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MyTime.mq4 5 *
This is an indicator to help identify the brokers bar you are looking at compared to your own timezone.

For example, if your broker is GMT+2 and your timezone is CST, set the diff to 7.
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Details: MyTime.mq4

May 19th, 2019
Size: 9.77 KB
Downloaded: 116 times

Keywords: bar timezone
Candle50Display 5 *
I wrote this indicator to see which candle bodies were above or below a percentage of the candle length.
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Details: Candle50Display

May 17th, 2019
Size: 5.01 KB
Downloaded: 80 times

Keywords: candle range percentage
Golden Section v3.2 mq4 4 *
This seems to have 4 fib pieces. two fans, concentric circles, a spiral. It worked for me. I would like to be able to turn off some the fans and just play with the circles. but it is a good indie. just "open" the file by clicking on it. should self install. then i believe MT4 has to be exited and restarted, but not sure that is absolutely necessarry. I down loaded this from a blog. prior version of this indie listed on the MT4 indies has link broken, so try this one.
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Details: Golden Section v3.2 mq4

May 12th, 2019
Size: 47.92 KB
Downloaded: 62 times

Keywords: fibonacci golden section. circles
Hey traders! Spent this arvo creating some EA's and indicators. Here's one I'd like to give to you for free!

The indicator is called ShortyGetShort version 1. It's for Metatrader 4.

The signal comes up as a red square. It's only good for shorting, though, so really keep this in mind if you do decide to use it. Bear in mind, not every single signal it produces will result in a good trade, so try combining it with other indicators like bollinger bands or RSI.

Personally, I like to combine it with the ichimoku cloud as a filter. It will (well, it should) also create an alert so you don't miss any signals. Try it on the major pairs and gold. 4H timeframe should be alright. Happy trading everyone! Enjoy!
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Details: ShortyGetShort

August 25th, 2018
Size: 151.04 KB
Downloaded: 143 times
Ocean template 5 *
just another way to look at things... this is a template file ver. 0001

Simple moving averages on median price (1440 of them) which show interesting confluence points. 1440 minutes in 24 hours, etc.
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Details: Ocean template

January 30th, 2015
Size: 22.93 KB
Downloaded: 247 times
Bbands dots indicator
Good trend indicator for mt4 based on bollinger bands indicator.

Suggested settings for Daily chart: lenght 7 - deviation 3
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Details: Bbands dots indicator

February 6th, 2014
Size: 5.20 KB
Downloaded: 384 times

Keywords: bands bollinger trend
GWTriDiffMetatrader4 5 *
Original Author: glennw forum:

"This indicator is the plot of the difference between a triangular moving average and a
weighted moving average."

Corrected some errors in the script.
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Details: GWTriDiffMetatrader4

October 24th, 2012
Size: 5.68 KB
Downloaded: 361 times
Pivot points 5 *
Pivot points with history, multitime frame, alarm, Average and extremums enjoy...
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Details: Pivot points

January 20th, 2012
Size: 22.59 KB
Downloaded: 532 times
New version of MACD 5 *
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Details: New version of MACD

October 10th, 2011
Size: 3.79 KB
Downloaded: 328 times
korharmonic 4 *
Harmonic Trading is a methodology that utilizes the recognition of specific price patterns and the alignment of exact Fibonacci ratios to determine highly probable reversal points in the financial markets hope you enjoy
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Details: korharmonic

August 12th, 2011
Size: 372.57 KB
Downloaded: 829 times
Supertrend with Audible Alert
This is a version of the supertrend for Metatrader 4  
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Details: Supertrend with Audible Alert

June 14th, 2011
Size: 4.56 KB
Downloaded: 349 times
ZigAndZag 5 *
The ZigAndZag indicator is a trend line drawing custom indicator which will draw trend lines on your chart for you. There are printed arrows too, please don't take these for entry signals, they are repainting based on the price action.
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Details: ZigAndZag

May 28th, 2011
Size: 15.51 KB
Downloaded: 241 times

Keywords: indicator line trend zigandzag
I-regr Indicator 5 *
The I-regr indicator also known as the Linear Regression Channel consists of two parallel lines, equidistant up and down from the line of linear regression trend. The distance between frame of the channel and regression line equals to the value of maximum close price deviation from the regression line.

