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NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More
Indicators and Files in this section are compatible with NinjaTrader 8

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'Gapless' Collection V2.2 5 *
'Gapless' Collection V2.2

Updated for beta 11.

A collection of simple 'gapless' indicators to get you started with your own versions.

'Gapless' is simply this: it ignores the intra-day session gap. Why do this? Ever tried trend trading at the session open but having to wait for your EMA or RSI to catch up? As far as I'm concerned if I am not making money from the gap itself ie. holding a position overnight, then I want an indicator that will show me 'relative' direction from the opening bar.

* Useful for stocks, DAX, grains and those trading the RTH sessions. You could plot a ETH chart with a regular indicator next to a RTH chart with the gapless indicator for confirmation.

* The indicators have the 'option' to use the gapless concept, else they plot as usual.

* EOD type charts will plot as normal, it will automatically use the standard code.


* Gapless EMA (Thanks to FatTails for this original NT7 code).
* Gapless SMA
* Gapless TEMA
* Gapless RSI
* Gapless CCI
* Gapless Macd

V2 Added:

* Stochastics
* Double stochastics
* Natural Moving Average x 2


*Checked for NT8b9. Cleaned naming.

and also includes a 'gapless price proxy'. Use this as a replacement 'Input' for your panel indicators. It works for some but not for others, so there are limitations. Try on a regular Macd. Simply add the regular Macd indicator and select 'Input Series'> Indicators>Sim22_GaplessInputProxy. It will now ignore the gaps.
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Details: 'Gapless' Collection V2.2

December 16th, 2015
Size: 32.81 KB
Downloaded: 732 times
MacdBB + gradient + gapless + audio V1 5 *
MacdBB + gradient + gapless + audio V1

Updated for NT8 beta 11


* Paint bars
* Candle outlines
* Paint background of panel and chart
* Conservative mode
* Gradient option, including 2 gradient add-on functions for your other indicators
* Custom audio alert
* Gapless option. Use intraday to ignore the opening gap. Useful for determining the opening trend.

Make sure you extract the .zip file first to show the files. Inside you will find the .zip to import!

Make sure you insert the audio files here: C:\Program Files (x86)\NinjaTrader 8\sounds
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Details: MacdBB + gradient + gapless + audio V1

December 13th, 2015
Size: 110.47 KB
Downloaded: 1608 times
You can have Doji with your unoutlined NT 8 candles
Name: DrawCandleClose Version 1

This indicator was created to show the Closing price when the CandleStick Opening and Closing price were the same and a Transparent Body Outline color was specified. Standard NT 8 CandleStick Closing price is drawn with the Outline color and is Transparent when that color is Transparent.

Note that NT7 had logic to draw a Black Close line, if the Outline color was Transparent and the Background color was White. This logic has been removed in NT8, so the problem appears in NT8 regardless of Background color.

NT8 DrawCandleClose Indicator is obsolete. Use fix described below. Attached file is a dummy file to meet posting requirements. Please download the file to log your interest in this fix, but do not install downloaded file. Instead, apply the fix manually. Never blindly replace standard files because of the risk of back leveling.

If you would like to have this fix standard NT8 CandleStick behavior, then post your vote for Tracking ID # SFT-818 to thread

NT 7 Version fix available at

Top CandleStick:Chart Style = Candlestick with Black outline.

Middle CandleStick:Chart Style = CandleStick Transparent Outline After Fix

Bottom CandleStick on Black Background After Fix:Chart Style = CandleStick After Fix

NT8 Fix for Tracking ID # SFT-818 , Missing Doji when CandleStick Outline Transparent:
Description: Always draw the Doji Close line with the Wick Color instead of the Outline Color. This eliminates the inefficiency of having an Indicator check every CandleStick bar close for Open==Close and overwrite the already drawn Transparent Close line.

Applying this fix in no way changes the appearance of CandleSticks that have bodies. This can be verified with the examples provided.

NT8: Lines 63-64 \Documents\NinjaTrader 8\bin\Custom\ChartStyles\@CandleStyle.cs

TransformBrush(overriddenOutlineBrush ?? Stroke.BrushDX, new RectangleF(point0.X, point0.Y - Stroke.Width, barWidth, Stroke.Width));
RenderTarget.DrawLine(point0, point1, overriddenOutlineBrush ?? Stroke.BrushDX, Stroke.Width, Stroke.StrokeStyle);
TransformBrush(overriddenBarBrush ?? Stroke2.BrushDX, new RectangleF(point0.X, point0.Y - Stroke2.Width, barWidth, Stroke2.Width));
RenderTarget.DrawLine(point0, point1, overriddenBarBrush] ?? Stroke2.BrushDX, Stroke2.Width, Stroke2.StrokeStyle);
I recommend the following to apply the fix. It may seem complicated but will save you time in the long run. Note that it is undocumented but NT Backup never includes files that begin with the character "@".

