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FIO 10-year Anniversary: Over $18,000 in prizes, awesome webinars, and events!

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Market Wizard
Columbus OHIO
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: NinjaTrader
Broker: NinjaTrader Brokerage
Trading: ES,
MiniP's Avatar
Posts: 1,143 since May 2017
Thanks: 1,104 given, 2,900 received

Four score and seven years ago, I officially began my trading "career"

Taking it back to when I was a child, around the age of 8 or 9 by father passed away. At that time some of my family members moved to set up a small college fund that included some stocks and other very small investments. This was to be manged by a family member who happened to run a small hedge at the time. Throughout my teen years I always bugged my mother about what the stocks were doing and how much money I had( money burns a hole in my pocket always has) being a single mother from the country, stocks/investments weren't her forte being an amazing mother was tho ( thank god). I use to look at the finance section of the paper at the time and act like I new what was going on but at that age I never truly understood. When I turned 18 I cashed in instead of going to college I got a truck and went to technical college to become a welder. At this point in time the idea of stocks and wall street took a back seat as I thought I had it made being a welder/ wanna be redneck. After school i got my first job building large scales for trucks and trains.

I soon realized that I didn't want to sweat my ass off for the next 40 years so I started looking into trading/wallstreet.
I was about 19-20 at the time and really had no clue what to do. I basically typed into google how to get rich quick and went down that rabbit hole for 6 months to a year. About a year later I quit that job to go work at a welding robotic company with the idea I would not be sweating my ass off and I would have more time to work on my trading.

Once i got settled there I ended up buying the Tim sykes penny trading course. I quickly realized stocks weren't for me I couldn't look at 50000 companies/tickers and figure out what to do and I wasn't going to read all the earnings and things like that.

So after losing a little bit of money I switched to FX, with the idea i would only need to trade a handful of pairs. I ended up buying the forex guys course(still use it to this day) and actual did decent with fx, The only thing I didn't like was the over night/Asian session. To me this is where I always loss money. At the time I was swing trading the daily and 4hr chart, I would place trades at work and then monitor every 4 hours or so. I would also wake up around the Europe open and close or place trades. At this time I was also waking up at about 5 am to drive the hour plus to work.

I eventually got tired of the hours with FX and tried a few auto systems but never really like the idea of them.
So being annoyed with the FX hours i started looking to see what was out there. I originally found futures due to wanting to trade crude. After further research I found the ES and like the idea of only needing a few pts a day.

So i downloaded NT7 and hit the ground running, when i first started trading I was extremely over leveraged. I was trading 3 cars for 6 ticks with a 2 tick stop loss. This was great in trending fast moving markets but i got smacked in the mouth when things slowed down.

At that time i was getting annoyed and started to look for help/courses. I found FIO because I thought the gomi indicators were going to be the thing I needed.. so i bought the elite membership and never ended up using the gomi indicators.

This site has helped me grow 10 fold, the list is to long to mention but the regular contributors of this site are what make it great and who helped be grow as a trader.

Congrats on the 10 years mike and hopefully we get 10 + more!!


"Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie"-Miyamoto Musashi
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Westlake, Oh
Experience: Beginner
Platform: NinjaTrader
Trading: CL
Riverend's Avatar
Posts: 362 since Jun 2009
Thanks: 1,513 given, 219 received

Congratulations on 10 years. You've come a long way my friend.

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 Big Mike 
Site Administrator
Swing Trader
Data Scientist & DevOps
Manta, Ecuador
Experience: Advanced
Platform: Custom solution
Trading: Futures & Crypto
Big Mike's Avatar
Posts: 50,131 since Jun 2009
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Reettrader View Post
Well, I would really love and appreciate an upgrade to elite.
I started trading two years ago. I had no financial or economical experience at all. I just bought stocks and Etfs in the beginning with the intention to hold. Then I Started to search for more information on trading, and soon after I was completely overwhelmed by the tsunami of websites, brokers, news, charts, indicators, books, methods and YouTube gurus that I encountered. It’s so hard to trust anyone or any info/tip/news in this business. I am still researching, but my passion for trading really broke out after finding Even more info and sometimes contradictory too but at least people were nice and actually reacted to my questions. In would have never started a journal without this site. And without that journal I wouldn’t have gotten the confidence that I have now. I am going live with futures soon. Thank you for this opportunity.