If price is below the bottom line - BUY
If price is above the upper line - SELL

The middle line can be also used as the Take Profit area or Target Limit.
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Details: I-regr Indicator

May 28th, 2011
Size: 4.52 KB
Downloaded: 500 times

Keywords: indicator regression
IBFX - Daily Pivots
The IBFX Daily Pivot Indicator draws the daily Pivot, Support and Resistance Levels at upper right corner of the chart. The indicator will also draw the lines on the chart. Resistance lines are shown in red and Support lines are shown in green.
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Details: IBFX - Daily Pivots

May 28th, 2011
Size: 11.08 KB
Downloaded: 390 times

Keywords: daily levels resistance indicator pivot support
Gold segmentation is Pythagoras, Eudoxus, Euclid, Fibonacci, and many mathematicians and make unremitting efforts to create and leave our mathematical heritage. This heritage, in other disciplines are also important applications. Aesthetically, it is a harmony of the most common form of law; in philosophy, and its relations with China two thousand years ago, Confucius's "golden mean " thoughts of harmony follow the same pattern. From the mathematical point of view, expressed its symmetry, coordination, recycling ideas. Mathematics, natural, aesthetic, philosophical, social, educational, originally between the virtual neighbors.
Details: Golden_section_v3_1_[1].1

April 1st, 2011
Downloaded: 0 times
[Status unknown]
ZeroLagMACD 4 *
The Indicator ZeroLag MACD is an indicator Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, MACD with zero delay. The Indicator ZeroLag MACD in contrast with standard MACD gives the signals on several bars earlier, but divergences/convergence denominated more obviously.
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Details: ZeroLagMACD

January 7th, 2011
Size: 3.17 KB
Downloaded: 653 times
MT4 manual 5 *
useful MT4 manual for programming indicators, etc. I can't program but I can change symbols used on indicators in metaEditor using this manual.
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Details: MT4 manual

September 30th, 2010
Size: 840.64 KB
Downloaded: 433 times
jurx, also !LinRegBuf 5 *
Both indicators posted to
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Details: jurx, also !LinRegBuf

August 26th, 2010
Size: 5.34 KB
Downloaded: 468 times
Daily M Pivots 5 *
Daily M Pivots.

Central Pivot = Black
Support (S1, S2, S3) = Blue
Resistance (R1, R2, R3) = Red

Blue dash lines are the M pivots.

Very accurate daily pivots for MT4. I have been using these for 4 months, and use them on my 1 hour chart.

The only draw back is if your MT4 platform uses Sunday data the pivots on Mondays are off. I am not a coder and unable to change that (I have asked the author to do a version for platforms that use Sunday Data). However the other 4 days very accurate. If your platform does not use Sunday data then the pivots are excellent for all 5 days.

I did not code this but I have asked and been given permission from the author to post these.
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Details: Daily M Pivots

August 21st, 2010
Size: 12.59 KB
Downloaded: 631 times

Keywords: daily mt4 pivots pivots. for
X System 4 *
Trading System, used for 1 hour can be adjusted for 30 M, based on snakey waves. can be used for all paires, especially GB/USD, GB/Yen.
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Details: X System

June 21st, 2010
Size: 128.48 KB
Downloaded: 1285 times
CycleIdentifier 4 *

It's a good indicator, but try to use it under 15 M, and wait 2 candels after red or green. because it's repainting.
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Details: CycleIdentifier

June 15th, 2010
Size: 14.00 KB
Downloaded: 429 times
ZUP 5 *
Here comes the missing piece in NinjaTrader. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, we can only find it for MetaTrader. In fact there's one more known (and a couple of smaller charting applications) called Ensign. That one is not for free though.

There's this Russian guy called Nen, I believe his name is Evgeni, that has managed to develop this awesome indicator. It plots the Harmonic Patterns on your chart. It even plots the possible end of D. Meaning that it plots the level where the pattern is becoming invalid.