1) Copy \Documents\NinjaTrader 8\bin\Custom\ChartStyles\@CandleStyle.cs
2) Paste the file and rename it @CandleStyle.cs Before SFT-818
3) Edit @CandleStyle.cs with Notepad
4) Make changes to lines 63 & 64 with Notepad and save changes
5) Compile any file with NT Editor and Exit NT Editor. New @CandleStyle.cs will be used in the compile.
6) From next start of NinjaTrader, CandleSticks will use Wick Color for Doji Close line.
7) Copy \Documents\NinjaTrader 8\bin\Custom\ChartStyles\@CandleStyle.cs
8) Paste the file and rename it @CandleStyle.cs After SFT-818

Any NT updates will replace @CandleStyle.cs so you will have to make the changes again. Create Before and After copies of the update, as you did above, adding the update number after 818. Never blindly replace standard files because of the risk of back leveling. You can use Winmerge to compare updated @CandleStyle.cs and @CandleStyle.cs After SFT-818 and reapply fix to updated.

1) Delete Indicator DrawCandleClose.cs, if it exists, from \Documents\NinjaTrader 8\bin\Custom\Indicators.
2) Start NT Editor > Right click on blank form and select Compile to remove DrawCandleClose Indicator.
NT will automatically remove the Indicator from any Charts that use it.

Create a CandleStick chart with Transparent outline. Verify that you see Doji.

If you installed Chart Style Doji then:
1) Change Charts that use it to use CandleStick instead.
2) Delete ChartStyleDoji, if it exists, from \Documents\NinjaTrader 8\bin\Custom\ChartStyles.
3) Start NT Editor > right click on blank form and select Compile.
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Details: You can have Doji with your unoutlined NT 8 candles

December 9th, 2015
Size: 208 bytes
Downloaded: 197 times
Linear Gradient MultiOscillator with bar, outline and bg colors (V1.2) 5 *


* 6 levels of gradient stops, so you can set your gradient coloring to anything you want.

* 2 new functions in the 'Addons' folder that you can use in your own indicators to help make linear gradients easy.

* Simple toggle to reverse coloring without having to enter all new brushes again.

* RSI, CCI, Stochastics and Double Stochastics.

Update: Dec 2015

* Added ability to not plot the indicator in the lower panel, just paintbars or background. Make sure you place the indicator in the 1st panel. The plots/price marker should automatically become transparent.

Update: Jan 2016

* VERY IMPORTANT FIX. Made gradient "Get Color" more efficient. Was making new LG every bar. Now it instantiates once.
* Added Stochastics and Double Stochastics.
* Added an average line if required.
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Details: Linear Gradient MultiOscillator with bar, outline and bg colors (V1.2)

December 1st, 2015
Size: 23.54 KB
Downloaded: 566 times
RSqueeze for NT8 5 *
The 'infamous' RSqueeze indicator ported to NT 8.

Includes a re-written RGaussianFilter indicator.

The code has been optimized for efficiency.

Generated using NinjaTrader Version - BETA

12-10-2015 Update: Standardize naming and Sound Alert file path name.
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Details: RSqueeze for NT8

November 27th, 2015
Size: 19.60 KB
Downloaded: 1456 times
TTMS for NT8 5 *
TTMS and TTM "Wave C" for NT8.

Note: Wave C is a rough visual approximation of the actual TTM_Wave.

Exported using Version - BETA

12-10-2015 Update: Standardize naming and Sound Alert file path.
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Details: TTMS for NT8

November 25th, 2015
Size: 20.71 KB
Downloaded: 987 times
Histogram Collection for NT8 5 *
A collection of configurable Histogram Types for NT8 including the following:

TSI (.aka. Erogodic),
SMA (.aka. AwesomeOscillator, LBR 3-10),

Exported using NT - BETA

This indicator collection will import into it's own folder named: "Histograms"

12-10-2015 Update: Standardize naming and Sound Alert file path.
05-04-2016 Update: Fix parameter serialization issue.
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Details: Histogram Collection for NT8

