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Show Today Only
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Show Today Only

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Show Today Only

With the generous help of @Hulk and @ABCTG, I managed to get my indicator coded like I wanted to. I would like to add a statement that when true, would only show the levels for today, the current day. I know I need to add something like If Today_Only = true, then show today else show everyday. What do I need to modify in the code to get that to work? Thanks.

	StartCalcTime		(0900),
	EndCalcTime		(0905),
	TLStartTime		(0900),
	TLEndTime		(1430),
	IgnoreWeekends	(true),
	TLSize			(1),
	TLStyle		(1),
	DayHiColor		(white),
	DayLoColor		(white),
	FibR1Color		(red),
	FibR2Color		(red),
	FibR3Color		(red),	
	FibR4Color		(red),	
	FibS1Color		(green),
	FibS2Color		(green),
	FibS3Color		(green),
	FibS4Color		(green);
	Monday2Friday		(false),
	FibR1			(0),
	FibR2			(0),
	FibR3			(0),
	FibR4			(0),
	FibS1			(0),
	FibS2			(0),
	FibS3			(0),
	FibS4			(0),
	DayHiTL		(0),
	DayLoTL		(0),
	FibR1TL		(0),
	FibR2TL		(0),
	FibR3TL		(0),
	FibR4TL		(0),
	FibS1TL		(0),
	FibS2TL		(0),
	FibS3TL		(0),
	FibS4TL		(0),
	DayHi			(-999999),
	DayLo			(+999999),
	HaveTLs		(false),
	HaveLevels		(false),
	StartTime		(0),
	EndTime		(0),
	DayHiTxt		(0),
	DayLoTxt		(0),	
	FibR1Txt		(0),
	FibR2Txt		(0),
	FibR3Txt		(0),
	FibR4Txt		(0),
	FibS1Txt		(0),
	FibS2Txt		(0),
	FibS3Txt		(0),
	FibS4Txt		(0),
	SessClose		(0);
If IgnoreWeekends then begin
		If DayOfWeek(Date) >= Monday and DayOfWeek(Date) <= Friday then 
			Monday2Friday = true
			Monday2Friday = false;
	else begin
		Monday2Friday = true;
	If Monday2Friday then begin
		If Date <> Date[1] then
			HaveLevels = false;
			HaveTLs = false;
		end; //If Date <> Date[1] then begin...	
		If Time > StartCalcTime and Time <= EndCalcTime then begin
			If High >= DayHi then DayHi = High;
			If Low <= DayLo then DayLo = Low;
		end;//If Time > StartCalcTime and Time <= EndCalcTime then begin...
		if Time > EndCalcTime and HaveLevels = false then
			HaveLevels = true;
		If HaveTLs = false then begin
			HaveTLs = true;
			FibR1 = DayLo + ((DayHi - DayLo) * 2.33);
			FibR2 = DayLo + ((DayHi - DayLo) * 3.82);
			FibR3 = DayLo + ((DayHi - DayLo) * 5);
			FibR4 = DayLo + ((DayHi - DayLo) * 6.18);
			FibS1 = DayHi - ((DayHi - DayLo) * 2.33);
			FibS2 = DayHi - ((DayHi - DayLo) * 3.82);
			FibS3 = DayHi - ((DayHi - DayLo) * 5);
			FibS4 = DayHi - ((DayHi - DayLo) * 6.18);
			DayHiTL = TL_New(Date, TLStartTime, DayHi, Date, TLEndTime, DayHi);
				TL_SetColor(DayHiTL, DayHiColor);
				TL_SetSize(DayHiTL, TLSize);	
				TL_SetStyle(DayHiTL, TLStyle);
			DayLoTL = TL_New(Date, TLStartTime, DayLo, Date, TLEndTime, DayLo);
				TL_SetColor(DayLoTL, DayLoColor);
				TL_SetSize(DayLoTL, TLSize);	
				TL_SetStyle(DayLoTL, TLStyle);
			FibR1TL = TL_New(Date, TLStartTime	, FibR1, Date, TLEndTime, FibR1);
				TL_SetColor(FibR1TL, FibR1Color);
				TL_SetSize(FibR1TL, TLSize);	
				TL_SetStyle(FibR1TL, TLStyle);			
			FibR2TL = TL_New(Date, TLStartTime	, FibR2, Date, TLEndTime, FibR2);
				TL_SetColor(FibR2TL, FibR2Color);
				TL_SetSize(FibR2TL, TLSize);	
				TL_SetStyle(FibR2TL, TLStyle);
			FibR3TL = TL_New(Date, TlStartTime, FibR3, Date, TLEndTime, FibR3);
				TL_SetColor(FibR3TL, FibR3Color);
				TL_SetSize(FibR3TL, TLSize);	
				TL_SetStyle(FibR3TL, TLStyle);
			FibR4TL = TL_New(Date, TLStartTime, FibR4, Date, TLEndTime, FibR4);
				TL_SetColor(FibR4TL , FibR4Color);
				TL_SetSize(FibR4TL , TLSize);	
				TL_SetStyle(FibR4TL , TLStyle);
