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Enter to win: Lifetime license to NinjaTrader Trading Platform
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Enter to win: Lifetime license to NinjaTrader Trading Platform

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Elite Member
Marietta, GA
Futures Experience: Intermediate
Platform: NinjaTrader
Broker/Data: Mirus/Zen-Fire
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From Wikipedia: A ninja or shinobi was a covert agent or mercenary of feudal Japan specializing in unorthodox arts of war. The functions of the ninja included espionage, sabotage, infiltration and assassination, as well as open combat in certain situations. The ninja, using covert methods of waging war, were contrasted with the samurai, who had strict rules about honor and combat.
Now I know why they call it Ninja Trader.
Shinobi Trader just doesn't work.
The market, like the samurai, has strict rules. Unlike the samurai, however, these rules do not apply to honor or combat. The market has no regard for honor and will use ever dirty trick in the book to beat you.
Espionage? Can you say "insider trading"?
Sabotage? If you don't get your mental framework right you do that to yourself every time you get into a trade.
Open combat? Anyone can open an account and step onto the field of battle.
As for infiltration and assassination, years ago I felt as though a group of cigar smoking fat cats sitting in a dark room somewhere had infiltrated my computer. They saw every trade I entered. Then, in an effort to assassinate my account, took the market the other way.
I need the free lifetime license so I can be a covert agent or mercenary of my trading account.

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Chicago, IL
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Platform: Kinetick Ninja Trader <7>
Broker/Data: Ninja & IB
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Another lost analogy.

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congrates. i learn a lot from this forum.

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Platform: NinjaTrader
Broker/Data: Mirus/ZF
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We interrupt our regularly scheduled post to bring you this important message....

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Please take a moment to watch here ----->


or here ---->



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Chicago, IL
Futures Experience: Master
Platform: Kinetick Ninja Trader <7>
Broker/Data: Ninja & IB
Favorite Futures: YM & Equities & Options & Mutual Funds
Posts: 174 since Jun 2010
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That's great really great.

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queens, ny
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Platform: NT7,NT8,Sierra,Ensign
Broker/Data: TransAct, Rithmic
Favorite Futures: CL, ES, Currency
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I got a real kick out of reading some of the posts in the various contests. No doubt the judges will have a hard time picking the winners. For me itís purely academic whether or not I win. Sure it would be nice but itís really not why Iím writing. Iím writing because itís the perfect opportunity to say what I have wanted to say for some time.
I have been trading now for about 20 years, successfully for the past 19. That first year was tough, real tough. However since then things have been good Ö no complaints here. Then I stumbled upon Big Mikes forum while testing Ninja Trader about 5 months ago. I have to say I was completely blown away by the expertise, professionalism, and truly unselfish generosity of its Moderator and its members. If I have any regrets at all itís from my own lack of participation. I figure after 20 years I must have something to offer! While personal obligations have put a squeeze on my time at the moment, going forward I hope to change that.
While there is much more I could say about futures.io (formerly BMT) Iíll just finish by saying this, that even with 20 years of experience at my back this forum has made me a better trader Ö period! And in the end, isnít that what itís all about?

Thanks guys,

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Toronto, CA
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Platform: NT
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yes, I am participating in this

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Just starting out...
Portland, OR
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Platform: NinjaTrader
Broker/Data: Mirus/Zen-Fire
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I could really really use this prize. I'm not all that creative but here are a couple interesting and entertaining short video links.
My seal of approval (5 Minute Video Originally Posted by Mike DŁring) http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1361302627191&ref=mf
A couple of important minutes on raising kids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5yug8lEc4c

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Gahanna, OH
Futures Experience: Intermediate
Platform: Ninja Trader
Broker/Data: AMP/Zen-fire
Favorite Futures: ES, CL, ZB
Posts: 12 since Oct 2009
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Me and My Guru: A Conversation
Below is an excerpt of my conversation with a real trading guru on the occasion of my asking him how I could become a Ninja Trader.

Me: Oh master, I am so unworthy of your wisdom and yet yearn to drink from this fountain of knowledge that I may become a Ninja Trader. Would you kindly guide me?

Guru: As I see that you are feeble and long in years I will dispense with the usual game that we gurus engage in, making life hell for our students to separate those that really want it from those superficially interested.

Me: I am eternally grateful for sparing me, Oh Master, although the word ‘eternally’ here must be understood in the context of a limited life span, which, if I keep trading the way I have been lately, might become even more limited.

Guru: Then we should proceed with haste. I would not be pleased if you were to enjoy the teachings for just a short time. Before we start, take a deep breath and relax. These teachings must be received in a state of relaxed awareness.

Me (breathing deeply): Ready, Oh Master.

Guru: Very well. There are 7 axioms of trading. I will give you five of these, which, if followed, are enough to make you consistently profitable. I will observe if you are indeed consistently profitable and only then allow you to have the last 2, which will make you wealthy beyond your imagination. I shall illustrate some of the axioms with stories that have profound meaning, although they might appear superficial. I must warn you though; the path to Ninjahood is most treacherous. A desire to learn is not the basis for learning, but sincerity is. Examine seriously whether you are sincere in your quest. Here are the axioms.

Axiom 1: Follow no one, but learn from everyone. You will learn more from people and ideas that many would consider irrelevant and even worthless, than from things that are heavily advertised and marketed. You need to keep your eyes and mind open and be in a receptive state for the learning to occur. But, follow no one – using another person’s trading system is like using their toothbrush – it might work but it’s yucky!

