for the selected Instrument-Account combination. Edit: Is now default NT behaviour when there is an open position, if flat it will cancel all working orders for that Instrument-Account combination.

Account, Instrument and Quantity are bootstrapped from ChartTrader, so if you want to change them, you will have to do it there. Edit: Now has dropdowns that always have the same value selected as ChartTrader, that means no matter where you change it the other one will also reflect that change. For that reason vvMiniTradePanel will enable ChartTrader when it starts up. You can hide, disable, show or enable it later. ChartTrader has to stay enabled, a warning will be shown if it is disabled.
The Account can also be set manually, however, Quantity and Instrument will still be bootstrapped from ChartTrader.
In terms of size, location and some other settings it is quite configurable.

In order to use the advanced buttons (Lim or Stop +Offset buttons) the AT Interface has to be enabled (ControlCenter ->File ->AT Interface)!

Please only download if you understand the risks of using such an indicator and accept that you will use it entirely at your own risk!

Thread is here:

Current version is v3.6


01.Feb.2013 v2.1
Fixed null reference bug in OnTermination.
Changed Close button logic, now exactly the same than the ChartTrader Close button.

05.Feb.2013 v2.2
Fixed bug where the first strategy change was not reflected by ChartTrader.
Added dropdown for account selection.
Added Quantity up down for quantity selection.
Fixed bug where quantity was not updated after strategy change.

06.Feb.2013 v2.5
Increased max value for quantity to 1m.
Fixed bug with quantity update.
Improved layout a bit, dropdows are larger now.
Put instrument label on Close button.
Added option to hide ChartTrader on startup.
Fixed resizing issue.
Fixed quantity increments for forex and stocks to NT defaults (.1m and 100).
Max quantity is now 50m for forex, 1m for stocks and 10,000 for futures.

07.Feb.2013 v2.8
Relocated show ChartTrader button so that it does not hide the "F" for unfixing the y scale.

12.Feb 2013 v2.9
Improved the handling of ChartTrader toggle, Button is now in the normal spot and the little "F" as well. If you use vvTrendLineTrader, please update that too.

05.Mar 2013 v3.0
Fixed a bug where button location got messed up on resize or minimize.

13.Mar 2013 v3.1
There was a problem with changing live orders as they might have the order state "Working" whereas the same order on an NT sim account has "Accepted". This version should now work correctly for live and sim.

02.Apr 2013 v3.2
Corrected quantity increment for currencies to 0.01M.

08.Apr 2013 v3.3
Added option to show reverse button.

15.Jul 2013 v3.4
Added functionality to "Close" button, left click same as ever, right click brings all targets to last traded price (i could do best offer too).

04.Nov 2013 v3.5
Fixed a bug (again) where button location got messed up on resize or minimize.

15.Feb2014 v3.6
Added some buttons to place stop or limit orders in an easy way. They are placed x ticks away from the current price, where x is a setting in the properties dialog.
Of course all this is optional, no need to have the buttons on there when you don't want them...
To use the new buttons the AT Interface has to be enabled (ControlCenter ->File ->AT Interface)!


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