I'm posting the whole ZUP (ZigZagUniversalPattern) package here. Introduce it all in your MT4 and enjoy!
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Details: ZUP

May 5th, 2010
Size: 58.95 KB
Downloaded: 1317 times
vwap 5 *
Volume weighted average price.
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Details: vwap

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 2.00 KB
Downloaded: 1195 times

Keywords: vwap websouth
Trader Dynamic Index 4 *
This does a pretty good job of showing cycles and when to enter and exit staying on the right side of trend. Don't trade against the yellow line. Take trades with the red/green crosses. Blue coming together is bollinger concept showing a move should happen soon...
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Details: Trader Dynamic Index

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 4.77 KB
Downloaded: 592 times

Keywords: websouth
Barry's Support and Resistance 5 *
This is a fractal type swing indicator.
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Details: Barry's Support and Resistance

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 2.26 KB
Downloaded: 662 times

Keywords: websouth
Stochastic Candlesticks 5 *
Indicator gives the ability to color candle sticks based on stochastic indicator. You can paint as Heiken Ashi style overlay or just plain. Very configurable.
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Details: Stochastic Candlesticks

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 6.43 KB
Downloaded: 468 times

Keywords: candlesticks stochastic websouth
level trading 123 5 *
This is a zig zag indicator which draws extension lines out from the pivots to enable 123 trading to be easier to see.
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Details: level trading 123

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 11.47 KB
Downloaded: 616 times
Just a Dot
This prints moving averages as dots instead of dashed or solid lines. Nice tweak.
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Details: Just a Dot

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 6.00 KB
Downloaded: 185 times

Keywords: websouth
Jaimeca Channel
This allows you to print various channels capturing price on your chart. You chose the number of hours you want to see.
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Details: Jaimeca Channel

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 10.12 KB
Downloaded: 360 times

Keywords: websouth jaimeca
Heiken Ashi 5 *
This is just plain jane Heiken Ashi.
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Details: Heiken Ashi

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 3.89 KB
Downloaded: 242 times
Donchian Channel Trading
This indicator is a donchian channel with fib lines surrounding it for targets or to indicate overbought/sold potential.
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Details: Donchian Channel Trading

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 5.82 KB
Downloaded: 413 times
MTF Stochastic
This is a template using multiple instances of stochastic to try and eliminate whipsaws common to the single version. This is a template file.
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Details: MTF Stochastic

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 20.77 KB
Downloaded: 579 times

Keywords: mtf stochastic websouth
Variable Moving Average 5 *
Another moving average variation.
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Details: Variable Moving Average

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 5.24 KB
Downloaded: 670 times
bands indicator
A basic band indicator which allows you to pick a period and moving average type and the amount of deviation.
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Details: bands indicator

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 2.99 KB
Downloaded: 165 times
Big Candles 5 *
Did you ever want to see the 1 hour candles and the 5 minute candles on the same chart...? Well here you go.
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Details: Big Candles

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 10.68 KB
Downloaded: 745 times
Guppy MACD
This adds the guppy flair to the macd indicator to try and eliminate whipsaws common to the traditional macd.
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Details: Guppy MACD

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 3.80 KB
Downloaded: 412 times
i-sessions 4 *
This allows you to pick the three major forex sessions and shade their times. Shows session overlaps with a different color.
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Details: i-sessions

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 8.20 KB
Downloaded: 508 times
non-lag MA v5 5 *
The famous non lag ma. Use it as a price proxy.
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Details: non-lag MA v5

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 6.58 KB
Downloaded: 409 times
Template file. So add to template folder.
This is the traditional setup with MACD, stochastics, 50ma and 200ma. Probably the screen most people start with when they are looking for a system. This has Bill Williams alligator added to show more of a wave... Nice classic setup.
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Details: Classic

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 3.38 KB
Downloaded: 216 times
Color Change Moving Average 5 *
Useful Moving average that changes color with slope. Very configurable as to type, phase, shift, arrows, etc. Probably all you need other than the standard MAs that come with MT.
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Details: Color Change Moving Average

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 11.35 KB
Downloaded: 455 times
Fib Ladder 5 *
This is a fib ladder template. The image uses a 200 ema but you can easily change the ema. Then Fibonacci based lines are offset from this creating a channel. Stay on the right side of the ema and use the fib lines for support and resistance. Simple but it works.
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Details: Fib Ladder

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 4.69 KB
Downloaded: 391 times
Guppy 5 *
Nice guppy template. You can read more on this style here.