Axiom 2: It’s not the tools you have that will make you successful, it’s how you use them. And remember to use them for what they were intended. A story comes to mind: A villager had to transport some goods to another village and was really worried about thieves he might encounter along his route. So he took a gun in one hand and a dagger in the other and set off on his journey with his donkey and the goods. Sure enough the thieves showed up, paid no attention to the fact he was armed, and took the goods. Upon returning to the village, the villager was asked, “why did you let them go?” He responded, “Well, I had my hands full!”

Axiom 3: Be a skeptic of all trading information you read, hear or see. One lie will keep out forty truths. Trust your experience above all else. The story that goes with this follows: Rancher Bob had a beautiful horse that he kept tied in the back of his ranch home. His neighbor Mel, who would borrow the horse occasionally, showed up one day with that intention. Rancher Bob didn’t feel like lending his horse that day, however. So when asked he said “Mel, I’m sorry but I lent the horse to Carl already”. Disappointed, Mel turned around and started out of the house when the horse gave a loud neigh that all heard. With this Mel came right back at Bob and pointed out that he heard the horse. Without skipping a beat Rancher Bob said “who’re you gonna believe: Me, or the horse?!”

Axiom 4: Focus on the two columns that will support your trading – controlling risk and controlling your biases. Anything else is secondary. Every second in the market is a second exposed to risk, but without risk there is no reward. Study, live, breathe, and understand risk deeply. If the oven is hot, make bread, but keep your fingers from burning. Approach the market unbiased. The smallest bias can ruin your trade just like a little grain of pepper can cause a huge sneeze. And realize that having no bias is daunting for a human being as illustrated by the following story: A recent President, who is no longer, was vacationing in his Texas ranch, while still President. He was fishing in one of the streams that run through the ranch when he saw the Vice-President waving at him from the opposite shore. “How do I get to the other side?” yelled the VP. “You ARE on the other side!” yelled back the President happily.

Axiom 5: Aim high, and be humble in your achievements. The story: A villager once saw a fox that was missing a leg but appeared well fed. This piqued his curiosity, so he followed the fox to see how the situation could be explained. He saw that the fox positioned itself where a lion brought his kill. After the lion finished, the fox would eat the leavings. The man decided he would do the same as the fox and sat on the street waiting, which lead to him getting weaker and hungrier. As he got weaker he heard a voice say “why behave like a lame fox? Why not behave like a lion so that others might benefit from your leavings?”

Guru: And that is all for now.

Me: Oh Master, I shall study these lessons and make you proud. Although at the moment I am more confused than when I opened Al Brooks’ bar-by-bar book. But I am sure that with study, these will percolate into my consciousness. Thank you, great Master.

By the way, if I should happen to win the Lifetime License to Ninja Trader, I will reveal the 2 additional axioms that the guru will give me.

Cheers Mike!

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FM, Czech Republic
Futures Experience: Intermediate
Platform: MT4
Broker/Data: IC Markets
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Posts: 139 since Jan 2010
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My way...Robertczeko :-)

Please register on futures.io to view futures trading content such as post attachment(s), image(s), and screenshot(s).

This is just a short preview of what you can learn on this futures.io (formerly BMT) Forum :-)

Please register on futures.io to view futures trading content such as post attachment(s), image(s), and screenshot(s).

1. Good morning, pals, let`s take a walk to look around for some
meal..yeah, dog`s meal. The first catch was easy, my lovely bone
hidden near the fence.

2. Next steps are around neighbour, watch out!! He has really
crazy cat(low of the day), yep..no food.

3. After while of walking we can smell first signs of forest,
where we will go later. It is really strange, I am sure,
this could be danger - which means lot of fun.

4. Pretty bone, maybe we can find another one..

5. It is always the same situation, look around garbage near houses,
if you find something, just grab it and run along the fence to
the next house.

6. Ok, nice ride to here, but we can see, that another dogs were caught
into the trap, let`s run away.

7. Really long hunt, but with really nice result! Yes, I can`t eat it,
but female dogs will love it .

8. Oouch, dog! I completely forgot, we are so close to forest and something
stinky is sorrounding us..can you feel it? Let`s turn our way.

9. We are passing field with corn, on the corner we can see a tractor and
just few meters far from there is a farm. My nose! What is this?
Yeah, on wooden table next to the house I see picnick basket,
on plate are prepared steaks! Just take it gently, hmm so delicate piece of art.

10.Why this must always end, I want more! But the farmer is herding cows back to
farm and there is also one angry bull! Run, just run.

11.You should be prepared always for the worst situation like this, but we are back
in deep forest.. Too many footprints of something huge, here is no safety for sure.
Just turn back and find another path.

12.This was quite long run, we are back in town and I am sure, this is my way to dog`s
heaven, I am in front of weird big house..called a museum? It will be very tricky,
but I can get in.
Oh my dog! After while, I found it. I found probably a holy grail. This bone is the
biggest I have ever seen.

13.On a walk-home I am not concentrated and I have been atacked by a wild cat!
But I have to think about my museum - big bone, there is nothing more like this.

14.Upss, another cat! They are so cruel, too many scratches in one day, let`s go
home to dream about my holy grail, about my dino-bone :-) .

And the best at the End :-) , I have to share with you real truth about traders on this forum.
Yes, it is not really "trendy" to use AOS, you can trust your best friend!

Please register on futures.io to view futures trading content such as post attachment(s), image(s), and screenshot(s).


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