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Volatility Scalper (EA) 4 *
This strategy uses the volatility indicator to place trades based on increases in short term volatility. The strategy compares the volatility indicator to a moving average to define periods of increased volatility. When the volatility reading crosses the volatilities moving average, volatility is defined as up and a trade is placed.

When volatility is up, an entry to buy is placed at the upper price channel, and an entry to short is placed at the lower price channel. If volatility is not above the moving average, then no entries are made.

This strategy was created by James Stanley of the DailyFX.com course department.
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Details: Volatility Scalper (EA)

April 12th, 2011
Size: 2.59 KB
Downloaded: 262 times

Keywords: volatility
BB Bandwidth Oscillator Average (Indicator) 4 *
Here's an interesting indicator created by James Stanley of DailyFX. The oscillator measures the difference between the upper and lower bollinger bands. A moving average of the same length as the bollinger band is also plotted over the oscillator.

If the oscillator is greater than the moving average, it indicates the trend is accelerating.

If the oscillator is less than the moving average, it indicates the trend is decelerating.
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Details: BB Bandwidth Oscillator Average (Indicator)

March 22nd, 2011
Size: 1.63 KB
Downloaded: 124 times

Keywords: bollinger oscillator bandwidth
Pivot Sink (EA)
This is a momentum strategy based on pivot levels. The strategy is quite simple in that it will enter a long position at the R1 daily pivot and a short position at the S1 daily pivot. The stop and limit amounts can be set in the EA properties. The strategy is based off of the floor trader pivots indicator already included in the Strategy Trader platform.
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Details: Pivot Sink (EA)

March 22nd, 2011
Size: 2.40 KB
Downloaded: 91 times

Keywords: pivots
Trix Trader (EA)
Trader Trader EA buys and sells based upon crosses above and below TRIX. TRIX is an oscillator used to trade trends based on a triple smoothed moving average. A cross up and over TRIX initiates a long position, and a cross down and under TRIX initiates a short position.
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Details: Trix Trader (EA)

March 11th, 2011
Size: 2.38 KB
Downloaded: 152 times

Keywords: trix
Simple Trend Trader (EA)
This strategy is a simple trend trader that uses RSI and MACD.

The strategy uses RSI as a trend filter with a 50/50 cutoff. RSI > 50 only long trades will be opened, RSI < 50 only short trades will be opened.

The trigger is MACD, I was using 21,55, and 9 as the default settings. If bullish MACD cross takes place while RSI > 50, long position will be opened. If Bearish MACD cross takes place while RSI < 50, short position will be opened.

Risk is managed via Stop, Profit Target, Breakeven Stop, and a Trailing Stop. All are in Dollars - not number of pips.

All of the inputs can be modified through the input options menu when setting the strategy.
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Details: Simple Trend Trader (EA)

February 21st, 2011
Size: 2.69 KB
Downloaded: 158 times

Keywords: macd rsi
Candle Close Above/Below MA (EA)
This strategy will buy/sell when the candle closes above or below the specified moving average. For example, if candle closes above the moving average line, a buy order is placed. If the candle closes below the moving average, a sell order is placed. The moving average length can be set in the strategy inputs. A simple using average is used if the Simple option in the strategy inputs is set to True. If false, the calculation is based on an exponential average.
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Details: Candle Close Above/Below MA (EA)

February 21st, 2011
Size: 2.01 KB
Downloaded: 168 times

Keywords: average moving
Ichimoku Strategy (EA) 4 *
This strategy trades off the Tenkan/Kijun Crossover from the Ichimoku indicator. A new position is opened when there is a crossover, and the lot size is dependent on signal strength. For example, if a short signal occurs below the cloud (Kumo), then the strategy opens 2 lots since this is considered a strong signal. If a short signal occurs above the cloud (Kumo), then the strategy only opens 1 lot since this is considered a weak signal.

This EA is coded compliments of James Stanley at FXCM.
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Details: Ichimoku Strategy (EA)

January 17th, 2011
Size: 2.66 KB
Downloaded: 8 times
[Status unknown]

Keywords: ichimoku
COT Indicator
This is a self-installing version of the Commitment of Traders Indicator for Strategy Trader. The indicator was created by David Rodriguez of DailyFX

Download the COTIndicator.zip file, unzip. Run the attached .exe file. Open Strategy Trader and the Strategy Trader editor. When prompted by the Editor, hit "okay" to import the "COTIndicator.fxd" file.

Once it has compiled correctly, open the "COTIndicator.fxw" file found in the default "MyWork" directory. If you installed Strategy Trader in the default location, this would be C:\Program Files\FXCM\Strategy Trader\MyWork .

All COT data is printed with the futures contract in mind. That is to say, Non Commercial and Commercial positioning on pairs such as the USDJPY and USDCHF are actually on JPYUSD and CHFUSD futures.
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Details: COT Indicator

January 17th, 2011
Size: 337.28 KB
Downloaded: 163 times

Keywords: cot
Supertrend Indicator
Supertrend indicator is based around average true range. Green indicates a bullish trend and red indicates a bearish trend. The indicator parameters let you set the atr length and multiplier.
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Details: Supertrend Indicator

January 12th, 2011
Size: 1.48 KB
Downloaded: 231 times

Keywords: supertrend
Detrended Price Oscillator Strategy (EA)
This strategy is based off of the Detrended Price Oscillator indicator in the Strategy Trader platform. The EA will generate a buy signal when DPO value crosses above the zero line, and the EA will generate a sell signal when DPO value crosses below the zero line. A limit order can be specified in the EA parameters for exit.
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Details: Detrended Price Oscillator Strategy (EA)

January 12th, 2011
Size: 2.14 KB
Downloaded: 150 times

Keywords: oscillator price dpo detrended


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