November 25th, 2015
Size: 39.35 KB
Downloaded: 751 times
DH_HorizontalLine 5 *
Converted fron NT7 to NT 8.An horizontal line at current ptice.Thanks to the original fine with me,USE AT YOUR OWN RISK PLZ.
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Details: DH_HorizontalLine

November 25th, 2015
Size: 1.16 KB
Downloaded: 684 times
Converted BrookBars 5 *
The Ninja team beat me to the punch on this one....
I coded this for NT7 long ago and posted on BMT and Ninja. The Ninja team opted to converted it to NT8 early. Since I coded it originally, I am re-posting here.
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Details: Converted BrookBars

November 21st, 2015
Size: 3.36 KB
Downloaded: 521 times
Converted Gaussian
Broadly distributed Gaussian code...I simply converted it to NT8
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Details: Converted Gaussian

November 21st, 2015
Size: 2.27 KB
Downloaded: 333 times
Converted Ehlers
This Ehlers moving average/filter is broadly distributed code...I simply converted to NT8
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Details: Converted Ehlers

November 21st, 2015
Size: 4.97 KB
Downloaded: 429 times
OBV_Split_Cory for NT8 4 *
Convert from NT7
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Details: OBV_Split_Cory for NT8

November 9th, 2015
Size: 2.13 KB
Downloaded: 762 times
VolStopV7 for NT8 4 *
I use the software to convert it then tweak it some more. It should perform the same way as the NT7 version.
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Details: VolStopV7 for NT8

November 8th, 2015
Size: 9.15 KB
Downloaded: 1584 times
Sample - Draw/Not draw indicator via Button V3.2 5 *
Here is a sample of a panel button that turns an indicator visibility on/off via a 'click'. You do not have to refresh the chart each time.

Version 3.2

* Fixed for NT8b9. Recent NT8 changes to multi-threading created freezing when the chart was loaded.

I was so used to my MarketDelta buttons that I had to do it for NT8 .

This indicator draws an EMA both via the Plot method and the OnRender method so you can see the code for both techniques.

Thank you very much to "Edge" for the original "button" code and help.

Version3 - Nov 2015:

* Used 'UserControlCollection' instead of 'ChartControl' for safer usage and it does not interfere with the bars or plotting.
* Created smaller button.
* You can have up to 10 buttons per panel (or more if you change the code). So you can add 10 ema's and specify which position you would like via 'Column#'.
* Buttons are hard-coded to plot at the top-left of the panel but you can change this in the code if you like via 'myGrid'.
* The button will appear within the panel the indicator is plotted. Please read the 'summary' at the top of the code for limitations of usage. Use at your own risk.

Version 3.1

* Fixed bug that prevented button working when state changed from Historical to RealTime.

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Details: Sample - Draw/Not draw indicator via Button V3.2

November 7th, 2015
Size: 3.75 KB
Downloaded: 800 times
UniRenko bar type NT8b9 5 *

FIX: Just updated for Beta 9. You must download this version.

Universal renko bar type. Thanks to the original author.

Ported by Sim22, 2015. Version 1. NT8b6

Allows adjustment of tick, reversal and proxy-open increments.

Can also plot continuously or break at the end of a session via "Break at EOD" option.

To use this in a condition eg.

//if using something......

if ((int) BarsPeriod.BarsPeriodType == 501)
       // do something


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Details: UniRenko bar type NT8b9

November 3rd, 2015
Size: 2.26 KB
Downloaded: 3783 times
hollow_candles 2 *
Up candle is a hollow candle. This code was originally uploaded I believe by eDanny on NT 7. If you like dark or even black background and want to be easy on your eyes this indicator will help you.

I did added some comments regards to the conversion process on the "NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More" thread.
Tested with NT 8 B06.

Hope this helps,

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Details: hollow_candles

November 2nd, 2015
Size: 6.46 KB
Downloaded: 336 times
Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) Suite V1.3 - Basic NT8b9 5 *


Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) Suite V1.3 - Basic - NT8RC1

Updated to RC1 Sep 2016

Another platform look-a-like.............visually 'cloned'.

Make sure you unzip the zip file first before importing or you will receive a NT8 import error! There are multiple files within the first zip file.

1. New HLC ChartStyle to reflect the rounded look of the TGv4 platform.

Two coloring modes are select-able:

VSA logic. eg. Close[0] > Close[1].
Normal HLC eg. Close[0] > Open[0].

Up, neutral, down and 'lastbar' colors are selectable.
2. VSA volume bars.