Update: link to the journal:

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Welcome to the club @Reettrader, you are now an Elite Member. Keep journaling!


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Experience: Beginner
Platform: DEGIRO, Ninjatrader
Broker: Degiro
Trading: Euro50, Dax, ES
Reettrader's Avatar
Posts: 74 since Feb 2019
Thanks: 193 given, 107 received

Big Mike View Post
Welcome to the club @Reettrader, you are now an Elite Member. Keep journaling!


Wow, thank you so much, Mike. This is actually my biggest win since I started trading! Yet, I hope

I'll pick up the journal immediately. FIO forever!


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Market Wizard
Experience: None
Mtype's Avatar
Posts: 1,316 since Oct 2012
Thanks: 1,428 given, 1,743 received

I will share my story as well.

Started trading about 7 years ago at the age of 21 - 22, without any prior experience in investing, running a business or athletic endeavor. What got me in was the opportunity I perceived. I was not afraid to put in the work to the best of my ability. Every challenge I faced before came easy and I never thought about it for a moment that this journey would be any different. Very early I took a trading course, from a person who was actually trading successfully, however I somehow missed his behavior patterns, how he treats the market, entries, exits, preparations etc. and most importantly how much emotional discipline he had. I focused on what all beginner trader focuses on, how can I create similar profits.

This mentor was also teaching and selling an algo that he was calling 'never lose strategy' which, I've bought into of course. Did the work, started running the algo. Interestingly it has worked for multiple months. Alright, great, I was an algo trader, bought proper equipment, rented a space for it, borrowed money to earn more profits, at this point I was completely disregarding any costs, since I couldn't imagine that this could go down bad.. but that is not how we learn in life and well.. that trade came. It took out any prior risk tests that were done on the algo and I started sitting on a fairly large loss, after giving back all profits and the losses grew, grew more and I slowly started losing the ability to sleep. I can't remember when, where or why exactly I closed out the position manually, I was in a shock. That loss was bigger than all I have ever earned before as a young twenty some year old. Probably would have been a good time to give up, however the profit potential was still there in my eyes, especially after seeing the other side and making the assumption that if I can lose this much than surely, I could earn this much as well. I closed down the algo business and moved back to manual trading.

Desperate for profits I was a great candidate to become the lunch money for some quick profit online guru, which ended up to be another expensive lesson as well. After and during this prior I have tried many many instruments, tools, education forms, anything I could have my hands on to learn the art of trading. That is how I ran into this place. What I immediately found different was the helpful attitude of the community, without any negativity. To this day it is one of a kind of a place in this regard. Focus on the work and helping each other out otherwise bring your business elsewhere. I have watched many many webinars in here and read threads and journals for hours on end and some of them had a big impact on my trading and my life in general. So again my thankfulness and respect to those people willing to share.

In the good spirit of keeping it short, I just want to add a few lessons that I've learned during this time:

• Learn to trade small properly before you go for it big.
• Develop a business plan, develop your habits and observe yourself closely.
• The ultimate master teacher is the market. Everyone and everything can be of help but no one can do the work for you.
• Be thankful for everything you were given in your life, it is there to help you grow.

Thanks again and congratulations!

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” Δ

“There is no path, but only a fool wouldn’t follow it.”
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McAllen, TX
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: Multicharts, Sierracharts
Trading: ES, NQ, ZB, ZN
Posts: 57 since May 2013
Thanks: 73 given, 91 received

Hello everyone, I am an elite member and I am normally a lurker but I visit everyday. Just wanted to add an introductory post here in the spirit of the forum.