You don't need a bunch of oscillators and fancy indicators. Try this for a week next to your favorite setup and you might be amazed how simple and clean your charts could be.
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Details: Guppy

January 3rd, 2010
Size: 3.13 KB
Downloaded: 464 times
ema rainbow template
The more colorful rainbow wave. This is an ema version. You can use on any time frame to stay on the right side of the market. Watch the wave to see market cycles and use the yellow portion as a moving stop/entry area. Trading does not have to be complicated.
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Details: ema rainbow template

January 2nd, 2010
Size: 3.53 KB
Downloaded: 427 times
Ghost template 5 *
Nice clean way to view the market. Works in any time frame.
This is a template file. Add it to templates folder.
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Details: Ghost template

January 2nd, 2010
Size: 6.58 KB
Downloaded: 417 times
camarilla pivots 4 *
Nice pivot indicator with fib extensions. Gives some useful daily range statistics and prints pivot numbers in upper left.
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Details: camarilla pivots

January 2nd, 2010
Size: 47.08 KB
Downloaded: 396 times
PVT - Price Volume Trend (variant of OBV)(MT4) 5 *
This indicator is a variant of OBV called PVT that is uses only a part of the volume in each bar for calculations, depending on how far price has moved. I find it to be more steady and accurate than OBV for determining overall trend - doesn't whipsaw up and down as much.

Here's some info about it:

In the screenshot below, PVT is in pink and OBV is in light blue.
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Details: PVT - Price Volume Trend (variant of OBV)(MT4)

December 31st, 2009
Size: 3.33 KB
Downloaded: 416 times

Keywords: metatrader obv volume pvt
ZigZag Parabolic (MetaTrader) 4 *
ZigZagOnParabolic MetaTrader indicator — based on two standard MT4/MT5 indicators — ZigZag and Parabolic SAR, it tries to show an improved version of the first one by marking the extrema of the chart with a smaller delay. Standard ZigZag looks for new extremum by searching the percentage deviation of the price from the previous extremum. This new ZigZag does so by looking at the Parabolic SAR indicator. Both ZigZag and the Parabolic SAR are drawn atop of the chart.

Input parameters:

  • Step (default = 0.02) — one of the parameters of the standard Parabolic SAR indicator.
  • Maximum (default = 0.2) — another parameter of the standard Parabolic SAR indicator.
  • ExtremumsShift (default = true) — if true then the extrema are shown at their actual places; if false then the extrema are shown at the points in time when they were detected. Useful to see the delay between the actual extremum appearance and its detection point.
  • History (default = 0) — amount of bars to use for calculation of the indicator. Change only if your PC is really slow. 0 — all bars are used in the calculation.
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Details: ZigZag Parabolic (MetaTrader)

December 20th, 2009
Size: 3.60 KB
Downloaded: 218 times

Keywords: metatrader mq4 mt4 zigzag parabolic
Laguerre (MetaTrader) 5 *
Laguerre MetaTrader indicator — a completely custom indicator that doesn't rely on the standard MT4/MT5 indicators. It shows the weighted trendline in the separate window of the chart. It can be used for easy entry and exit signals.

Input parameters:

  • gamma (default = 0.7) — multiplier that is used in the line's levels calculation. The higher it is the smoother is the line.
  • CountBars (default = 950) — the maximum amount of bars for which to calculate this indicator. Set as high as possible if you don't experience performance problems.
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Details: Laguerre (MetaTrader)

December 20th, 2009
Size: 2.74 KB
Downloaded: 189 times

Keywords: laguerre metatrader mq4 mt4
Murrey Math Lines (MetaTrader) 5 *
Murrey Math Line X MetaTrader indicator — a pivot line indicator that will definitely help every trader that know how to trade with support, resistance and pivot lines. It displays 8 different lines (with possible additional lines) on the main chart, helping you to find the best points to sell, buy and exit the positions.
Input parameters:

  • P (default = 64) — period in bars or in other periods (set by MMPeriod), on which the lines will be calculated. The lower is the number the more current but less accurate calculations will be.
  • MMPeriod (default = 1440) — a basic period in minutes (60 — for hourly pivots, 1440 — for daily pivots, 10080 — for weekly and 43200 — for monthly); if greater than zero, indicator will use P amount of MMPeriod minutes to calculate its lines. If zero, indicator will use P amount of the current chart bars to calculate its lines.
  • StepBack (default = 0) — a shift back for calculating the lines (in the current bars or in number of MMPeriod (if set) minutes).
  • Other parameters — affect only visual parameters of the lines.
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Details: Murrey Math Lines (MetaTrader)

December 20th, 2009
Size: 13.11 KB
Downloaded: 630 times

Keywords: math murrey metatrader mt4 mq4


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