Up, neutral, down and 'low volume' colors are selectable.
Bands can be turned off but colors are hard-coded based on the TGv4 platform.
Width of volume bars changes automatically to match the price bar width.

Up, neutral, down colors are selectable.
The custom diamond plot is hard-coded but the size is user selectable.
Hard-coded to Median input.
4. VSA Price Line

There are 4 user selectable plot modes to "hopefully" cater for different uses.

Please unzip the .zip file first and read the instructions.

The period settings of the SMA and the volume bars MA and bands are visually cloned and may therefore be off slightly, so adjust to suit yourself.

There is plenty of 'OnRender' custom plotting included if you wish to dig your teeth into NT8 ninjascript.

Update: V 1.1 Nov 2015

Can now choose colors for the equal close bar and last/live bar.
Can now plot your own paintbars over the top of the chartstyle.

Update: V 1.2 Dec 2015

Fixed a bug: Removed the custom 'icon' due to errors when using two or more tabs with the same VSA chartstyle. Please download again or you will lose your tabbed charts!

Update: V 1.3 Mar 2016

General performance and visual improvements.

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Details: Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) Suite V1.3 - Basic NT8b9

October 30th, 2015
Size: 193.55 KB
Downloaded: 1471 times
UN Gom Delta 5 *
No recorder needed, but chart data series must be in tick replay to show historical data. Tick replay makes it SIMPLE to code indicators like this.

Two indicators based on bid/ask delta:
  • bar histogram of non-cumulative delta
  • candlestick plot of cumulative delta.

These here versions only shows the information for the instrument on the chart. However, this can be done for instruments that are not on the chart. For example could show the delta for the SPY or the NQ contract on the chart of AMZN, synchronized to the bars of AMZN so that bar spacing would remain equidistant.

The screenshot only shows the cumulative version.

The installer will put these indicators into a new FOLDER called unGom Delta. un Gom.... get it?

For both versions, the opening value includes the delta of the first trade. That's why the bars on the histogram do NOT start from the zero line, which would be WRONG. The opening bar should include the data from the first trade. The data from the first trade should NOT be thrown away as in those "other" versions of these indicators.
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Details: UN Gom Delta

October 28th, 2015
Size: 6.10 KB
Downloaded: 1614 times
MESA Adaptive Moving Average 5 *
Updated on November 2: suppressed invalid plotting during startup period and reduced its length.

Here's an explanation of the indicator by its creator, John Ehlers.

Same plots as the MAMA "system indicator". That version was translated from TradeStation® EasyLanguage® code without taking into account the coding flexibility of Ninjascript®, resulting in a bloated resource hog.
  • Changed code to eliminate unnecessary, duplicative calculations.. there were A LOT of them.
  • Added multi color plotting.

The indicator will appear in a new FOLDER called Moving Averages.. look for it there.
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Details: MESA Adaptive Moving Average

October 28th, 2015
Size: 3.37 KB
Downloaded: 806 times
Give NT 8 preference over other applications that are running. 5 *
Name: SetNinjaTradersPriorityHigh Version 1.1

Exported with: NT 64-bit (Multi-Broker) - BETA
To Import Indicator Into NT 8:
1. Download the attached file by clicking on the blue downward arrow or the NT Chart image. Save the file. Do not open it.
2. From the Control Center window select the menu Tools > Import > NinjaScript...
3. Type into the first field the folder that contains the .zip file downloaded by your browser. When first displayed the field has C:\Users\ ... .
4. Press Enter.
5. Select the downloaded .zip file then click the Import button.

ReExported with: NT 64-bit (Multi-Broker) - BETA to fix Import error.
Updated: Oct 21, 2015 5:55AM - New Priority value of BelowNormal. New parm Show NT Priority. Priority now also checked/set in State.Terminated.

Author: James R. Walker

NT 7 Version available

All the applications running on your computer equally share your computer's resources. The NinjaTrader application runs at Normal Priority with all the other applications. Especially during fast markets, when other applications are running on your computer, NT is not processing incoming data as quickly as your computer would allow and possibly losing trade data from your market data service. By default, this Indicator sets NinjaTrader's Process Priority to High, giving it preference over other applications that are running.

This Indicator allows you to set NT's Process Priority to one of four values: High, Above Normal, Normal, or BelowNormal. You may want to use High during your trading day and Normal at other times. You could also set it to BelowNormal to do backtesting in the background while you use your computer for other tasks.