I started trading in 2007. I was 25 years old. I deposited 2k in a Forex account with 400 times leverage. You all know the rest of the story. I cried when it was over. That was my only blown account. I made some deposits here and there and mostly broke even or lost a couple hundred bucks. But slowly but surely through out all these years looking at charts they started to speak to me. I always wondered what price action meant, hearing traders say that price is king, but now I know. Most indicators are lagging indicators they only show you where the market has been. Any how my trading style now is opportunistic discretionary. And I feel like I am close to turning the corner after all this time. I am never going to give up because I love trading, not for the money but for the game, or the opportunity it represents.
And so I love the markets and I love Thank you Big Mike for this awesome community. The best trading community on the internet.

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 joe s 
sacramento ca us
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: Ninja Trader,Trade Station
Trading: es
Posts: 132 since Aug 2015
Thanks: 112 given, 83 received

Hello , I have been a member for a long time. I just recently joined the elite membership. Mike this is the
best forum I have been on I don't usually post but I love to check out the threads I have learned a lot and
everyone is helpful. Thank you big Mike you have done a great job with futures. io

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Experience: Beginner
Platform: Ninjatrader
Trading: Stocks
Posts: 12 since Feb 2015
Thanks: 28 given, 12 received

I got interested in trading while doing a phd after a chance meeting with a trader in 2007 on a flight. He told me to read market wizards, told me about RSI and drew out a reversal pattern on a scrap of paper. I instantly got distracted delving into the world of trading and decided it could be a workable endeavour after reading Van Tharp. I made a little bit of money in the wake of the financial crisis but then had to put my new interest aside to finish the PHD.

I finished the phd but also developed chronic fatigue syndrome after appendicitis. After recovering some of my health I decided to look into trading some more because it seemed to offer the opportunity to control my schedule. I read some more and played around in sim and developed my own method of scalping inspired by Al Brooks and his price action focused approach that I found on Since then it has been two steps forward and then two or three steps backward. The pattern for me has been to make some money doing discretionary trading and then hit the wall with fatigue and take two and sometimes three steps back. I have managed to avoid large trading losses (I'm down 2-3k all up) but have decided given my health at the moment that discretionary trading is not feasible for me.

I've also been investigating various algorithmic approaches but have not found anything that I can implement i.e. works with a small account or under topsteptrader style rules. I've spent a bit on tools (10k) and now often come to to dissuade myself from throwing any more money into the money pit by reading the ambivalent reviews of most software packages. These reviews remind me of the lesson I have learned about tools that no matter how good a mechanical trading system looks in theory, implementation is still hard due to tech problems, life/health and work interruptions, psychology and market change.

It's been fun though if not yet rewarding. I'm still trying to find something that fits me though and am currently spending more time and energy trying to get healthy using cheap sensible decisions rather than looking for a gold needle in a digital haystack of mechanical trading with an expensive magnifying glass in the hopes that I will be delivered from my current health induced financial constraints. I'm now more of a long term investor in crypto which has the advantage of allowing small investments that can be used for swing trading that I can make out of spare change I have remaining from my regular day to day living budget so not using any hard won savings to pay for large margins in futures.

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Legendary Market Wizard
Los Angeles CA
Experience: Beginner
Platform: Ninja, Tradovate
Trading: MGC, MES
Salao's Avatar
Posts: 915 since Jun 2017
Thanks: 7,030 given, 3,826 received

I started swing trading stocks a little over ten years ago. Throughout these years I had many questions regarding the markets and my Google searches often directed me to FIO. And while perusing the threads I had developed a curiosity about the futures markets. Passive at first but eventually the ES found its way into the list of charts I would look at on a daily basis. I would mark up my ES chart daily and at some point I decided, "Hey! This seems like something I could do!" Or at least it seemed like a worthwhile or enjoyable challenge.