			FibS1TL = TL_New(Date, TLStartTime, FibS1, Date, TLEndTime, FibS1);
				TL_SetColor(FibS1TL, FibS1Color);
				TL_SetSize(FibS1TL, TLSize);	
				TL_SetStyle(FibS1TL, TLStyle);
			FibS2TL = TL_New(Date, TLStartTime, FibS2, Date, TLEndTime, FibS2);
				TL_SetColor(FibS2TL, FibS2Color);
				TL_SetSize(FibS2TL, TLSize);
				TL_SetStyle(FibS2TL, TLStyle);
			FibS3TL = TL_New(Date, TLStartTime, FibS3, Date, TLEndTime, FibS3);
				TL_SetColor(FibS3TL, FibS3Color);
				TL_SetSize(FibS3TL, TLSize);
				TL_SetStyle(FibS3TL, TLStyle);
			FibS4TL = TL_New(Date, TLStartTime, FibS4, Date, TLEndTime, FibS4);
				TL_SetColor(FibS4TL, FibS4Color);
				TL_SetSize(FibS4TL, TLSize);
				TL_SetStyle(FibS4TL, TLStyle);
			DayHiTxt = Text_New(Date,TLEndTime, DayHi, "100%");
				Text_SetStyle(DayHiTxt, 1, 1);
				Text_SetColor(DayHiTxt, DayHiColor);
			DayLoTxt = Text_New(Date, TLEndTime, DayLo, "0%");
				Text_SetStyle(DayLoTxt, 1, 1);	
				Text_SetColor(DayLoTxt, DayLoColor);
			FibR1Txt = Text_New(Date, TLEndTime, FibR1, "233%");
				Text_SetStyle(FibR1Txt, 1, 1);
				Text_SetColor(FibR1Txt, FibR1Color);
			FibR2Txt = Text_New(Date, TLEndTime, FibR2, "382%");
				Text_SetStyle(FibR2Txt, 1, 1);
				Text_SetColor(FibR2Txt, FibR2Color);
			FibR3Txt = Text_New(Date, TLEndTime, FibR3, "500%");
				Text_SetStyle(FibR3Txt,1, 1);
				Text_SetColor(FibR3Txt, FibR3Color);
			FibR4Txt = Text_New(Date, TLEndTime, FibR4, "618%");
				Text_SetStyle(FibR4Txt, 1, 1);
				Text_SetColor(FibR4Txt, FibR4Color);
			FibS1Txt = Text_New(Date, TLEndTime, FibS1, "233%");
				Text_SetStyle(FibS1Txt, 1, 1);				Text_SetColor(FibS1Txt, FibS1Color);
			FibS2Txt = Text_New(Date, TLEndTime, FibS2, "382%");
				Text_SetStyle(FibS2Txt, 1, 1);
				Text_SetColor(FibS2Txt, FibS2Color);
			FibS3Txt = Text_New(Date, TLEndTime, FibS3, "500%");
				Text_SetStyle(FibS3Txt, 1, 1);
				Text_SetColor(FibS3Txt, FibS3Color);
			FibS4Txt = Text_New(Date, TLEndTime, FibS4, "618%");
				Text_SetStyle(FibS4Txt, 1, 1);
				Text_SetColor(FibS4Txt, FibS4Color);
		end //If HaveTLs = false then begin...
		else begin
				TL_SetEnd(DayHiTL, Date, TLEndTime, DayHi);
				TL_SetEnd(DayLoTL, Date, TLEndTime, DayLo);
				TL_SetEnd(FibR1TL, Date, TLEndTime, FibR1);
				TL_SetEnd(FibR2TL, Date, TLEndTime, FibR2);
				TL_SetEnd(FibR3TL, Date, TLEndTime, FibR3);
				TL_SetEnd(FibR4TL, Date, TLEndTime, FibR4);
				TL_SetEnd(FibS1TL, Date, TLEndTime, FibS1);
				TL_SetEnd(FibS2TL, Date, TLEndTime, FibS2);
				TL_SetEnd(FibS3TL, Date, TLEndTime, FibS3);
				TL_SetEnd(FibS4TL, Date, TLEndTime, FibS4);
		end; //If HaveTLs then begin...
	end; //If Monday2Friday then begin...

	If (Time > TLEndTime and Time[1] <= TLEndTime) then begin
		DayHi = -999999;
		DayLo = 999999;
	end; //If (Time > TLEndTime and Time[1] <= TLEndTime) then begin

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Something like this:

Under inputs add the following 2 inputs:

Then use these inputs as follows:

If (ShowHistorical OR D >= Currentdate - HistoryCutoff) then
... // all of your code goes here
basically, if you set ShowHistory to true, your indicator code will execute on all days and if you set it to false, it will only execute for the number of days specified by the HistoryCutoff input.

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Trading Experience: Intermediate
Platform: MultiCharts
Broker/Data: IB Canada/IQFeed
Favorite Futures: TF, CL
Posts: 285 since Jul 2011
Thanks: 315 given, 358 received

Thanks for the help @Hulk. It's exactly what I needed.

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