Adding this Indicator to one chart in your Workspace will set NinjaTrader's Process Priority until you exit NT. The Indicator will check before setting the Priority and do nothing if Priority is already set to the Priority specified in its parameter.

Quoting from : "Windows 8 shares the processor time between all running processes based upon their priority level. If a process has a higher priority, it gets more processor time compared to a process having a lower priority. . . . The changes you make to the priority level of the current instance of an application or process are only temporary and not set permanently. Once you close the application or restart the PC, Windows 8 will automatically set the priority back to default for the process or application."

Select Priority - Select High, Above Normal, Normal, or BelowNormal for NinjaTrader's Process Priority. The Default is High.

Hide Indicator Name - Prevent display of indicator's name at top of chart if true. Default is false.

Show NT Priority - Display NT's Priority at top of chart. Default is true.

To have nothing displayed at top of chart set Hide Indicator Name parameter to true and Show NT Priority to false.

Debug message to Output Window - If true then debugging Output messages printed.
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Details: Give NT 8 preference over other applications that are running.

October 21st, 2015
Size: 2.45 KB
Downloaded: 625 times
RGBPriceLines 5 *
Ninjatrader 8

I originally developed this indicator for NT7 and now have converted to NT8. It simply plots lines on chart at price lines specified in a text file.

A few times NT7 would drop a line I added through Draw Tools, or I would accidentally delete a line. So, I created this indicator that plotted my important lines each time I loaded the program or reloaded NinjaScript. I have found it very handy, so thought I'd share it (first-time post).

It plots lines on chart at price lines specified in a text file. Indicator reads in standard text file with the following format(each field required and is separated by tab in the text file):

price desired price level for line to be drawn
height (not currently used)
color desired color in text format eg. Red, Blue, Black
width desired width of line
label (not currently used)

File name consists of concatenation of instrument+suffix (suffix is an input parameter) -
Indicator determines the instrument and then joins it with the suffix provided

eg. TF-Zones.txt (for the Russell instrument)

The filepath is an input parameter (any valid path) -

eg. C:\Users\RGB\NinjaTrader Pricelines
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Details: RGBPriceLines

October 19th, 2015
Size: 2.39 KB
Downloaded: 303 times

Keywords: plot nt8
Adapted from NT7. No multi-color plotting, candle painting, e-mail or text message notification, Twitter® generation, or sound alerts in this one.

Will not attempt multi color plotting until the "brush freeze" issue is resolved.

A diagnostic message will appear in output window each time this indicator starts.
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Details: ADXVMA

October 12th, 2015
Size: 5.51 KB
Downloaded: 501 times
CurrentDayOHLC 5 *
Just a quik twick to include the current close on the NT8 beta chart
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Details: CurrentDayOHLC

September 27th, 2015
Size: 2.31 KB
Downloaded: 852 times
BetterBrick ChartStyle 4 *
This is the NinjaTrader 8 version of the BetterBrick ChartStyle, which is especially useful in conjunction with the BetterRenko Bar Type.

You can find the discussion thread here:

v1 20100807 - @Aslan created to go with BetterRenko
v2 20100812- @Aslan changed to paint OHLC bar for live bar
v2 20150719 - @Dalebru converted to NT8. Exported with NinjaTrader
v2 20170102 = shanmugs added missing "Open" line
v2 201070201 - @DaleBru exported with NinjaTrader
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Details: BetterBrick ChartStyle

September 26th, 2015
Size: 2.33 KB
Downloaded: 735 times
BetterRenko Bar Type 4 *
This is the NinjaTrader 8 version of BetterRenkoV2.

This Renko bar type is backtestable. It does not generate false "fill-in" bars. It maintains a true OHLC and displays properly with the Candlestick ChartStyle. If you want it to look like bricks, use the BetterBrick ChartStyle.

This is a tick-based bar, so initial loading can be slow. The NT8 "Break at EOD" feature is also supported, allowing bars to continue across session breaks.

You can find the discussion thread here:

v1 20100807 - @Aslan created BetterRenko to address issues with other types of Renko bars
v2 20101118 - @Aslan changed initial brick alignment to brick size
v2 20150719 - @Dalebru converted to NT8. Exported with NinjaTrader
20160508 - @antonma fixed the SessionIterator compiler error NJ8
v2 20170201 - @DaleBru exported with NinjaTrader
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Details: BetterRenko Bar Type

September 26th, 2015
Size: 2.42 KB
Downloaded: 1281 times


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