I started SIM trading the ES and quickly discovered that futures trading was super freaking hard! And there was no one in real life that I knew that I could discuss this sort of thing with. I felt isolated in this endeavor and pretty much lost. There were no mentors or, at the very least, like-minded lunatics to be found in my social and professional circles. This brought me back to FIO. These lunatics were everywhere there! JK! .

I paid for my elite membership, started a journal, and was absolutely amazed by the feedback I was receiving from experienced traders from all over the world! I was completely blown away by the insight that all of these traders were willing to share. I quickly began to spend more and more time reading the threads, learning, enjoying the discussions and sharing market experiences with other traders. I no longer feel isolated in my trading. When I joined the community I never imagined that it would become such a big part of my life. But it has!

I really can't articulate how rad @Big Mike's creation is, and my gratitude to him and all the traders in the community that make FIO the truly awesome place that it is. Trade well all!

PS: Apologies for the overt sappiness, but it's genuine...

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San Francisco CA
Experience: Advanced
Platform: NinjaTrader, TOS, Jigsaw
Broker: Dorman Trading
Trading: ZN and Stocks
hen322's Avatar
Posts: 132 since Apr 2019
Thanks: 171 given, 250 received

I became interested in trading back in 2001 while I was going to college. Non of the majors interested me. While in Borders one day, I saw a book called the Master Day Trader by Oliver Velez. Now that interested me.

I didn't read the whole book, but that didn't stop me from making my first real trade. I placed a trade based on good news that i heard from cnbc. After entering the trade, the stock went down, then down some more. I exited with a loss, based on fear that it would go down even more. I lost too much, got depressed, and stopped.

For the next 8 years, I worked as a retail kiosk manager. During that time, I visited the bookstore often, and bought "the beginners guide to day trading" by Toni Turner. It was a smaller book that I could read from cover to cover. I didn't have $25,000 to trade with, I needed to figure out how to use less money.

2008, I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, and went to a seminar about investing. They talked about trading with options and promoted their courses starting at $500. I bought a few books about options instead. I learned it and figured out how to use less money to trade. Swing trading with options took too long for me. I didn't want to dedicate a few months for one trade. I wanted to be a day trader and make money faster, and close my positions at the end of the day so that I wouldn't have to worry about it.

I found Nadex during 2010. I learned how to trade binary options with just around $50 risk. I told myself that this was the thing that was going to help me raise money to day trade. I traded their s&p derivative and had beginners luck, but my profits quickly faded one month later. I realized that this trading thing wasn't going to work out so I searched for something else.

I joined the printing industry and worked for another 8 years until I decided to pickup Nadex again, but this time with their 5 minute forex. I used the Martingale strategy as my risk/money management. Blew up my account.

I decided to learn regular forex trading during summer of 2018. I could finally use the 2:1 ratio trades that I have been taught, and I didn't have to have alot of money to do it! I quickly realized that day trading with the forex market was not fast enough.

During my self education of forex trading, I stumbled across Ninjatrader. I used their 2 week trial, and was won over by their ATM strategies. I purchased the plateform, and started sim trading consistently. I quickly learned how to trade the futures. This was what I was looking for, I could have a smaller trading account compared to trading stocks, and no pattern day trading rule to be worried about, plus the tax treatment is better.

Then I read a few more books about daytrading, and started treating this as a real business.

This year, I finally looked for a forum to join because of two reasons. first, nobody that I knew understood what I was talking about, and second, I needed some reassurance that other people are doing it successfully and that it wasn't just a pipe dream.

I never met another retail trader, and that's who I am. This forum filled the void that I was longing for....reassurance that what I was aiming for was possible. Thanks Mike for creating this website. I've searched for other sites like this, and no other ones compare.

For journaling, I screen record my trades and rewatch them to make notes in my OneNote. I've done journaling with excel, and it didn't help me as much. Everyone is different, and this is my way.

I found my place in the market, which is scalping at the open. I like checking this forum to answer any questions I can, and am happy to help others understand more of the markets, to the best of my knowledge. Thanks for everyone being here!

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